Today I Give Up Trying 574-576

 Chapter 574

The broken bone ...... is connected!

        When the unbelievable voice of the emergency doctor came.


        As if an explosive thunder, all the people around, all dumbfounded.

        30 seconds of bone splicing, Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital President Gao Lao are unable to do things.

        And now, by this youth in front of him, easily done?



        At this moment, whether it was Bai Shan father and daughter, or everyone around looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost, filled with a strong sense of bewilderment and shock.

        This is not all.

        The emergency doctor at this moment, as if recalling what he had just done.

        The expression on his face went from stunned to shocked, to finally staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, his voice trembling as he asked.

        "Was it me who helped you with the five finger pulse compression just now?"

        Lin Fan nodded his head.

        "Was it you who connected the bones in 30 seconds just now?"

        Once again, Lin Fan nodded his head.

        And after confirming that everything he remembered was true, that emergency doctor almost fell to the ground on his butt.

        "Oh my god! Cheng ...... succeeded! It's true that it took 30 seconds to connect the bones! This is unbelievable!"

        "Also, it seems that I was just hypnotized by ......?"

        The emergency doctor's brow was furrowed at this moment.

        And the more he thought about it, the colder his back became, the mystery and fear of Lin Fan simply pervaded his heart.


        Lin Fan wasn't interested in caring about his inner drama, and at this moment said to the two nurses.

        "Now you can carry my mother on the stretcher!"

        "Okay ...... fine! Now!"

        The two caregivers, too, did not wake up from the shock until this moment.

        The gaze the two looked at Lin Fan at that moment completely changed.



        It was as if they were looking at a devil and a goddess.

        With Shen Yumei being put on the ambulance, Lin Fan, Bai Yi and Bai Shan, also hurried to get on the car.

        In the toot of the whistle, began to head towards Ivan's Central and Western Hospital, fast driving away.

        When the ambulance came to the Central and Western Hospital.

        Shen Yumei leg pain, has slowly began to fade, and her whole person, also slowly awake.

        Lin Fan!

        When she heard everything, Shen Yumei looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that shone with tears.

        These were tears of excitement, gratitude, and relief.

        "Mom! In a moment, go in and help you put on a cast and fix the injured bone, and you'll be completely safe!" Lin Fan smiled faintly at Shen Yumei and said.

        Hearing these words, Shen Yumei's heart even flowed through a trace of warmth, and could not help but nod fiercely:.

        "Little Fan, Xin ...... has worked hard for you!"

        At this moment, she looked at Lin Fan as if the mother-in-law was looking at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was.

        At that moment, the family escorted Shen Yumei and got out of the ambulance.

        Just at this moment.

        The crowd saw that a Bentley, unexpectedly parked in the hospital parking lot.

        And then, a heavily made-up woman, holding a greasy-headed youth, walked down from the car.

        "It's ...... them! It's that car!!!"

        Bai Shan screamed after seeing the car, and the man and woman who came down.


        With a single word, Lin Fan and Bai Yi's faces, completely changed.

        They didn't expect that this hit-and-run not only escaped, but even dared to appear in the hospital in a big way.

        However, this was not all.

        Bai Shan's scream apparently also caught the attention of the man and woman.

        When they turned their heads and saw Bai Shan, as well as Shen Yumei on the stretcher, the heavily made-up woman, immediately recognized the two.

        "Yell! Isn't this the one who just touched the porcelain?"

        "What? That collision just now, has not killed you!"

Chapter 575


        How arrogant and domineering!

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi couldn't believe that this woman had not only hit someone, but also had such a bad attitude.

        "What ...... are you babbling about! Why did you hit my mother? Why did you run away! I'm calling the police now!"

        Bai Yi was by this woman, so angry that her pretty face turned red.

        Just hearing this, that heavily made-up woman, not only did not have the slightest fear, but as if she had heard a big joke, burst out laughing.

        "Giggle ...... why hit your mother? Because the old mother happy? What?"

        This heavily made-up woman, full of provocation, said to Bai Yi.

        And the little white face next to the greasy head and powdered face, also pointed at the woman with a high and proud face, said to Bai Yi and others.

        "Cut! You bunch of crickets, do you know who she is?"

        "Her name is He Jiaojiao! She is the granddaughter of Jiangnan Province Grand Master He Lanshan! Arrest her? Hahahaha ...... Even if the police commissioner came, he wouldn't dare to come if we lend him a hundred guts!"


        This little white face's words, let Bai Yi, Bai Shan's face, brush a tragic white as paper.

        He Lanshan!

        This name, is definitely like thunder in the ear.

        In Jiangnan Province, there were two Grand Master powerhouses.

        One was called Leng Ao Tian!

        The other one was He Lan Shan!

        He Lanshan became famous thirty years ago, and was known for his ruthless methods and ferocious heart.

        When he was young, he was so arrogant that he swept through the 13 cities in Jiangnan, making all the strongest people in the martial arts world submit to his lustful authority.

        And that's not all.

        He Lanshan is not only a superb force, but also with his own brains, he created one of the four giants of Jiangnan, Lanshan Group!

        Standing in the land of Jiangnan, no one dares to mess with it at all.

        Only, what made Bai Yi and Bai Shan incredulous was that the one who broke Shen Yumei's leg was the granddaughter of that fierce man - He Jiaojiao.

        "What? Afraid? Hahahaha ......"

        Seeing Bai Yi's father and daughter's miserable white faces, He Jiaojiao's arrogant laughter, once again, came from.

        "Humph! It's just that you broke one of her legs? Let me tell you, my grandfather loves me the most, even if I hit a person to death, what can you do to me?"

        "Also, my grandfather will arrive in Jiangcheng in the next two days to face the Blood Faust! I advise you guys, don't mess with me! Otherwise, you will not be able to eat and walk away!"


        The arrogance and arrogance was to the extreme.

        With a single sentence, Bai Yi and Bai Shan's father and daughter's faces were so gloomy that water almost dripped out.

        They clenched their fists to death, even though their hearts were burning with anger, but at this moment, they simply did not dare to refute He Jiaojiao.

        After all, what the other party said was true.

        Only, the cold aura in Lin Fan's eyes grew more and more morbid:.

        "Do you think that your grandfather can protect you?"


        When He Jiaojiao heard these words, her pretty face changed slightly, then she looked Lin Fan up and down, and immediately snorted out a laugh: "Cut!

        "Cut! Where are you a turtle that came out from, I'm afraid that goods like you haven't even heard of my grandfather's name!"

        With a single word, a hint of killing intent swept through Lin Fan's eyes.

        And just as he was about to say something.

        Bai Yi, who was next to him, pulled him to a halt and wouldn't let go:.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, I beg you, don't ...... say anything!"

        A trace of tears, flickering in Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, her beautiful eyes, flooded with a strong pleading meaning.

Chapter 576

Bai Yi clutched Lin Fan's arm, and her pretty face, which was laden with tears, kept shaking.

        She knew.

        Lin Fan had already scrapped Leng Ao Tian's grandson and had formed a big feud with Leng Ao Tian.

        Bai Yi didn't want, Lin Fan to provoke Helan Mountain again.

        Once the two Grand Masters were offended, all of them, then Lin Fan would no longer have a way to live.

        Seeing Bai Yi's begging-like expression, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched slightly, and he could only stiffen the killing intent in his heart and suppress it.

        "Cut! What? Are you a turd who's also afraid?"

        When He Jiaojiao saw this scene, the smile on her face, grew thicker and thicker.

        It was as if in her eyes.

        Lin Fan's family, were a bunch of country bumpkins who hadn't seen the world, causing her to despise and disdain:.

        "Since you guys are afraid, then I will spare you for now!"

        "Humph! Old woman, inferior people like you, just wait for your legs to go lame! This lady is now going to go to the famous Dr. Lin to seek the recipe for beauty and beauty care! Hahahaha ......"

        He Jiaojiao jeered at Shen Yumei again.

        After saying that.

        She then held that little white face and walked towards within the hospital.

        Divine Doctor Lin?

        Hearing these words, Lin Fan's eyes flashed and said grimly.

        "I guarantee that you won't be able to walk out of the hospital!"

        "When you come out again, it will be exactly the same as my mother's injuries!"


        Lin Fan's words caused Shen Jiaojiao and the two of them, who were just about to leave, to pause in their steps.

        Unable to walk out of the hospital?

        The duo turned their heads to look at Lin Fan, and after a brief silence, they burst into joy.

        "Hahahaha ...... useless thing, can only put harsh words?"

        "And exactly the same as your mother? You mean, I will be broken legs? Hahahaha ...... joke, I'm here to look for divine Doctor Lin, with him around, even if this lady breaks her leg, it can be healed immediately!"

        He Jiaojiao turned to Lin Fan and the others, scoffed a bit, and then no longer bothered to pay attention.

        At that moment, she took the little white boy next to her and walked into the hospital.

        It wasn't just He Jiaojiao.

        At this moment, even Bai Shan, Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and even that emergency doctor, likewise thought that Lin Fan was just saying a harsh word that didn't have the slightest effect, and that was all.

        "Little Fan, forget it! He Lanshan's granddaughter, we can't afford to mess with her!" A strong bitterness surfaced on Shen Yumei's face at this moment as she said to Lin Fan.

        "Besides, my leg will be fine after I recuperate for a while!"

        It was not only Shen Yumei.

        Bai Yi also said to Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, you should not be impulsive! This matter ...... forget about it!"


        Both Bai Yi, and Bai Shan and the others, shook their heads bitterly as much as they could.

        He Jiaojiao!

        They can't afford to mess with, they can only hide!

        Only they did not know that in Lin Fan's heart, He Jiaojiao had already become a ruined person.

        At that moment, he did not say anything more.

        After sending Shen Yumei, to the ward.

        Lin Fan immediately found an excuse to go to the restroom, and then headed for the top floor of the hospital.

        When he arrived at the top floor, he saw Gao Zhiyuan, pacing back and forth in the corridor, holding a cell phone in his hand, seemingly hesitating to call someone.

        And when he saw Lin Fan, he was instantly wildly happy:.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, you're just in time!"

        "There's something going on over here, I originally wanted to call Miss Bai Yi and ask you to come over!"

        Obviously, Gao Zhiyuan had no idea about what had happened before.

        And hearing these words.

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth curled and said in a morose tone.

        "Are you calling me because there's a woman named He Jiaojiao who wants to see me!"