Today I Give Up Trying 567-568

 Chapter 567

Until Lin Fan and everyone else, left the box.


        Within the box once again returned to quiet, as well as that atmosphere, simply depressing to the point of suffocation.


        Zhou Nan's entire body seemed to have lost all strength and fell to the ground.

        Only then did she realize that the back of her shirt, had been wet with cold sweat.

        "How on earth did Bai ...... Bai Yi do that?"

        Zhou Nan only felt a sense of shock from her soul.

        She was jealous of Bai Yi from before, and this time came to Jiang City, invited Bai Yi, is to this woman, to show off her boyfriend.

        But who would have thought.

        Bai Yi's husband, is actually a top clan master, and she, moreover, has the terrifying ability to command all the giants in Jiang City.

        This gave Zhou Nan a deep sense of frustration.

        "Leng ...... Leng Shao! That Blood Rose is so confident, could it be that Lin Fan and Bai Yi, really have a terrifying identity that we don't know about?"

        As if Zhou Nan thought of something, he asked to Leng Bufan with a face full of horror.

        It wasn't just her!

        Leng Bufan's heart at this moment also surfaced with dense trepidation, especially thinking that in case Lin Fan and Bai Yi really had some terrifying identities that would involve his own father and grandfather, then he would be completely finished.

        "I ...... I don't know!"

        Leng Bufan swallowed fiercely, his voice trembling a little.

        At this moment, almost everyone could see Leng Bufan's trepidation.

        Just at this moment.

        A figure, however, walked out.

        "Young Leng, you don't have to worry! Blood Rose, Xu Tianlong and the others, they were all tricked by that Lin Fan!"


        This sentence caused Leng Bufan to faintly stare, and he hurriedly turned his head to look, but found that the person who spoke was actually Lin Guangyao.

        "You know the inside story?"

        On Leng Bufan's face, a hint of excitement surfaced and he hurriedly asked.

        And all the people around, their gazes also flashed towards Lin Guangyao.

        Obviously, every one of them was curious to the extreme as to why Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong, were so obedient to Lin Fan and Bai Yi's words.

        And feel the curious eyes of the surrounding crowd.

        On Lin Guangyao's face, a hint of smugness surfaced before he said.

        "That's right! Young Leng, I know why Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong are so obedient to Bai Yi and Lin Fan!"

        "Because that Lin Fan, possesses a Skeleton Emperor Card!"


        When Lin Guangyao's words fell, Leng Bufan's entire body was struck by lightning.

        The Skeleton Emperor Card!

        The highest level card of the Shengshi Group.

        There were three of these cards issued in China, and each one of them was in the hands of the highest-ranking giants in China.

        Even his father had only seen it, and had never even touched it.

        And now ......

        "No ...... it can't be! How could that Lin Fan have a Skeleton Emperor Card, could he ...... he really have some terrifying identity?"

        On Leng Bufan's forehead, cold sweat was flowing.

        If Lin Fan was really the emperor card owner, then he and his father, would really be in for a big disaster.

        Only, Lin Guangyao smiled faintly, and then said with resentment.

        "Young Leng, that Skeleton Emperor Card was stolen by Lin Fan!"

        "He used this very card that came to his head to deceive Xu Tianlong and the Blood Rose!"

        "Therefore, I hope that you will report to your father, Mr. Leng Kang, and give this thief and fraudster a most severe punishment!"


        As soon as Lin Guangyao's words fell, the entire compartment completely exploded.

Chapter 568


        That Lin Fan had the audacity to steal the Skeleton Emperor Card.

        After listening to Lin Guangyao's account, everyone in the entire box was completely in an uproar.


        The eyes of the crowd were filled with a strong sense of disbelief.

        It is important to know that the issuer of the Skeleton Emperor Card is not the Shengshi Group, but the real issuer, but the Global Group.

        The global group, the world's most terrifying behemoth, not to mention the patriarchal figures, even if the Grand Master, absolutely no one dares to offend.

        Even the international lords, offend the Universal Group only one end, that is ...... death!

        And now!

        Lin Fan had stolen the Global Group's Skull Emperor Card, once the matter was revealed, then what awaited him and Bai Yi would be a disaster of extinction.

        "So that's how it is!"

        At this moment, a fierce smile surfaced at the corners of Leng Bufan's mouth, and the pleasure and resentment in his eyes flickered more than just a little:.

        "No wonder Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose listened to him! So he used the Skeleton Emperor Card and tricked them!"

        Leng Bufan had almost decided that Lin Fan was not only a thief, but also a fraudster.

        After all, with a small person like Lin Fan, how could he possibly possess such an honorable card.

        It was almost unbelievable.

        And next to it.

        Bai Yifan and Shen Jian also hurriedly said.

        "Young Leng, you are the young master of the Shengshi Group, hurry up and report this matter! Ask President Leng Kang to send someone to deal with it!"

        "That's right! Young Leng, this time he hurt you and stole the emperor card, this kid must not be spared!"

        The two of them added fuel to the fire, while their hearts were fastidious to the extreme.

        It was as if they could already see, Lin Fan's miserable and pathetic end.

        Hearing the persuasion, the grimace on Leng Bufan's face grew thicker and thicker: "Hmph!

        "Humph! My father will come to Jiang City in a few days, so let this bastard bounce around for a few days first, and when the time comes, we'll settle the old and new grudges together!"

        "I will make his life worse than death!"

        Leng Bufan's eyes were bursting with a thick ferocious color.

        And hearing these words, Lin Guangyao and the others next to him were all exuberant and ecstatic to the extreme.


        And at the same time!

        On the way back to the Liyuan Mansion.

        Bai Yi's pretty face was still flooded with a strong sense of confusion and consternation, as if she still hadn't sobered up from the shock of this banquet until now.

        Lin Fan was a sect master?

        And himself, he could command Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose and other giants?

        This ......

        Bai Yi could not accept, she turned her head, could not help but look at Lin Fan who was driving next to her with complicated eyes:.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! This is all because of you, right?"

        Bai Yi was not a fool, much less being swept away by the deference of Xu Tianlong and the others.

        In her eyes, she was just a former president who had been removed from the Bai family, and that was all.

        In terms of status, in terms of position, not even a sweat hair of those bigwigs, can compare.

        And the only explanation can only be her own husband ...... Lin Fan.

        "Wife! Why are you suddenly saying that!" Lin Fan gave a dry laugh, but did not know how to answer.

        And seeing this scene.

        Bai Yi heart shock, more and more intense, also more and more recognized that this is all because of Lin Fan:.

        "Lin Fan, I don't know just how much you're hiding! But I want to tell you, don't be so reckless in the future!"

        Speaking of which!

        Bai Yi's pretty face was flooded with intense worry: "Today, you've ruined your life!

        "Today, the one you scrapped is the young master of the Shengshi Group! The grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian!"

        "They will definitely retaliate, and when the time comes, you ......"