Today I Give Up Trying 569-570

 Chapter 569


        Speaking of this, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes reddened and a teardrop fell.

        She was afraid!

        She was afraid that Lin Fan would really die!

        Seeing this scene, Lin Fan's heart pumped hard, and at that moment, he couldn't help but stop the Mercedes at the roadside, before he turned his head and said to Bai Yi.

        "Wife, I promise you that I will keep a low profile in the future!"

        "But this time you can rest assured, Shengshi Group can not hurt me, Leng Ao Tian ...... the same can not hurt me!"

        Words domineering and arrogant.

        Especially that kind of tone of looking down on everything, let Bai Yi is even more incredible.

        She shook her head and didn't dwell too much on this issue, and Lin Fan.

        Instead, she had already silently begun to calculate in her heart how to get Lin Fan to leave Jiang City, to leave this place of right and wrong that might kill him.


        The night passed slowly!

        A piece of news, on the other hand, stirred up Jiang City.

        The son of Leng Kang, the president of the Shengshi Group, was attacked by Lin Fan of the new Bai Group in Jiang City and was severely injured.

        Senior Leng issued an order that any power that wanted to cooperate with the New White Clan would become an enemy of the Shengshi Group.


        When this news came out, the entire Jiang City was in an uproar.

        It was crazy!

        Countless upper-class people, at this moment, all suspected that the New White Clan and Lin Fan were crazy, to dare to provoke Leng Bufan, this is simply looking for death.

        In a moment, many forces that originally intended to establish cooperation with the New White Group, all beat a retreat.

        The voice that sucks the new white group, almost swept the entire Jiang City business community.

        Everyone thinks that the new white group is completely finished.

        Just when this news has not yet subsided.

        Another sensational explosive news made the city explode.

        Three days later!

        The fiercely famous Grand Master - Blood Faustus - would descend on Jiang City to challenge Grand Master Lin and avenge the death of his disciple, Blood Wolf!


        Blood Fudo!

        After this name came out, countless martial forces in Jiang City, all of them were horrified to death.

        A fierce man!

        The name Blood Faustus, it can be said that countless Chinese forces, the mighty wind, and such a fierce man came to Jiang City, almost everyone was horrified.

        This is not all.

        After the news of Blood Faust coming to Jiangcheng broke, news after news swept in.

        Grand Master Leng Ao Tian came out of the mountain, intending to come to Jiang City and kill Blood Fudo!

        Grand Master He Lanshan declared that he vowed to keep Blood Fudo in Jiangcheng and bury him here!

        The two oldest great masters in Jiangnan were all alarmed.

        All of a sudden, the city of Jiangxi was in an uproar.

        Grand Master Lin, Blood Fudo, Leng Ao Tian, and He Lan Shan!

        Almost everyone was expecting, three days later, the appearance of the four great patriarchs.

        This also made Jiang City, the stormy point of the whole Jiangnan Province, countless Jiangnan forces, large and small, all dared to come towards Jiang City, expecting to witness this century-long battle.

        Just let the wind and rain outside, but for Lin Fan, he simply does not care.

        He continues to buy food and cook every day, laundry and mopping, as if everything, everything has nothing to do with him.


        Just two more days passed quietly.

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi were busy at the Blue Sea Mansion when a phone call, completely startled the two of them.

        The phone call was opened by his father-in-law, Bai Shan.

        Just could clearly hear from the phone, the sound of car sirens and the noise of passersby, as well as Bai Shan's voice that was almost crying.

        And the content of the phone, only one!

        Mother-in-law Shen Yumei ...... had a car accident!

Chapter 570

On the road in Jiang City, a Mercedes-Benz car rushed along.

        "Lin Fan, hurry up! Faster!"

        Bai Yi's beautiful eyes were red, and a teardrop had long since wetted that gorgeous pretty face.

        And hearing these words.

        Lin Fan did not say anything back, but just stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom.


        Mercedes-Benz with a buzzing whistling, as if a string of arrows, in the river city road traffic, constantly speed through.

        Until five minutes later, Lin Fan then saw from afar, the roadside in front for a circle of passers-by.

        "Wife. Here we are!"

        Lin Fan parked the Mercedes at the curb, then and Bai Yi quickly stepped out of the car.

        When the two separated from the crowd and came inside, they immediately saw a woman lying on the ground.

        Her left leg had completely changed shape, and scarlet blood had completely wet her pant leg.

        In particular, her originally graceful cheek was now as white as paper, and beads of sweat were constantly dripping down from her forehead.

        It was Shen Yumei.


        Seeing Shen Yumei's miserable state, Bai Yi immediately let out a harsh wail and pounced forward.

        "Mom! How did you get hit by a car, who did it? Who actually did it?"

        Bai Yi at this moment tears like rain, she is still the first time to see her mother, this miserable.

        And Shen Yumei whole person has been in pain and dazed, simply can not answer.

        Next to her, Bai Shan, also with red eyes, said.

        "Bai Yi, your mother and I went for a walk in the park, but how could not expect to cross the sidewalk, a Bentley actually ran the red light, ruthlessly rushed over."

        "Your mom couldn't react, and was hit by that Bentley and broke a leg!"


        Running a red light!

        Hearing this, Lin Fan's face sank and asked in a cold voice.

        "Where is that car?"

        Not only Lin Fan, Bai Yi was also puzzled, because when they came over, they did not see the shadow of the Bentley on the roadside.

        "That car ran away, a hit-and-run! And I saw that it was the license plate of Jiangnan City!" Bai Shan said, a hot tear rolled down.


        A sentence, but let Lin Fan's face, more and more ugly.

        Although Shen Yumei is usually sarcastic, but to Lin Fan, is really seen as family, as their own children.

        Lin Fan also from the heart, acknowledge Shen Yumei mother.

        But now!

        At that moment, Lin Fan wanted to go forward and check Shen Yumei's injury, however, at that moment.

        Duowoo! Toot!

        A siren sounded out, but an ambulance was seen driving over.

        "Little Fan, the ambulance is here! After your mother was hit, I called Ivan's Central and Western Hospital!" Bai Shan hurriedly said.

        Hearing this, Lin Fan put his heart down slightly.

        Ifan Central and Western Hospital, which was his hospital, every doctor inside, had extraordinary medical skills, but was trustworthy.


        From the ambulance, came down two nurses and an emergency doctor.

        This emergency doctor went up to check the leg of Shen Yumei, then said to the two nurses next to him.

        "The patient only has a broken leg, you guys hurry up and carry the car!"

        Hearing the order, the two nurses immediately wanted to turn Shen Yumei's body and put her on the stretcher.

        However, at this moment, Lin Fan took a closer look at Shen Yumei's leg wound and his face changed slightly.

        "Wait a minute!"

        After saying that, he immediately went forward and stopped the two nurses from moving.


        This scene not only caused that doctor and the caregiver to faintly stare, but even Bai Yi and Bai Shan, father and daughter, also turned their heads in confusion.