Today I Give Up Trying 481-483

 Chapter 481


        Viper's words were arrogant and cocky.

        After he finished speaking, he and the fat man beside him, Chief Cai, burst into laughter.

        "Hahahaha ...... kid, seeing how shabbily you're dressed, you shouldn't come to an upscale place like the Sheng Shi Hotel, and you even less deserve to have such a beautiful wife!"

        "Exactly! So what if I steal your table? So what if I steal your wife!"

        The duo's unusual bullying of men and women had obviously been used to it long ago.

        At this moment, their attitude towards Lin Fan was despicable and disdainful to the extreme, as if in their eyes, crushing a Lin Fan was like crushing a mole.



        Just as the sound of their explosive laughter rang out, a loud slap in the face suddenly rang out.

        Quiet ......

        At this moment, the voices in the entire lobby instantly disappeared without a trace, and the ridicule and mockery on the faces of the surrounding people all froze.

        This was because they could literally see that a bright red slap mark appeared on Security Manager Viper's face.

        Viper had been slapped?

        Seeing this scene, both the front desk lady and Fatty and the others could not believe their eyes.

        Viper, however, was a member of Sheng Shi.

        Especially since this was also the Sheng Shi Hotel.

        Everyone simply couldn't imagine what kind of person would have the audacity to beat up the security manager of the Sheng Shi Hotel on Sheng Shi's turf.

        Not to mention a shabbily dressed youth in front of him, even if it was someone like Old Master Fei or Old Master Qi, they would definitely not dare to do so.

        What madness!

        In the eyes of Fatty and the others, this youth was absolutely insane.

        "You ...... you dare to hit me?" Viper was confused.

        His palm, involuntarily covering his cheek, felt the fiery pain on his cheek, and a hint of shocking anger instantly erupted from his heart:.

        "Damn it! How dare you fucking hit me! I'll kill you! Get ......"


        Before Viper could finish this sentence, another loud slap, fiercely slapped [笔趣阁] on his face, immediately slapping his entire person with a stagger, stomping, stumbling back several steps.

        The second slap!

        The crowd around him even dropped their eyes in shock.

        Especially after seeing that Viper's mouth was dripping from the corner of his mouth from this slap, everyone's scalp tingled.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, you, you can't do it!"

        Shen Yuzhi's family, at this moment, was almost scared to pee.

        The thing they were most worried about had still happened.

        When Lin Fan hit Viper, he was hitting Shengshi, which meant that he had offended Universal.

        The magnitude of this relationship made the crowd's scalps explode and chill all over their bodies.


        Just as Bai Yi and the others, in terror, wanted to step forward to stop Lin Fan.

        Instead, they saw Lin Fan's entire person appear in front of Viper as if he was a ghost: "Robbing my table?

        "Robbing my table?"


        "Robbing my wife?"



        Slap after slap, fiercely slapped on Viper's face.

        At this moment, it was as if Viper was dumbfounded by my safe beating, and he couldn't even make a move to fight.

        His entire body was staggered and staggered.

        He was staggering back!

        What was particularly gruesome was that his cheeks, from red to green, from green to purple, from purple to black.

        In the blink of an eye, scarlet blood flowed continuously down from above Viper's cheeks, leaving his entire face skin and flesh split open, miserable to the extreme.

        It was only with the final slap that Viper's entire body was sent flying and fell to the ground with a poof.

        He instantly let out a miserable scream of.


        "Bastard, you ...... you hit me! I'm the security manager of Shengshi Group, you hit me, you're finished!"

Chapter 482

Viper's angry hissing sound resounded continuously within the lobby.

        Pointing at the twenty or so members of security, he roared in anger and rage, saying

        "What the fuck are you guys still standing there for! Can't you see that the old man is being beaten up by this beast!"

        "Go! Kill him! Kill him!!!"

        Viper's voice was filled with ferocity and ruthlessness.

        At this moment, he hated Lin Fan so much that he wanted to cut this bastard to death by a thousand cuts to vent his hatred.


        Hearing these words, those security members only completely reacted from the shock of the scene just now until this moment, and immediately clattered, pulled out the batons on their waists, and were about to pounce towards Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, be careful!"

        This scene made Bai Yi and the others, their scalps tingling, hurriedly hissed a warning at Lin Fan.

        Only, just as the dense security, wielding their batons, wanted to pave the way for Lin Fan, viciously smashing down on him.


        A thunderous shout, like an explosive thunder, suddenly resounded from outside the lobby.

        And then the crowd saw that, at some point, one Rolls-Royce after another had stopped at the entrance.

        One after another, middle-aged men dressed in suits, ran in quickly towards the lobby.

        Each and every one of these men had an aura full of majesty.

        In particular, a middle-aged man with grey hair at the head of the group was surrounded by the crowd as if the stars were holding the moon.

        "Sister ...... brother-in-law! You're here!"

        And upon seeing this middle-aged man with grey hair, Viper's entire person was ecstatic to the extreme.

        The person who came was no one else, it was none other than his Viper's brother-in-law - He Sheng!

        Viper's brother-in-law, He Sheng, was a senior executive of the Shengshi Group in Jiangnan City.

        Just today, he had just been parachuted into Yunhai City to become the new chairman of the Yunhai Shengshi Hotel.

        It was said that the reason for this parachuting was because a big shot was coming to Yunhai City, and the Shengshi Group had specially sent down He Sheng to greet that big shot.

        At this moment!

        As He Sheng led a group of elites in suits, he entered within the lobby.

        All the security personnel and welcome staff of the Sheng Shi Hotel around them all bowed in unison.



        After hearing the words of the surrounding security personnel and welcome staff, Bai Yi and the others' faces instantly turned pale.

        The chairman?

        And Viper called this man as ...... brother-in-law?

        Wow ......

        After confirming the relationship between the middle-aged man with grey hair and Viper, Bai Yi and Shen Yuzhi's family were all scared into silence.

        The chairman of the board who controls the Shengshi Hotel, this is a high level figure even if it is placed in the headquarters of the Shengshi Group.

        And this kind of person, not to mention them, even a giant consortium like the Fei family or Qi family, would not dare to offend.

        And now ......

        "It's over! This time we've gotten into big trouble!"

        Zhu Zhide, Zhang Kaiming and the others had cold sweat flowing down their foreheads.

        They could understand what the Shengshi Group meant.

        Even if Lin Fan was a Grand Master, he was not even put in the eyes of the Sheng Shi Group, because behind them was the aircraft carrier that was the Universal Group.

        "Brother-in-law! You've come just in time, this little brute is causing trouble at our hotel, and he even struck out and injured someone, smashing my face!"

        "Brother-in-law, you must take revenge for me!"

        A strong look of ecstasy flashed in Viper's eyes.

        The reason for his bullying of men and women and his arrogance at the Sheng Shi Hotel was more because of his backer, brother-in-law He Sheng.

        Now, Viper could be sure that Lin Fan was finished.

        His brother-in-law would definitely cripple this kid to vent his hatred.

        It was not only Viper.

        That fatty was equally ecstatic after seeing He Sheng's arrival, and his gaze towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi was filled with playfulness and amusement.

        Sure enough!

        After hearing Viper's words, He Sheng's face, grew more and more gloomy by a minute.

        And then nodded his head.

        "Good! Since that's the case, let's break both legs first!"


        This single sentence caused Bai Yi and the others to almost piss themselves in fear, while Viper and Fatty, on the other hand, were ecstatic to the extreme.

        Only, just as a hideous smile appeared on Viper's face.

        Instead, he was stunned to find that from beside his brother-in-law, He Sheng, clattered over several strong men, who then pushed him to the ground.

Chapter 483


        Viper's entire body was pinned down to the ground by two big, brawny men, fiercely.

        Dumbfounded ......

        After seeing this scene, Viper and Fatty, as well as all the surrounding security and welcoming staff, couldn't believe their eyes as much as they could.

        How, what happened?

        Just now, when Chairman He Sheng said he wanted to break both legs, wasn't he referring to Lin Fan?

        How could he now have Viper, He Sheng's brother-in-law, pinned to the ground?

        What was going on here?

        Every single one of them was confused at this moment, and could hardly believe their eyes.

        "Grass! Let go of me, you ...... what are you doing? I'm Viper, you've got the wrong person!"

        It was not until this moment that Viper's entire being snapped out of his shock, and immediately yelled at the two big, brawny men.

        "I'm the chairman's brother-in-law, are you fucking crazy?"

        "My brother-in-law told you to break that kid's legs, why are you arresting me?"

        Viper screamed and hissed, filled with rage.

        It was just that to his disbelief, even after hearing his words, the two big, brawny men behind him still did not release him.


        "Stop them now! They have gone so far as to disobey your order to dismiss them!"

        Viper's hissing voice was filled with uncontainable anger.

        However, a scene that made him even more unbelievable appeared.

        "They have not disobeyed my orders!"

        Chairman He Sheng's gaze was cold and piercing.


        Upon hearing these words, Viper was dumbfounded, and Fatty and the others, too, were all dumbfounded.

        What did it mean?

        Did it mean that He Sheng, who was just about to break his legs, was talking about breaking both of Viper's legs?

        Just, how was that possible.

        The crowd around them was filled with shock, right in the middle of their shocked sight.

        He Sheng waved his palm, and at once a big man in black, handed over the baseball bat, which he was holding.

        He Sheng took the baseball bat and then walked step by step towards the Viper who was pinned to the ground.


        These footsteps, calm and strong, but like a thunderbolt, caused cold sweat to run down Viper's forehead, clattering.

        "No...... brother-in-law, I I'm your brother-in-law, why are you doing this to me? Why!"

        Viper's voice was filled with boundless panic.

        He Sheng was his backer, and now, his backer was going to break his legs, which made him terrified and horrified to death.


        Just as Viper's terrified words fell, He Sheng had already walked up behind Viper.

        His pair of eyes looked at Viper icily as if he was looking at a dead man:.

        "There are some people that you can't afford to mess with!"


        When they heard these words, both Viper and Fatty and the others around them could not believe their ears.

        Can't afford to mess with them?

        What does that mean?

        The people Viper had clearly messed with were just a group of ordinary people, so did they have any special identities?

        At this moment, everyone's gazes turned in unison towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi and the others.

        It wasn't just them.

        At this moment, even Bai Yi, Shen Yuzhi and the others were full of bewilderment.

        Obviously, they too simply did not understand why He Sheng, the big brother, had not helped his brother-in-law, but had helped them instead.

        Hoo ......

        Just as the crowd was in awe and uncertainty, a sound of breaking wind suddenly rang out.

        And then, click!

        The sound of bones breaking, accompanied by the Viper's harsh and miserable scream, reached the ears of everyone around.

        They were horrified to see that the Viper's left leg had completely changed shape, and the white bone spikes had even pierced the skin of his leg and his trousers, revealing them.

        The streaks of scarlet flesh and blood and the white bone spikes on it were so blinding, so appalling.