Today I Give Up Trying 579-580

 Chapter 579

Only, the gaze she looked at Lin Fan was more and more filled with resentment and malice: "Kid, good!

        "Kid, good! You are vicious! But you know that I am He Lan Shan's granddaughter!"

        "Could it be that you're not afraid of my grandfather's revenge?"

        He Jiaojiao's heart was frightened and angry at the same time.

        In her eyes, she was the daughter of heaven, and today was just bumping into an old lady, which was no big deal at all.

        But she could never have imagined that the old lady was the mother-in-law of the Divine Doctor Lin.

        This is a big feud!

        "Your grandfather?"

        Lin Fan smiled morosely and said playfully.

        "Don't worry! There's no need for him to find me, I'll find him myself at the Grand Master Battle a day later!"


        Hearing Lin Fan's words, He Jiaojiao could hardly believe her ears.

        This guy, to look for his own grandfather at the Grand Patriarch Battle?

        What a lunatic!

        This guy is fucking crazy!

        "Good! Kid, if I don't take revenge, I'm not He Jiaojiao! You wait! Wait for me!"

        He Jiaojiao could only resentfully put down a vicious sentence.

        Her leg was broken, and looking at this guy's ferocious appearance, if she continued to stay here, her life would even be in danger.

        Thinking of this.

        She turned her head to that little white face and cursed angrily.

        "You punk, what are you still standing there! Can't you see that my mother's leg is broken! Quickly ...... carry me to the hospital!"


        The corners of the white boy's mouth twitched fiercely.

        This is the hospital, and the murderer is the most famous doctor in Jiangcheng, huh?

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


        At the same time!

        The first floor corridor of the hospital.

        Bai Yi and Bai Shan, father and daughter, pushing Shen Yumei in a wheelchair, had just walked out from the examination room.

        "A great fortune among misfortunes! Lin Fan actually did put the broken bones in your leg together! Otherwise, this leg of yours would really be ruined!" Bai Shan's face was still covered with a strong look of heart palpitations.

        The doctor who examined them just now told them.

        If the bones were not connected in time, even if Shen Yumei could be cured, she would become a cripple for the rest of her life.

        Bai Yi, who was next to her, also had a thick complex flickering on her pretty face.

        She simply could not imagine how her husband did it?

        After all, this was something that even Elder Gao could not successfully connect the bones in such a short period of time!

        "Where is Lin Fan? This brat, I really need to thank him properly!" Shen Yumei's mood, looking quite good, said with a smile.

        Lin Fan?

        Hearing this, Bai Shan and Bai Yi also faintly stared.

        Yes, this guy just said he was going to the restroom, how come he's still missing by now?

        "Little Fan wouldn't have gone to seek revenge on that He Jiaojiao, would he?" Bai Shan seemed to have thought of something, a face, instantly gave a frightened as white as paper.

        It was not only him!

        After hearing this, the cold sweat on Bai Yi's forehead, also flowed down with a clatter.

        And just when the three were anxious.

        Stomp, stomp, stomp!

        They heard a rush of footsteps, running out from the elevator.

        But it was a small white face that was carrying a heavily made-up woman on his back.

        Dripping blood, from this woman's thigh, continuously flowed down.

        Her whole leg, as if it had been hit by a train, was actually completely broken.


        After seeing this woman's face, Bai Yi's family was completely confused.

        "He ...... He Jiaojiao! Her leg ......"

        Bai Shan, Bai Yi, and Shen Yumei's eyes almost fell out.

        At this moment, the three members of the family's minds, likewise, recalled Lin Fan's previous words.

        You will become exactly the same as my mother-in-law's injury, exactly the same.

        And now ......

        The prophecy came true!

Chapter 580


        At this moment, in seeing He Jiaojiao unexpectedly a leg completely broken, both Bai Yi, or Bai Shan couple, all hearts floated a thick color of fear.

        "What's going on? Did that brat Lin Fan really do it?"

        Bai Shan and his wife's faces were as white as paper, and bean-sized sweat continued to drip down from their foreheads.

        That was He Lan Shan's granddaughter.

        If Lin Fan really got hot-headed and did something to hurt He Jiaojiao, then He Lanshan would definitely not let Lin Fan off.

        Thinking of this, the couple's faces looked as unsightly as if they were dead ashes.


        What was even more terrified was Bai Yi.

        "How can Lin Fan be so impulsive! He just scrapped Grand Grandmaster Leng Ao Tian's grandson two days ago, and now did he break Grand Grandmaster He Lan Shan's granddaughter's leg?"

        Bai Yi only felt a pang of numbness in her scalp when she thought of her husband, completely nullifying two Grand Patriarch's direct descendants.

        However, this was not all.

        He Jiaojiao had also discovered Bai Yi's family at this moment.

        Above her pretty face, a strong resentment flashed out.

        "Your family is good! Wait for me, this matter will not end until death!!!"

        He Jiaojiao shouted at Bai Yi's three mouths with resentment.

        In the voice, there was a strong resentment.

        And this sentence, more than anything else, caused the hearts of Bai Yi's family to stutter.

        It's over!

        It was really Lin Fan who did it!

        In an instant, the three members of Bai Yi's family only felt a dizziness in front of their eyes.

        Until He Jiaojiao was carried away from the hospital by the little white boy, Bai Yi's family did not even react.


        Bai Shan viciously swallowed a mouthful of spittle, and his face was flooded with a strong sense of trepidation and deadly ash:.

        "What should we do? How about we let Lin Fan hurry and escape?"

        In Bai Shan's heart, Lin Fan was his own child.

        How could he stand by and watch as He Lan Shan came to seek revenge on Lin Fan.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to him, Shen Yumei looked at Bai Yi with the same anxiety.


        The corners of Bai Yi's mouth appeared thick with bitterness.

        He Lanshan was a Grand Master, and had single-handedly established the powerful Lanshan Group in Jiangnan, which was terrifyingly powerful, so where could Lin Fan escape to?

        At this moment, the three members of the family completely lost their composure.

        And at this moment.

        A doctor wearing a white coat, but came over, it was the same emergency doctor before.

        "Huh? Miss Bai, why are you still frozen here?"

        "Mr. Lin has already gone to the ward and waited for you!"

        This emergency doctor looked at Bai Yi's family, his face filled with a strong respect.

        He had just come down from upstairs and already knew from the mouths of the other doctors that Lin Fan was Divine Doctor Lin, the owner of this hospital.

        Now he!

        He was simply polite and respectful to Bai Yi's family to the extreme.

        Only at this moment, after seeing the ugly faces of Bai Yi's family, this emergency doctor couldn't help but faintly stare, and then hurriedly asked.

        "Miss Bai Yi, your family's face doesn't look too good! Did something happen?"

        He didn't dare to be the least bit negligent.

        After all, this was Divine Doctor Lin's family.

        Hearing this, Bai Yi hurriedly asked to this emergency doctor.

        "Doctor, do you know who broke that He Jiaojiao's leg by just now?"


        The first aid doctor faintly froze, and then said in confusion.

        "I know, it was the leg that was broken by Divine Doctor Lin!"


        Hearing this, both Bai Yi and Bai Shan couple all froze.

        God doctor Lin?

        Hoo ......

        The three members of the family breathed a long sigh of relief in their hearts.