Today I Give Up Trying 517-518

 Chapter 517


        Admitted it!

        How could Bai Yi not have imagined that Lin Fan was out of his mind today, coming to take over the Blue Sea Mansion for no reason, and even admitting it himself in front of this person's general manager, wasn't this just asking for abuse on his own?


        Wu Xuepeng looked Lin Fan up and down, and a dense contempt and anger surfaced on his face.

        "What kind of a thing are you! Where did you come from, get lost! Kid, I'm telling you, the second in command of our headquarters is coming to inspect today!"

        "If you offend our leader, then it won't be as simple as throwing you out!!!"

        The second in command!

        Hearing these words, both Bai Yi and all the people in the Bai family were startled.

        They knew that this so-called second-in-command of the headquarters was the number one capable person under Cai Guofu's brothers.

        Almost all of the white business under Cai Guofu was run by that person.

        And now!

        "Mr. Wu, the person you are talking about, is it Zheng Tian, the business wizard of Yunhai City?"

        [Lian Cheng] Zheng Tian!

        This was a business wizard, a graduate of the Harvard School of Economics and Management, who was hired by Cai Guofu at an astronomical fee, to work under him!

        And in just a year's time, he had made Cai Guofu's business, raw, skyrocket several times, and was regarded by many groups as a business wizard of the new generation.

        "That's right! Brother Bai Hai, you have come at the right time! As I see it, this time, Mr Zheng has come in person, and I think he must be talking to your Bai Group about cooperation!"

        Wu Xuepeng said to the Bai family with a polite face.

        And with these words, it caused the Bai family members, as much as possible, to be wildly happy.

        "Then this kid, what does Mr. Wu plan to do with it?" Grand Master Bai Hai said with a smile.

        It was just his eyes that were constantly giving Wu Xuepeng a wink.

        And seeing this scene, Wu Xuepeng instantly understood.


        The first moment he saw Bai Yi, a stunning beauty, he had long been itching to get his hands on her, and now, it was a good opportunity.

        "Come on people!"

        With a wave of Wu Xuepeng's big hand.

        Hulla, hulla!

        At once, all the security guards within the entire hall swarmed in.

        "All of you together, throw this woman, as well as this brat, out!"

        "Yes! General Manager!"

        In an instant, those security guards around them, instantly moved.

        One by one, they took the sticks in their hands and then rushed towards Lin Fan and the two of them in an aggressive manner.

        This scene caused a thick colour of fear to appear above Bai Yi's pretty face.

        This was not all.

        After Wu Xuepeng saw Bai Yi's enchanting figure, he too, along with the many security guards, lunged towards Bai Yi.

        "Hahahaha ...... you woman even came to scam, now get out for me!"

        As he said that, Wu Xuepeng had already pounced in front of Bai Yi.

        With his one salty hand, he grabbed towards Bai Yi's breasts with a big wave of his hand.

        Wiping off oil!

        That's right, even in the Blue Sea Mansion, Wu Xuepeng was known as an old pervert, and there were several women who had fallen into playthings under him.

        Especially for a gorgeous woman like Bai Yi, he naturally had greed in his heart.

        One metre!

        Half a metre!


        As Wu Xuepeng got closer and closer to Bai Yi, the look of lust and evil on his face grew stronger and stronger.

        A beautiful woman!

        In his eyes, a woman as beautiful as Bai Yi would definitely have a great aftertaste if he took a good slice of oil.

        "Ah ......"

        Bai Yi was startled by this scene, especially still Wu Xuepeng's face full of evil look, which made Bai Yi keep backing up in fear.

        Only, she was fast, but Wu Xuepeng's speed was indeed faster.

        In almost the blink of an eye, that one salty hand, reached Bai Yi's front and grabbed towards Bai Yi's uplifted breasts with a fierce hand.

Chapter 518

Just as the evil smile on Wu Xuepeng's face was thickening to its peak!


        A big hand, as if it had traveled through space, suddenly poked out from the side.

        It grabbed that salty hand of his.

        It was Lin Fan!


        Wu Xuepeng was stunned, especially after he saw that it was this bastard who had stopped his good deed, his heart burst into rage: "Kid, let go of me!

        "Kid, you fucking let go, let go of me now!"

        Said Wu Xuepeng, while struggling hard.

        But unfortunately, Lin Fan's big hand seemed like an iron vise, holding his wrist in a deadly grip, and no matter how much he jerked, he was unable to pull out a single point.

        "Damn it! What are you guys still standing there! Go on, arrest this bastard!"

        Wu Xuepeng shouted at the group of security guards around him.

        However just as his words fell!

        A cold and piercing voice suddenly rang out from his ears.

        "You like to mooch off people? Then I'll take your hand!"


        Wu Xuepeng faintly froze, and just before he could react to what Lin Fan meant by these words.

        But he suddenly felt a surge of power, surging out from above Lin Fan's large hand.

        His arm, under this powerful force, was like rotten wood, unbeatable!


        A shattering sound came out, and the atmosphere within the entire hall instantly froze.

        The surrounding Bai Yi, the Bai family members, and the security guards were shocked to see that Wu Xuepeng's arm was instantly broken off, completely deformed and drooping down.


        Wu Xuepeng could only feel a wave of excruciating pain sweeping up from his arm, immediately causing him to cry out in pain!

        "I ...... my hand, boy you actually broke my hand! Ahhhhh!"

        Wu Xuepeng covered his arm as his entire body frantically retreated violently.

        On his face, this dense shock and horror surfaced.

        It wasn't just him!

        The crowd beside him were all startled.

        "How ...... ruthless!"

        Bai Hai and the others, their eyes almost fell out one by one, it was the first time they had seen such a vicious scene.

        Especially Lin Fan's calm expression, paired with his ruthless tactics just now, fell in the eyes of the crowd, it was like a devil, it was shuddering.

        "Go! What are you losers doing standing still! Kill this bastard!"

        "Beat him to death!"

        Wu Xuepeng bellowed in horror at the surrounding security guards.

        And with that single word, the bodies of those security guards, trembled.

        One by one, they grabbed their sticks and wanted to pounce on them, but none of them dared to be the first to go forward.

        After all, Lin Fan's tactics just now were simply too ruthless, and this made each of them fearful.

        "Go! Whoever breaks this kid's arm for me, I'll reward him with ...... one hundred thousand dollars!"


        When these crazy words of Wu Xuepeng fell, the many security guards around them all had their bodies shaken.

        Every month, they only had a few thousand yuan, a hundred thousand yuan, almost have to eat and drink, save up for two years.

        And now ......


        One by one, the security guards went crazy as they waved the electric batons in their hands while howling and lunging towards Lin Fan!

        For a moment, it was as if wolves were pouncing on a fierce tiger, it was shocking.

        Seeing this scene!

        Bai Yi's pretty face turned even paler by a point, and dense cold sweat continued to trickle down from her forehead.

        On the other hand, the faces of those members of the Bai family were one by one filled with exuberant smiles.