Today I Give Up Trying 494-496

 Chapter 494

How about we play ...... murder!

        When these words of Blood Wolf fell, those six punks only felt the temperature around them, suddenly dropped sharply, causing a single sweat hair on their bodies, to stand up backwards.


        In their eyes, the youth in front of them, who was covered in blood from their beatings, was like turning into a fierce beast that chose to devour people, chilling and terrifying.

        "No ...... don't be frightened by him! He's just a beggar, a piece of trash!"

        One of the gangsters at the head of the group took a deep breath at this moment, allowing his emotions to forcefully calm down.

        And then, turning to his companions around him, he shouted.

        "Fight! Let's all go together, we must beat him to death this time!"

        The leader of the gang's voice was dripping with a strong sense of ferocity.

        After saying this, he took the lead and ruthlessly charged towards the Blood Wolf, especially with a swing of his fist, he wanted to smash down on the Blood Wolf's face once again.

        But at that very moment!


        The leader of the gang only saw a golden light flash before his eyes, and then he felt a chill on his arm.


        This scene caused his movements to stop.

        And before he could react to what had happened, he heard the panicked shouts of his companions next to him.

        "Boss, you ...... your hand!!!"

        The voice of the companion next to him was filled with boundless panic, as if he had seen a ghost, and was permeated with a shudder.

        The hand?

        The leader of the gang dumbfounded, and when he looked towards his arm, but was stunned to find.

        It was bare.

        The palm of his hand, from the elbow onwards, had disappeared without a trace, and scarlet blood was gushing out from the fractured flesh.

        And that was not all.

        It was not until this moment that the pounding, tidal-like pain swept through his entire body from the elbow, instantly causing the young man in charge to scream out in mad misery.

        "Ahhhhh ...... no! My hand!"

        The leader of the gang, screamed as he retreated in a hasty and violent manner.

        It was only then that he realized with horror that a steel wolf claw had somehow appeared in the hand of the blood wolf in front of him.

        Blood dripped from the wolf's claw, and on the ground, his small arm and palm were left behind.


        The leader of the gang was almost scared out of his mind, he never dreamed that he would not even be able to react before this beggar in front of him, using the steel wolf claw to tear his small arm.

        A madman!

        This guy was crazy!

        "You fucking broke my arm! I'll kill you, I'll kill ......"

        The punk at the head of the group hissed miserably.

        His face was full of fierceness, hating to break Blood Wolf into pieces.

        Only he hadn't finished his words yet.


        With a wave of the Blood Wolf's palm, the blood-stained wolf claw actually flew out in the air once again.


        When a sound of blood and flesh tearing came out, a scene that made the next few punks piss in fear appeared.

        They saw that their boss's neck was torn apart by the wolf's claw as if it was a rotten log.

        A head, in the air, flew up.


        rolled down to the ground.

        Quiet ......

        At this moment, the entire alleyway fell into a deadly silence.

        Every single person could not believe their eyes as much as they could, especially the five remaining punks, whose bodies completely froze.

        It was only when the headless corpse of their boss fell to the ground with a poof that the five punks shuddered and reacted from their shock.

        "Kill ...... killed someone! Help! Killing people!"

        In their throats, a hiss of panic to the extreme, and then the five of them wanted to head back, fleeing in haste.

        Only, the Blood Wolf laughed.

        "Although I have lost my dantian, will I not allow you ants ...... to humiliate me!"

        "Our killing game is not over, you ...... die!"

Chapter 495

A voice so cold!

        Such ruthlessness!

        After these words fell, the only remaining steel wolf claw in the Blood Wolf's hand was suddenly thrown away again and again.

        At this moment, a scene that made the four killers, who were hiding at a distance, appear in disbelief.



        A sound of ripping flesh and blood came out, and a dull sound of heads rolling down resounded.

        One after another, corpses fell to the ground.

        In just three breaths, all six of the punks had turned into corpses.

        It was a shock.

        The four killers almost pissed themselves in fear at this moment.

        Each and every one of their faces, pale with misery, were dense with cold sweat, raging down from their foreheads.

        "How is this possible! Wasn't Blood Wolf nullified? How could he ...... he be so strong!"


        They had seen the video before, where Blood Wolf's entire body was nailed to the ground by Grand Master Lin, so fiercely that his dantian was shattered.

        It could be said that he had been reduced to a ruined man.

        And now, Blood Wolf's ferocious performance had simply overturned the three views of these four assassins.

        "I ...... I know!"

        "What he was wasted is just the strength of a Zong Shi! Zongshi can kill with flying leaves, by virtue of their true qi!"

        "And although Blood Wolf can no longer use his true qi now, he is still a super strong existence under Zong Shi!"


        After hearing the words of one of these assassins, the remaining four people only felt a tingling in their skulls.

        That's right!

        The Blood Wolf in front of him, although he was no longer a clan master figure.

        However, he was still very strong and his methods were still poisonous.

        Thinking of this, the four people's bodies all began to tremble at this moment.

        However, a scene that left them stunned appeared.

        Just after Blood Wolf killed the six punks.

        The four killers were stunned to see that Lin Fan, who was watching the show in front of them, actually stepped on his feet and began to walk slowly towards the alley where Blood Wolf was.


        This scene made the eyes of the four assassins, nearly fall out.

        "What is this ...... guy doing? Didn't he see that Blood Wolf had killed someone?"

        "Yes! He can't be crazy! The Blood Wolf at this moment is definitely at its most ferocious, he's looking for death!"


        These four assassins were completely dumbfounded.

        They had followed Lin Fan to the alleyway just to kill him, so naturally they wouldn't have the slightest hindrance to Lin Fan's death-defying act.

        It was just that what they hadn't expected was that this guy had the doggone audacity to provoke such a fierce and venomous Blood Wolf.

        Sure enough!


        Just after Lin Fan's footsteps, just after stepping into that alleyway, the Blood Wolf's entire body trembled, and a hint of terrifying fierce Qi, penetrated from his body: "Who?


        After saying that, the Blood Wolf's ears twitched, and the one steel wolf claw in his hand was viciously thrown at the place where the footsteps came from.

        Hoo ......

        This steel wolf claw, so fast that it was like a meteor, came tearing towards Lin Fan's neck.

        This scene caused the four assassins' bodies to tremble.

        It was over!

        They knew that Lin Fan's head, about to be thrown off, his neck, was quickly ripping apart.

        Thinking about it!

        The four assassins glanced at each other, and a sneering and quick-witted arc surfaced at the corners of their mouths.

        After all, Lin Fan's death at the hands of the Blood Wolf was the same concept as his death at theirs.


        Just when they wanted to witness Lin Fan's death.

        But to their dismay, they found that in the face of the terrifying wolf claw that was speeding towards them, Lin Fan waved out one hand, gently.

        And then at the wolf's claw, he grabbed it.

Chapter 496


        At this moment, after seeing a steel wolf claw facing that attack, Lin Fan actually extended a hand and grabbed it towards the wolf claw.

        Wow ......

        The hearts of those four assassins were about to jump out of their throats.

        Looking for death?

        They had witnessed with their own eyes how sharp and gruesome that wolf claw really was.

        The corpses of those six punks were still warm, and now, this guy Lin had the audacity to use his hand to grab them.

        At this moment, all four killers shook their heads as they waited to watch the image of Lin Fan's arm being torn apart.

        But at that very moment!


        A dull sound suddenly came out, and a scene that made the four assassins incredulous happened.

        The moment the wolf's claw touched Lin Fan's palm, one of Lin Fan's palms, as if it contained a shocking force, actually grabbed the wolf's claw!

        It remained firmly in mid-air.


        This scene fell in the eyes of the four assassins, causing their eyes to fall out one by one.

        "No ...... it can't be!"

        The sound of shocked cries came out from the mouths of the four as they stared deadly at the Blood Wolf's wolf claw that had been grabbed by Lin Fan, hardly believing their eyes.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this moment, after seeing the wolf paw being grabbed, even the blood-covered Blood Wolf's body trembled viciously.

        A sheen of stunned disbelief burst out of one pair of eyes.

        "Is ...... that you?"

        The blood wolf finally saw Lin Fan's face clearly.

        But just as this clear face fell in Blood Wolf's eyes, it caused his face to brush off and turn as white as paper.

        "Are you ...... you here to kill me?"

        After Blood Wolf reacted, he took a deep breath and said to Lin Fan with a complicated face.

        The voice, bitter and inexplicable!

        He was young and frivolous, and he had rarely had a rival as he roamed across East Asia.

        But just a few days ago, he could never have imagined that he had encountered the most terrifying enemy in his life in such a small place as Jiang City.

        Three moves!

        Three moves that destroyed his dantian and crushed him as if he were an ant.

        Right in front of this man.

        It had to be said.

        The psychological shadow that Lin Fan had created for Blood Wolf was too terrifying.

        At this moment, even though he was still dozens of metres away from Lin Fan, it was as if Blood Wolf had already sensed the scent of death, causing his body to shiver uncontrollably.

        Only he didn't know that.

        As his voice came out, as his fear spread.

        The scene fell in the eyes of those four killers, and it was even more like an explosive thunder, making the four killers horrified to death.

        "Is Blood ...... Blood Wolf in fear?"

        "Oh my god, how is that possible! The blood wolf's body was trembling, and said that this surnamed Lin, was here to kill him? Could it be that this Lin surnamed has the ability to kill the blood wolf?"

        "No ...... it can't be! Even if Blood Wolf has lost his dantian, he is simply not something that ordinary people can deal with, even the Ten Great Jiangnan State Magicians may not be Blood Wolf's enemy! How could he be afraid of this door-to-door son-in-law surnamed Lin?"


        Unable to understand!

        The four assassins looked at Blood Wolf and Lin Fan at this moment, only feeling as if they were dreaming.



        A cracking sound resounded, and the four assassins saw with horror that the cracking sound came from the steel ...... wolf claw that Lin Fan had grabbed!

        A crack emerged above the wolf claw, but it was crushed alive.

        This is not all!

        Click click click ......

        Another cracking sound resounded densely.

        Until finally!

        Boom ......

        The Blood Wolf's steel wolf claws, in Lin Fan's hands, were like a child's fragile toy, completely bursting into pieces.