Today I Give Up Trying 474-476

 Chapter 474

It wasn't just him!

        Bai Yi, who was next to him, also covered her mouth in shock.

        She looked at her husband, but she could not even dream of how Lin Fan had managed to do that.

        Only, at this moment, Lin Fan didn't even care about Qin Shou's panic.

        To him, the Qin Group and all the consortia in Yunhai City were all a bunch of ants, nothing more.

        "Enjoy your life of bankruptcy!"

        Lin Fan coldly threw down a sentence, and then took Bai Yi's jade hand and slowly walked in the direction of the Mercedes.

        And seeing this scene.

        Li Xiong, the Heaven-fighting Poison Eagle, instantly shook his body, and then bowed deeply to Lin Fan's back.

        "Greetings to Mr. Lin and Madam Lin!"

        It wasn't just him!

        The hundred strong men around him also hurriedly turned to Lin Fan and, with a clatter, bowed in unison in salute: "Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Lin!

        "Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lin!"

        "Congratulations to Mr. Lin, Madam Lin!"


        At this moment, the scene was shocking to the extreme.

        Especially after this voice fell, those strong men hurriedly moved a van, all of them, out of the way, and then stood neatly on both sides of the road, to separate a path for Lin Fan's Mercedes.

        It was only after the Mercedes-Benz started up and slowly drove away.

        Li Xiong led the hundred strong men and once again bowed in salute to the direction the Mercedes was leaving.


        Seeing this scene, Qin Shou could hardly believe his eyes.

        The Heaven-fighting Poison Eagle Li Xiong, this was the fourth disciple of Vajra, the number one expert in Yunhai, and his status in Yunhai City was that of a big brother figure.

        Even when facing Vajra in normal times, Li Xiong definitely did not show such respect.

        But now!

        Within a short minute, he had bowed twice in a row!

        This was simply unbelievable.

        "Xiong ...... Brother Xiong, can you tell me, who exactly is that person? How could he possibly make our Qin Group, completely finished! What exactly is his identity?"

        Qin Shou finally understood that he had caused a shocking disaster, and at this moment, his heart was desperate and unwilling.

        Just hearing these words.

        Li Xiong turned around and gave Qin Shou a pitying glance before saying.

        "He, is the mysterious senior who instructed my master, Elder Kong!"

        "He, the terrifying being who annihilated Blood Wolf in three moves!"

        "Him - the Grand Master of Jiang City, Lin Fan!"

        Wow ......

        These words from Li Xiong fell, not only did they make Qin Shou's eyes go black and almost faint from fear.

        Even the hundred strong men around them had cold sweat on their foreheads.

        They finally knew why Li Xiong had such respect for Lin Fan, and finally understood why Lin Fan's one word had completely finished off the Qin Group.

        It turned out that he was the Grand Master Lin who had recently shaken China and Jiangnan again and again!

        To think that he and the others, were actually besieging a Grand Master.

        The faces of those hundred strong men were green with fear.

        And Qin Shou's body even trembled as a trace of urine flowed out from his crotch.


        And at the same time!

        In the Mercedes-Benz, Bai Yi had not reacted from the shock she had just felt until now.

        Originally, she thought it was over.

        Never in her wildest dreams did she think that things would take such a heavenly turn for the worse.

        A hundred people bowed in respect.

        With a single word, a group was wiped out alive.

        All this, all done by her own husband?

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, and at this moment only felt as if her husband was becoming more and more mysterious and unpredictable.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, how on earth did you do that?"

        Bai Yi's body, are trembling a little.

        And looking at his wife's look of seeing a ghost, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched slightly and he could only say with a stiff upper lip.

        "Wife, actually just now I was just bragging!"

Chapter 475


        Bai Yi froze, and then continued to hear Lin Fan say.

        "That Li Xiong, I've met him once before and was taught a lesson by me, that's why he didn't take a shot at us this time when he saw me!"

        "As for the Qin Group being finished, I also had no knowledge of it, after all, I don't know anyone in Yunhai, and I've never made a single phone call or sent a single text message!"

        Lin Fan's words caused Bai Yi's eyes to light up.

        That's right!

        She had always been with Lin Fan, yet she had never seen him take out his mobile phone, let alone make a single phone call.

        This meant that the end of the Qin Group had nothing to do with Lin Fan at all, it was merely a coincidence.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi then let out a long sigh of relief.

        She was afraid that her husband would really be a super figure who would decide the life and death of a group with a single word.

        If that were the case, Bai Yi could not imagine how she would have to face it.

        And at this moment.

        After Lin Fan saw Bai Yi's relaxed expression, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly.

        This was just the annihilation of a second-rate group in a third-tier city.

        It had made Bai Yi nervous to such an extent.

        He couldn't even imagine how much Bai Yi would be shocked if his wife knew that with a single word, he could make any power on this planet go up in smoke.

        "It seems that it will still take a long time!"

        Lin Fan muttered to himself.

        And Bai Yi, who was beside him, faintly froze and asked curiously.

        "Lin Fan, what did you say about a very long time!"

        "Nothing ...... nothing!" Lin Fan smiled awkwardly, and at that moment hurriedly changed the subject and said.

        "Wife, where are we going next?"

        Hearing these words.

        Bai Yi seemed to instantly remember what happened today, and a hint of annoyance and sadness surfaced on that gorgeous pretty face:.

        "Ugh ...... completely offended my sister-in-law today! She should be very angry with me right now!"

        A bitter smile surfaced at the corner of Bai Yi's mouth.

        Little Aunt, was considered to be one of the few relatives that had been particularly kind to her.

        It was just that she hadn't expected that this visit would result in such an ugly situation, even causing her own sister-in-law's birthday day to lose face.


        Just after Bai Yi had finished speaking.

        Ding Ding Ring.

        Her mobile phone, at once, came with a ringing ringtone.

        "It's sister-in-law?"

        After Bai Yi saw the phone number displayed, her entire person faintly froze, followed by the bitterness on her pretty face, which grew thicker and thicker.

        "This phone call, I guess it's from my sister-in-law, scolding me!"

        Bai Yi looked at the phone, her face full of sorrow, wanting to answer it, but not daring to.

        And seeing this scene.

        Lin Fan seemed to have thought of something, the corners of his mouth curled slightly and he said.

        "Wife, answer it! If you don't answer it, how will Little Aunt thank you and me?"


        Thank you?

        Bai Yi's gaze at Lin Fan at this moment was almost like she was looking at a madman.

        Today, she and Lin Fan had made a fool of themselves at her sister-in-law's house, and her sister-in-law's family hated the two of them to the core, so how could they still thank her?

        Wasn't that a lie?

        Bai Yi didn't believe Lin Fan's words at all, and at this moment, she gave this culprit a fierce glare, and could only stiffen her head and pick up the phone.

        "Hey ...... Aunt, I'm so sorry for today ......"


        Just as Bai Yi was about to apologize to Shen Yuzhi on the other end of the phone, he was stunned to hear, from inside, a hyperactive and trembling voice.

        "Bai ...... Bai Yi? My sister-in-law is not well, my sister-in-law apologizes to you as well as thanks on behalf of the whole family!"

Chapter 476

Ga ......

        When these words from her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi came, they caused the words of apology that had reached Bai Yi's lips to come to an abrupt halt.

        Her pair of beautiful eyes glared round, and at this moment she only felt as if she had hallucinated, almost unable to believe what she had heard.

        "Little ...... Aunt, what are you talking about?"

        Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded.

        Especially, after she looked to the side at Lin Fan who was smiling, it was as if she had seen a ghost.


        She could never have imagined that Lin Fan, this crow's mouth, would once again open up.

        He said that his sister-in-law's call was to thank him, but how could he have never imagined that it was ...... true.

        This, simply unbelievable!

        "Bai Yi, sister-in-law really special thank you! How could I not have imagined that this great gift that you couple gave me would be so generous, I ...... don't even know how to express my excitement!"

        Shen Yuzhi, who was on the phone, was simply like winning the jackpot of tens of millions of dollars, her voice trembling, excited and exuberant, incoherent.

        And this sentence, moreover, made Bai Yi dumbfounded.

        A big gift?

        What big gift?

        When had he and Lin Fan ever given his sister-in-law a big gift?

        Today, they had just bought some simple nutritional products, oh yes, and that unpleasant painting of a gift that Lin Fan had painted before he left.

        But neither the nutrition nor the painting had the slightest relation to the big gift, right?

        The corners of Bai Yi's mouth twitched slightly, only feeling as if she was dreaming, not understanding at all what her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi was talking about.

        That was not all.

        She heard, immediately afterwards, her own sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's words, coming once more.

        "Bai Yi, in order to express our gratitude to you and Lin Fan, our family has just booked a place at the Sheng Shi Hotel and we would like to treat you and your wife to a meal! Can you guys ...... appreciate your face?"

        The voice of Shen Yuzhi in the phone was apprehensive and expectant.

        Not only that.

        Bai Yi even heard, from within the phone, the nervous murmurs of her sister-in-law Zhu Zhide, her cousin's husband Zhang Kaiming and the others next to her.

        They seemed to be very respectful of their couple ......?

        Bai Yi was completely confused.

        She could not have imagined that the attitude of her sister-in-law's family had taken such a drastic reversal, but she still nodded and said.

        "Little Aunt, then we will drive to the Sheng Shi Hotel now!"

        "Good! Great! Thank you, Bai Yi, for giving our family this opportunity to apologise and thank you in person! I'll see you at the entrance of the Sheng Shi Hotel in a few minutes!"

        The voice of her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi was thick with ecstasy.

        Until the phone hung up, Bai Yi still had not yet reacted from his daze.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! What's going on? Little Aunt is actually ...... thanking me?"

        Bai Yi's pair of beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan in a daze.

        She could never have imagined that things would turn out like this.

        Even sister-in-law's family, to invite their own couple to dinner and thank them in person?

        Just thanking herself for what ah?

        Bai Yi couldn't figure it out.

        And hearing this, after looking at Bai Yi's dumbfounded expression, Lin Fan couldn't help but smile slightly.

        "Wife, don't get your head in the sand, it's probably because Little Aunt's family feels that they've gone too far with us, that's why they're planning to treat us to dinner!"

        With that, Lin Fan started navigating his way towards the Sheng Shi Hotel.

        "Is that really the case?"

        Bai Yi looked at her husband.

        There was no way she could accept the reason Lin Fan had given.

        Somehow, Bai Yi even had a vague feeling that this matter seemed to be unrelated to her husband, Lin Fan.