Today I Give Up Trying 537-538

 Chapter 537

Jiang City, after the shock of the establishment of the new Bai Group, this small third-tier city fell into a state of relative peace.

        Only, this calm didn't last long.

        A piece of news once again caused the tiny city of Jiang to stir.

        Leng Bufan, the son of Leng Kang, the president of the Shengshi Group, had descended on Jiangcheng.


        Shengshi Group!

        When these four words, reached the ears of all the upper class people in Jiang City, they immediately caused the whole city to stir.

        Almost everyone knew that the two giants of Jiang City, the Tianlong Group and the Shengshi Club, were all industries of the Shengshi Group.

        The Shengshi Group, in turn, was a group under the Global Group, the most terrifying plutocracy in the world.

        It is known as the business giant of Jiangnan.

        The son of the president of such a superb plutocrat, his status is enough to make one's heart chill.

        And that's not all.

        There was even news that Young Master Leng Bufan had sent out invitations to a dinner party for the young talents of Jiangxi.

        For a while, many of the wealthy young men and boys in Jiangcheng were completely shaken.

        Many rich girls even started to buy new clothes to prepare for the dinner party to win the smile of Young Master Leng Bufan.


        New Bai Clan, Bai Yi likewise received an invitation.

        "Wife, are you going?" Lin Fan looked at Bai Yi and asked with a faint smile.

        For some reason, Bai Yi's pretty face was a little ugly after receiving the invitation, revealing a hint of complexity and worry.

        "Lin Fan, this invitation, do you know who sent it to me?"

        Bai Yi asked as she turned to Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan froze for a moment before shaking his head.

        Seeing this scene, Bai Yi couldn't help but let out a long sigh and said.

        "Do you still remember Xu Yanhong?"

        Xu Yanhong!

        This name, Lin Fan naturally remembered, some time ago when Bai Yi had just become the president of the Bai Group, the two of them went to the Baishi Shopping Mall together to buy clothes.

        However, they ran into a man and a woman, the man was called Huang Tao and the woman was Xu Yanhong.

        At that time, this couple sneered at Bai Yi and were severely beaten in the face by Lin Fan.

        After that, they reported to Huang Guosheng, the head of the Huang family, and even colluded with the captain of the police station to try to disadvantage Lin Fan. In the end, Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen and others stepped in and arrested the Huang family, as well as Xu Yanhong, and brought them all to justice.

        It was just that Lin Fan did not understand what this dinner party had to do with Xu Yanhong, who was already in prison.

        "The woman who invited me this time is named Zhou Nan! When we were at school, she and Xu Yanhong were the best of girlfriends! And the one who was most hostile to me!"

        "This time, she came back, most likely to take revenge for Xu Yanhong!"

        Bai Yi couldn't help but rub her brow as she said.

        "What's even more frightening is that Zhou Nan has now become Leng Bufan's woman! This time, she will appear as the hostess of the banquet!"

        So that's how it is!

        After hearing Bai Yi's explanation, Lin Fan couldn't help but narrow his eyes slightly, before smiling and saying.

        "Wife. Don't worry! With me around, no one can hurt you!"

        Lin Fan's words were extremely confident.

        Only when she heard this, Bai Yi shook her head with a bitter smile.

        In her opinion, this was just Lin Fan's words of comfort to himself, right?

        "Forget it! Don't think about it, Shengshi Group, we can't afford to offend! You can come with me tonight! At most, we'll be humiliated by them, it's nothing!"

        Bai Yi made a decision right then and there.

        Only when he heard this, Lin Fan was smiling.

        As the big BOSS of the Universal Group, Shengshi was just a small, insignificant industry under him, nothing more.

        Not to mention what Leng Bufan and Zhou Nan were.

        In Lin Fan's eyes, they were just creepy crawlies who lived off this big mountain of his. If they didn't make things difficult for Bai Yi, it would be fine, but if they went too far, then Lin Fan didn't mind letting these creepy crawlies know the taste of despair.

Chapter 538

Soon, the night was falling.

        And today, it had become a night of revelry for all the young talent in Jiangcheng.

        One by one, sports cars headed for the Caesar Hotel.

        As the largest hotel in Jiang City, Leng Bufan's dinner party was held here.

        Inside the car park.

        A Mercedes Benz car, stopped, the door opened and Lin Fan and Bai Yi stepped down.

        Tonight, Bai Yi wore a black evening gown, elegantly resembling a spirit in the darkness of the night, especially setting off her already snow-white skin, which was as delicate as lamb's fat.

        Coupled with that gorgeous face, she instantly became the centre of attention in the entire car park.

        And on the contrary.

        Lin Fan, who was beside Bai Yi, was dressed in casual clothes as before.

        It looked slightly shabby and could only be fairly clean.

        It was extremely incongruous for these two to walk together.

        One was a showstopper.

        One was ordinary and unusual.

        No matter how you looked at it, it was as if a flower was stuck in a cow dung.

        But Bai Yi didn't care about any of this, she was already completely used to Lin Fan's dress.

        Even in Bai Yi's eyes, the way her husband dressed was more handsome and extraordinary than anyone else.

        The two of them walked towards the Caesar Hotel, arm in arm.

        Only, when the two of them had just stepped out of the car park.

        At once a shady voice came over.

        "Yell! Isn't this our most famous waste of a son-in-law from Jiang City? What's going on? Today is a party for the young and handsome of Jiang City, why are you bringing everything in?"

        These words were full of hostility and sarcasm.

        When it fell on Bai Yi's and Lin Fan's ears, they frowned and instantly heard the voice of the person who was speaking.

        The two turned their heads to look and immediately saw a limping young man with a heavily made-up woman walking towards this place.

        He was, none other than Bai Yi's class leader - Lin Guangyao.

        It had to be said.

        Lin Guangyao's vitality was simply the same as that of an undead little strong man.

        At the Shengshi Club, his legs were broken, at Li Zhenghui's birthday banquet, he was tragically beaten in the face, and at the Gyro Mountain racing ground, his cheek was even smashed by Lin Fan.

        Yet now, he still appeared in front of Lin Fan alive and well.

        "Tsk! Bai Yi, you're really going back the more you live! This kind of trash, even if you didn't divorce him, how dare you bring it to Young Master Leng Bufan's dinner party, aren't you afraid that Young Master Leng Bufan will blame you?" Lin Guangyao said playfully to Bai Yi.

        Just hearing these words.

        Bai Yi's brow furrowed and a hint of anger flashed in her beautiful eyes.

        "Lin Fan is my husband, where I go, he naturally goes!"

        "There would be no need for Class Leader to worry more!"

        These words instantly suffocated Lin Guangyao's face.

        After all, he had courted Bai Yi for years, and now, seeing that, Bai Yi was actually defending Lin Fan so much, the jealousy in his heart, grew more and more raging.


        Before Lin Guangyao could sneer.

        A succession of mocking voices came from the side, one after another.

        "I say, cousin! I feel that Lin Guangyao is right, your husband with you is degrading the image of your new Bai Group!"

        With these words, a man and a woman stepped forward, but it was Bai Yifan and his own female companion.

        And on the other side.

        "Cousin, everyone's eyes are discerning, Lin Fan has indeed disgraced your New Bai Group!"

        With these words, a man and a woman similarly came from the other side, but it was Bai Yi's cousin, Shen Jian, the youngest of the Shen family, and his female companion.

        This moment!

        Seeing these three people appear at the same time, Bai Yi's pretty face became more and more ugly.

        She had not expected such a bad day, just arriving and meeting three people with grudges and enemies.