Today I Give Up Trying 571-573

 Chapter 571

"Who are you? Why are you stopping us from treating the patient!" The doctor's face was filled with thick dissatisfaction as he bellowed angrily.

        Lin Fan didn't say anything.

        Instead, he went straight up and carefully examined Shen Yumei's broken leg before saying.

        "I am the injured person's son-in-law! You can't put my mother-in-law on a stretcher now, you must first connect the bones! Otherwise, her leg will be completely ruined!"


        As soon as Lin Fan's words came out, the doctors, nurses, and even Bai Shan's father and daughter, were all confused.

        The bones had to be connected first?

        Otherwise the leg would be ruined?

        The crowd looked at Lin Fan at this moment as if they were looking at a fool.

        "What a bunch of nonsense! I've just seen it, the patient only has a broken leg bone, there is no other problem, it's too late to go back to the hospital to get a bone!" The doctor's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with anger:.

        "Also, as a family member of the injured person, you are delaying time, if the injured person bleeds too much and becomes dangerous because of you, can you afford to take responsibility?"

        The doctor's words, righteous words.

        And hearing these words, Bai Yi was also dissatisfied and scolded at Lin Fan, saying.

        "Lin Fan, what are you messing up! You're not a doctor, hurry up and tell them to send our mother to the hospital!"

        Not only Bai Yi, but also Bai Shan thought Lin Fan was talking nonsense and said discontentedly.

        "Lin Fan, this is not the time for you to make a splash, your mother's injury is the most important!"

        In Bai Shan's opinion, his son-in-law was obviously just trying to make a splash by saying such things at this time.

        This made Bai Shan's heart disappointed to the extreme.


        Lin Fan didn't even care about the accusations of the two, he took that broken leg of Shen Yumei, turned it slightly outward, pointed at a sharp bone spur, and said to that doctor.

        "As an emergency doctor, won't you even examine it carefully?"

        "My mother-in-law's broken bone spur has already pierced the aorta, if you move it haphazardly, it will only pierce the aorta and cannot stop the bleeding!"


        A single word caused that doctor's face to change slightly.

        He instantly hurried up and looked carefully.

        After he saw, that sharp bone spike, the position it was against, his face instantly swished, as white as paper.


        The bone spike was against the artery!

        If it really moved haphazardly, then Shen Yumei's leg would most likely be completely ruined.


        Tick, tick, tick!

        A bead of sweat from the doctor's forehead, flowing down, his voice trembling, said.

        "But ...... but, the injured person's bone spurs are too sharp and fragmented, I'm afraid that only the high dean of our hospital, can connect the bones ah!"

        Wow ......

        The doctor's expression, and his words, caused everyone around him to change their faces.


        They could be sure at this moment that what Lin Fan said was absolutely true, otherwise this emergency doctor couldn't have been scared like this.

        In an instant, everyone's expressions changed as they looked at Lin Fan.

        Bai Shan and Bai Yi, father and daughter, were filled with dismay.

        They didn't even know that Lin Fan knew about medicine, especially with just a few words, but he had scared this emergency doctor like this.


        The two did not have time to think more and asked Lin Fan eagerly.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! What now? Our mother has lost a lot of blood, if we ask Elder Gao to come over now, I'm afraid our mother will be in danger!"

        "Little Fan, think of something! You must do something!"

        At this moment, the father and daughter were almost crying in anxiety.

        And Lin Fan nodded, and a flash of determination appeared in his eyes.

        "There's no other way but ...... I'll do it!"

Chapter 572

Only ...... I'm coming!

        Upon hearing this sentence from Lin Fan, both that doctor and Bai Yi's father and daughter were all confused.

        "Little sir, you ...... are not kidding! Bone setting is an extremely profound discipline, especially your mother-in-law's leg injury, it's very serious, that bone fragmentation and sharpness, even if Gao Lao is here, I'm afraid it's very difficult to complete!"

        The doctor, full of panic, advised.

        "Once, you can't catch it well! Then your mother-in-law will probably end up with a lifelong disability! Or even pierce the aorta, it will be life-threatening!"


        When the emergency doctor said this, the crowd next to him changed their faces.

        Lifelong disability! Life threatening!

        These two words instantly scared Bai Shan father and daughter to the point of bloodlessness.

        "Little Fan, you ...... don't mess around! Why don't we call Elder Gao!"

        "Lin Fan, don't act rashly, I'll call Elder Gao now and have his old man come over!"

        Bai Yi and Bai Shan were completely shocked by Lin Fan's move.

        After all, father and daughter, but they never knew that Lin Fan could do medicine, isn't this nonsense?

        Only, Lin Fan shook his head.

        "It's too late! It will take half an hour to get here from Ivan's Central and Western Hospital, and with the sharpness of this spike, it will only take three minutes for the aorta to be pierced, and then even if our mother is saved, this leg will not be saved!"


        Lin Fan's words even startled Bai Shan and Bai Yi.

        The two hurriedly looked towards the emergency doctor, and after finding that the other party nodded with the same pale face, Bai Shan and Bai Yi almost fainted.

        "What to do? What now?"

        The father and daughter duo were completely panicked at this moment.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, said to the emergency doctor.

        "Elder Gao should have taught you the five-finger pulse compression method of Chinese medicine, right?"

        Five-finger pulse pressure?

        The emergency doctor was slightly stunned, and then nodded.

        "I did! Five-finger pulse pressure is a hemostatic technique that can relieve the blood rush and make the blood vessel walls appear flexible for 30 seconds!"

        "This method, however, is somewhat chicken-hearted and hardly comes in handy! This gentleman, why do you ask this?"

        The first aid doctor was full of curiosity.

        Five-finger pulse compression, this was a unique technique of Ivan's Central and Western Hospital.

        It was a first-aid type relief technique that Divine Doctor Lin gave to Elder Gao, who passed it on to all doctors.

        Outsiders simply do not know.

        And this young man in front of him, how did he know about it?

        "You help me use your five fingers to press the pulse and soothe the walls of my mother-in-law's aorta blood vessels, buy me 30 seconds!"

        Lin Fan did not explain and said directly.

        Just hearing these words, a look of seeing a ghost appeared on the face of that emergency doctor.

        "Little sir, are you crazy?"

        "Could it be that you are going to connect the injured person's bones within 30 seconds?"


        The emergency doctor could hardly believe his ears, and he looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a madman.

        "That's right!" Lin Fan nodded his head.

        He could only do this, otherwise once three minutes had passed and the aorta ruptured, it would be very tricky even for him.

        And seeing Lin Fan admit it, then the emergency doctor even exclaimed.

        "30 seconds? No ...... not possible!"

        "The injured person's broken bone spikes, more than ten of them! Even if Gao Lao is here, without ten minutes, it is simply impossible to be connected!"

        Wow ......

        Once these words came out, the surrounding crowd, even more shocked to the extreme.

        Gao Lao was known as the first person in Chinese medicine in Jiangcheng before the divine doctor Lin.

        Chinese medicine attainment, extremely profound.

        Even his old man, it takes as much as ten minutes, and this young man, he said it only takes 30 seconds?

        Is this not a f*cking joke?

Chapter 573

The faces of everyone around were filled with disbelief.

        Only Lin Fan didn't have time to care about the shock of the crowd, his gaze was flooded with a hint of coldness: "Do it!

        "Do as you are told!!!"

        Two faint words, but in the ears of the emergency doctor, it was like an explosive thunderstorm.

        It even caused the emergency doctor's sanity to blur for a short while.

        As if he was hypnotized and confused, he squatted down and, according to Lin Fan's words, stretched out his five fingers and pressed on Shen Yumei's aorta.

        Seeing this scene.

        The surrounding crowd was also dumbfounded.

        They didn't expect that just now this emergency doctor was still opposing, while in the blink of an eye, he listened to Lin Fan's words.

        "Move three inches to the left!"

        Lin Fan seemed to not care about the surrounding crowd at this moment, all his mind was on Shen Yumei's broken leg.

        Hearing these words, the emergency doctor moved his finger three inches to the left as if he was a manipulated puppet.

        "Thumb and forefinger split, up and down three!"

        "Ring finger leans left, little finger presses down!"


        At this moment, under everyone's nervous eyes, Lin Fan said one sentence at a time.

        That was not all.

        While manipulating the emergency doctor's five-finger pulse pressure, he put on his medical gloves and began to move and pinch the broken leg bone of Shen Yumei.

        Click, click, click!

        At this moment, the surrounding crowd could almost hear the sound of a broken bone moving.

        One after another broken thorn.

        Constantly being pinched and pressed by Lin Fan.

        Time also passed slowly amidst the sound of the bones being pinched and pressed.

        Ten seconds!

        Twenty seconds!


        As the time passed slowly, the surrounding Bai Yi father and daughter only felt their hearts, almost to the throat.

        They had the intention to stop Lin Fan, but now that the wood had been laid to rest, it was too late to stop.

        "It must work! Lin Fan, you can do it ......"

        Bai Yi's jade hands, deadly clenched together, were covered with sweat within her palms.

        She looked at Lin Fan's eyes, filled with a strong pleading and expectation.


        Ka ka ka!

        And right in the middle of the crowd's tense expressions.


        As a crisp sound rang out, the crowd immediately saw Shen Yumei's entire body tremble in pain and cry out in shock.


        Bai Yi and Bai Shan were startled at this moment and subconsciously wanted to go forward to try to stop Lin Fan.

        And at that moment.

        Hoo ......

        Instead, they saw that Lin Fan took a long breath and then stood up from the ground.

        "It worked!"

        Lin Fan wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned his head to Bai Yi and said with a smile.



        The crowd was dumbfounded at this moment, they only heard the sound of bones rattling and Shen Yumei's miserable screams.

        And this ...... succeeded?

        "Lin Fan ...... you, are you sure?"

        Above Bai Yi's pretty face was written with a thick sense of disbelief.

        Although before, she was praying that Lin Fan could succeed, but she actually didn't have a single bit of certainty in her heart.

        After all, she never knew that Lin Fan knew the art of healing?

        Not to mention the far superior old man's bone-setting means?

        It was like a nightmare from heaven.

        Seeing the surrounding people's doubtful expressions, Lin Fan smiled faintly and instantly snapped his fingers at the emergency doctor next to him.


        With the sound of the snapping finger came.

        The crowd immediately saw, the emergency doctor the whole person shivered, and then the face immediately appeared thick confusion: "just  just came from the first time.

        "Just ...... just from what happened?"


        The crowd froze.

        They realized that it was as if the emergency doctor had simply forgotten what had just happened from, as if just from all his cooperative actions were manipulated under Lin Fan's hypnosis.

        This made the crowd even more one saw a ghost.

        Only, not yet waiting for them to remind.

        The shocked scream of that emergency doctor suddenly came out.

        "No ...... it can't be!"

        "This broken bone was ...... repaired?"