Today I Give Up Trying 479-480

 Chapter 479

Wow ......

        Let Bai Yi accompany you to dinner?

        When they heard the fatty's words, the faces of all the people changed.

        They did not expect that this fatty would be so arrogant and rampant, not to mention stealing people's tables, but even forcing Bai Yi to eat with him, this was simply unbelievable.

        "What are you talking about? My niece, what right do you have to eat with you!" Shen Yuzhi was so angry that her face turned blue.

        And Zhu Ru and the others beside her were also furious.

        After all, meeting this kind of bastard trash before dinner was too appetizing.

        "That's right! Do you know who she is? How dare you ask her to accompany you to dinner, you're too arrogant!"

        "Hmph! Don't even look at yourself in the mirror, what a piece of shit! How would my cousin accompany a scum like you to dinner, don't you dream!"

        Mr and Mrs Zhu Ru were so angry that their faces turned green.

        After all!

        They knew Lin Fan's true identity, Divine Doctor Lin, Grand Master Lin, BLOOD!

        Any one of these identities was terrifying beyond belief.

        And as Lin Fan's wife, Bai Yi's status was equally unattainable.

        This fatty actually asked Bai Yi to eat with him, what was this if not an idiot.


        After hearing Zhu Zhide and the others' scolding, that fatty's face, completely changed.

        "Good! What an arrogant family! It's a pity that you guys forgot that this is the Centurion Hotel!"

        The corners of the fatty's mouth emerged with a ruthless arc.

        Especially, after he realized that Bai Yi was many times more beautiful than the woman beside him, both in terms of her face and figure, his heart was on fire.

        At once, he instructed the receptionist.

        "Call and ask Viper to come over!"

        "Today, I'll take this chick for sure!"

        Wow ......

        Hearing these words from Fatty, the crowd instantly saw that the receptionist lady sneered and swept a glance at Lin Fan and the others, as if she was laughing at their insouciance, before instantly dialing a phone number and starting to call someone.

        This scene made Zhu Zhide and the others, feel vaguely unpleasant in their hearts.

        They could naturally see that this fatty obviously had deep friendships with the people in the Shengshi Hotel.

        Thinking of this.

        Zhu Zhide hurriedly turned to Bai Yi and Lin Fan and said.

        "Lin Fan, Bai Yi, this time it's sister-in-law's fault for poor hospitality, why don't we eat somewhere else!"

        Zhu Zhide's family, looking at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, were even more filled with guilt.

        They were just ordinary people!

        If that fatty really had something to do with the Sheng Shi Hotel, they definitely couldn't afford to mess with it.

        Hearing those words.

        Bai Yi instantly nodded and said.

        "Fine! Let's change places!"

        After saying that, Bai Yi instantly wanted to pull Lin Fan away.


        Just as they were about to walk out of the entrance of the Sheng Shi Hotel.


        At once, they saw a group of security personnel rushing out from inside the Grand Hotel.

        Each and every one of them was sturdy and powerful, all dressed in suits, neat and well-trained to the extreme.

        In particular, there was a tough middle-aged man at the front, with a slab of hair and a pair of triangular eyes that looked as sharp and frightening as a poisonous snake.

        As soon as he appeared, he shouted straight away.

        "Who has eaten the guts of a leopard and dared to make trouble at the Sheng Shi Hotel!"

        Seeing this middle-aged man, as well as the group of fierce bodyguards that came out, Bai Yi and the others were immediately startled, while the fat man, on the other hand, had a strong look of joy appearing on his face.

        "Viper!" The fatty hurriedly shouted out.

        Seeing the fatty, the middle-aged man named Viper, smiled faintly and said.

        "Elder brother Cai, what's going on? Did someone provoke you?"

        The two had an intimate attitude and were obviously extremely familiar with each other.

        And hearing these words.

        The fatty, on the other hand, pointed at Bai Yi and the others who wanted to leave, and then said with a smirk.

        "That's right! These people have provoked me! Especially that pretty chick, I'm going to take her today!"

Chapter 480


        Hearing these words.

        Viper faintly froze, and when he saw Bai Yi's gorgeous face and enchanting figure, his eyes lit up and his smile became more and more wicked as he said.

        "Hehehe ...... Elder brother Cai has a good eye! Good, I'll give you a favor today!"

        After saying that!

        With a wave of his palm, Viper turned to the group of security personnel behind him and said.

        "That group of people dare to come to the Sheng Shi Hotel to cause trouble, go! Arrest them all!"


        The moment these words were spoken, they caused the faces of Shen Yuzhi's family to all turn pale.

        They could never have dreamed that the people inside the Sheng Shi Hotel would be so arrogant and overbearing, and they wanted to plant evidence and arrest people without distinguishing between red and white, this was simply lawlessness.


        In particular, when they saw that there were more than 20 security personnel surrounding them, Zhu Zhide and the others' faces turned pale.

        What to do?

        Dense cold sweat flowed down from Zhu Zhide and the others' foreheads.

        This was the security of the Centurion Hotel!

        The other party truly belonged to the Global Group, such a huge behemoth.

        Not to mention them, the little people.

        When faced with the Centurion Hotel, even a giant family like the Fei Family or Qi Family would not be willing to mess with it.

        After all, the background of the Shengshi was simply too frightening.

        And now ......

        What to do?

        The faces of Shen Yuzhi's family were miserably white and filled with panic.

        But just when they were worried to the core.


        A sound of footsteps suddenly rang out, only to see Lin Fan walking out from the middle of the crowd.


        Seeing Lin Fan, Zhu Zhide and the others first had a happy face, but after thinking about the background of the Sheng Shi Hotel, they hurriedly stepped forward to stop Lin Fan.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, don't be impulsive, they are from the Sheng Shi Hotel, I ...... we can't mess with them!"

        "Yes, cousin husband, although you are very powerful, but behind the Shengshi, is the Universal Group! We ......"


        Shen Yuzhi's family was afraid that Lin Fan and the people from the Sheng Shi Hotel, would clash.

        Naturally, they were not worried that Lin Fan, a Grand Master, would be harmed in any way.

        What they were truly afraid of was that if Lin Fan really struck out at these people, then it would be tantamount to inviting the Sheng Shi Group, which meant that Lin Fan had invoked the Universal Group.

        This would be an absolute disaster for anyone.

        Even Bai Yi, whose face was white as white as a sheet, reached out with one hand and hurriedly grabbed Lin Fan.

        "Honey, I'm fine, I'm just trying to reason with them!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly before patting Bai Yi's jade hand.

        Talking sense?

        Looking at Lin Fan's calm expression, Bai Yi hesitated slightly before finally letting go of his palm.


        Lin Fan instantly stepped out of the crowd, he swept a glance at the fierce security personnel around him before his eyes turned to Viper and said coldly.

        "Who are you from the Sheng Shi Hotel?"


        Viper was slightly stunned, he did not expect that this youth would be so calm in the face of himself, as if he did not have the slightest fear.

        "Humph! I'm Viper, the security manager of the Centurion Hotel!"

        Viper smiled coldly, especially, after he saw Lin Fan's shabby casual clothes, a thick sneer surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

        "What? You want to complain about me? That's fine, you can complain all you want!"

        "But your table, give it up! Your woman, hey ...... will also have to give up!"