Today I Give Up Trying 499-500

Chapter 499
Wow ......

        As long as you!

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's face changed, her entire person rubbed up and stood up from her chair, staring at Cai Guofu with a gloomy face as she asked.

        "Mr. Cai, I am a married woman, please behave yourself!"

        Bai Yi's reaction was unusually intense.

        It just fell in Cai Guofu's eyes, but it made the bathing fire in his heart, grow thicker and thicker.

        "A married woman? Hahahaha ...... Miss Bai Yi, you're wrong, after today, you'll just be a widow!"

        "So, how about you agree to my second choice! Without you having to contribute a single penny, as long as you are willing to be my woman, then the Blue Sea Mansion, will be given to you, how about that?"

        Cai Guofu completely tore off his disguise at this moment.

        The evil in that voice was chilling.

        But what made Bai Yi even more furious was the meaning of Cai Guofu's words.

        After today, it's a widow?

        This statement meant that Lin Fan ...... was in danger!

        "Cai Guofu, what ...... do you mean?"

        Bai Yi was completely panicked.

        Blue Sea Mansion, she could not buy it.

        But Lin Fan, absolutely nothing must happen to him.

        Thinking that Lin Fan might be in some sort of danger at this moment, the cold sweat on Bai Yi's forehead was dripping down with a clatter.

        Looking at the panicked Bai Yi, Cai Guofu smiled faintly before clapping his hands.

        "Come in!"


        Hearing Cai Guofu's words, Bai Yi froze, but at that moment, she was stunned to see that the door of the compartment within this heavenly box opened, and then four black-clothed bodyguards, pushing a wheelchair, walked out.

        After Bai Yi saw the fat man in the wheelchair.


        Her pretty face was completely as white as paper:.

        "Is ...... that you?"

        This fatty was the same Mr. Cai that she had met yesterday at the Sheng Shi Da Restaurant and ended up having his limbs broken and thrown out of the hotel.

        It was just that Bai Yi hadn't expected the other party to appear here in any way.

        "Isn't that surprising?" Cai Guofu smiled wickedly, and in those eyes, a strong meaning of ferocity shone:.

        "Bai Yi, let me introduce to you now, this is my own brother, the ...... Cai Guoquan who had his limbs broken by you!"


        The real brother!

        Bai Yi completely understood at this moment.

        By inviting himself, Cai Guofu was not sincerely negotiating at all, he was trying to take revenge for his own brother.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi's entire body backed up hastily before she headed for the door, running quickly.

        She wanted to get out of here, she wanted to go find Lin Fan.

        Only, for Bai Yi's escape, the brothers, Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan, had no intention of stopping it at all, instead, they were smiling and watching the show in general.

        Sure enough!

        When Bai Yi ran to the door of the compartment, she couldn't open it.

        "Open the door! Let me out!"

        Bai Yi's face went completely white.

        However, no matter how loud she shouted, there was still dead silence outside, as if no one was there at all.

        And seeing this scene, the two brothers, Cai Guofu, burst out laughing.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, don't be delusional, let me tell you the truth! This floor, it's all wrapped up by our brothers!"

        "Even if you scream through your throat, no one will hear you at all!"

        He said.

        Cai Guofu stood up from his chair and walked towards Bai Yi step by step:.

        "Bai Yi, you'd better listen to my second choice! Starting today, you will be my woman! How about that?"

        Cai Guofu's whole person, as if he was a hunter, in his eyes, Bai Yi was the prey.

        Only, just as he was about to approach Bai Yi.


        Bai Yi pulled out a fruit knife from her own bag in an instant.

        "Don't come over!"

        With the fruit knife in her hand, Bai Yi pointed at Cai Guofu and shouted with a face full of anger.

        "Just die, I'm Lin Fan's wife! Even if I die, I will definitely not obey you!"

        This fruit knife was Bai Yi's usual defense.

        I just didn't expect it to come in handy today.

        Seeing this scene!

        Cai Guofu faintly froze, he obviously did not expect that this woman was so rigid.

        It was just that ......

        "Lin Fan? Oh ......"

        "To tell you the truth, your husband, Lin Fan, is ...... already dead at this point!"

Chapter 500

Lin Fan, is dead!

        When he heard this sentence from Cai Guofu, Bai Yi only felt as if he had been struck by lightning and his eyes went black.

        "No ...... it can't be! Lin Fan can't be dead!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face, tragically white, she stared deadly at Cai Guofu as she roared in a harsh voice.

        "My husband just went to take care of something, he'll be here soon, he can't be dead!"

        Bai Yi didn't believe it.

        Didn't believe it at all.

        However, after seeing this scene, that wheelchair-bound Cai Guoquan, on the other hand, smiled grimly and said with a face full of fierceness.

        "Bai Yi, you should stop dreaming! To tell you the truth, from the moment you left the hotel, you were watched by our men!"

        "In order to kill your husband, our brothers sent out four killers!"

        Four assassins?

        Hearing this, Bai Yi's heart still had a trace of luck left in it.

        "My husband can fight twenty of them by himself! He will definitely not be killed by you guys ...... no ......"

        "Humph! Foolish!"

        Cai Guofu sneered and said wickedly.

        "Do you think those four assassins of mine, are they dry eaters? To tell you the truth, each of them is from a black boxer, and they take one for ten! With four of them joining forces and intending to kill unintentionally, your husband will definitely die!"

        Wow ......

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face, grew paler and paler like paper.


        Intentionally killing unintentionally.

        Lin Fan didn't even know that someone was after him, plus those four killers were so fierce, then Lin Fan was afraid that ...... it was over.

        At the thought that something might have happened to Lin Fan.

        Bai Yi's entire body was dumbfounded.

        Her mind kept flashing back to the bits and pieces with Lin Fan.

        That man, who washed and mopped the floor, never complained.

        That man, who loved her to the core and loved her to the lungs.

        Every time she was in danger, it was Lin Fan who helped her through the difficult times, he had already taken over her heart silently and became her everything.


        When Bai Yi thought of this, she only felt her heart, sliced by a sharp blade, causing her delicate body to tremble.



        A single tear, as if a bead had been broken, dripped down from her pretty face.

        She was so sad that she wanted to die.

        And just as Bai Yi was in a trance, the nearby Cai Guofu gave a wink to his bodyguard.


        The bodyguard's figure, as fast as it could be, fiercely scurried to Bai Yi's front before she could react.

        Flicking his leg like a whip, he kicked out fiercely.

        The fierce kick hit Bai Yi's wrist, instantly sending that one fruit knife, flying out.

        "Not good ......"

        Bai Yi's wrist was painful, especially after seeing her only weapon for defense, the fruit knife, being kicked away, her heart thumped.

        It was over ......

        She could no longer imagine how miserable she would end up without her knife.

        "Hahahaha ......"

        Seeing the success of the blow, Cai Guofu was immediately lustful and laughed that evil and hideous smile:.

        "Little beauty, now that you're a widow, I'm going to put you on the spot, undress you and fuck you in front of my brother!"

        After saying this, Cai Guofu pounced on Bai Yi as if he was a hungry wolf.

        Only, his figure had just pounced on it.

        Bai Yi then slapped his hand, fiercely slapping down.


        Cai Guofu was caught off guard, and his whole body froze as he was slapped, and a trace of anger and humiliation rose up from his heart.

        "Damn it! You stinking cousin, how dare you hit me!"

        "I'll kill you!"

        With those words, Cai Guofu slapped Bai Yi's face, sending her stumbling.

        Bright red slap marks emerged from Bai Yi's snow-like pretty face.

        At this moment, Bai Yi was directly dazed by the blow.

        And after seeing her trance-like expression.

        Cai Guofu was even more bestial and immediately wanted to pounce on Bai Yi.