Today I Give Up Trying 464-466

 Chapter 464


        When they heard this word, Ma Lao and the others all had their spirits lifted, their breathing, even at this moment, slightly sharpened.

        "Can you let a few of us, take a look at that painting?" Ma Lao asked nervously.

        Just hearing these words.

        Zhu Zhide's heart pounded wildly.

        He could only stiffen his head, point to the bin in the living room, and said.

        "That painting, it's in that ...... bin!"

        "Ma Lao, that painting is simply unsightly, when Lin Fan painted it, we were all there to see it with our own eyes, it doesn't look like a mountain, it doesn't want to be water, it's dark, we don't know what it is!"

        Zhu Zhide still wanted to explain.

        However, Ma Lao's four men didn't listen at all, they rushed in as far as they could and then acted as if they were a group of crazy treasure hunters.

        Pouncing to the side of the bin, they carefully took out the crumpled paper ball, and took it out.

        And then slowly unfolded it.

        Only, when this one paper ball was unfolded, Shen Yuzhi's family each seemed to have seen a ghost, and could hardly believe their eyes.

        "This ...... is a mountain and river map?"

        Dumbfounded ......

        At this moment, both Shen Yuzhi and her husband and wife, as well as Zhu Ru and her husband and wife, were completely dumbfounded.

        They had seen it with their own eyes before, this painting that Lin Fan had drawn, black and white, nothing at all, just pure scribbles.

        But now!

        When the paper ball was unfolded, it became a picture of a mountain and a river as if by magic.

        The mountains are majestic, standing on the ground and rising to the heavens.

        The raging Yellow River swirls around the mountains.

        The rushing waves are so realistic that, at first glance, it is as if one is really facing the gigantic river, causing one's heart and soul to tremble.

        This picture of the mountains and rivers gives an almost flawless feeling, both in terms of momentum and colour.

        Just by looking at it, it was as if one was really in the middle of these mountains and rivers, looking down on the world!

        "Oh my ...... God! This brush line, this outline depiction, is actually Mr. BLOOD's method!"

        "I've seen countless people paint mountains and rivers in my life, but I've never seen such a blood-pumping picture of mountains and rivers! It's worthy of Mr. BLOOD's great masterpiece!"

        "Hahahaha ...... The heavens have eyes, although I have not seen Mr. BLOOD in person, I have seen his divine work, it is not a waste of my life!"


        At this moment, under the incredulous sight of Shen Yuzhi's family.

        Ma Lao and the other four bigwigs of the canonical world, as if they had gone mad, cried and laughed at this picture of the mountains and rivers, excited and inexplicable.


        At this moment, in the eyes of Shen Yuzhi's family, the inscription BLOOD beneath this painting of mountains and rivers was so blinding.

        It made each and every one of their hearts, thumping wildly, almost popping out of their throats.

        "Ma ...... Ma Lao, are you sure? Lin Fan is really BLOOD?"

        Zhu Zhide's entire face, brushed with a tragic white as paper, incredulously asked out of the mouth.

        And hearing these words!

        Only then did Ma Lao notice his loss of temper and hurriedly wiped the excited tears from the corners of his eyes, before nodding his head frantically.

        "That's right! Mr. Zhu Zhide, I must say that your family is simply too honourable to be a relative of Mr. BLOOD!"

        "Also, this painting, could you sell it to our Cloud Sea Collection! Although this painting has been artificially damaged, we, the Collection, are still willing to offer ...... ten million dollars!"


        These words fell like an explosive thunderstorm that struck Shen Yuzhi's family's mind.

Chapter 465

Ten million dollars!


        Hearing this figure, the two men, Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming, as if they had been drained of all their strength, fell to the ground with a poof.

        As for Shen Yuzhi and Zhu Ru, they also covered their mouths in shock.

        In their eyes, there was a strong sense of shock and disbelief.

        What was the concept of ten million dollars?

        In this small third-tier city of Yunhai, a house was only a million dollars.

        Ten million dollars could buy more than seventy houses.

        Even Shen Yuzhi's family would never be able to earn a super huge sum of money even if they struggled for a lifetime without eating or drinking.

        And now ......

        At this moment, each and every one of their minds recalled Lin Fan's words as much as they could.

        ''In order to repay you for taking care of Bai Yi, I have decided to give you a gift!''

        At that time, the family was laughing at Lin Fan's idiotic move as much as they could, and now, it was simply hard for each and every one of them to accept the huge excitement in front of them.

        "Oh my ...... God! Lin Fan is actually the BLOOD?"

        Zhang Kaiming only felt his heart, puffing and puffing wildly.

        He simply couldn't believe that he had met, spoken to, and even mocked and antagonised the legend of the painting world.

        Not only him!

        Zhu Ru, who was next to him, was completely dumbfounded.

        She had been jealous of Bai Yi since she was a child, and had originally thought at this moment that her husband was more than ten times better than Lin Fan.

        But now, it seemed that her husband was not even a mole in front of Lin Fan, not even a mole.

        "Bai Yi ...... Lin Fan!"

        Shen Yuzhi and her husband, similarly, had mixed feelings in their hearts.

        When the family thought of the previous scenes where they had ridiculed Lin Fan, it was as if each of them had been slapped hard, leaving them bashful and inexplicable.

        Yet, that was not all!


        The doorbell of the room door, surprisingly, rang once more, instantly causing Zhu Zhide's body to tremble.

        For some reason, he looked towards the door of his room at this moment, and was actually a little shaded.

        However, after hearing the sound of the doorbell, which was still ringing continuously, Zhu Zhide then stiffened his head, got up from the ground and went to open the door.

        But the moment the door opened.

        Both Zhu Zhide and Shen Yuzhi and everyone else were all startled.

        There were people all over the place!

        Outside the door of the room, there were more than ten people standing.

        What was particularly terrifying was that each of them, all of them were fully one meter eighty-nine in height, majestic and powerful, as if they were a tower of iron, blocking the door.

        What was even more frightening was that each of these men carried a vague aura of fierce fury.

        It was as if they had killed as many people as they could.

        "You are ...... Vajra?"

        After Zhu Zhide saw the big man at the head of the group, he only felt his legs go weak and he almost fell to the ground once more in fear.

        And hearing the name 'King Kong'!

        Wow ......

        Shen Yuzhi, Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru at the back, were even more nearly scared to pee.

        In Yunhai City.

        You can offend the rich and powerful, you can offend the officials, but there is one person that you absolutely cannot offend.

        That was, the underground hegemon of Yunhai City - King Kong!

        He was also the number one expert in Yunhai.

        It was rumoured that this man was ruthless and ruthless, and when he first started out, he had a single sword that ran through the city and no one dared to mess with him.

        Afterwards, he joined Kong Sheng, the number one national martial artist in Jiangnan.

        His strength has grown by leaps and bounds.

        Just what made Shen Yuzhi's family unable to imagine was how such an underground giant could come to their home.

        "Mr. Jin ...... Kong, please, may I ask what you want?"

        In front of the tall Vajra, Zhu Zhide only felt his calves spasming, causing his body to tremble as if it were sieve chaff.

        Only, what made Shen Yuzhi's family incredulous was this.

        After hearing these words.

        The fierce and fierce Vajra, as well as one of the rest of the Cloud Sea underground giants, actually piled up a pleasing smile on their faces.

        Enthusiastically, they asked.

        "May I ask if you are Mr. Zhu Zhide? Can you help us report that Vajra has come to pay respects to Grand Master Lin with all the members of the Cloud Sea Martial Path!"

Chapter 466

Grand Master Lin!

        These four simple words were like explosive thunder that fell on the ears of Shen Yuzhi and the rest of the family, causing their eyes to widen and their eyes to almost fall out.

        Patriarch Lin!

        They had heard of it even if they were ordinary folk all the same.

        Some time ago, Vajra had brought a few of his disciples and travelled to Jiang City to challenge them.

        A Patriarch Lin had appeared out of nowhere.

        With just a few words of instruction, he had defeated all of them.

        In the past few days, the assassination of Zhang Yichen has become a sensation in the whole of China.

        The most shocking thing was that the Lin master was a hidden master - a Grand Master!

        Could it be that ......

        Jin Gang and the others, were here to find the Grand Master Lin who saved Zhang Yichen?

        Thinking of this!

        The cold sweat on Zhu Zhide's forehead flowed down in a raging torrent as if it was a tidal wave:.

        "Mr. King Kong, you ...... have found the wrong place! We are an ordinary family, where is Grand Master Lin?"

        Zhu Zhide almost cried.

        Facing underground giants like Vajra, he only felt as weak as if he was a small ant.

        Just hearing this.

        On the faces of Vajra and the others, there was not the slightest hint of anger, instead, their smiles grew more and more warm and respectful as they said.

        "Mr. Zhu, Grand Patriarch Lin is Mr. Lin Fan! As far as we know, your wife is the sister-in-law of Mr. Lin Fan and Miss Bai Yi!"


        When Vajra dropped these words.

        The entire Zhu family fell completely silent.

        Shen Yuzhi's family, even including Ma Lao and the others who had entered earlier, were all completely confused.

        Lin Fan?

        It was Lin Fan again?

        The crowd simply couldn't believe it, the painting legend Mr. BLOOD was Lin Fan, the Grand Master Lin who had shocked China, was also Lin Fan?

        This, how is it possible.

        "I ...... I get it!"

        And just as everyone was in a daze, Zhang Kaiming suddenly let out a terrified scream.

        Everyone's gazes flashed towards Zhang Kaiming in unison.

        Zhu Ru was even curious and incredulous as she asked.

        "Old ...... husband, what did you understand?"

        "I finally know why Lin Fan clearly broke five of Duke Qin's fingers, yet he still came to our house with a swagger!" Zhang Kaiming seemed to have completely understood, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead while saying in horror.

        "Precisely because he is Grand Master Lin! So, he doesn't care about the Qin Clan's retaliation at all!"

        Wow ......

        These words fell.

        Shen Yuzhi, Zhu Zhide and Zhu Ru, who were next to him, also reacted.

        That's right!

        If Lin Fan was really Grand Master Lin, then his force value, simply reached an astounding level, would such a terrifyingly high person care about the small Qin Group.

        After thinking this through.

        Shen Yuzhi's family, the more they felt Lin Fan's fear and terror.

        In the eyes of these people, Lin Fan was simply a god-like person.


        This still didn't stop there!

        After Zhang Kaiming's words had fallen, an old voice unexpectedly came from outside the room once more.

        "Humph! Who has the audacity to retaliate against Divine Doctor Lin!"


        The crowd all froze, and then they looked towards the door.

        They instantly saw that one of the underground giants, such as King Kong, bowed in unison after seeing the person who had come.

        Wow ......

        More than a dozen of Yunhai underground giants bowed and saluted, the identity of this visitor simply made Shen Yuzhi's family piss themselves in fear.

        And just below their horrified eyesight.

        A figure, coming slowly, walked up to the door.