Today I Give Up Trying 454-456

 Chapter 454


        The moment this young man's words came out, the atmosphere in the living room immediately froze, slightly.

        Everyone was startled.

        Shen Yuzhi's family was aware of it.

        Mr. Qin, was the young proprietor of the Qin Group where their daughter Zhu Ru and son-in-law Zhang Kaiming worked.

        He was a famous rich young man in Yunhai City.

        They could never have imagined that someone would have the audacity to break five of Mr. Qin's fingers.

        It was just that their family was not seeing it.

        After hearing these words!

        Bai Yi's delicate body trembled fiercely, and her pretty face was completely as white as paper as she brushed it off.

        "Kai Ming, tell me clearly? What exactly is going on?" Little Aunt Zhu Zhide also put down the coloured pencil in his hand at this moment and walked over with a face full of gloom.

        At this moment!

        The gazes of the family all gathered on their son-in-law Zhang Kaiming's body.

        Only to see that Zhang Kaiming slowly put down a vase in his arms before taking a sip of water and saying under his breath.

        "I've just learned of this news too!"

        "It is said that Young Master Qin had taken a fancy to a woman who drove a Mercedes Benz and wanted to pay for that woman to accompany him, but he didn't expect that the woman's husband was a madman, and without saying a word, he broke five of Young Master Qin's fingers, alive!"

        "Before I came, Young Master Qin had already been sent to the hospital to be bandaged! Even the Qin Clan, has already started looking for that murderer, ready to take revenge and avenge!"


        This sentence caused Shen Yuzhi's family, with faces full of gravity, to rise.

        They had heard of that Duke Qin's character.

        He was vengeful!

        This kind of person had suffered a great loss, so naturally, he would not rest in peace, and that woman driving the Mercedes and her husband, they were afraid that they would be miserable.


        After Bai Yi heard those words, her delicate body trembled slightly, and her pretty face grew paler and paler.

        It was only at this point.

        Only then did his son-in-law Zhang Kaiming see that there were two more people in the living room, especially after he saw Bai Yi's beautiful and pretty face, a flash of amazement involuntarily flashed across his eyes and he hurriedly asked.

        "Mom! These two are ......"

        "This is Bai Yi, your cousin! Next to him is Lin Fan, your cousin's husband!" Shen Yuzhi said at once with an introduction.

        Bai Yi!

        Lin Fan!

        Upon hearing these two names, Zhang Kaiming faintly stared, before a hint of disdain surfaced on his face.

        He had naturally heard of these two names, especially, the fact that these two had been removed from the list of the Bai Group, which had recently risen wildly, had long since spread to their Yunhai City.

        "So you're Bai Yi! Sure enough, you are worthy of being the number one beautiful president of Jiang City [笔趣阁]!" Zhang Kaiming said with a face full of ridicule.

        "What? You couple got fired from the Bai Group? Have time to come to your sister-in-law's birthday?"

        "I just wonder, what gifts have you brought?"



        Hearing those words!

        Cousin Zhu Ru, who was next to him, also burst into joy and said playfully.

        "Husband, since you know that people have been fired from the Bai Group, you still ask!"

        "I see, this cousin of mine isn't here to celebrate mum's birthday, instead it looks like she's here to borrow money or find a job! How about we help them out and find them a job at the Qin Group?"

        Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming sang in unison.

        In their words, they completely treated Lin Fan and Bai Yi, as if they were beggars.

        And hearing these words!

        Zhang Kaiming's eyes lit up as he smiled and gave Bai Yi a glance, saying.

        "Cousin's looks are very good! By the way, our Duke Qin is most interested in women!"

        "Why don't I introduce Duke Qin and cousin to each other some day!"

        A single word caused Lin Fan's face to change instantly.

Chapter 455

Introducing Duke Qin and Bai Yi to each other!

        With this one sentence, anyone could hear Zhang Kaiming's unkindness.

        Especially when it was uttered in front of Bai Yi's husband, Lin Fan.

        This was not only humiliating Bai Yi, but also Lin Fan.

        For a moment, Lin Fan's face, instantly, turned gloomy and cold as he looked at Zhang Kaiming's eyes, flashing with a hint of coldness.

        And for this scene.

        Shen Yuzhi's family, didn't seem to notice at all.

        Zhu Ru, who was next to them, also swept a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan's clothing and said to Bai Yi with a smirk.

        "Kai Ming is right! Cousin ah, this cousin's husband of mine is dressed like a beggar! And I've heard that he's the most famous king of soft rice in your Jiang City, he doesn't even have a job on a regular basis and spends his days muddling around in your house! How about, let us introduce you to that Mr. Qin!"

        "Although Mr. Qin is a bit of a womanizer, he's rich! Their family's Qin Group is among the second-tier plutocrats in our Yunhai City!"

        "If you get close to Mr. Qin, then your family will have no worries about food and drink, and you will be well fed! How about that?"

        After saying these words!

        Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming laughed in an unusually playful manner.

        And Lin Fan could no longer hold back the anger in his heart, and immediately wanted to stand out.

        But at this moment.

        Bai Yi's pretty face changed and she hurriedly stretched out her hand, pulling Lin Fan to a halt.

        "Wife, you ......" Lin Fan's face was as gloomy as water.

        Just after he saw, Bai Yi's almost begging gaze, he could only grit his teeth and suppress the anger and ruthlessness in his heart, raw.

        "Cousin ...... cousin! Cousin husband! Thank you for your kindness, but, no need!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was tragically white as she turned to Zhu Ru and his wife and said.

        "This time we're here, we're just passing through Yunhai to visit our sister-in-law! We are not here to borrow money, nor are we here to look for a job, please don't worry!"

        Bai Yi finished those words.

        Her jade hand clutched Lin Fan's palm, obviously, the humiliation of Zhu Ru's couple had made her heart twist like a knife as well.

        Seeing this scene!

        Zhu Ru and his wife still wanted to continue taunting Bai Yi, while Shen Yuzhi, who was at the side, could no longer watch and her face sank fiercely

        "That's enough!!!"

        With a single word, the humiliating words that had reached Zhu Ru couple's lips could only be swallowed raw with reluctance.

        "Bai Yi, don't mind them! Auntie is especially happy that you're here!"

        Shen Yuzhi took Bai Yi's jade hand and said intimately.

        "Little Aunt, I ......" Bai Yi's heart floated a slight warmth, a pair of beautiful eyes, were a little moistened.

        See this scene!

        Shen Yuzhi had another burst of pity for Bai Yi, and just as she was about to say something.

        Zhang Kaiming, who was next to her, was carrying that one antique vase, to the table, and said with glee.

        "Mum! I know that you and Dad, both especially like some antique paintings and calligraphy!"

        "This one is a Xuanjing purple vase from the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, which I dragged a friend to buy for half a million dollars to pay respect to you!"


        This sentence from Zhang Kaiming startled Shen Yuzhi and her husband.

        Half a million!

        Although their family was wealthy, they were far from the level of just taking out half a million dollars to buy a vase.

        And now ......

        "Xuanjing purple vase, I've heard of it, it's said that there are only a dozen of them unearthed in China!" Zhu Zhide, his sister-in-law next to him, looked at the vase with a pair of eyes on fire, his face full of joy:.

        "Have a heart! Kai Ming ah, you are really a filial child!"

        Obviously, Zhu Zhide, the younger aunt's husband, was extremely satisfied with this son-in-law of his.

Chapter 456

And seeing this scene!

        On Zhu Ru's face, a strong look of triumph also emerged:.

        "That's right! Our family Kai Ming has been thinking about you two!"

        He said.

        Zhu Ru couldn't help but slant a glance at Bai Yi next to her.

        "Unlike some people who say "Little Aunt", but don't even remember my mother's birthday! Hmph!"

        Zhu Ru simply did not miss any opportunity to strike Bai Yi.

        Only, these words of hers had just fallen!

        Only to hear a playful voice, next to Bai Yi's, ring out.

        "Tsk! A five hundred dollar fake is indeed filial enough!"


        A five-hundred dollar fake.

        After hearing these words, everyone within the living room changed as they realized that it was actually Lin Fan who had spoken the words.

        All of a sudden!

        Zhang Open Door and Zhu Ru's faces instantly turned gloomy.

        The couple stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, wanting to eat him.

        "Surnamed Lin, what nonsense are you talking about! This vase, I clearly bought it for over half a million dollars! How can it be a forgery? Don't spit out blood!"

        "That's right! My husband is a senior executive of the Qin Group and earns over three million dollars a year, how are you qualified to say this is a fake, you soft-earner!"

        As if their tails had been stepped on, the couple pointed accusing fingers at Lin Fan.

        Even my sister-in-law Zhu Zhide and sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi, who were next to them, were full of astonishment and uncertainty, clearly not believing Lin Fan's words.

        "Lin Fan, you ......"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was white, and she immediately wanted to tell Lin Fan to stop talking.

        Only, Lin Fan patted the back of her hand and said straight away.

        "Whether it's a fake or not, your husband should know clearly in his heart! There are only a dozen genuine Xuanjing purple vases in China! But the forgeries are the most widely circulated!"

        "Among them, the person who is most skilled in making forgeries of the Xuan Crystal Purple Vase is called Mao Jiu!"

        Mao Jiu?

        Hearing this name, Shen Yumei and Zhu Zhide's bodies shook.

        There was hardly anyone who loved antique painting and calligraphy who had not heard of the name Mao Jiu.

        This person was the most famous master of antique imitation.

        In his hands, there was no antique that could not be imitated!

        He was hated by the antique circle and was ranked as the most unforgivable person.

        Not only that!

        This man was so eccentric that he would mass-produce every kind of counterfeit, making them ridiculously cheap.

        What is even more abominable is this.

        When he produced mass-produced imitations, he would engrave his name on each one of them!

        This also makes!

        A joke has always been popular in antique circles that whoever buys a Mao Jiu imitation is an idiot, reduced to a joke in the mouths of antique enthusiasts.

        And now ......

        "Lin Fan, you mean this vase, is a Mao Jiu imitation?" Young Aunt Shen Yuzhi's face was filled with disbelief.

        And hearing these words!

        Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru, who were next to him, even jumped to their feet and cursed.

        "Mother, how can you believe the words of such a punk! He must be angry with us for laughing at Bai Yi, which is why he deliberately described Kaiming's antiques as Mao Jiu's imitations!"

        "That's right! Mum, a door-to-door son-in-law, how does he know anything about antiques!"

        Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru, hated Lin Fan to the point of gnashing their teeth.

        In their eyes.

        Lin Fan was being malicious, deliberately making Zhang Kaiming's antique, a joke fake, to gain back face for Bai Yi.


        Just as their words were uttered.

        But to their dismay, they saw that Lin Fan had actually walked directly to the side of that one Xuan Crystal Purple Vase, picked it up with a fierce hand, and then slammed it to the ground, fiercely!


        The vase shattered with a loud bang!