Today I Give Up Trying 547-548

 Chapter 547

Your woman, I'll take her~

        Leng Bufan's words were domineering and arrogant, especially his eyes that looked down on Lin Fan as if he was looking down on a mole crawler.

        Hearing these words, Lin Fan's eyes narrowed slightly.

        Obviously, he hadn't expected that this Leng Bufan would be so arrogant and domineering to such an extent.

        "Five million!"

        Leng Bufan stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, his mouth flushed with a thick smile as he uttered a number.

        Five million.

        This was already a huge amount of money that an ordinary person would have difficulty earning in their lifetime.

        Leng Bufan had heard that this wasteful son-in-law in front of him was just muddling through in the Bai family.

        No job, no income.

        He could conclude that when Lin Fan heard this five million, it was impossible not to be moved.

        At this moment, Leng Bufan's face was flooded with a strong sense of arrogance and confidence, as if he was waiting for Lin Fan's consent.


        Silence ......

        Leng Bufan frowned, and only then did he realize that Lin Fan did not say a word, but instead looked at himself as if he was looking at a retard.


        "Too little?"

        A flash of contempt flashed across Leng Bufan's gaze:.

        "Then add another five million! How about giving Bai Yi to me for 10 million?"

        10 million!

        This is definitely a heavenly price that can impress any ordinary male.

        Leng Bufan was confident that any ordinary man, after hearing the figure of ten million, would definitely not be able to calm down.

        Unfortunately, once again, he was disappointed.

        Lin Fan still didn't say one more word, and his gaze, grew colder and colder.

        "Still too little?"

        Leng Bufan frowned, followed by an uncontrollable snicker.

        "Humph! Lin Fan, everyone in Jiang City says that you're a waste of a son-in-law! It's just that everyone didn't expect that you guy is still quite greedy!"

        "Good! This young man can satisfy you, 20 million dollars, and you will divorce Bai Yi tomorrow! Leave her forever!"

        I have to say!

        Leng Bufan has put down his blood money.

        20 million for a woman, for many rich kids, this is definitely an extremely crazy move.

        And now, Leng Bufan looked more like he was sending Lin Fan, a beggar, away.


        There was still not the slightest response.

        On the contrary, Lin Fan looked at Leng Bufan as if he was looking at an idiot, full of playfulness and disdain.


        At this moment, Leng Bufan was completely enraged by this disregarded look from Lin Fan.

        A hint of grimness surfaced on his handsome face:.

        "Good boy, it seems that you don't know how to behave, since that's the case, then don't blame me for making things difficult for you!"

        After saying that!

        Leng Bufan gave a grim smile at Lin Fan, before 'snapping' and snapping his fingers.

        This snapping finger was like a signal.

        After hearing this sound, Zhou Nan, who was chatting with Bai Yi, as if her heart was in the right place, instantly screamed.

        "Ah! My ruby diamond ring is gone!"

        "Oh my God, my expensive ruby diamond ring! Thieves! There are thieves here!"


        Zhou Nan's scream, extremely loud, instantly made everyone in the entire box, all startled.

        The music, stopped.

        The young talents around, also stopped the roaming dance, one by one, all rushed up.

        After all, Zhou Nan is Leng Bufan's girlfriend, the hostess of this party, her diamond ring is missing, this is definitely a big deal.

        "Miss Zhou, how did you lose your diamond ring? Was it stolen by someone?"

Chapter 548

"Yes, Miss Zhou must find out! If it's stolen, that thief must be uncovered!"

        "What kind of person is so lowly that he dares to steal his girlfriend's diamond ring at Leng Shao's banquet!"


        The curses of the many young talents around rose and fell.

        And hearing the words of the crowd, a hint of anger surfaced on Zhou Nan's face:.

        "This ruby diamond ring was bought for me by Young Leng at a cost of ten million dollars! It was intended to be used as an engagement ring, but now it's a good thing that someone had the guts to eat a bear's heart and dare to steal my diamond ring!"

        Saying that!

        Zhou Nan's gaze, actually stared straight at Bai Yi, viciously said.

        "Bai Yi, when I came over just now, my ring was still there, and after chatting with you for a while, the ring disappeared!"

        "Say! Did you steal it?"


        This one sentence from Zhou Nan made Bai Yi's entire body confused.

        From the beginning, when Zhou Nan came over to chat with herself, she didn't notice Zhou Nan's ring at all, so how could she have stolen it?

        And for Bai Yi.

        She never had the slightest interest in these gold and silver jewelry.

        At this moment, when she saw that everyone around looked at her questioning gaze, Bai Yi completely panicked: "Zhou Nan, I

        "Zhou Nan, I ...... I didn't steal your ring! I didn't ......"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was white as a sheet.

        Just as her words fell, Zhou Nan's screams, once again, came:.

        "Bai Yi, you do not pretend! Just now when I sat down, you were still envious of my diamond ring! In the blink of an eye, my ring is gone, there are only two of us here, if you didn't steal it, did I steal it?"

        Zhou Nan's words immediately made the surrounding area once again in an uproar.

        One by one, the rich young ladies, almost unanimously stood on Zhou Nan's position, and then frantically accused Bai Yi: "Bai Yi, how do you say?

        "Bai Yi, how can you say you are also a president, how dare you do this kind of theft, it is simply a disgrace to our Jiangcheng people!"

        "Yes! Look at you, you're so pretty, but you're doing something like stealing chickens and dogs, what a shame!"

        "Bai Yi, your husband can't afford to buy a diamond ring, but Leng Shao can! Leng likes you so much, if you want it, just let Leng send it to you, why do you need to steal it?"


        The sound of accusations, invective and ridicule.

        The mere scolding of Zhou Nan made everyone's spearheads, all aimed at Bai Yi.

        Even in the eyes of the crowd, they had already decided that Bai Yi was a thief.

        Seeing this scene.

        Bai Yi was completely confused.

        She vaguely felt that something was not right, as if all this was Zhou Nan deliberately framed himself, but, no matter how she tried to explain, the surrounding crowd simply did not listen.

        A strong anxiety surfaced in Bai Yi's heart.

        A trace of water mist, filling her beautiful eyes, making her look more and more delicate and helpless.

        Yet that was not all.


        Leng Bufan came stepping forward with an aggressive manner, his face full of fierceness as he angrily shouted.

        "Come on people!"

        With these words.


        The crowd immediately saw that the door of the compartment was suddenly pushed open from the outside, and then six majestic black-clothed men, as if a fierce tiger out of the cage, rushed in.

        The aura of these six people, cold and fierce.

        As if six hungry wolves, just rushed in, the terrifying aura, so that the temperature of the entire box, have dropped several degrees.


        They rampaged, staggering the surrounding guests, and reached Leng Bufan in the blink of an eye.