Today I Give Up Trying 504-506

 Chapter 504

We are guilty, please punish us, Grand Master Lin!

        As this voice with a thick tremor resounded within the box.

        The two brothers, Cai Guofu, only felt as if their heads had been struck by a thunderbolt, leaving them completely dumbfounded.

        What had they just heard?

        Lin ...... Grand Master Lin?

        This, how is it possible.

        A look of having seen a ghost surfaced on the faces of the two Cai Guofu brothers, and at this moment, after they once again looked at the densely packed, bigwigs of Yunhai City who were bowing to Lin Fan in apology.


        The duo's scalps almost exploded.

        "He ...... he's Grand Master Lin? That terrifying existence that scrapped Blood Wolf in three moves? This, how is this possible!"

        Cai Guofu's entire body was stunned silly.

        He only felt as if a sliver of power had been drained from his body, causing his legs to go weak.

        With a poof, he fell to the ground.

        The wheelchair-bound Cai Guoquan next to him, after seeing the scene of Elder Fei and the others, all bowing to Lin Fan in homage, his body even shivered and a trace of urine, flowed out from his crotch.

        He was scared raw and pissed.

        It was over.

        Before, they had spent a lot of money on an entrance ticket to the party, in order to get a glimpse of that Grand Master Lin and even have the luxury of hooking up with him.

        But what they never dreamed of was that not only had they been enemies with Grand Master Lin, but they even wanted to kill each other at one point.

        This ......

        Cai Guofu and the two of them only felt their scalps explode, and boundless fear enveloped them alive.

        "Grand Patriarch Lin, the Cai Guofu brothers belong to our Yunhai City, and we have only just learned that the brothers are actually wolfish and want to do you and your wife harm!"

        "In this matter, all of us in Yunhai are guilty, please punish Grand Patriarch Lin!"

        At this moment, Elder Fei once again looked at Lin Fan with a gaze filled with thick guilt.

        After all.

        It had only been two short days since Lin Fan had arrived in Jiang City, but there were already several unenlightened things that had provoked this great god.

        This made all the bigwigs of Yunhai City, terrified and uneasy.

        The underground giants, such as King Kong and Tiger Head, even looked at the two Cai Guofu with murderous intent on their faces as they each said grimly.

        "Grand Master Lin, just one word from you, we will now chop up these two scumbags and feed them to the dogs!"

        Wow ......

        The words were ferocious and venomous, and even more so, the two Cai Guofu brothers, almost fell to the ground in fear.


        "This matter has nothing to do with you guys!" Lin Fan's voice was indifferent as his eyes turned and stared deadly at Cai Guofu as he smiled morosely.

        "It has to do with them!"


        As these words fell, Cai Guofu was struck by lightning, and his entire body involuntarily knelt down towards Lin Fan.

        "Lin ...... Grand Master Lin, I ...... don't know your identity, please be generous and forgive me this time, I, Cai Guofu, am willing to repay your kindness even if I have to be a cow or a horse! "


        At this moment, Cai Guofu was completely afraid, after all, in front of him, not only Lin Fan, the Grand Master, but even any one of them, such as Elder Fei and Elder Qi, could easily make their brothers bleed in the streets.


        Cai Guofu seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly took out two cheques from his bosom and handed them over to Lin Fan:.

        "Grand Master Lin, this is a cheque for 150 million, consider it my apology to you! In addition, I can transfer the Blue Sea Mansion, as well as all of our brothers' properties, to you, I just beg you to spare our brothers!"

        A cheque for $150 million!

        All the properties.

        It had to be said that Cai Guofu was an extremely bold person, he was even willing to give up everything he had, all of it, in order to save his life.

        Only, Lin Fan smiled morosely.

        "Good! In that case, I can not kill you!"

Chapter 505


        Lin Fan's words caused the Cai Guofu brothers, as well as Elder Fei and the others, to all freeze.

        They hadn't expected that Lin Fan would be so kind and even willing to not kill the two of them.

        Immediately, Cai Guofu's heart was ecstatic to the point where he knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Lin Fan as if he was pounding garlic: "Thank you.

        "Many thanks, Grand Master Lin, many thanks, Grand Master Lin!"

        While kneeling to thank him, he handed the two cheques, respectfully, to Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and instantly took the cheques and put them in his pocket.

        And beside him, Elder Fei also gave a wink to the people behind him, and immediately someone walked out, and in just a minute or two, brought a thick pile of contracts.

        A commitment letter for the transfer of assets.

        As long as one signed this, and with the witness of Elder Fei and the others, then both the Blue Sea Mansion and all the industries under the name of the two Cai Guofu brothers would all belong to Lin Fan.

        Seeing this scene.

        Even though they had more reluctance in their hearts, the Cai Guofu brothers could only stiffen their heads and sign on it.

        When everything was completed.

        Lin Fan took the asset transfer undertaking and swept a faint glance at it, and could not help but nod in satisfaction.

        "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, can we go now?" At this moment, Cai Guofu no longer dared to face Lin Fan.

        He was afraid that this demon, with a twist of his mind, would have second thoughts of killing his brothers.


        Lin Fan smiled faintly and nodded lightly.

        "Naturally! When you get to hell, remember to apologize to your four killers, after all, they died, somewhat tragically!"


        Lin Fan's words were like an explosive thunderbolt, causing the faces of the two Cai Guofu brothers to instantly turn white and bloodless.


        Was Lin Fan going to ...... kill them?

        "Mr. Lin, you ...... can't do this, you promised yourself just now that you would spare us from death as long as we handed over the cheque and all our properties!"

        "Now our brothers have signed, you can't go back on your word!"

        Cai Guofu was utterly panicked, a hint of despair pervading his face.

        He did not want to die.

        Even if he lost everything, he still had a chance to rise again, wealth, beauty, status, any of these, were all things he said he could not give up.


        After hearing these words, Lin Fan's smile became even more gloomy:.

        "You should remember wrongly, I did say that I would not kill you, and that was because stinkbugs like you are not qualified to die by my hands!"

        "But that doesn't mean that others can't kill you!"

        Wow ......

        When these words were spoken, the two brothers Cai Guofu were scared out of their wits.

        Not only that.

        They were horrified to see that as soon as Lin Fan's words fell, one of the underground fierce big men such as King Kong and Tiger Head next to them surrounded them in unison.

        Swish swish swish!

        A cold, flickering dagger appeared in the hands of Vajra and the others, their expressions, that fierce and hideous.

        "Remember, treat them well! There are a total of 206 bones in a person's body, so slice them, into 206 pieces!"

        Lin Fan's voice was cold and indifferent.

        But this one sentence fell.

        It caused everyone's scalps to explode.

        Cut into 206 pieces!

        How ruthless!

        How ferocious!

        What was even more terrifying was that these ferocious words, coming from Lin Fan's mouth, were just as easy and simple as saying that he was killing two mole crickets and reptiles.

        "No ......"

        The two brothers, Cai Guofu, were completely terrified.

        But before they could beg for mercy from Lin Fan again, they saw one of the underground giants, such as King Kong, pouncing on them with a face full of ferocity.

        Swish swish swish!

        Daggers flashed coldly.

        Blood splattered and erupted in all directions.

Chapter 506

Outside the box, in the middle of the corridor.

        Bai Yi and her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi stood quietly by the window, waiting for Lin Fan and the others to come out.

        Only, during the waiting process, Bai Yi was stunned to hear a call of 'Grand Master Lin' coming from inside.

        "Little Aunt, did you hear that someone was shouting for Grand Master Lin?" Bai Yi's beautiful brows merely furrowed together.

        Amongst them, there was no Grand Master Lin anywhere.

        After all, she knew that Grand Patriarch Lin was the terrifying existence that had saved Zhang Yichen.

        People were hermits and high priests.

        How could he appear here.

        What's more, within the entire box, there was only Lin Fan with the surname Lin.

        Hearing Bai Yi's words, the corners of her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's mouth twitched fiercely.

        She wanted to tell Bai Yi that your husband, Lin Fan, was Grand Master Lin, but when the words came to her lips, she could only swallow them back raw.

        "Bai Yi, you must have heard wrong! Where did anyone shout Grand Master Lin, I didn't hear it at all!"

        Young Aunt Shen Yuzhi returned with an embarrassed face.

        Didn't hear it?

        Bai Yi's beautiful eyebrows furrowed a minute deeper, and instantly suspected that she had some hallucinations.

        But just at that moment.


        A harsh and unbearable scream came from within the box.

        This sound contained a strong sense of fear, despair and boundless remorse, as if the owner of the sound was suffering unimaginable torture.

        "Auntie, these screams seem to be those of the Cai Guofu brothers! Lin Fan won't do anything to them, will he?"

        "Besides, the Cai Guofu brothers and the two of them are from Yunhai, I'm just afraid that Elder Fei and the others will side with the Cai Guofu duo and turn against Lin Fan!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was slightly pale.

        Just hearing these words.

        Young Aunt Shen Yuzhi even shook her head and said with a smile.

        "Bai Yi, don't worry! No one will be able to harm Lin Fan!"


        Bai Yi was slightly stunned as she looked at Shen Yuzhi's confident look, and her entire body was slightly confused.

        She simply didn't understand how her sister-in-law, who had only just met Lin Fan for the second day, could have such great confidence in Lin Fan.

        Just as Bai Yi was thinking nonsense.


        Only the sound of footsteps could be heard, and then only Lin Fan was seen walking out from within the box.

        Not only him, but also followed by Elder Fei, Elder Qi and one other giant figures of Yunhai City, they followed behind Lin Fan as if the stars were holding the moon, which even made Bai Yi feel as if he was dreaming.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, are you alright?"

        Bai Yi hurriedly greeted him, and after looking Lin Fan up and down and making sure that he hadn't suffered a single injury, Bai Yi then slightly put her heart down.

        At that moment, she wanted to ask about how the two Cai Guofu brothers had been dealt with, but thinking of Fei Lao and the other Yunhai people being around, she could only shut her mouth and not ask any more questions.

        "Wife, don't worry, I'm fine!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly before rubbing Bai Yi's hair and said with a smile.

        "This time, our purpose at the Cloud Sea has been accomplished, so we can leave tonight."


        Purpose accomplished?

        Hearing these words, the corners of Bai Yi's mouth appeared thick with a bitter smile, they had come to Yunhai this time for the purpose of buying the Blue Sea Mansion, but now they had not only formed a deep hatred with the Cai Guofu brothers, but even almost died at their hands.

        There was no hope of buying the Blue Sea Mansion.

        But although Bai Yi was disappointed at heart, he knew that things had come to this, and there was not the slightest use in staying in Yunhai City.

        "Well, although the Blue Sea Mansion was not bought, we can go back and look for other addresses!"