Today I Give Up Trying 509-510

 Chapter 509

"Unbelievable! It's simply too unbelievable!"

        At this moment, Grand Master Bai Hai looked at the ten Rolls-Royces that broke off, and his entire person was simply shocked to the core.

        "It's unimaginable, which big brother is in that Mercedes? How dare they let Fei Lao and the others drive the road and let King Kong and the others break the rear!"

        "This is afraid to be at the provincial number one level!"

        In the eyes of Grand Master Bai Hai, perhaps only the topmost giants at the provincial level would have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of treatment.

        And on the side.

        Bai Yifan was also full of lamentation and excitement:.

        "Dad! This road is the main road to Jiang City, Elder Fei and the others are escorting, it's likely that this big shot is heading to Jiang City, should we inform Grandpa and the others!"

        "Perhaps, there's a chance to hook up with this big shot!"


        Bai Yifan's words caused Grandpa Bai Hai's eyes to brighten up at first glance.

        That's right.

        This road was the road to Jiang City, which meant that Jiang City was the destination of that big shot.

        And as the Bai Group, which was the most popular in Jiang City now, if they could get in touch with this big shot, then they could soar to greatness in the future.

        Thinking of this.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

        At this moment, not only did Bai Yifan think of this.

        Even those other vehicles around, many of them also thought of this.

        In a flash, one by one, calls were made from within the surrounding cars, spreading the news to the middle of Jiang City.

        Wow ......

        After this one phone call after another, after it reached Jiang City, the entire city of Jiang City was completely boiling.

        The first thing you need to do is to get the information from the company.

        In just an hour, almost half of the upper class people in Jiangcheng knew about this matter.

        After all, this matter was too shocking.

        Almost all the bigwigs of Yunhai City had sent twenty Rolls-Royces to send off one person together, which was simply too much to imagine.


        At once, many of the luxury cars in the middle of Jiang City began to set off, heading towards the one main road that led into Jiang City.

        This main road leading from Yunhai to Jiang City was called Yunjiang Road, which was a national highway.

        At the place where you are about to enter Jiang City, there is an open space.

        In the past, there were very few people in this open space, but today it was the most lively and noisy place in Jiang City.

        The ground around Yunjiang Road was almost full of luxury cars.

        It was as if it was a luxury car show.

        Almost half of the bigwigs of Jiangcheng had gathered.

        On top of that!

        Almost every one of these Jiangcheng bigwigs had prepared thick and heavy gifts.

        Paintings and calligraphy, antiques, jewellery ......

        The array of precious gifts was overwhelming.

        And among them, naturally, there was someone from the Bai family.

        "Dad! Do you think Big Brother's news is accurate?" Second Master Bai Chuan's face was flushed with a strong look of exuberance.

        Bai Chuan had previously been arrested for colluding with Huang Guosheng and targeting Lin Fan, but his charges were light and he had already been released from prison on bail at the moment.

        Especially after Bai Yi's family had been driven out of the Bai family, Bai Chuan's family was once again in the Bai Group, and together with the eldest, Bai Hai, they almost had the Bai Group firmly under their control.

        And hearing these words.

        Old Master Bai could not help but stroke his beard and nod his head, smiling.

        "Lao Er, don't worry, your elder brother has always been steady, the person who comes this time is definitely a big shot! Wait a moment, you guys should entertain him well, if you can make a connection, then our Bai family will be completely stable!"

Chapter 510

Old Master Bai was full of solemnity, only to shake his head immediately afterwards and say worriedly.

        "Unfortunately, there was too much of a rush, and we only prepared a pair of 'Stepping on Snow to Find the Plum Blossom' calligraphy and painting worth a million dollars!"

        "I wonder if it will make it into that big man's eyes?"

        Said the man.

        The eyes of the crowd could not help but look at the calligraphy and painting in the hands of a butler next to them.

        This pair of calligraphy and painting, the one with the highest value in their Bai family, was called "Stepping on Snow and Seeking Plum Blossoms", and in order to get on board with that big man, the Bai family could be said to have hemorrhaged money.

        And hearing this, the surrounding senior members of the Bai family couldn't help but worry.

        After all!

        He was a terrifying person who had all the giants of the Cloud Sea, giving him a gift together, and a million dollar painting and calligraphy was afraid that it wouldn't even make it into the other party's eyes.

        At this moment, looking at the worried looks of the crowd.

        Bai Yan, who was next to him, smiled faintly and said.

        "Grandpa, this time even if we can't get on with that big shot, it's still fine!"

        "After all, on this trip to Yunhai, Eldest Uncle has not only struck a partnership with the Cai Guofu brothers, but even let Bai Yi and his wife return empty-handed, dealing a heavy blow to the New Bai Clan! It's already enough!"


        Hearing Bai Yan's words, the surrounding crowd could not help but stare, and upon careful consideration, it was indeed true.

        After all, right now, for the Bai Family, strangling Bai Yi's New Bai Group in its cradle was the most important thing.

        Thinking of this.

        Once again, smiles appeared on the faces of one and all of the Bai family members.

        "Hahahaha, what a good thing, I didn't expect that the Old Third Family would have their day!"

        Second Master Bai Chuan still had a strong look of resentment on his face.

        Obviously for his previous capture, he had put all the blame on Lin Fan and the others.

        "Yes, if we ever get involved with this big man again, then the New Bai Clan will be nothing more than a mole in our eyes!"

        "That's right! And that little brute Lin Fan! I've had my eye on him for a long time! This time, it's really something to look forward to, that Lin Fan being given a good lesson and breaking this guy's dog's legs!"

        "Hahahaha ...... From now on, I'm afraid that Lin Fan will become a cripple! A cripple flunky? Hahahaha ......"


        The many senior members of the Bai family were all joking and laughing.

        It was as if they had already seen the miserable scene of the new Bai Clan being strangled and Lin Fan having his legs broken.

        But at this moment.

        Another car, slowly driving by, arrived.

        Upon seeing the people who got out of the car, the eyes of the Bai family burst out with a hint of thick hostility.

        The people who came were none other than the Bai Shan couple.

        When stepping out of the car, Bai Shan also noticed the Bai family members, and a hint of embarrassment could not help but appear on his face as he could only stiffen his head and walk over.


        "Second brother!"

        Bai Shan greeted Old Master Bai and Bai Chuan.

        Only when he heard this, Old Master Bai only snorted coldly, not even bothering to give his wasteful son a second look.

        Next to Bai Chuan, a thick resentment surfaced in his eyes.

        "Yell! Isn't this Bai Shan? Don't call me second brother, I wouldn't dare to do that! Don't forget, it was that good son-in-law of yours who led the police to arrest me earlier!"

        Bai Chuan's words were filled with a strong sneer.

        And hearing these words, Bai Shan and his wife's faces became even more ugly.

        That was not all.

        Bai Chuan continued with a face full of ridicule, saying.

        "Old Third, are you well-informed enough? What? Is this a way to curry favour with that big shot? I'm afraid you're not qualified!"

        "You see, the Bai family has prepared a million dollars worth of precious paintings and calligraphy, what can your new Bai family produce?"

        A million dollars worth of precious calligraphy and paintings!

        The Bai Shan couple were also taken aback by the Bai family's generosity.

        However, they were not here to flatter that big shot.

        "Second brother, you misunderstood, we are not qualified to flatter that big shot, today Bai Yi and Lin Fan came back and we as a couple came to greet them!" Bai Shan said with a face full of bitterness.