Today I Give Up Trying 559-560

 Chapter 559

There was a tremor in One Fierce's voice.

        After his fist was shattered by Lin Fan, he had long since put away all his contempt for Lin Fan, knowing that this man's strength was so great that it was comparable to that of a clan master.

        And now he realized with horror that not only the force, Lin Fan's speed, I'm afraid, has also reached the level of a patriarch.

        And with the exit of a fierce reminder.

        The five fierce people next to Lingnan were also slightly stunned, and the moment they noticed Lin Fan's disappearance, they only felt a cold, gusty wind, sweeping towards their five!

        "Damn, this kid's speed is too fast, be careful!"

        As a cry of alarm rang out.

        The five people's body shape under a flash, then want to storm back towards the surrounding.

        Just at this moment.

        A terrifying voice rang out in the ears of the six fierce people.

        "You want my left leg?"


        These words fell on Six Fierce's ears and instantly made his eyes glaze over as he only felt a chill down his back, as if a devil had appeared behind him.

        "No ......"

        A terrified scream came out of the mouth of the six fierce.

        And as the scream rang out, the surrounding crowd was stunned to find that Lin Fan had appeared behind the Six Fierce at some point, and one of his whip legs, flung out!

        His whip leg was thrown out and hit the left leg of the Six Villains!


        The crisp sound of bones breaking burst out, and everyone saw in disbelief that under Lin Fan's whip leg, the left leg of the Sixth Fierce was like a rotten wood, instantly snapping.

        It was as if his entire person had been hit by a train, and he was sent flying by the sweeping kick.


        Six Fierce was kicked several meters before he fell to the ground as if he was a dead dog.

        His left leg had been completely deformed, and the white bone spikes had completely pierced the skin and clothes of his left leg, revealing it.

        The blood-drenched tragedy on it caused everyone around to suck in a breath of cold air.

        "Old Six! No ...... not possible!"

        "Sixth brother!!!"

        The four fierce people next to Lingnan were completely dumbfounded at this moment.

        They looked at the six villains who had completely fainted from the pain, and each of them only felt that they had fallen into the ice cellar, bone chilling cold.

        They were not the only ones!

        The most shocked are Leng Bufan and others.

        A ...... move?

        Leng Bufan and others could not believe in their dreams, before the five fierce people in Lingnan had reacted, they were killed by Lin Fan in one move.

        How the hell ...... could this be possible.



        Leng Bufan's heart at this moment emerged with a strong sense of bad foreboding, he felt as if he had really kicked an iron plate, provoking a terrifying existence that could not be provoked.

        However, what frightened him was just beginning.

        After Six Fierce was kicked off his left leg by Lin Fan and his entire body flew off into a coma.

        Lin Fan's eyes turned and locked straight onto the other four fierce people of Lingnan: "Next, it's your turn!

        "Next, it's your turn!"


        When these words were spoken, the four fierce people of Lingnan next to him were appalled to death.

        Especially after they saw that, with a flash of his figure, Lin Fan disappeared once again, immediately, these four fierce people were almost scared out of their wits!

        "Be careful, this guy is coming again!"

        Cold sweat flowed down from the foreheads of the two fierce men with a clatter.

        The four of them instantly wanted to put their backs against each other and defend themselves against Lin Fan.

        Only Lin Fan's figure, however, appeared in front of them as if he was a ghost.

        "You ...... want my right leg?"

        The words fell!

        Lin Fan's leg, once again, swept out at the five villains.


        Five Fierce almost went mad, and after he saw Lin Fan's whip leg sweeping out, he similarly kicked out, viciously, against Lin Fan.


        The two whip legs, collided in one place.

        What stunned the Fifth Fierce was that he only felt Lin Fan's whip leg, as if it was a terrifying mountain, sweeping in.

        Even though he had used all his strength, he could only watch as his right leg ......

        Click, burst!

Chapter 560


        Within the box, a dull sound resounded once again.

        Under the stunned eyes of the crowd, Five Fierce's right leg burst open, and his entire body was swept away by the majestic and terrifying force, once again like a dead dog, fiercely shaken out.

        Fell to the ground.

        Jing ......

        At this moment, within the entire box, a bloody aura, there is not the slightest sound, only the sound of a person's crazy heartbeat.

        Broken legs!


        Everyone's eyes, looked at the five and six fierce people on the ground as if they were dead dogs, they only felt their hearts, almost jumped to their throats.

        Another fierce person, was resolved in one move.

        Dense cold sweat, at this moment almost densely covered the foreheads of everyone around, making them terrified, making them horrified.

        If Lin Fan had scrapped the six villains in one move, perhaps it could be explained as luck.

        Then now, he had scrapped five more fierce people in one move.

        This was simply too much to believe.

        "No ...... it's impossible! You, how can you be so strong!"

        Leng Bufan only felt ice chills all over his body and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a devil.


        He knew that with the combined strength of the five villains of Lingnan, even if a sect master expert faced them, it would be extremely tricky.

        And now, Lin Fan two moves to abolish the two, this is like destroying, too much for him to believe.

        And next to him.

        Lin Guangyao, Bai Yifan, and Shen Jian, looked at Lin Fan even more like they were looking at a monster.


        The three swallowed a mouthful of spittle fiercely and looked at each other, all of them could see the trepidation and fear in each other's eyes.

        Is this ...... still the waste they ridiculed and resented?

        Two moves to abolish the two vicious people?

        This is simply unbelievable.


        Lin Fan did not care about the horror of the surrounding people.

        His face was calm and indifferent, as if he had just crushed two mole crickets, and now he slowly stepped towards the remaining three villains of Lingnan.


        His footsteps were slow, but to the ears of the three villains of Lingnan, it was as if he was stepping on their hearts, causing the three to be horrified and appalled to the extreme.

        "Let's go together! To avenge the death of Old Five, Old Six!"

        The two fierce people let out a harsh hiss.

        Hearing these words, the three could not help but glance at each other, each other's eyes, instantly bursting out thick madness and hideousness.

        Just like three fierce tigers, they pounced towards Lin Fan in a combined effort to kill him.

        "Give me death!"


        With three iron fists, emitting the sound of air bursting, they swung down fiercely at Lin Fan.

        Just seeing this scene.

        Not only did Lin Fan not feel the slightest bit worried, but the bloodthirsty arc at the corner of his mouth grew thicker and thicker: "You want my left hand?

        "You want my left hand? The right hand?"

        "Then ...... make it happen for you!"

        The words fell!

        Lin Fan's two fists, almost as if they were lightning, swung at the four fierce and three fierce people's vicious smashing iron fists.

        One against two?

        Seeing this scene, Leng Bufan and the others were even more nervous to the extreme.

        It was as if they had seen hope.

        "Ruin him! We can definitely abolish him! I don't believe that he, alone, can face the attacks of two vicious people at the same time!"

        On Leng Bufan's forehead, sweat dripped down.

        The entire body of the man was completely tensed.

        And just when he only felt his heart, it was about to tense up to the point of stopping beating.



        Two explosive sounds came, but the iron fists of the Four Fierce Men and the Three Fierce Men, after colliding with Lin Fan's two fists, burst apart in unison!

        And that's not all!

        After Lin Fan's fists shattered the two fierce men's fists, the second fierce man next to him, his fists had already blasted into the top of his head.

        Only, he didn't dodge or evade, watching as the Second Fierce's iron fist, viciously smashed on his head.

        "Give me death!!!"

        The Second Fierce was filled with a hideous and ferocious face.

        At this moment, he almost brought the power of his fist to the limit, seeking to use the gap between his two brothers, whose fists burst into pieces, to strike Lin Fan deadly in one blow.


        A punch that hit!