Today I Give Up Trying 467-468

 Chapter 467


        At this moment, under the shocked sight of Shen Yuzhi's family, one figure after another, appeared in the doorway position.

        At the head of the group was an old man.

        Dressed in a Tang suit, he was in great spirits.

        The entire person gave off a frighteningly powerful pressure of a superior person when he raised his hands and feet.

        Upon seeing this old man, Zhu Zhide and the others, only felt as if they were dreaming.

        "You are ...... Old Mr. Fei?"

        Old man Fei!

        Another legendary figure of Yunhai City.

        He had single-handedly established the Fei family, the number one powerful family in Yunhai, and his business territory even spanned more than ten urban areas such as Yunhai and Jiang City, and he was a dominant figure.

        He was even made an idol by all the businessmen in Yunhai City.

        It was just unimaginable to Zhu Zhide and the others that such a pinnacle figure in Yunhai City, like Elder Fei, had come to their home as well.

        Could it be that ...... was also because of Lin Fan?

        Thinking of this possibility, Shen Yuzhi's family's heart almost reached their throats.

        This was not all.

        They also saw that behind Elder Fei, they were followed by one business tycoon after another, including the second most powerful family in Yunhai, the oldest of the Qi family, and the third most powerful family, the oldest of the Zhou family.

        "Mr. Fei ...... Fei Lao, what brings you here?"

        Zhu Zhide asked in a trembling voice as he stiffened his head.

        And hearing these words.

        A thick warm smile surfaced on Elder Fei's vicissitudes face as he said straightforwardly.

        "I heard that Divine Doctor Lin has made a grand visit to our Yunhai City! As a member of Yunhai City, how could I not come to pay my respects to my life-saving benefactor, Divine Doctor Lin!"


        Divine Doctor Lin?

        Could it be that this Divine Doctor Lin was also referring to ...... Lin Fan?

        Thinking of this, Zhu Zhide only felt the heart attack he was about to have, making him almost choke:.

        "Elder Fei, the divine Doctor Lin you are talking about, is it ...... Lin Fan?"

        "That's right! It is none other than Mr. Lin Fan!"

        When Elder Fei confirmed with a smile on his face.

        Shen Yuzhi's family all felt dizzy.


        Grandmaster Lin!

        The divine Doctor Lin!

        The family could not even imagine how many terrifying identities Lin Fan was hiding, each one of these was a frightening existence.

        Especially right now.

        Shen Yuzhi's family, looking at the likes of Ma Lao, the head of the Trophy Museum, the underground giant King Kong, and the business legend Fei Lao, who had appeared in their home, only felt as if they were having a dream.

        All of the top bigwigs of Yunhai had gathered at their home, just to pay respects to that one, Lin Fan, who had been mocked and struck away by their family.

        This kind of shock.

        Such trepidation.

        It made Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru's couple, almost piss themselves in fear.

        "No...... not good!"

        At this moment, Zhang Kaiming thought of something and his face swished and turned miserably white as he turned to the many bigwigs and said in a trembling voice.

        "Everyone, earlier Mr. Lin broke the five fingers of the Duke of Qin of the Qin Clan, after Mr. Lin left, the Duke of Qin has gotten the news, and I'm afraid that he's already going to besiege Mr. Lin now!"


        Zhang Kaiming's words caused all the bigwigs in the room, their faces to change.

        What they were worried about, naturally, was not Lin Fan's safety.

        After all, in their eyes, Lin Fan was a Grand Master, a god-like being, so would he not be harmed by the Qin Clan's retaliation.

        What made all the bigwigs angry was that someone in Yunhai City had the audacity to mess with Mr. Lin, which was damnable.

        "Good! Bravo!"

        "I really didn't expect that a tiny Qin Group, an ant-like consortium, would have the guts to provoke the old man's saviour! Very good!"

        On Elder Fei's face, the smile gradually turned icy cold.

        And then, with a turn of his gaze, he looked at the old man of the Qi family behind him.

        "Old Qi! If I remember correctly, the Qin Clan was just a dog under your Qi Clan!"

        "Now, your dog actually dares to bark at Mr. Lin, so you know how to do the rest, right?"

Chapter 468

The Qin Group is a dog of the Qi family!

        That's right!

        In the eyes of giant powers like the Fei Family and the Qi Family, second-tier plutocrats were, at best, just dogs under their doors, nothing more.

        Hearing these words, the Qi family's old man hurriedly nodded his head.

        "Old brother, don't worry! Let alone being a dog of our Qi family, even if a person from our Qi family dares to mess with Mr. Lin, I will let him die just like this old bone!"

        Elder Qi's words were cold and piercing.

        And the two business giants, with one question and one answer, had completely sealed the fate of the Qin Group.

        And this scene, falling in the eyes of Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru, the couple's hearts were even more bitter to the core.

        The gap!

        This was the gap!

        The couple was trembling with fear and trepidation, working their hearts out at the Qin Group, just to get a small, pitiful salary in return.

        Whereas Lin Fan?

        Just because the young master of the Qin Group wanted to take revenge on him, he had scared out behemoths like the Fei and Qi families to uproot the Qin Group.

        This is the difference between a giant dragon and a mole, right?


        And at the same time!

        On the road in Yunhai City, a Mercedes Benz sedan, was slowly driving.

        But Bai Yi, who was in the car, was extremely agitated.

        She had no idea what was going on in the Zhu family at the moment.

        All she knew was that her husband had broken her sister-in-law's birthday gift in order to make a name for himself, and he had even painted a painting that he didn't know what to do with in order to gain face and be ridiculed.

        "Lin Fan ......"

        Bai Yi turned her head and looked at Lin Fan with a face full of disappointment.

        "What's wrong? Honey!" Lin Fan asked as if he had no sense of having lost his face, instead he smiled.

        Seeing Lin Fan's look of full disinterest, the corners of Bai Yi's mouth twitched slightly, and her heart was even more exasperated.

        How could she not understand how Lin Fan managed to, having lost his face, not care in the slightest?

        "Lin Fan, can you stop being so hangdog in the future?"

        "Do you know that what you did just now at your sister-in-law's house not only disgraced you and me, but also disgraced your sister-in-law, who was celebrating her birthday!"

        "If you do that, how can I have the face to see my sister-in-law again!"

        Bai Yi's heart was raging with anger, and she crackled and snapped at Lin Fan.

        Just hearing these words.

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched slightly, but he still shrugged without a care: "Wife, don't worry!

        "Wife, don't worry! Right now, Little Aunt's family should be thanking us!"

        "Even, we'll be proud and proud of being related to both of us!"


        Lin Fan's words left Bai Yi completely dumbfounded.

        Thanking us?

        Proud and proud?

        This wasn't fucking insane!

        Bai Yi was instantly furious at Lin Fan's words, causing her pretty face to turn red as she turned her head away, not willing to look at Lin Fan any longer.


        Just as the Mercedes-Benz sedan, just turned a corner.

        Squeak ......

        Lin Fan slammed on the brakes, and the entire Mercedes, with a trail of black smoke coming out of its tires, came to a screeching halt.

        "Lin Fan, what ...... are you doing!"

        Bai Yi was startled, she was shocked and angry, and she was about to scold Lin Fan.

        It was just at this moment.

        Instead, she saw the corners of Lin Fan's mouth, a cold and icy arc emerged, and a pair of eyes, staring deadly at the roadside before the car window, faintly said.

        "Wife, here comes the revenge!"


        The moment this statement was made, it startled Bai Yi.

        She hurriedly looked ahead and saw that a large truck, rushing from the front, instantly crossed the roadside in front of her, sealing off the entire road.