Today I Give Up Trying 451-453

 Chapter 451


        This sound of bone breaking was exceptionally crisp.

        Upon hearing this sound, Qin Shou faintly froze as he discovered to his dismay that one of his fingers, which had been grasped in Lin Fan's hand, had completely changed shape.

        "Ahhhhh ......"

        A majestic, intense pain seemed to come from above his finger like a tidal wave, immediately causing Qin Shou to scream out in pain.

        It was broken!

        He had never dreamed that this shabby fellow in front of him had broken one of his own fingers.

        "Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!"

        "You fucking broke my finger, you deserve to die, I'm going to get you killed!"

        Qin Shou was simply mad as he fought to pull his palm, from Lin Fan's palm, out.

        However, to his dismay, Lin Fan's large hand was like an iron pincer, no matter how hard he struggled, it was difficult to break free in the slightest.

        This was not all!

        After hearing Qin Shou's words, the smile on the corner of Lin Fan's mouth grew more and more gloomy.

        "Is that so?"


        Another shattering sound, under Qin Shou's horrified gaze, his index finger, too, was broken off by Lin Fan raw.

        "It hurts ......"

        Qin Shou's sweat dripped down his forehead in pain, and his entire body seemed like a boiled shrimp, almost completely groveling.



        He simply hated Lin Fan to his bones at this moment.

        Two fingers were broken, and this severe pain was simply more unbearable than even killing him:.

        "Bastard, do you damn well know who I am? I'm the son of the Qin Group, kid, you're finished, you broke my fingers, I'm not only going to fuck your wife, I'm going to get you killed!"

        The vicious words hissed out from Qin Shou's mouth.

        His eyes were red, as if he was a wild beast that was completely enraged and mad.

        But what greeted him!


        Another crisp sound of breaking bones, under Qin Shou's almost crazy sight, his ring finger, was broken off raw.

        "No ......"

        A hiss of horror came from Qin Shou, and the gaze he looked at Lin Fan at this moment changed completely.

        He had never seen a person who could easily break a person's finger and still carry a smile if nothing else.

        It was as if in the eyes of this fellow in front of him, breaking his own finger was as if it was just a trivial matter.

        It was possible for the other person to even kill himself by.

        "Let me go! Brother, I'm wrong, I really know I'm wrong, please, let me go!"


        At this moment, Qin Shou finally didn't dare to say any more ruthless words.

        His gaze towards Lin Fan was simply as if he was looking at a madman, filled with endless terror.

        "Let you go? Don't be in a hurry!"

        Lin Fan looked smiling as if he was catching up with an old friend.


        Hearing these words, Qin Shou faintly froze, before he could react.

        Only to see Lin Fan grab his ring finger and then fiercely break it!


        There was another sound of bone breaking.

        This scene caused Qin Shou to go completely mad, he only felt that his vision was going to blur under the tidal wave of intense pain, and he would faint at any moment.

        Yet, it still did not stop!


        When his thumb, completely deformed and broken.

        Qin Shou let out a wail, and his entire eyes went black as he completely died from the pain.


        He fell to the ground.

        His entire person, at this moment, seemed to have been salvaged from the water, and sweat had completely soaked the clothes on Qin Shou's body, soaking through.

        In particular, his five fingers that had changed shape looked that oozy and gut-wrenching.

        "That's it? What a waste!"

        Lin Fan shook his head disdainfully before he no longer bothered to pay attention to Qin Shou and turned his head to look at Bai Yi.

        Until this moment, Bai Yi still hadn't reacted from the shock.

        She looked at Qin Shou, who had passed out on the ground, and after glancing at Lin Fan's relaxed look full of disdain, the corners of Bai Yi's mouth twitched slightly.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... you scrapped him?"

Chapter 452

Bai Yi was dumbfounded.

        Everything that had just happened was so fast, so fast that she was even unable to react for a moment.

        She could never have imagined that her husband, the trash who had been ridiculed by all the people of Jiang City for three years, would be so ferocious and violent.

        Seeing Bai Yi's shocked expression, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

        "He wants to mooch off my wife, then I can only break his hand!"

        After saying that!

        Lin Fan didn't even bother to give the Qin Shou on the ground one more glance, instead, he pulled Bai Yi and headed towards the Mercedes, slowly walking towards the car: "Let's go, wife!

        "Let's go, wife! This kind of goods, dirty your eyes!"

        With those words, the two of them got into the car by all means.

        Until the Mercedes started!

        Only then did Bai Yi come to her senses, and her pretty face turned white.

        "Lin Fan, how can you be so violent! Didn't you hear what that man said? He's the son of the Yunhai Qin Group!"

        "You scrapped five of his fingers, that's the same as offending the Qin Group, and we're outsiders, it's easy for people to deal with us! You ......"

        Bai Yi was so angry that her pretty face turned red.

        She knew that Lin Fan was sticking up for herself, but she didn't want Lin Fan to incur a strong enemy for this reason.

        Especially right now, on someone else's turf.

        If the Qin Clan wanted to retaliate, then Lin Fan would definitely be in danger.

        Just hearing this!

        Lin Fan, however, did not care as he shrugged lightly and said with a smile.

        "Wife, you don't need to worry, in this world, no one who can hurt me has been born yet!"

        "You ......" Bai Yi was instantly so angry with Lin Fan that he couldn't speak.


        In Bai Yi's eyes, Lin Fan was bragging.

        At that moment, Bai Yi grumbled in anger and sat on the passenger side, not even willing to continue to pay attention to Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan didn't care about this scene, so he followed the navigation and slowly drove in the direction of his sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's house.

        His sister-in-law, Shen Yuzhi, had married a professor in Yunhai City back then.

        Her family was well-off.

        In particular, I heard that their daughter had even returned from studying in Rice and was now working in a large company, making the family even more affluent.


        The Mercedes car drove into a high-class neighborhood.

        It didn't stop until it was in front of a building.

        Following the door number, Lin Fan and Bai Yi quickly found the door to their sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's house.

        When the doorbell was rung.

        Soon, a middle-aged woman opened the door.

        "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"

        Above the middle-aged woman's hair, there were slightly a few silver hairs, and her whole person looked kind and benevolent.

        Only, just as she finished her words, after she saw Bai Yi, she faintly froze.

        "You are ...... Xiao Yi?"

        "Little Aunt, it's me!" Bai Yi immediately jumped up happily and wrapped her arms around the middle-aged woman, saying excitedly.

        And hearing these words!

        Little Aunt Shen Yuzhi was instantly happy, full of excitement as she touched Bai Yi's pretty face, full of love and affection.

        "Little Yi, it's really you! Let me take a look, you're getting prettier and prettier!"

        "Simply just like a fairy."

        Little Aunt Shen Yuzhi was enthusiastic about Bai Yi to the extreme.

        And hearing this, a blush surfaced on Bai Yi's pretty face, and she instantly pulled Lin Fan over and introduced him, saying.

        "Young Aunt, this is my husband Lin Fan!"

        When she saw Lin Fan, the enthusiasm on her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's face remained undiminished as she hurriedly invited the two of them into the house.


        Just as Lin Fan and Bai Yi, had just entered Shen Yuzhi's home, a woman's cool voice immediately came over.

        "Yell! Isn't this the cousin who was swept away by the Bai family?"

        "What? You've been kicked out of the house by the Bai family, and you've only just remembered your sister-in-law! Tsk, this is your loser husband next to you, right? As expected, it's just like the rumours, shabby enough!"

Chapter 453


        When she heard this cold voice, the smile on Bai Yi's pretty face faintly froze.

        Only then did she see that, in the middle of the living room, a woman was sitting on the sofa with her arms wrapped around her, looking at them with a condescending face.

        This woman, who looked to be in her early twenties, was dressed in a flamboyant and heavily made-up manner.

        However, her face, which was covered in thick foundation, was dripping with arrogance and disdain.

        It was as if she was looking at Bai Yi and Lin Fan as if they were two refugees.

        She was Shen Yuzhi's daughter - Zhu Ru!

        In the middle of the living room, not only was cousin Zhu Ru alone, there was also a middle-aged man, who was on the coffee table, drawing something.

        In response to Bai Yi and the two of them arriving, this middle-aged man did not even raise his head to glance at them.

        A complete indifference.

        For a while!

        The atmosphere within the living room was slightly awkward.

        Young Aunt Shen Yuzhi hurriedly reprimanded her daughter, Zhu Ru, saying.

        "Little Ru, what are you babbling about! This is your cousin and cousin's husband, you must not be rude!"

        Having said that!

        Only then did sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi look at Bai Yi and Lin Fan with a face full of embarrassment and said.

        "Bai Yi, your cousin can't speak, don't get angry with her!"

        "And this, this is your aunt's husband! Lin Fan, I don't think you've met him yet!"

        Young aunt's husband Zhu Zhide!

        After hearing his wife's introduction, sister-in-law Zhu Zhide then lifted his head and indifferently swept a glance at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, after seeing how shabbily Lin Fan was dressed, a touch of disdain swept across his face, and he only nodded indifferently as a greeting.

        "Little Aunt, did I come at the wrong time?"

        Bai Yi saw, at this moment, on the dining table, a dish that had just come out of the pot.

        She instantly thought that her sister-in-law, Shen Yuzhi's house, had guests today, and instantly became a little uncomfortable.

        Hearing this!

        Little Aunt Shen Yuzhi, on the other hand, took Bai Yi's jade hand and said enthusiastically.

        "No, no, no! Bai Yi, you've come at the right time! Today is your sister-in-law's birthday, you must stay for dinner!"


        Bai Yi was slightly stunned, she obviously didn't expect to come at such a coincidence either.

        Looking at Bai Yi's baffled expression.

        Cousin Zhu Ru's gaze, which could not help but sweep a glance at the gift in Bai Yi's hand, snorted.

        "Yell! Cousin, so you're not here for your sister-in-law's birthday!"

        "Tsk, with such a shabby gift, are you here to borrow money? Or are you looking for a job?"

        Borrowing money!

        Looking for a job!

        The sneer in Zhu Ru's eyes grew thicker and thicker.

        Ever since she was young, her own mother, Shen Yuzhi, had constantly mentioned in front of her how good and well-behaved Bai Yi was.

        This had long since made Zhu Ru hate Bai Yi to the point of gnashing her teeth.


        Some time ago, after Bai Yi, the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, had taken charge of the Bai Group, which was flourishing and was almost on par with the Tian Long Group, becoming a giant plutocrat in Jiang City, it had even made Zhu Ru jealous of Bai Yi to the extreme.

        It was only after she heard that Bai Yi had been removed from the Bai Group that she was overjoyed.

        And when she saw Bai Yi today, she naturally wanted to humiliate her opponent fiercely.

        It had to be said!

        Zhu Ru's words were extremely vicious and immediately made Bai Yi's pretty face, more and more pale and embarrassed.

        And seeing this scene!

        Shen Yuzhi, her sister-in-law, immediately gave Zhu Ru another reprimand.

        "Little Ru, have you taken the wrong medicine? How did your cousin offend you!"

        "Shut your mouth! Ask your husband Zhang Kaiming why he hasn't come yet. We're all waiting for him to eat together!"

        Shen Yuzhi's reprimand made Zhu Ru want to retort something, but seeing her mother's ugly face, she could only glare at Bai Yi with indignation and then shut her mouth.

        Just when Zhu Ru wanted to call her husband Zhang Kaiming.

        Knock, knock, knock!

        The door to the room knocked again.

        When Zhu Ru went forward to open the room door, she immediately saw a young man, sweating profusely, walking in.

        While wiping his sweat, he said as if he had seen a ghost.

        "Xiao Ru, something big has happened to our company!"

        "I don't know which madman has broken five of Young Master Qin's fingers!"