Today I Give Up Trying 471-473

 Chapter 471

"Little beast, aren't you arrogant? You get out of the car, come on, my brother Xiong and more than a hundred brothers will greet you properly!"

        At this moment, outside the Mercedes-Benz car, Qin Shou was laughing unusually wildly.

        He vigorously slapped the front hood of the Mercedes sedan and hissed at Lin Fan.

        "Get the hell down! Otherwise, I'll take your car and crush it into iron clay for you!"

        Qin Shou had Li Xiong and the others backing him up, and his hissing voice, grew louder and louder.

        And just as his words left his lips!


        The door of the Mercedes-Benz car, suddenly opened, and then only Lin Fan and Bai Yi were seen slowly walking down.

        And the moment he saw Lin Fan.

        Li Xiong's originally disdainful expression suddenly stiffened, and a look of having seen a ghost surfaced on his face.

        "This ...... can't be!"

        Li Xiong rubbed his eyes, and when he was sure, Lin Fan's face.

        Wow ......

        His entire face changed drastically.

        Dense cold sweat, from his forehead, raged and flowed down.

        Only for his reaction, the Qin Shou beside him didn't even see it.

        Qin Shou's eyes, which had been on Lin Fan's body, were filled with a fierce face as he shouted.

        "Kid, you've got some nerve! How dare you really get out of the car!"

        "Good! Tell me, which leg do you want me to break?"

        Qin Shou's voice was filled with ferocity

        And with these words, Bai Yi's pale face became more and more bloodless.

        She hurriedly stopped in front of Lin Fan, before turning to Qin Shou and saying.

        "Qin ...... Qin Gongzi, we had a misunderstanding before, can you spare my husband!"

        "We can compensate, as long as you say an amount!"

        Bai Yi panicked.

        How could she bear to look at Lin Fan and have his legs and feet broken, this was simply unacceptable to her.

        Only, compensation?

        "Hahahaha ......"

        "You, woman, are you brainless? What kind of person am I, Qin Shou, the young master of the Qin Group, would I be short of your three melons and two dates?"

        Qin Shou said, and the scowl on that face grew thicker and thicker.

        He stretched out his left hand and pointed at Lin Fan, shouting frantically.

        "Kid, tell me, what to do?"

        What to do?

        Lin Fan smiled faintly before glancing at Qin Shou with deep meaning before saying.

        "You really don't want compensation?"

        "Joke! I don't want compensation from you, all I want is your legs and feet! I want to break your legs and hands, and make you a cripple for the rest of your life!" Qin Shou's face was full of malice.

        And with these words, Bai Yi's pretty face, became more and more miserable white.

        Just as Bai Yi, wanted to continue to help Lin Fan plead for mercy.

        But only to see Lin Fan smiling, more and more brilliantly:.

        "Hahahaha ......"

        "Good! In that case, then I agree, break your arms and legs and be an invalid for the rest of your life!"


        Bai Yi was frozen!

        Qin Shou was dumbfounded!

        How could they not believe that Lin Fan had actually agreed?

        This guy, was he an idiot?

        People wanted to break his legs and feet, and he actually agreed to do it, this was unbelievable.

        That was not all.

        Qin Shou and Bai Yi, however, saw that after Lin Fan's words had fallen.

        Li Xiong, the Heaven-fighting Poison Eagle, walked straight ahead, slowly.


        His footsteps, calm and strong, were dripping with an aura of bloody ferocity.

        Especially, when he took a baseball bat from a burly man next to him, he came with an aggressive and aggressive step.

        Seeing this scene, Qin Shou instantly thought that Li Xiong was going to personally help him take revenge, and was instantly ecstatic to the point of.

        "Hahahaha ...... Brother Xiong! This kid agrees, you go on, let him know the power of our Yunhai people! Break his legs, break his feet! Make him a cripple for life! Hahahaha ......"

Chapter 472

Qin Shou laughed exceptionally wildly.

        With Li Xiong's hand, he was naturally the most at ease.

        In his eyes, when Lin Fan faced Li Xiong, it was like a mole meeting an elephant, and Li Xiong could scrap him in minutes.


        Li Xiong smiled fiercely, and the speed at which he went forward became faster and faster.

        That step fell.


        Especially, after she saw that Li Xiong was getting closer and closer to Lin Fan.

        Bai Yi was completely panicked.

        At that moment, she wanted to stop Li Xiong.

        Only, she had just taken a step with her paws.

        At once, she saw that the baseball bat in Li Xiong's hand swung out with a fierce swing.

        Hoo ......

        This baseball bat was so ruthless that it almost burst the air around it, emitting a humming sound.

        And then!

        And then!

        A shattering sound followed.


        At this moment, Bai Yi froze, Qin Shou froze, and everyone around him could not believe their eyes.

        Because they were stunned to see that the baseball bat in Li Xiong's hand, instead of hitting Lin Fan, had instead broken one of Qin Shou's legs, raw.


        Qin Shou was caught off guard and his entire body fell to the ground.

        When he saw his broken right leg, he screamed repeatedly.

        "Ahhhhh! My leg! Brother Hung, you ...... how did you break my leg!"

        It hurt!

        Qin Shou only felt, from the location of his broken leg, as if a tidal wave of severe pain swept over him, immediately causing him to tremble and tremble all over his body.

        What made it even more difficult for him to accept was this.

        Li Xiong had actually broken not Lin Fan's broken leg, but his own leg?

        How the hell, how was this possible.

        At this moment, not only did Qin Shou feel incredulous.

        Even Bai Yi, as well as the hundred strong men around him, were all frozen in their tracks

        They could never have imagined that things would take such a turn for the worse.

        Only Li Xiong didn't care about the astonished gazes around him, his eyes were fixed on Qin Shou on the ground with a thick, ferocious smile appearing at the corners of his mouth.

        "Qin Shou, weren't you the one who said earlier? To break your legs and feet and become a ruined man!"

        "Naturally, I will make you whole!"


        Qin Shou was dumbfounded.

        And before he could react, he instantly saw the baseball bat in Li Xiong's hand, surprisingly, smashing down once again on his other leg, viciously!


        Another crisp cracking sound rang out, and Qin Shou saw in horror that his other leg, too, had been broken alive.

        "Ahhhhh! My leg ...... hurts! It hurts!!!"

        Qin Shou let out a pig-like scream of misery.

        It was insane!

        At this moment, he just felt like the entire world had gone crazy.

        What had happened?

        Li Xiong was clearly the expert he had found to avenge him!

        But now, the man he had paid for had broken both of his legs, which left him in a state of shock and disbelief.

        "Li Xiong, how dare you fucking hit me, good! You wait, your master King Kong will not spare you, and neither will I, the Qin Clan!"

        Qin Shou screamed miserably, looking at Li Xiong with both fear and resentment.

        However, Li Xiong did not listen at all.

        As if he was a machine on a mission, he waved his palm and the baseball bat came down on Qin Shou, crackling and fierce!

        One bat!

        Another bat!

        Qin Shou's entire body was drenched in blood under this constantly falling bat.

        His flesh and skin were split open, and it was unbearable.

        It was only a few minutes.

        Qin Shou was beaten to the point where he had almost become a bloody man.

        It was only at this point!

        Only then did Li Xiong stop, and then he wiped the blood stains on his face and spat at Qin Shou.

        "A punk, blame only on you for provoking the wrong person!"


        Li Xiong's words caused Qin Shou, who was dumbfounded, to tremble.

Chapter 473

This was not all.

        Under the incredulous eyes of Qin Shou, Bai Yi and everyone else, Li Xiong hurriedly wiped the blood from his body before walking over in Lin Fan's direction.

        On his face, there was no longer a hint of his previous fierceness, instead, his face was piled with a pleasing smile as he said to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, Madam Lin! You have been frightened!"


        Bai Yi was frozen.

        Qin Shou was dumbfounded!

        Only then did they realize that Li Xiong actually knew Lin Fan.

        And scrapping Qin Shou was obviously a move made by Li Xiong in order to please Lin Fan.

        Dumbfounded ......

        After Qin Shou understood this, his entire body simply exploded in anger:.

        "Good! Li Xiong, you devourer, you took my money and even helped this bastard and beat me up!"

        "You're done for! I, the Qin Clan, will definitely take revenge on you and scrape you alive!"

        Qin Shou's hissing voice was filled with thick resentment.

        However, hearing these words.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, had a faint smile on the corner of his mouth before he walked over to Qin Shou's side and said indifferently.

        "The Qin Clan?"

        "I'm afraid it's gone!"


        Lin Fan's words caused Qin Shou to freeze, causing Bai Yi to be confused as well.

        What did it mean? Lin Fan was saying that the Qin Clan was finished?

        How was this possible, this was Yunhai City, and the Qin Group was a second-rate family in Yunhai City with great strength, so how could it be that it would be over after a word from Lin Fan, an outsider!

        This was simply nonsense.

        "Hahahaha ...... idiot! Do you think that with a Li Xiong to help you, you can be lawless in Yunhai?" Qin Shou stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, and in his voice, there was a thick ruthlessness:.

        "You don't even know how powerful my Qin Group is!"

        "You ......"

        Qin Shou instantly wanted to use his words and scare Lin Fan, but he hadn't finished speaking yet.

        Ding Ding Ding Ding!

        A mobile phone rang, then, from him.

        Qin Shou endured the severe pain in his body and hurriedly took out the phone.

        Especially, after he saw that the call, was actually from his old son, Qin Jun, the malice and smile on his face grew thicker and thicker:.

        "Hahahaha ...... See? My dad is calling! You guys wait for me!"

        As he said that!

        Qin Shou then picked up the phone!

        Only, just as the call was connected, Qin Shou was stunned to hear, a panicked and angry roar.

        "Little beast, what the hell have you done!"

        "Our group is finished! The Fei family has blocked us, the Qi family has blocked us, and now all the groups in the whole of Yunhai have blocked us on all fronts! What the hell have you done!"

        The panic and despair in this voice was like an explosive thunder that fell hard on Qin Shou's ears, causing his entire body to tremble.

        "No ...... it can't be!"

        Qin Shou was completely dumbfounded.

        It was over!

        Although their Qin Group had strength, at best, it was only a second-rate group in Yunhai.

        Now that giant conglomerates like the Fei Family and Qi Family, as well as all the conglomerates in Yunhai City, were blocking them, then in just an instant, their group would be completely finished.

        This, how is it possible.

        Thinking about this, Qin Shou couldn't help but recall Lin Fan's words just now.

        The Qin Group, it was over?

        It was unbelievable that this guy had made a prophecy out of a single word.

        "Is ...... you the one who did this? Who are you? Who the hell are you?" Qin Shou was looking at Lin Fan in disbelief at this moment.

        He could be sure that this matter was definitely unrelated to Lin Fan.

        It was just that he simply couldn't imagine what kind of identity Lin Fan had to be in order to alarm a behemoth like the Fei Family and Qi Family to impose the ultimate blockade on their Qin Clan throughout the entire Cloud Sea.