Today I Give Up Trying 514-516

 Chapter 514

And at the same time!

        On the main road from Yunhai to Jiangcheng, the road was unblocked and a BMW X5 was speeding along.

        Bai Yifan, who was driving the car, was full of excitement.

        "Dad! At this hour, Grandpa and the others must have met that big shot, I wonder how the talks went! If they can really make a connection, that's simply great!"

        Bai Yifan's heart was elated, feeling that this trip to Yunhai was simply perfect.

        Not only did he stop Bai Yi from acquiring Blue Ocean Mansion, he also reached a cooperative alliance with the Cai Guofu brothers.

        He had even made the Cai Guofu brothers break Lin Fan's legs.

        As well as, by coincidence, meeting a terrifying big brother.

        It was definitely a trip that was not in vain.

        And hearing this, Grand Master Bai Hai smiled faintly.

        "Don't worry! This time, your grandfather was very sincere and brought out their family's pair of 'Stepping on Snow to Find the Plum Blossoms' which would definitely be able to impress that big brother! Besides, even if we can't make a deep friendship, it's enough to make a good relationship with that big man!"

        After saying this, the father and son looked at each other, their faces all happy.

        But just when they were at the height of their excitement.

        A ringing bell!

        A sharp mobile phone ringing sounded.

        When Bai Hai saw the number on the display, a strong look of joy appeared on his face.

        "It's your grandfather calling! It seems to be a good news report!"

        After Bai Hai finished speaking, he instantly picked up the phone.

        But as soon as the call was answered, a stormy and scolding voice came from inside

        "Bai Hai, you're fucking brain-damaged! How dare you ask me to send gifts to Bai Yi and Lin Fan! I'm telling you, I've lost my face today, old man! You beast!"


        Grand Master Bai Hai was on speakerphone.

        When they heard the sound of this furious bellowing, Bai Hai and Bai Yifan, father and son, were completely dumbfounded.

        "Dad ...... what are you talking about! When did I ask you to send gifts to Lin Fan and Bai Yi? What ...... has happened here!"

        A strong sense of bad foreboding could not help but surface in moncler outlet online Bai Hai's heart.

        And just as his words fell, the old man's angry voice continued to come.

        "Bullshit big shot, I'm telling you, the people that those giants from Yunhai City escorted here this time are Bai Yi and Lin Fan!"

        Wow ......

        As these words fell, a look of having seen a ghost appeared on Bai Hai and Bai Yifan's faces.

        How, how could that be!

        Elder Fei, Elder Qi, King Kong and all the giants of Yunhai City, sending twenty Rolls-Royces to escort Lin Fan and Bai Yi?

        This, was like a nightmare from heaven.

        Until Old Master's scolding call hung up, Grand Master Bai Hai didn't even react for a long time.


        The atmosphere within the car was depressing to the extreme, Bai Hai and Bai Yifan, father and son, still felt as if they were dreaming.

        "Dad, Cai Guofu actually didn't break Lin Fan's legs? This, how is it possible!"

        Bai Yifan's face was incomparably gloomy.

        They had spent huge sums of money, but now Lin Fan appeared in Jiang City alive and well, still escorted by so many giants of the Cloud Sea, this was damn, simply making people vomit blood.

        Bai Hai didn't say anything, he found Cai Guofu's phone number and dialed it.

        Only the response was, surprisingly, a blind tone.

        "Damn it! Tomorrow we'll go to Blue Ocean Mansion and then contact Cai Guofu! No matter what, if the Blue Sea Mansion isn't sold to Bai Yi, we've achieved our goal!"

        Bai Hai's gaze was gloomy and terrifying.

        Only he didn't know that.

        It wasn't that Cai Guofu wasn't answering his phone, but that he had gone to hell and couldn't receive a signal.

        And the Blue Sea Mansion he was talking about had long since gone silent and changed owners.

Chapter 515

The next day at mid-morning.

        Just after eating, Bai Yi was dragged by Lin Fan and headed towards the Blue Sea Mansion.

        "Lin Fan, what are we doing going to the Blue Sea Mansion? It doesn't belong to us, it's simply useless even if we go there a hundred times a thousand times! With this time, why don't we go and find the company's address again!"

        Bai Yi's beautiful brows were furrowed, her face full of incomprehension.

        She could never figure out what Lin Fan was mad about.

        The Blue Sea Mansion belonged to Cai Guofu, and she and Cai Guofu had already formed a grudge, so going to the Blue Sea Mansion again wasn't giving herself a hard time?

        It was just that Lin Fan's face seemed to have a smile on it if anything, not taking Bai Yi's words, to heart at all: "Wife, don't worry!

        "Wife, don't worry! I have a surprise for you today!"

        With that, Lin Fan winked at Bai Yi, smiling, revealing a mysterious feeling.

        A surprise?

        Bai Yi couldn't help but shake her head and lose her smile.

        She and Lin Fan had been married for three years and had no idea what a surprise was.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi fortunately said no more, she was curious to know what Lin Fan's so-called surprise was again.


        Lin Fan drove his Mercedes-Benz and had already entered the car park of the Blue Sea Mansion.

        However, when the two of them had just stepped out from within the car park and were just about to walk into the Blue Sea Mansion, two security guards, at once, blocked the way.

        "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"

        The two security guards, who were tall and large, had a pair of eyes that were constantly glancing at Lin Fan and Bai Yi's bodies at the moment.

        And hearing this, Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "We're looking for Wu Xuepeng!"

        Wu Xuepeng!

        When she heard this name, Bai Yi beside her faintly froze, she knew this person, the other party was the general manager of Blue Sea Mansion, the business within the building, Cai Guofu had always given it to Wu Xuepeng to take care of.

        She didn't expect Lin Fan to call out Wu Xuepeng's name.

        It was not only Bai Yi.

        The two security guards, after hearing this, also had their faces straightened and hurriedly asked.

        "Sir, may I ask if you have an appointment?"

        The attitude of the two security guards was obviously much more respectful.

        After all, Wu Xuepeng was their general manager, and the person who dared to call his general manager by his name was obviously not an ordinary person either.


        "No!" Lin Fan smiled faintly, before saying meaningfully.

        "You tell your general manager that the person who took over the Blue Sea Mansion is here!"


        This statement from Lin Fan not only made the two security guards freeze, but even Bai Yi, who was next to him, was startled.

        No appointment!

        Taking over the Blue Sea?

        This, was this guy crazy?

        In an instant, the gazes of those two security guards looking at Lin Fan instantly changed, as if they were looking at a fool.

        "Sir, are you kidding me? You dare to approach our general manager without an appointment and take over our Blue Sea?"

        "Yes, you're not teasing us, are you?"

        The two security guards' gazes at Lin Fan at this moment gradually became unkind.

        Only, just as Lin Fan was about to say something.

        A burst of laughter could be heard from behind.

        "Hahahahaha ...... Lin Fan, have you gone mad? Taking over the Blue Sea Mansion? Just by you!"

        "Hahahaha, laughing to death, a person who was rejected by Cai Guofu actually started cheating? What an idiot!"

        When these two voices came.

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi couldn't help but turn their eyes to look, and they instantly noticed that there was a group of people behind them, clattering towards this place.

        The people who had just spoken were Grand Master Bai Hai as well as Bai Yifan.

Chapter 516

Apart from that.

        In the middle of the crowd, there was also a group of senior figures from the Bai Clan, including Second Master Bai Chuan.

        Only at this moment, these Bai family members looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a fool, full of ridicule and mockery.

        That was until these people came closer.

        Bai Yi's pretty face instantly turned white in one.

        She was aware that the Bai family now hated her family to the extreme.

        "Eldest uncle! Second ...... second uncle!"

        Bai Yi greeted the eldest grandfather Bai Hai and the second grandfather Bai Chuan, with a greeting.

        Just hearing this, a cold smile emerged from the corner of the mouth of the eldest master, Bai Hai.

        "Bai Yi, I can't afford to call you uncle! Now that you've established the new Bai Group, I should call you General Manager Bai!"

        Mr. Bai!

        Anyone could hear the mockery and disdain for Bai Yi in Grand Master Bai Hai's words.

        And with this one sentence, Bai Yi's pretty face became more and more pale.

        This is not all!

        Grand Master Bai Hai continued.

        "Bai Yi, let me tell you the truth! Our Bai Clan has already made an agreement with Cai Guofu, and this time, we are here to sign the contract!"


        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face turned slightly white, she then realized that the Bai family was playing tricks on her Yunhai trip.

        This also made Bai Yi's pretty face, even paler by a point, her heart completely chilled through.

        "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, how about it? Is not very angry, but unfortunately useless, I tell you, your new white clan is finished!"

        "That's right! There can only be one Bai Group in the entire Jiang City, and that is our Bai family!"


        The gazes of the many Bai family members looking at Lin Fan and Bai Yi were filled with ridicule.

        However, just as Bai Yi's entire delicate body, slightly trembling, only felt the cold stinging in her bones.

        A large, warm hand, on the other hand, wrapped its arms around her.

        It was none other than Lin Fan.

        He looked at the Bai family with a smirk, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a playful arc.

        "Are you guys sure?"

        "I'm telling you, in just one hour, your Bai family's 150 million dollars will not only go down the drain, but from today onwards, it will no longer be hard to beat a single point of cooperation from the Blue Sea!"


        Upon hearing Lin Fan's arrogant words, the Bai family's crowd faintly froze before instantly bursting out in laughter.

        "Hahahaha ...... Did you hear that? This guy actually sounds like the master of the Blue Sea!

        "Hahahaha, idiot, hurry up and call Wu Xuepeng, tell him to come down and take a look, someone is causing trouble!"

        "That's right! How dare someone impersonate the owner of the Blue Sea Mansion, Wu Xuepeng will definitely not spare him!"

        The many Bai family members were afraid of the world.

        Hearing these words, Grand Master Bai Hai hurriedly took out his mobile phone while pressing a number and dialed it.

        "Hello! Mr. Wu, this is Bai Hai, I'm downstairs in your building now! Also, someone here is threatening to take over your Blue Ocean Group!"

        As these words fell from Bai Hai's lips, he hung up straight away!

        Sure enough!

        Just a moment after the call was hung up, a group of people surrounded a middle-aged man and came towards this place.

        That middle-aged Mediterranean man was none other than Wu Xuepeng, the general manager of Blue Ocean Mansion.

        Only at this moment, his face was terribly gloomy.

        "Who! Who is it that threatened to take over our Blue Sea, is it that you are tired of living?" Before Wu Xuepeng even arrived, that voice full of anger exploded.

        And hearing this, the

        Grand Master Bai Hai and the others, the smiles on their faces grew even stronger.

        "Chief Wu, it's this kid!"

        With that, Bai Hai and the others pointed at Lin Fan.

        And seeing this scene, Bai Yi's pretty face, grew paler and paler as she pulled at Lin Fan's clothes, signaling him to keep his mouth shut.

        But Lin Fan's next words caused Bai Yi's pretty face to turn even whiter.

        "That's right! It's me!"