Today I Give Up Trying 487-488

 Chapter 487


        Within a private room in the Hong Luck Grand Restaurant, three figures were sitting on the sofa, feverishly discussing something.

        Two of them, which Bai Yi would naturally be familiar with to a fault if she were here, were none other than her eldest uncle Bai Hai, and her cousin Bai Yifan.

        Sitting opposite the two, on the other hand, was a fierce middle-aged man.

        On his forehead, there was a long scar with a knife, and his ear looked as if it had been pierced by a bullet, with just half of it left.

        Especially that eerie aura made him look as if a fierce tiger and wolf, making people shudder.

        He was the owner of the Blue Sea Mansion in Jiang City - Cai Guofu.

        A big brother of Yunhai City who was known for his ruthlessness!

        "Hahahaha ...... Brother Cai, then this time it's up to you!"

        Grand Master Bai Hai was full of smiles, obviously extremely satisfied with the outcome of this conversation.

        Saying that, he snapped his fingers, and at once Bai Yifan took out two cheques from his pocket, and handed them over.

        "One of them is a cheque for fifty million dollars! It's also the reward for Brother Cai refusing Bai Yi this time and helping us teach Lin Fan a lesson!"

        "The other cheque for 100 million is the money for the cooperation between our Bai Clan and your Blue Sea! I hope Brother Cai will accept it with a smile!"

        A total of one hundred and fifty million dollars.

        This was definitely a huge sum of money for the Bai Clan as well.

        But right now, in order to combat Bai Yi's New Bai Clan, their Bai Clan had put down a lot of blood money.

        Not only did they take out a heavy sum of fifty million dollars to make Cai Guofu refuse Bai Yi's acquisition of the Blue Sea Building, they even spent a whopping one hundred million dollars to enter into a partnership alliance with Cai Guofu.

        Taking the two cheques over, Cai Guofu looked at the series of zeros on them, and a thick smile appeared on that fierce and majestic face:.

        "Hahahaha ...... Brother Bai, you're too polite!"

        "In that case, then Mister Cai will accept it! Don't worry guys, there's no way I'll sell the Blue Sea Mansion to Bai Yi, and that Lin Fan, I, Cai Guofu, have a thousand ways to break his legs!"

        With a single word, the smiles on Bai Hai and Bai Yifan's faces grew wider and wider.

        As long as Bai Yi's new Bai Clan, was dealt a blow.

        Lin Fan had his leg broken.

        Even if they had to pay a huge price of 150 million dollars, in their eyes, it would be worth it.

        And just as the two sides, continued to communicate about the cooperation, a bodyguard suddenly ran in in a panic.

        "Boss, something's happened!" This bodyguard's face was pale as he said to Cai Guofu in a gruff voice.


        This scene caused Cai Guofu's eyelids to jump and he asked in a deep voice.

        "What is it? Speak!"

        "Boss, your younger brother, Cai Guoquan, has just had both his hands and legs broken at the Sheng Shi Hotel!" This bodyguard's voice, was trembling.


        At these words, both Cai Guo Fu and Bai Hai's father and son paled in unison.

        "Damn it! What kind of person is so bold as to dare to break my brother's limbs?"

        Cai Guofu's face brushed up to an extremely gloomy expression.

        The Bai Hai father and son beside him were also in a state of disbelief.

        After all, the two brothers Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan were in Yunhai, both black and white, and could also be called big brothers on one side, so what kind of person was so bold as to dare to break Cai Guoquan's limbs, this was simply seeking death.

        Hearing these words.

        The bodyguard's face was ugly as he replied.

        "It was the chairman of ...... Shengshi Hotel, He Sheng who led the men to do it!"

        "It seems that because the second master, molested a woman and offended that woman's husband!"

        A single word made everyone here's face change.

Chapter 488

The night was getting darker.

        But inside a high-class nursing ward of the First People's Hospital in Yunhai City, there were bright lights.

        A line of strong men in black suits were constantly patrolling the corridor.

        Each one of them was fierce and vicious, especially the glint in their eyes, they were definitely ruthless characters who licked blood from the mouth of a knife.

        They were guarding a ward.

        And within that one ward, there were only two people.

        One was lying and the other was standing.

        "Guoquan, what exactly did you offend? To have your limbs broken?"

        Standing by the bedside, Cai Guofu's gaze was gloomy to the extreme.

        And at this moment, on the bed in front of Cai Guofu, lay a man with his limbs tied with bandages, the very same fatty who had had his limbs broken at the Sheng Shi Hotel earlier.

        He was none other than Cai Guofu's younger brother - Cai Guoquan.

        Hearing his brother's question, Cai Guoquan almost burst into tears:.

        "Brother! This time I was planted on a hairy boy, his wife, very beautiful, originally I wanted to borrow her for a couple of days, but how could I have not expected that his wife would be an emperor guest of the Sheng Shi Hotel!"


        An imperial guest!

        When these few words fell on Cai Guofu's ears, they immediately startled him.

        Naturally, he knew that every one of the existences that possessed the Skeleton Emperor Card of the Centurion Group was a supreme figure in China.

        Perhaps only those few supreme greats of Dragon City could possibly hold them.

        And now, how could that kind of character appear in Yunhai.

        "Impossible! Our Yunhai City is just a small third-tier city! If a national-level big shot really did descend, there's no way I wouldn't know the news!"

        Cai Guofu felt at this moment that something was vaguely wrong.

        At that moment, he asked in detail.

        "Tell me, what does that woman look like? And what that man looks like!"

        Hearing these words.

        Cai Guoquan hurriedly recounted Bai Yi and Lin Fan's appearance, dress, and accent, as much as he could.

        Just after hearing that.

        "I know who she is! Is her name - Bai Yi!"

        Cai Guofu's face was instantly so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it.

        Bai Yi!

        This one name fell on Cai Guoquan's ears, instantly causing him to recall.

        He remembered that He Sheng addressed that woman as ...... Miss Bai Yi.

        "That's right! Brother, that's him! He Sheng, the chairman of the Centurion Hotel, called her Miss Bai Yi, and his husband, his surname is Lin!"

        Sure enough!

        Upon receiving the confirmation, a hint of murderous intent burst out from within Cai Guofu's eyes.

        "Brother! You know about this woman?" Cai Guoquan asked excitedly.

        "Of course I know!"

        Cai Guofu smiled coldly.

        "Do you still remember, I told you before that someone in Jiang City wanted to buy my Blue Sea Mansion? It was this woman!"

        "Her name is Bai Yi, she was originally the president of the Bai Group, but was later removed from the group and is preparing to set up the new Bai Group! And her husband, named Lin Fan, is the most famous door-to-door son-in-law in Jiang City, a soft-earned punk!"

        Wow ......

        This statement immediately caused Cai Guoquan on the bed to explode in anger.

        He had originally thought that the other party was really some big shot at the national level, and had even scared his soul away, not daring to even have a single thought of revenge.

        But he could never have dreamed that Lin Fan and Bai Yi were just a guy who was about to set up a new company in Jiang City, and that was all.

        "Brother! Then how did they have the Shengshi Group's emperor card?" Cai Guoquan was a little shocked and uncertain.

        And hearing these words.

        Cai Guo Fu smiled coldly.

        "This matter, I once heard a fellow called Lin Guangyao, talk about it! It is said that this is that Lin Fan, who stole it from somewhere!"