Today I Give Up Trying 557-558

 Chapter 557


        Hearing these words, the group of Jiang City Juniors around them were once again slightly stunned.

        They had completely understood until this moment.

        It turned out that Leng Bufan was all about Bai Yi!

        From the very beginning, he talked to Lin Fan for Bai Yi.

        Letting Zhou Nan frame him, for Bai Yi's sake, and now making things difficult for Lin Fan, for Bai Yi's sake as well!

        Wow ......

        For a moment, those talented people around them, their hearts were despised to the extreme for Leng Bufan's character.

        Each one of them even hated Lin Fan to fight for his breath, could defeat the five fierce, for himself and Jiang City, to earn back face.

        And Bai Yi, even more beautiful face as white as paper.

        She then realized that she had dragged Lin Fan down again and again.

        "Lin Fan, don't promise him! You can't beat them, you'll die ......" A thick anxious water mist surfaced in Bai Yi's beautiful eyes.

        She didn't want Lin Fan to put his life at risk for her own sake.

        Hearing these words.

        Lin Fan couldn't help but lovingly rub Bai Yi's head and said with a smile.

        "Wife, don't worry!"

        After saying that!

        His gaze turned and brushed off, staring at Leng Bufan with a deadly stare.

        Morbid! Horrible!

        Lin Fan's gaze at this moment, as if it had a terrifying magical power, actually caused the surrounding temperature to plummet straight to the freezing point, and each and every guest shivered in unison.

        Especially Leng Bufan, after Lin Fan's sharp eyes fell on his body, he actually felt as if he was being stared at by a demon.

        It made the sweat hairs on his body, one by one, stand up backwards.

        "You ...... you!!!"

        Stomp stomp stomp!

        Leng Bufan retreated several steps, his face was white, his entire face was written with fear, how could he not believe that a person's eyes could be so terrifying to such an extent.

        "Because you are a member of the Shengshi Group, so I tolerated you again and again!"

        "But who ever thought that you would repeatedly seek death!"

        Lin Fan stared at Leng Bufan, smiling with that evil and terrifying smile.

        Just these words of his fell.


        Within the entire box, it completely exploded.

        Arrogance! Arrogance!

        The surrounding crowd, whether it was Bai Yifan and the others, or those Jiang City Junjie, each and every one of them could not believe their ears.

        Crazy ......

        All eyes were wide, looking at Lin Fan, as if looking at a madman, they could not imagine that this guy was so bold, daring to say that Leng Bufan was looking for death?

        This ...... is afraid that he is tired of living!

        Even Leng Bufan, also completely confused.

        He was the son of the president of the Shengshi Group!

        He is also the grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian.

        Not to mention the small place of Jiang City, even in Jiangnan City, no one dared to talk to him like that.

        And now ......

        "Little ...... kid, you dare to scold me! Good ...... you are very good!" Leng Bufan's face was full of red, completely annoyed and angry:.

        "Since that's the case, then I'll take that as a yes!"

        "Lingnan Five Fierce Men! You all strike together and break this brat's limbs for me! Now! Immediately! Immediately!"

        There was a madness in Leng Bufan's voice.

        Clearly, at this moment, he hated to tear Lin Fan alive.

        And hearing these words!

        The five villains of Lingnan next to him immediately stood out in unison.

        "As ordered! Young master!"

        After saying these words, the five men's gazes turned and locked Lin Fan in all of them.


        The five men's bodies rolled with a terrifying aura, surging out as if they were five tigers, giving off a terrifying aura that made people tremble in fear.

        Within the entire box, it was as if a cold wind blew up, causing everyone around to shiver, full of horror.

Chapter 558

Only Lin Fan.

        His dark hair, in the midst of this cold wind, floated slightly.

        Only, the smile at the corners of his mouth became more and more chilly and eerie:.

        "Five vicious people?"

        "No! Five creepy crawlies, that's all!"


        Five reptiles!

        At this moment, after hearing Lin Fan's words, the atmosphere within the box was once again slightly silent, and the surrounding crowd was completely dumbfounded.

        They originally thought that under the terrifying aura of the Five Fierce Men of Lingnan, Lin Fan would definitely panic and be afraid.

        But how could they have imagined that this guy would be so overbearing and arrogant?

        Looking for death!

        This was to anger the Five Southern Fierce Men, then his fate would be even more miserable.

        Sure enough!

        After Lin Fan's words fell, the aura on the Lingnan Five Fierce Men's body became more and more rampant.

        The terrifying pressure of the five quasi-Zongshi was like a rolling wave that drowned Lin Fan in front of him.

        "Good! Very good! We, the Six Fierce Men of Lingnan, have disappeared for ten years, and it seems that the juniors nowadays have long since stopped putting us in their eyes!" The Second Fierce licked his dry lips as a bloodthirsty luster stormed out of his eyes.

        "Since that's the case, then your head, I want it!"

        In the words of the second fierce man, a murderous spirit appeared.

        And the four fierce people next to him, did the same.

        "Hey, hey! Kid, you shattered my big brother's fist! Then I, the Three Fierce Men, want your right hand!"

        "In that case, then his left hand, goes to me, Four Fierce!"

        "His right leg, goes to my five fierce!"


        The words of the Five Fierce Men of Lingnan at this moment carried a taste of ferocity.

        Falling on the ears of the surrounding crowd, it caused everyone's scalp to tingle.

        Five people, locked onto Lin Fan's head, hands, and legs!

        This was clearly a rhythm to tear Lin Fan, alive.

        An instant!

        The surrounding crowd looked at Lin Fan with pity to the extreme, in their eyes, even if Lin Fan was strong, at this moment, he would only end up being slaughtered by the five fierce people.

        Bai Yi, who was next to him, was even paralyzed with fear.

        Tears of anxiety rolled down from her beautiful eyes.

        "Lin Fan, I beg you, please go! I don't want to see you get killed, I don't want ......"



        Bai Yi equally did not believe that Lin Fan could survive in the hands of the five fierce people of Lingnan, after all, the shadow of a tree, the name of a man, the fierce name of the other five people, too terrifying.

        And if Lin Fan dies, then she lives, what is the point.

        Dense tears, wetting a piece of Bai Yi's pretty face.

        And seeing this scene, Lin Fan's heart trembled slightly.

        He stretched out his hand and helped Bai Yi dry the tears on her face, one by one, just as each tear was wiped away, the killing intent in his eyes became more and more rampant: "Honey, they made you cry.

        "Wife, they made you cry! Then they ...... deserve to die!"


        Lin Fan's words caused Bai Yi to faintly stare.

        And just before she could understand what Lin Fan meant.


        Bai Yi was stunned to find that after wiping the last teardrop off her pretty face, Lin Fan's entire person suddenly disappeared as if he was a phantom.

        Quickly! Quick! Fast!

        Lin Fan's speed was so fast that everyone in the box couldn't believe their eyes.

        In the eyes of the surrounding people, Lin Fan simply disappeared out of thin air, causing everyone's eyes to almost fall out.

        The one fierce person next to him had suffered a great loss from Lin Fan.

        From the very beginning, his gaze was locked dead on Lin Fan.

        And until this moment!

        When One Fierce saw Lin Fan's figure disappear, his face changed dramatically.

        "Watch out guys, this guy is attacking!!!"