Today I Give Up Trying 477-478

 Chapter 477

The Centurion Hotel!

        This is one of the most upscale hotels in Yunhai City.

        An ultra-high class luxury residency that combined dining, accommodation and entertainment in one place.

        And when Bai Yi and Lin Fan, had just parked their Mercedes-Benz in the hotel's car park, they immediately saw that their sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi, sister-in-law Zhu Zhide, cousin Zhu Ru, and Zhang Kaiming and his wife, had already arrived early.

        After the family saw Lin Fan and Bai Yi, they hurriedly ran all the way up to greet them.

        "Bai Yi, you're here!" The smile on his sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's face almost burst into joy.

        Not only that!

        Her gaze, which was always intentionally or unintentionally looking at Lin Fan at the side, was filled with complex, grateful, awe-inspiring and so on.

        Bai Yi was just about to reply.

        Before her words were out of her mouth, she was shocked to see that her own sister-in-law, Zhu Zhide, as well as Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming, had actually bowed deeply to herself and Lin Fan.

        "Bai Yi, it was my sister-in-law's dog's eyes before, I still hope you and Lin Fan, don't mind!"

        "Cousin, I'm sorry, just now I shouldn't have been so snobbish, I shouldn't have laughed at you! I'm really sorry!"


        These three opened their mouths and were apologizing with trembling voices.

        Seeing this scene, Bai Yi even felt that her head had simply become a mush.

        Bowing and apologizing?

        Was this still the same high-minded sister-in-law and sarcastic cousin couple from half an hour ago?

        This was simply like a different person.


        Bai Yi noticed that the direction these three people were bowing, it didn't seem to be towards themselves, but looked more like they were bowing towards Lin Fan ......?

        Bai Yi felt extremely incredulous when she thought of this absurd thought.

        After all, her own husband had offended this family quite badly before.

        Breaking a vase.

        Painting a poorly executed picture as a gift!

        Each of these things was enough to make Auntie's family, who hated Lin Fan to the point of gnashing their teeth, how could they bow to Lin Fan.

        It was never possible.

        These thoughts, just flashed through Bai Yi's mind, as she hurried forward and said, hand in hand.

        "Young aunt's husband and cousin! You ...... what are you doing?"

        Bai Yi could not have imagined that her own sister-in-law's family had become so respectful.

        After all, before.

        Both Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming held a great deal of hostility towards themselves and Lin Fan, whereas now they were not only respectful, Bai Yi could even see a hint of awe on their faces.

        "Alright! We're all family, Bai Yi definitely won't blame you guys!"

        At this moment, her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi walked over, her eyes, unnoticeably, swept a glance at Lin Fan next to her before saying.

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan, your sister-in-law has just booked a place at the Sheng Shi Hotel!"

        "Let's go! Let's go eat and talk while we eat!"

        Hearing these words, the awkward atmosphere between the crowd dissipated slightly.

        All of them walked towards the Sheng Shi Hotel.

        On the road.

        Zhu Zhide, his sister-in-law's husband, kept talking to Lin Fan, intentionally or unintentionally.

        In particular, he spoke respectfully and carefully.

        Soon, when the crowd walked into the Sheng Shi Hotel, they instantly saw that there were already people lining up in front of them.

        "Lin Fan, Bai Yi, this Shengshi Hotel, belongs to the Shengshi Group, which in turn is under the Global Group!"

        "So, this place is full every day! Let's queue up first!"

        Zhu Zhide smiled awkwardly at Lin Fan.

        In response, Lin Fan naturally did not care, and at that moment, the crowd waited patiently.


        The guests in front of them, table after table, walked in.

        And just as Zhu Zhide was about to step forward and take his table number.

        Only to see a fat-headed middle-aged man with a hot, scantily-clad, fabulous woman, walking up to the bar.

Chapter 478

"Mr. Cai, you're here!" Seeing the middle-aged man, the receptionist at the bar was immediately full of enthusiasm.

        "Hmm! Give me a table! Now!"

        The middle-aged man was full of arrogance as he ordered up straight to the receptionist lady.

        And hearing these words.

        The receptionist lady hurriedly said.

        "Mr. Cai, we still have the last table left, number 88! You can go in now!"


        Upon hearing this sentence from the receptionist lady, the face of Shen Yuzhi's family instantly changed.

        They had already reserved a table for 88 before.

        And waiting in line to enter.

        And now, they were in disbelief that this front desk lady not only allowed this middle-aged man to jump the queue, but even gave the last table that originally belonged to them to this fatty.

        For a moment.

        The faces of Shen Yuzhi's family instantly turned ugly.

        "Miss, we were here first, number 88, which was also reserved by us, how can you just give it to someone else!" Zhu Zhide said to the receptionist lady with a serious face.

        In his eyes, Lin Fan's identity was too terrifying.

        Especially since his own family had offended Lin Fan before, this time he had to say something to entertain them properly and resolve the conflict between them.

        But to his surprise, before he had even eaten, something had happened about being robbed of a table.


        Hearing Zhu Zhide's questioning voice.

        The front desk lady and the fat man both froze, and then their eyes, after taking a glance up and down at Zhu Zhide and the others, after seeing that these people were dressed in ordinary clothes and were obviously ordinary people, a strong look of disdain surfaced on their faces.

        "This gentleman, this is the Shengshi Hotel, we have the final say on who the table wants to give!" The receptionist lady did not care about Zhu Zhide in the slightest.

        In her eyes, the fatty was the one she needed to flatter and please.

        It wasn't just her!

        The fatty next to her, likewise slanted a glance at Zhu Zhide and said with a sneer.

        "Yell! What? Are you guys very unconvinced by giving up the table to me?"

        Wow ......


        Zhu Zhide and the others, how could they have imagined that this fatty and the receptionist lady would be so arrogant to such an extent in such an upscale place like the Sheng Shi Hotel.

        In an instant, Zhu Ru's face was so furious that it turned iron blue, and he angrily said.

        "Of course you don't like it! This table is clearly booked by us! Why should we give it to you!"

        "That's right! Are you still being reasonable? If you dare to steal our table, watch out for my complaint!" Zhang Kaiming also shouted.


        Upon hearing Zhang Kaiming's words, a strong look of anger surfaced on that fatty's face.

        Only, just as he was about to drink and curse.

        His eyes, at once, swept into the middle of the crowd, Bai Yi.

        "Good ...... beautiful!"

        A hint of stunning luster burst out from within the fat man's eyes, before a hint of playfulness surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

        "Do you guys really want this table?"


        Zhu Zhide and the others froze, they hadn't expected that this fatty's anger had, to their surprise, dissipated.

        "That's right! This table itself is ours!" Zhu Zhide responded angrily.

        And with that one sentence, the smile on the corner of the fat man's mouth grew more and more wicked.

        "Fine! I can let you guys have it!"


        Zhu Zhide and the others froze, and then a hint of joy immediately surfaced on their faces.

        Only, the joy on their faces had just surfaced when Fatty's words caused the crowd's faces to change drastically.

        "But there is one condition, this chick, must accompany me for a meal!"

        Said the man!

        The fatty's finger, pointed at Bai Yi.