Today I Give Up Trying 461-463

 Chapter 461

The murderer who broke five of Duke Qin's fingers!

        At this moment, after hearing Zhang Kaiming say that the murderer was a man and a woman, driving a Mercedes Benz with a number plate from Jiang City.

        Shen Yuzhi's family's faces changed greatly.

        One by one, they hurried to the edge of the window and looked down.

        At once, they saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi were driving a Mercedes-Benz, and were slowly driving away from the parking space, and the license plate, was from Jiang City.

        Wow ......

        This scene caused Shen Yuzhi's family's faces to change dramatically.

        "That's right! Lin Fan must be the murderer who broke Duke Qin's finger! I remember, at that time, after Kai Ming said that murderer, Cousin Bai Yi's face looked extremely ugly!"

        "That's right! It must be him! Damn, this guy has caused a heinous disaster and he still dares to come to our house in a big way, if Duke Qin finds out, then our family will all be dragged to death by this bastard!"


        For a moment, Shen Yuzhi's family completely recalled the ugly look on Bai Yi's face when they were talking about Duke Qin.

        So that was how ...... it was!

        What to do?

        Shen Yuzhi's family, the four of them, looked at each other, their inner fears were to the extreme.

        After all, that was Duke Qin!

        Once this matter was exposed, both Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru would be completely expelled from the Qin Group, and even their family would have to endure the shocking wrath of the Qin Group because of their relationship with Bai Yi's relatives.

        "Dad! Mum! I ...... I'll call Duke Qin now and tell him that the murderer has been found!" Zhang Kaiming, at this moment, hurriedly took his mobile phone out.

        Report the news!

        Hearing this, Shen Yuzhi's face turned white and she hurriedly drank.

        "No ...... no! Lin Fan is Bai Yi's husband, if you make the call, won't it be the same as killing Lin Fan and harming Bai Yi?"

        Although Shen Yuzhi was horrified, she could not tolerate Bai Yi being harmed.

        And to hear that!

        Zhu Zhide and Zhu Ru, the father and daughter next to her, hurriedly advised.

        "Wife, you are still protecting Bai Yi now, don't you know the dreadful consequences when Mr. Qin finds out about our relationship with Bai Yi?"

        "Yes, Ma! Kai Ming and I both work for the Qin Group! Could it be that you don't care about Kai Ming and me?"

        The words of this father-daughter duo caused Shen Yuzhi's body to tremble fiercely, a face that was as white as paper.



        Beans of sweat dripped down from Shen Yuzhi's forehead.

        She was now simply torn to the core.

        On one side was Bai Yi and Lin Fan!

        On one side was her own home!

        Even if one chose either side, it would be a great and terrible disaster for the other.

        After a long silence, the corners of Shen Yuzhi's mouth twitched as she looked out of the window at the fading Mercedes, and a strong look of guilt surfaced in her eyes: "Bai Yi, I'm sorry!

        "Bai Yi, I'm sorry! Little Aunt ...... is sorry for you!"

        After saying!

        The corner of Shen Yuzhi's mouth, a thick bitterness surfaced, and could only nod.

        "Fine! You guys fight!"


        With a single word, the Zhang Kaiming couple was exhilarated to the extreme.

        At that moment, Zhang Kaiming hurriedly dialed a phone number, and then called it.

        Soon after the phone was connected, a pig-like scream could immediately be heard from inside, it was none other than Qin Gongzi Qin Shou.

        "Zhang Kaiming, what the hell are you doing calling me at this hour? Speak! If there's nothing important, I'll have to skin you!" Qin Shou's voice was full of anger and frustration.

        Obviously, the anger from having Lin Fan break his finger and fainting from the raw pain had still not dissipated.

        Listening to the furious voice coming from the phone, Shen Yuzhi's family were all scared into silence.

        Zhang Kaiming could only say with a stiff upper lip.

        "Qin ...... young Qin, the murderer who hurt you, has been found!"

Chapter 462


        As soon as these words were spoken, Qin Shou's bellowing voice within the phone instantly came to a screeching halt.

        Immediately afterwards, the sound of Qin Shou's heavy breathing came.

        "Where is it? Where is that damned bastard? I'll flay him alive!"

        The voice, ferocious and eerie.

        It immediately caused Zhang Kaiming's face to turn slightly white, and he instantly hurriedly said.

        "That Mercedes-Benz car, it just left the Hua Gui Yuan neighborhood and went towards the Cang Huang Road to the east of the neighborhood!"

        Cang Huang Road!

        Hearing where Lin Fan and Bai Yi had gone, Qin Shou, within the phone, immediately became wildly happy to the extreme: "Hurry!

        "Quickly! Quickly go and ask for Mr. Vajra's disciple! Tell him to take his men and go to Cang Huang Road for me, make sure you catch that bastard!"

        Qin Shou's voice was filled with ecstasy and exuberance.

        After he had instructed his men, he then said to Zhang Kaiming who was on the phone.

        "Zhang Kaiming, you've done a good job on this matter! When this young master has recovered, he will definitely give you a promotion and a pay rise, and let you serve as the general manager of our Qin Group!"

        After saying that!

        The phone hung up straight away.

        Zhang Kaiming, on the other hand, was so excited that his body was trembling.

        General manager ah!

        He hadn't thought that this time he could get revenge on that Lin Fan and get a promotion and a pay rise at the same time, this was like a good thing falling from the sky.

        On the other hand, both Zhu Ru and Zhu Zhide were all full of joy.

        Only Shen Yuzhi's brow was furrowed and her face was still covered in a thick layer of guilt.

        Clearly, she was worried about Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        "Mum! You shouldn't worry about that trash! It was all his own doing, who told him to break Duke Qin's finger, isn't that seeking death?"

        "Yes, wife, life and death are destined to be rich and powerful! Don't you worry about it!"

        The three members of the family, kept consoling Shen Yuzhi.

        Just at that moment!


        A sound of a doorbell, however, came through.


        All of them were stunned, they did not expect that someone would come to the door at this time.

        At that moment, Zhu Zhide hurriedly walked towards the door.


        After he opened the door to the room and saw the four old men standing beyond the doorway, Zhu Zhide's entire person was slightly stunned and could hardly believe his eyes.

        "You ...... are the curator of the Yunhai City Collection, Elder Ma?"

        The Yunhai City Collection Museum!

        This was simply a holy place for an antique painting and calligraphy enthusiast like Zhu Zhide.

        Within the Classic Collection Hall, all the items collected were treasured and good.


        The curator of the Collection, Ma Lao, was extremely dignified, and even in Yunhai City, he was definitely the number one person, and was even sealed as a god-level existence by the Yunhai antique painting and calligraphy enthusiasts.

        Zhu Zhide had only met Ma Lao from afar, but never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the other party would come to his door in person.

        Not only that!

        Behind the curator, Ma Lao, the other three old men, surprisingly, were all big brother-level figures in the Yunhai collecting world as well.

        "Elder Ma, everyone, what brings you here? Quickly, please come in!"

        After Zhu Zhide reacted, his entire body was shocked and delighted, and he hurriedly humbled the several bigwigs and entered his home.

        Only, a scene that left him stunned appeared.

        Only to see that a thick ingratiating smile surfaced on the faces of all four of Ma Lao's men, before respectfully addressing Zhu Zhide and saying.

        "You must be Mr. Zhu Zhide!"

        "Please report to Mr. BLOOD for us, we, a few old guys, have come to ask for an audience!"


        With a single sentence, Zhu Zhide, as well as Shen Yuzhi and the others, could hardly believe their ears.

Chapter 463


        This name fell on Zhu Zhide's ears, causing his body to tremble viciously and his eyes to almost glare out:.

        "Ma Lao, did you ...... you find the wrong place?"

        "Which one did you just say you were looking for?"

        Zhu Zhide was completely confused.


        That was the most legendary painter in the world, and every single painting was sealed as a treasure.

        Although he was a lover of antique paintings and calligraphy, he had never even seen a single painting by Mr. BLOOD, let alone BLOOD himself?

        Is this simply a joke?

        Not only him!

        At the back, Shen Yuzhi, Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming, similarly suspected that they were hallucinating.

        "Old ...... husband, did I just have a hallucination? Is Ma Lao looking for that legendary painter - BLOOD?"

        Zhu Ru was full of confusion and even rubbed his ears.

        And beside her, Zhang Kaiming likewise grew his mouth, swallowed hard and nodded.

        "Wife, I ...... heard it too! Just now Ma Lao did say that he wanted Dad to report to Mr. BLOOD that they wanted to ask to see!"


        Shen Yuzhi family, completely in a state of shocked dumbfounded.

        And seeing this scene!

        Ma Lao and the four of them couldn't help but glance at each other and laughed.

        It was only today that they received a call from Zhu Qing, the director of the Jiang City Collection, who said that Mr. BLOOD, had arrived at Zhu Zhide's home in Yunhai City, so they hurriedly put aside everything and came to ask for an audience.

        At that moment!

        Ma Lao continued amiably to Zhu Zhide and said.

        "Mr. Zhu Zhide, you heard correctly, we are indeed here to seek an audience with Mr. BLOOD!"


        When this definitive answer fell on the ears of Shen Yuzhi's family, it caused each of them to physically tremble.

        "Ma Lao, you're not kidding, how could our family have Mr. BLOOD? Besides, I ...... I don't even know a big shot like Mr. BLOOD, huh?" The corners of Zhu Zhide's mouth were filled with a bitter smile.

        In his eyes, Ma Lao and the others, were definitely flirting with him.


        Ma Lao and the others, on the other hand, were smiling and asked.

        "Mr. Zhu Zhide, may I ask Miss Bai Yi of Jiang City, do you know her? "

        Bai Yi?

        All of Shen Yumei's family's heads were confused, they didn't understand how Bai Yi was involved again.

        "Yes! My lover, Shen Yuzhi, is Bai Yi's sister-in-law!" Zhu Zhide's heart, surprisingly, faintly surfaced a hint of a bad premonition, and hurriedly asked.

        "Ma Lao, are you saying that Mr. BLOOD, has something to do with Bai Yi?"


        At this moment, Shen Yuzhi's family, as much as they could, were tense to the extreme, an unbelievable guess faintly appeared in their hearts.

        And it was this guess that almost scared the piss out of all of them.

        However, Ma Lao did not answer directly to the true identity of BLOOD, but continued to ask.

        "Excuse me, where is Miss and Mrs. Baiy? Can some of us old guys ask to see them?"

        "Elder Ma, what a coincidence! Just a moment ago, Bai Yi and her husband Lin Fan left!" The unpleasant feeling in Zhu Zhide's heart grew stronger and stronger.

        In particular, he saw that after he had finished saying that Bai Yi and her husband had left.

        A strong look of loss surfaced on all four of Ma Lao's faces.

        "Gone? Looks like we're still a step too late!"

        Ma Lao sighed, before turning to Zhu Zhide with expectation and asking.

        "Then may I ask, Miss Bai Yi and her husband and wife, did they leave anything behind before they left?"


        Zhu Zhide's eyelids fluttered slightly as he pointed to the pile of gift boxes at the doorway and said.

        "When they came, they brought these gifts!"

        "Oh! On top of that, Bai Yi's husband painted a picture before he left!"