Today I Give Up Trying 531-533

 Chapter 531

Lake Lobu, the lake known as the most mysterious lake in China!

        Located in the northwest part of China, it has been known as the Ear of China.

        Especially within the last few years, the fame of Lo Bu Lake has become more and more famous, and one of the most important reasons is because a terrifying devil lives here!

        The Blood Faust!

        This is a name that has been shaking China for several years, representing blood and death.

        Especially after he killed the four great masters in one battle and destroyed a terrifying force in the northwest, he has since gone into hiding.

        But there were many forces that wanted to hunt down and kill Blood Fausto, to avenge the death of that one force.

        Without exception, all of them were wiped out in this place.

        This also made the name of Lake Lobu the Lake of Death!

        Only today.

        Today, there are four unexpected guests in this area!

        Each of them was drenched in blood and carried a cold, shiny spike on his waist.

        If anyone from the northwest saw them, they would have been shocked.

        For these four men were the Four Wolves of the Northwest, who had been invincible in the Northwest desert in the last year!

        The Four Wolves of the Northwest!

        The Four Wolves of the Northwest!

        Each of them had reached the powerful Zong Shi realm, and if they were ordinary people, they would have found a big power and lived in peace, yet these four men were ruthless and extremely ruthless, ruthless people who had long been used to licking blood from the blade.

        They are in the northwest sons and daughters, burning, killing and looting, doing nothing wrong!

        And today, these four men came to the territory of Lake Lobu.

        "Hahahaha ...... This battle was really painful, what a bullshit Blood Tiger Alliance, they are still under the four of us brothers and have been killed one after another!"

        "This time we have robbed countless treasures in total, so perhaps we can recuperate for a while!"

        The four of them all had thick ferocious smiles on their faces.

        Ordinary forces, to them, were just lambs for them to kill, prey waiting to be gnawed on, nothing more.

        However, when the head wolf among them, after sweeping a glance at the surrounding territory, his brow could not help but frown slightly:.

        "Three brothers, everyone should be careful, this seems to be Lake Lobu, which is said to be the hiding place of that Blood Faust!

        Blood Floating Tu!

        When they heard this name, a thick look of disdain surfaced on the faces of the remaining three wolves.

        "Big brother, don't worry about the sky! That Blood Faust has already disappeared for five long years, so I'm afraid he's long dead!"

        "That's right! Big brother, the land of the Northwest is now the domain of our Four Wolves, what bullshit Blood Faustus, if he appeared in front of us, we would exterminate him in a minute!"

        "What the two brothers said is right! According to rumours, five years ago that Blood Faustus was already full of white hair, now that five years have passed, he's probably long since turned into a pile of withered bones!"

        The remaining three wolves had no concern for the name of Blood Faust.

        After all, nowadays, almost all the forces and powerful people in the northwest land would have long been scared shitless when they heard the name of the four of them, which made the four of them long arrogant and domineering and unbeatable.

        Hearing the words of the three brothers, Head Wolf could not help but nod as well.

        That's right!

        A man who had disappeared for five years, even if he was alive, his battle power would have been depleted long ago, but there was nothing to fear!

        At that moment, the group of four continued to set off ahead.

        They were ready to cross Lo Bu Lake and then expand their prestige and fame from the great northwest land of China.

        Only, just after the four of them approached Lo Bu Lake, a figure in front of them caused them to faintly stare.

        "Huh? Big brother, look, there's actually an old man fishing in front of you!"

Chapter 532


        This sentence caused the remaining three to be slightly stunned.

        After all, this Lake Lobu was extremely dangerous, and fishing here, this thing was an absolutely incredible thing.

        The rest of the three hurriedly turned their eyes to look ahead, and immediately saw that not far ahead, on the shore of Lake Lobu.

        There was an old man wearing a bucket hat, sitting alone on the shore of the lake, holding a fishing rod in his hand.

        He was quietly fishing!

        What was particularly startling to the four wolves of the Northwest!

        With a flip of this old man's palm, surprisingly, an extremely fat and big fish was flung onto the shore along the line.

        "Huh? What a unique fishing technique?"

        This scene caused all four wolves in the northwest to freeze.

        In particular, after they saw that the big fish that the old man had caught was actually the precious Lo Bu Lake fish, the four of them were immediately moved.

        "Big brother, it is said that the taste of this kind of fish, which is extremely delicious, especially after barbecuing, can be sold for 10,000 catties in the mainland, and it is still priced out of the market!"

        "Yes, big brother, I've also heard that someone has eaten this kind of fish and praised it to no end!"

        "Big brother, I'm a bit hungry now, how about ......"

        The remaining three wolves swallowed hard at this moment, their faces full of greed.

        The four of them had burned and looted all day and had not eaten until now, and after seeing this fresh and big fish, they naturally could hardly hold back.

        Hearing these words.

        The head wolf nodded, in fact, he too had long been famished.

        "Let's go! Let's go up and buy this one fish off!"

        "Also, this place is extremely dangerous, and this old man is fishing here alone, this matter is extremely weird, so you three must remember not to be reckless, or else you will avoid getting right and wrong!"

        The head wolf was full of gravity at this moment as he admonished the remaining three.

        His sense of crisis was extremely strong, and although that one old man in front of him looked to be fully its eighty years old, he was still unwilling to mess with it.

        After all, the thought of a fishing man appearing out of nowhere in this deserted place was a little unnerving.

        When the remaining three heard this, they nodded their heads despite their disdain.

        A group of four people soon arrived at the shore of the lake.

        The head wolf turned to the old man, clasped his fist and said.

        "Old man, we are passing by here and are a bit hungry! I wonder, can you sell this fish to us?"

        The head wolf's words were extremely polite.

        However, after his words had fallen!

        One minute!

        Five minutes!


        It was as if the old man hadn't heard it at all, and as if he hadn't noticed the four people arriving either, he didn't turn his head, let alone return his words!

        This ......

        The Four Wolves of the Northwest were slightly stunned.

        A hint of anger surfaced in the hearts of the four.

        But that head wolf, still holding back the anger in his heart, clasped his fist once more and asked.

        "Old man, we are really hungry, can you sell this one fish, to us, the price is not a problem! You old man, feel free to mention it!"

        The head wolf's words became more and more respectful.

        Just what made them incredulous was this.

        Even though his voice, which was already extremely loud and contained internal energy, the old man in front of him, surprisingly, did not answer the same.

        It was as if he was a deaf person who did not listen.

        "Damn it! Brother, I think this old thing is a deaf person, if I were to say so, we should just rob it!"

        "For so many years, when have we, the Four Wolves of the Northwest, eaten in such a low voice!" The Second Wolf said with a face full of fierceness at the moment.

Chapter 533

It wasn't just him!

        The remaining two men beside him echoed the same sentiment, saying

        "Second Brother is right! I see the old thing is a deaf man, what's the point of talking nonsense with him!"

        "Brother, let's grab it! We can just leave him some money before we leave!"

        The remaining two also persuaded one after another.

        And hearing the words of the three.

        The head wolf couldn't help but nod, after all, it was too difficult to find food again in this desert.

        And the old man in front of him, so old, even if he robbed it, he should be fine.

        Thinking of this!

        At that moment, the head wolf was about to wave his hand, but at that moment.


        They were stunned to find that the old man once again waved his palm, and that one fish line, from the shore of the lake, came out in a flash.

        Another big, fat fish of 20 to 30 catties was thrown out of the lake.

        Another one!

        This scene made the remaining three wolves both envious and greedy.

        But just as the three were about to make their moves and make a grab, the eyes of the head wolf, at once, spotted that one flung out fish line.

        "No! No!"

        "There's no fish hook on top of that one line! What's this ...... going on?"

        What !

        When this sentence from the head wolf fell, the remaining three people all froze and looked specifically towards the old man's piece of fishing line.

        It was only then that they saw with disbelief that there was really no fish hook on top of that line!

        How could this ...... be possible!


        At this moment, the four wolves only felt a chill run through their bodies, from the soles of their feet straight to their heads.

        No fish hooks, can fish!

        This kind of tactic, the realm of clan master, simply could not do it.

        In other words, this old man was actually a Grand Master.

        "Damn it! He ...... he is Blood Faust! A Grand Master! Run!" '

        The head wolf only felt his scalp tingling at this moment, and instantly screamed out, taking the lead to dodge and run away into the distance.

        The remaining three reacted and similarly almost pissed themselves in fear.

        At that moment, the four figures darted to the side as if they were frightened rabbits.

        Their speed, at this moment, reached the ultimate.

        Yet at that very moment!

        The old man who was fishing, it was as if he knew about the four people. He let out a soft, long sigh, and his vicissitudes of voice, as it came out.

        "Alas! Back then, once my king and I said!"

        "It is imperative to get rid of evil, and to cut down the grass!"

        "You want to leave now? It's too late!


        As if these words had the ability to penetrate the air, they instantly reached the ears of the four wolves in the northwest, instantly causing the faces of the four to change drastically, feeling as if they were being targeted by a demon.

        This was not all!

        When the head wolf turned around and looked, he was horrified to find that with a shake of the old man's palm, the fish line without a hook actually emitted a buzzing sound, as if it was lightning, and swept towards the four of them.

        "Not good! Watch out!"

        The head wolf screamed in alarm, before his entire body wanted to crawl towards the ground.

        But at that moment, the most unforgettable bloody scene of his life appeared.


        The speed of that piece of fishing line was simply as fast as it could be. It had flashed in front of the remaining three wolves almost instantly.

        The fish line seemed to be infused with incomparably pure internal energy, as if it was like a steel wire that was as tough as it could be.

        It slashed at the necks of the remaining three wolves!


        The head wolf let out a miserable scream.

        He instantly saw that the bodies of his three brothers, completely froze, and then a head rolled down from the top of their necks, continuously.