Today I Give Up Trying 501-503

 Chapter 501

"Is it over?"

        A single tear flowed down from Bai Yi's eyes.

        Lin Fan might be dead.

        So would she, then, live alone?

        Looking at Cai Guofu, who was pouncing on her, a dense madness instantly flashed in Bai Yi's beautiful eyes.

        At that moment, her teeth were pressed against her tongue, and she wanted to bite her tongue to kill herself.

        But at that moment.


        A terrified scream came from within the box, causing Cai Guofu to pounce on him, giving a slight pause.

        And Bai Yi biting his tongue, also stopped for a moment.

        Immediately afterwards, Cai Guofu and Bai Yi saw that the wheelchair-bound Cai Guoquan was full of horror.

        His eyes were staring at the television set inside the compartment with dead eyes, as if he had seen something unbelievable, and his eyes were about to fall out.

        "It's dead! Brother, our man ...... is dead!"


        Upon hearing these words from Cai Guoquan, Cai Guofu's entire body trembled viciously, and at that moment, his eyes turned and likewise hurriedly looked towards the television set.

        At once, he saw that on the television set, a news item was being broadcasted.

        "Live report, a murder case occurred in this city's Lok Fa Lane this evening, and as many as ten people were killed!"

        "Six of them, were killed by a force similar to that of a wolf's claw! The other four victims were holding the murder weapon in their hands, but there was not a single wound on their bodies. According to forensic identification, these four victims were killed by someone shattering the bones of their entire bodies!"

        The reporter on the TV, just after introducing the situation at the scene, the camera panned around and revealed the faces of the four dead people respectively.

        And upon seeing these four dead people.

        Cai Guofu could hardly believe his eyes.

        "It's ...... them! This, how is it possible!"

        Cai Guofu's entire body was dumbfounded, he knew these four men of his best, each one of them was a ruthless person who licked blood from the mouth of a sword, especially their strength, fierce beyond compare.

        With the four of them joining forces, even if there were twenty or thirty of them, they could still beat them.

        Not to mention killing one Lin Fan, that was even more of a cannon hitting a mosquito.

        But now ......

        All four of his powerful bodyguards were dead, especially that method of death was simply unbelievable to Cai Guofu.

        The bones of their bodies were shattered and they died?

        How is this possible.

        And that's not all.

        Cai Guofu could clearly see from the television screen that the faces of his four assassins were frozen in fear and despair.

        It was as if, before they died, they had seen the devil.

        "They're dead! Doesn't that mean that ...... Lin Fan is fine?"

        Bai Yi was completely stunned at this moment, and she covered her small mouth, almost crying out in joy.

        "Ma! That brat isn't dead, how is this possible! How is it possible!"

        Cai Guofu hissed in panic.

        Especially, after he turned his gaze and saw Bai Yi's look of tears of joy, the anger and resentment in his heart surged up more and more:.

        "Grass! I'll fuck you first!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Cai Guofu once again, his body leapt up and was about to lunge towards Bai Yi.

        But at that moment!


        Under everyone's unbelievable eyes, the door of the compartment made a roaring sound and instantly burst into pieces.

        Together with a few figures that looked like dead dogs, they fell in viciously.

        They fell to the ground with a poof.

        These few people, drenched in blood, were unconscious.

        It was none other than the bodyguards Cai Guofu had arranged to guard outside.

        "Damn, who is it?"

        Cai Guofu's heart jumped wildly as his pair of eyes looked deadly towards the door.

        And right in the middle of his sight, a slim figure slowly walked in.

        It was none other than ...... Lin Fan.

Chapter 502


        At this moment, after Lin Fan's figure, appeared at the entrance of the box.

        Wow ......

        The two brothers, Cai Guofu, shivered with excitement, and their faces, as if they had seen a ghost, were filled with a thick sense of disbelief.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, was covering her small mouth and instantly burst into tears:.

        "Lin Fan!!!"

        She let out a wailing cry, as if she was a lost little girl who had seen her family again, she ran towards Lin Fan and fiercely jumped into his arms.

        A single tear, as if a bead had broken its thread, crackled and fell continuously.

        "You bastard, I thought you were dead! Why did you make me worry so much? If you die, how can I live! You idiot, bastard, fool! Oooh ......"

        Bai Yi, at this moment, let out all the emotions of sadness, fear and despair in her heart.

        The entire person, had completely turned into a tearful person.

        Feeling Bai Yi's attachment in his arms, Lin Fan's heart, trembled fiercely as he gently rubbed Bai Yi's head and gave her a deep kiss on the forehead:.

        "Wife, I'm fine now! You're alright too!"

        After saying these words, Lin Fan cupped Bai Yi's pretty face in his hands.

        This beautiful face, which was as white as snow, was already completely wet with tears and looked like a pear blossom with rain.

        It was only after Lin Fan saw, the bright red slap mark on Bai Yi's cheek.


        A regal cold aura instantly splashed out from his eyes.

        A slap!

        His own wife, surprisingly, had been slapped by someone.

        This is simply ...... damn.

        Phew ......

        At this moment, that ghastly and terrifying aura pervaded from Lin Fan's body, instantly causing the temperature within the entire compartment to plummet to a freezing point.

        Both the Cai Guofu brothers and the four bodyguards felt a chill run through their bodies, and a single sweat hair instantly stood up.

        This feeling was as if they were facing a devil that was terrifying to the extreme.

        "It's you?"

        Lin Fan's gaze instantly locked onto Cai Guofu's body.


        A mere glance almost scared Cai Guofu, his face pale as he stomped back a violent step.

        It was only when he retreated to the front of his four bodyguards that he let out a slight sigh of relief and gained more confidence in his heart:.

        "So what if it ...... is me?"

        "Kid, you caused my brother to break his limbs, then I'm going to let you die!"


        Cai Guofu looked at the four bodyguards beside himself and said viciously.

        "You all go together! Whoever can kill this bastard, then I will reward him with a hundred million dollars!"


        Upon hearing Cai Guofu's words, the four bodyguards were all startled.

        One hundred million?

        Even if they worked as bodyguards for the rest of their lives, they would not be able to earn such a huge sum of money.

        And now ......

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this moment, a strong look of greed instantly flashed in the eyes of the four bodyguards, and they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a prey, oozing ferocity and hideousness.

        "Let's go together! Kill him!"

        With a violent roar, each of the four bodyguards pulled out a dagger from their waist, and then pounced towards Lin Fan as if four hungry wolves were pouncing on him.

        Quickly, quickly, quickly!

        The four of them almost brought their speed to the limit, and in a flash, they had scurried to Lin Fan's front.

        The four daggers with a cold glinting light burst down on Lin Fan's neck.

Chapter 503

Wow ......

        Seeing this scene, the two Cai Guofu brothers were exuberant to the extreme.

        They did not expect that with the heavy reward, their four bodyguards would be so strong that, almost in a minute, they would be able to kill Lin Fan.

        Especially, when they saw that Lin Fan did not react in the slightest, as if he was scared silly, their hearts burst with joy.

        It had worked!

        At this moment, it was as if the two of them had already seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being pierced through the neck by four daggers, with blood spurting out.

        "Die! Hahahaha, this bastard is finally going to die!" Cai Guoquan, who was in the wheelchair, was trembling with excitement.

        It was just when his smile was at its thickest.

        Boom, boom, boom, boom!

        Four dull sounds suddenly rang out, and then the two Cai Guo Fu brothers saw that their four bodyguards all flew backwards as if they had been hit by a train.


        All of them fell to the ground viciously.

        Each one of them spat out blood, but the bones of their bodies were almost shattered by the impact.

        How could this ...... be!

        The two brothers, Cai Guofu, almost suspected at this moment that they had lost their eyesight.

        Especially, when they saw clearly, after blasting their bodyguards back a tower-like man, the two of them, their eyes almost fell out.

        At this moment!

        In front of Lin Fan, surprisingly, at some point, there was an additional person. , ,

        He was ...... King Kong.

        "Mr. Jin ...... Vajra! How is it you, why are you ......"

        The two Cai Guofu brothers were dumbfounded.

        How could they not have imagined that the person who stopped their bodyguard and saved Lin Fan would be their number one expert of Yunhai.

        However, that was not all.


        Right after Vajra appeared, another footstep sounded, dense and resounding.

        And then under the incredulous eyes of the two Cai Guofu brothers.

        Elder Fei, Elder Qi and one other magnificent predator came in unison.

        Tiger Head, Crazy Wolf and one other underground giant, stepped out.


        Ten people!

        Twenty people!

        Thirty people!

        The two brothers Cai Guofu were so frightened that their faces turned pale as they looked at the big men and giants.

        They were shocked to find out that every single one of them was a big shot in Yunhai and a guest at the dinner to welcome Grand Master Lin tonight.

        A slight feeling of discomfort began to surface in Cai Guofu's heart, causing them to tremble and panic.

        This was not all.

        It was as if Lin Fan was not the slightest bit surprised by the appearance of Vajra and the others.

        He kissed Bai Yi's forehead deeply, before turning to her and saying.

        "Wife, go wait for me outside!"

        "I'm taking care of some things now!"


        Bai Yi was stunned, especially when she looked at King Kong and the others, and a strong worry flashed above her pretty face.

        However, before she could say anything more, her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi, who had followed the group, hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Bai Yi and walked out of the box.

        At this point.

        Within the entire box, only Lin Fan, a Jiang City man, remained, and the remainder, gathered all the upper class bigwigs of Yunhai City.

        "Mr. Jin ...... Kong, Elder Fei! You, weren't you guys up there preparing to greet Grand Master Lin? Why have you come here?"

        A hint of an embarrassed smile surfaced on Cai Guofu's face.

        He was forcibly suppressing the panic and shock in his heart.

        Cai Guoquan, who was next to him, didn't think too much about it, instead, when he saw that Vajra and the others had arrived, he said with a twinkle in his eye, provoking a disagreement.

        "Mr. King Kong, Elder Fei! Have you seen this kid? He's a Jiang City man, but he simply looks down on our bigwigs from Yunhai!"

        "He broke my limbs and is also humiliating us Yunhai people, please do me justice, Elder Fei!"

        Wow ......

        Cai Guoquan's words fell.

        Layers of cold sweat emerged from the foreheads of Elder Fei, King Kong and the others in unison.

        And then!

        These tens of big giants, under the incredulous eyes of Cai Guoquan's brothers, turned to Lin Fan and, in unison, bowed deeply.

        "We are guilty, please punish Grand Master Lin!!!"