Today I Give Up Trying 549-550

 Chapter 549

After seeing these six people.

        The guests around them, in unison, changed their faces: "Hmm?

        "Hmm? These people look familiar, I seem to have seen them somewhere! Yes, they are the Lingnan Six Fierce Men!"

        "It's the Lingnan Six Fierce Men? Oh my God, it's those six vicious people? He ...... how come they are here! "

        "Yes, these six people ten years ago, but the domination of the Jiangnan underground world of the madman brothers! Have they not disappeared?"


        Lingnan six murderers!

        Almost everyone who is familiar with the underground world of Jiangnan Province, no one knows this name, no one does not know.

        These are the six fierce people who dominated Jiangnan ten years ago.

        They were siblings, with unparalleled combat power, who started from an orphanage back then, fought and killed, and stepped into the underground world.

        And in the underground world of killing and training, the six brothers showed a terrifying super talent, starting from sweeping a street, they gradually dominated a city, and then, sweeping Jiangnan, set off a bloody storm.

        Even ten years ago, just hearing the name 'Lingnan Six Fierce' could make a child stop crying at night.

        But now!

        Hula ......

        After recognizing the identity of the six men in black, the surrounding young talents, one by one, their faces changed dramatically and they retreated to the side, obviously afraid of being affected by the fish in the pond.

        Leng Bufan, on the other hand, smiled faintly.

        "You may not know it! Ten years ago, the six villains of Lingnan entered the discipline of my grandfather, Leng Ao Tian!"

        Leng Ao Tian!

        When they heard this word, the crowd shivered again.

        Because Leng Ao Tian, is the Jiangnan Province, one of the two oldest hidden grand masters.

        Only, everyone did not know.

        Leng Bufan was actually the first grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian!


        At this moment, everyone in the entire box was stunned.

        Those young juniors of Jiang City, at this moment, looked at Leng Bufan as if they were looking at a pride of the heavens, and the sounds of flattery were incessant: "Oh my God!

        "My God! Young Leng, we now know that you are not only the son of Mr. Leng Kang, the president of Shengshi, but you are also the first grandson of Grand Master Leng! Really ...... scared me!"

        "The first grandson of the Grand Master! No wonder, surprisingly, there were the six fierce men of Lingnan who shook Jiangnan back then, as bodyguards!"

        "Goodness! If this matter gets out, Young Leng's identity will definitely shake Jiangnan! After all, with the identity of Sheng Shi and Grand Master Leng! Who dares to mess with that?"




        The surrounding people, whether it was Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and the others, or those other Jiang City Juniors, looked at Leng Bufan with more and more awe.

        It wasn't just them!

        After hearing this news, Bai Yi's entire person was likewise struck by lightning, and his face was as white as paper.

        It's over ......

        She originally thought that Zhou Nan was only the youngest of the Shengshi Group, but she could not imagine that this youngest had another horrible identity.

        Clattering cold sweat, from Bai Yi's forehead, constantly flowing down, her whole person anxious almost cried out.

        Just for the surrounding crowd's admiration.

        Leng Bufan, on the other hand, was used to it, his face did not have the slightest fluctuation of emotion, instead, he looked at Bai Yi with a gaze that became more and more fiery.

        "Young master! Please give the order!" The six fierce men of Lingnan bowed in unison to Leng Bufan.

        And seeing this scene!

        Leng Bufan smiled an abnormally evil smile:.

        "You guys go over there now and search this woman's body for me! I believe that the ruby diamond ring must be on her body! Remember, don't let go of any part of this woman's body!"

Chapter 550


        Search the body!

        This sentence, let Bai Yi and the surrounding crowd, the same face changed greatly.

        You know, Bai Yi is a woman, and is known as the first beautiful president of Jiang City.

        If she was searched, would that not mean that her innocence was destroyed.

        The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi's pretty face above, a strong look of despair emerged: "I did not

        "I did not ...... not I stole it!"

        "You have wronged me, you are wronging me!!!"

        Bai Yi's defensive voice, that powerless and helpless.

        And Lingnan six fierce, not even the slightest pity for the jade, after listening to Leng Bufan's command, they hailed, then wanted to rush towards Bai Yi.

        But at this moment.


        A cold voice rang out violently.

        The six villains of Lingnan only felt their backs, a steep chill, the feeling as if they were being targeted by a fierce beast, making their advancing steps, a fierce lurch.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        A line of eyes, turned their heads in unison, looking towards where the sound came from.

        But the crowd was stunned to find that the person who spoke out to stop it was ...... Lin Fan.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan!"

        When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan, it was as if she had seen her savior, and a thick mist of water immediately filled her beautiful eyes.

        Only Lin Fan, can give her a sense of security.

        Only Lin Fan, can make her no longer despair.

        "Wife, don't be afraid! I have everything!"

        Lin Fan walked to Bai Yi's side, wrapped her in his arms, and spoke out to comfort her.

        Just hearing these words.

        Wow ......

        The surrounding crowd was once again in an uproar.

        Everything has him?

        "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, what are you! Your wife stole someone's ruby diamond ring, can't you still turn out another one?"

        "Cut! A loser door-to-door son-in-law, what kind of bull is he bragging about!"

        "Watch this! This kid is looking for death, I don't believe it, he can do anything!"


        The surrounding Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, and a young talented man from Jiang City, looked at Lin Fan with a gaze filled with a strong look of contempt.

        After all, in the eyes of the crowd, Lin Fan was facing, but the first grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian, Leng Bufan, and the six villains of Lingnan who once reigned in Jiangnan.

        He was a small son-in-law, wasn't he looking for death?

        It was not only the crowd.

        Even Leng Bufan's gaze suddenly splashed with a thick cold aura: "Kid, you want to stop me?

        "Kid, are you going to stop us?"


        Lin Fan shook his head indifferently, then smiled coldly.

        "I won't stop you from finding the ruby diamond ring, but, it's not on my wife!"


        Lin Fan's words caused the crowd to freeze, especially Zhou Nan, and a strong look of contempt surfaced in her eyes.

        How could it not be on Bai Yi.

        Before, after she received the signal from Leng Bufan's ringing finger, she had quietly taken off the ring at the first opportunity and put it in Bai Yi's pocket.

        She was completely sure that the ring was still in Bai Yi's pocket now without a doubt.


        Zhou Nan, however, did not notice that while Lin Fan was holding Bai Yi, a ring had already arrived in his palm under a flash of his hand.

        And at this moment, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth was flooded with an icy smile, and his finger fiercely pointed at Zhou Nan: "The ring, it's on her!

        "The ring, it's on her!"

        The words fell!

        Almost no one could notice that a slightly red thing, from the palm of Lin Fan's hand, flashed out.