Today I Give Up Trying 469-470

 Chapter 469

At this moment, a shocking scene appeared on the road.

        The only thing that could be seen was that the two ends of the road were blocked by a large lorry.

        Only a Mercedes-Benz was trapped in the middle of the road, unable to move forward, let alone backward, completely blocking the way forward and backward.

        And that's not all!


        The doors of the lorries opened and one after another majestic figures came out of the lorries.

        Each and every one of these men was fierce and fierce, armed with baseball bats, and extremely frightening.

        Ten men!


        One hundred!

        In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred people came down from the carriage, almost completely flooding the Mercedes.

        And at the same time!

        At the very front of those vans was a Porsche parked.

        Two figures, sitting on the door.

        One of them, a young man with bandages on his fingers, saw the hundred strong men surrounding the Mercedes, and after he saw them, a smile of pleasure appeared on his face.

        "Hahahaha ...... This kid is finally going to be finished! Damn it, how dare he break my Qin Shou's finger, he deserves to die!"

        This young man was none other than Qin Shou, the grandson of the Qin Clan.

        Next to him, there sat a stout man with a Chinese face.

        This man was extremely tough, with a body of sinewy flesh that looked like a gnarled dragon, coiled across his body, giving him a feeling of explosive power.



        This strong man was like a hungry wolf, as if he was ready to devour someone at any moment.

        At this moment, he indifferently glanced at Qin Shou, and this strong man said.

        "How are you going to get him?"

        "Brother Xiong, I'm going to break all ten fingers and ten toes of this brat!" A thick ferocity surfaced on Qin Shou's face.

        Saying that, he seemed to have thought of something, and a fierce smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

        "And that woman, this lord must taste her!"

        A woman?

        Hearing these words, 'Brother Xiong' frowned and said unkindly.

        "Qin Shou, have you forgotten my master Vajra's rules?"

        "With men, you can beat and kill! But never touch a woman! Otherwise, you will be personally attacked by my master to clear the door!"

        These words, filled with an icy coldness, immediately caused Qin Shou to shiver with excitement.

        "Xiong ...... Brother Xiong, I was just joking, don't be angry!" Qin Shou knew, however, the rules of the Vajra One Sect.

        And right now, this Brother Xiong was the fourth disciple of the number one expert of Vajra in Yunhai City, the Heaven Fighting Poison Eagle - Li Xiong!

        Speaking of Vajra, Qin Shou instantly recalled something and asked curiously.

        "Right, Brother Xiong, what's going on today? I heard that Mr. King Kong and all of our underground bigwigs in Yunhai City, all of them are out in force, did something happen?"

        Qin Shou had discovered, when he was looking for help and revenge, the strange movement of Vajra and all the underground giants.

        It was just that he simply did not understand what had happened in order to alert all the underground giants in Yunhai City, in droves.

        Hearing this!

        On the other hand, a hint of admiration surfaced on the face of the Heaven-fighting Poison Hawk Li Xiong: "That's because my master, Li Xiong, is the only one who has been able to do that.

        "That's because, my master and all the underground giants, went forward to pay homage to a superior person!"


        These words startled Qin Shou for a moment.

        He simply could not imagine what kind of existence could be called a high person by figures like Vajra and Li Xiong, and even go to pay homage to them personally.

        Only, that was not all.

        On Li Xiong's face, the look of worshipful fervour grew thicker and thicker, as if he was thinking of his super idol.

        "My master was overjoyed long ago when he heard that high person had come to Yunhai today! Unfortunately, I, Li Xiong, don't even have the qualifications to pay homage to that nobleman!"

Chapter 470

Not even qualified to pay respects?

        Qin Shou was even more frightened by these words.

        He knew that Li Xiong, the Heaven-fighting Poison Eagle, belonged to a big brother in the underground world of Yunhai City.

        This kind of person was not even qualified to meet that senior person, which made the image of that senior person in Qin Shou's heart unable to be tall and magnificent.

        "Brother Xiong, who is that senior person? How could he make Mr. King Kong, so respectful?" At this moment, Qin Shou became more and more curious about the senior person Li Xiong was talking about.

        And as soon as these words fell!

        On Li Xiong's face, a hint of playfulness surfaced:.

        "Have you heard why our master and disciple failed when they went to Jiang City to challenge some time ago?"


        Qin Shou faintly stared, before nodding and saying.

        "Brother Xiong, I naturally know about this matter! You failed because there was a patriarchal figure in Jiang City!"

        "That's right!" Li Xiong nodded his head and said excitedly.

        "You can't even imagine how powerful that master figure is! That time, he didn't even make a move, he just found a small minion and gave a word of instruction, and then he made our master and disciple, all of us, fall!"

        "Moreover, Blood Wolf, the 10th on the East Asian Assassin's List, was also defeated by him in three moves!"

        "That high ranking person is Grand Master Lin!"

        Wow ......

        When these words were spoken, they caused Qin Shou's body to tremble.

        Grand Patriarch Qin, he had naturally heard of this person.

        He had even seen the video of that person scrapping Blood Wolf.


        Qin Shou had never seen that a person could be so strong to such an extent, and it was only then that he understood why the giants such as Vajra had all gone out to pay homage to that person.


        After Qin Shou thought about the figure of Grand Master Lin in the video, his entire body froze slightly.

        For some reason, the figure of Grand Patriarch Lin in his mind gradually overlapped with the figure of Lin Fan, whom he hated so much that he gnashed his teeth.


        Qin Shou was startled by his own thoughts.

        And then hurriedly shook his head, shaking this absurd thought out of his mind:.

        "How could that bastard be Grand Master Lin, I must be thinking too much!"

        Qin Shou comforted himself.

        And just then, Li Xiong opened the car door and said straight away.

        "Let's go! First, let's help you with this little matter and settle it!"

        Hearing these words!

        Qin Shou thought no more, and hurriedly followed Li Xiong, stepped out of the Porsche, and then slowly walked towards the Mercedes Benz, which was surrounded by a van, and a majestic figure.

        And at the same time!

        In the Mercedes, Bai Yi's pretty face, white as paper.

        Panic ......

        How could she have not expected that the two of them would be surrounded by people?

        Especially looking at the sturdy men holding sticks, like wolves and tigers, Bai Yi only felt her scalp tingle: "Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, I ...... what do we do now?"

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan eagerly.

        Only at this moment!

        Lin Fan, however, still had a breezy look and said with a faint smile.

        "Wife, don't worry, with me around, even the King of Heaven won't be able to hurt you half a bit!"


        Bai Yi was stunned, how could she have ever thought that her husband could still be so calm in the face of such a scene.

        However, it was also Lin Fan's calmness that surprisingly soothed Bai Yi's worried heart.

        Only, just as she took a breath.

        All of a sudden, she saw!


        The crowd that was surrounding the Mercedes-Benz straightened up and parted a path, before two figures walked over.

        "That is Qin Shou of the Qin Clan! Lin Fan, don't mind me later, you run first!"

        "They don't dare to do anything to me, but if you fall into Qin Shou's hands, it will be completely over!"

        Bai Yi's face was as white as paper.

        That was not all.

        When Bai Yi saw, next to Qin Shou, Li Xiong, he was startled.

        "That man, isn't he the disciple of the number one expert in Yunhai City, Vajra?"

        Before, Bai Yi had seen the video of Vajra and the others, who had gone to Jiang City to challenge.

        It was also clearly remembered.

        It was this Heaven-fighting Poison Eagle, Li Xiong, who had almost swept through the underground forces of Jiang City, eleven battles, eleven victories, beating the underground members of Jiang City to the ground.

        And when faced with such a bullish figure, even if Lin Fan knew some kung fu, he would definitely be no match!

        It was just that she hadn't noticed.

        After seeing Li Xiong, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, rose slightly for a minute, a trace of playful smile surfaced if nothing else.