Today I Give Up Trying 449-450

 Chapter 449

Downtown Yunhai!

        In front of a gift shop, a Porsche was parked on the roadside.

        In the car, a young man glanced at the gift box in his hand and a playful smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.

        "A high-fashion expensive necklace bought for a thousand dollars! Pawn it off as a half a million dollar gift for that little wannabe, I'm sure she'll be happy!"

        "Hmph! This imitation is so realistic, with the little wanker's knowledge, she definitely won't recognize it!"

        The youth said, pulling out his crotch.

        He had just recently hooked up with a female model with a hot body.

        That female model kept yelling for a necklace, and today, he bought a high imitation necklace, ready to have a good time.

        As he said that, a lascivious smile appeared on the youth's face.

        At that moment, he wanted to start the car.

        Just at that moment.

        The youth, however, saw that a Mercedes-Benz car, which had driven over, had stopped next to him.

        Especially when the door of that Mercedes opened, a beautiful woman, full of intellectuality, stepped down from the passenger seat.

        It was none other than Bai Yi.

        Bai Yi was dressed in a professional OL outfit, her black hair was coiled up, and it even set off the pretty face that was as white and translucent as snow.

        The whole person's aura, intellectual and aesthetic, made the surrounding passers-by, who took a glance at her, find it hard to extricate themselves.

        "So pretty!"

        The moment he saw Bai Yi, the young man on the Porsche only felt his heart pounding, and a hot glow erupted from his eyes:

        "Gosh, I really didn't expect that I could come across such a beautiful woman even when I came out to buy a fake!"

        "No, the license plate of this Mercedes, it's from Jiang City! Obviously this woman, isn't a local either!"

        Soon, the youth noticed the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz, as well as Lin Fan in the driver's seat.

        However, the youth did not care about Lin Fan, and instantly thought that Lin Fan was just Bai Yi's driver, and that was all.

        "Hehehe ...... turns out not to be a local! It seems that little brother is blessed tonight!"


        A strong evil desire flashed on the youth's face.

        This sensual and beautiful woman in front of him was definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

        Especially since the other party was not a local, then he would say whatever, he would have to soak up the bed and enjoy the beauty of this Jiang City beauty fiercely.

        Thinking of this.

        The youth hurriedly fixed his hair and tidied up his clothes before he got out of the Porsche and walked down.


        Bai Yi had bought some nutritional products from the gift shop, and had just stepped out of the door when she saw a greasy-haired youth, walking towards her head.

        "Hello this lady, can I add a wechat?" The youth had a look of confidence on his face.


        He was holding a Porsche key in his hand, and with a peek of his wrist, he revealed the green water ghost watch on his hand.

        A super rich young man's dress.

        Seeing this scene!

        Bai Yi's brow furrowed and shook his head at once, saying.

        "Sorry, I don't know you!"

        After saying that, Bai Yi wanted to leave from one side of the youth.


        This scene caused the youth to faintly stare, he did not expect that his handsome dress, his luxurious car keys and watch did not stir up the slightest ripple of emotion from the woman in front of him.

        Seeing that Bai Yi was about to leave, the youth hurriedly turned around, stopped her once again and said with a smile.

        "Beauty, just making friends! I see you, you don't look like a local, are you here to talk business? Or are you looking for a job?"

        He said!

        The youth introduced himself with a confident face.

        "My surname is Qin, my name is Qin Shou, I'm the young proprietor of the Qin Group! Our Qin Group, belongs to the top group in Yunhai City!"

        "If you're doing business, then I can help introduce you, and if you're looking for a job, I can introduce you to a high paying position as well! How's that?"

        Qin Shou was full of confidence.

        In his eyes, it was difficult for any woman to resist in the face of power and profit.

        He was confident that by virtue of his position and power, he could take this woman in front of him, smash her into bed, smash her legs apart and wait for himself to f*ck her.

Chapter 450

And yet!

        Something that stunned him happened once again.

        After hearing Qin Shou's words, Bai Yi's pretty face, in an instant, gloomed.

        "Sorry, please move out of the way!"


        Qin Shou could never have imagined that this woman in front of him was so high and cold, he had even put his status out there, but the other party was unwilling to even give him a second look.

        A hint of anger surfaced in Qin Shou's heart.

        This was the first time he had been treated by a woman, with such disregard:.

        "Hey ...... beauty, you're very high and mighty! But don't forget, this is Yunhai, my Qin Shou's territory!"

        "I'm giving you face by taking a fancy to you! I advise you not to give your face away!"

        Qin Shou was used to being arrogant and domineering in ordinary times.

        Especially, his Qin Group also belonged to the ranks of second-tier plutocrats in Yunhai, and there was no one who would not give him, the young proprietor of Qin, face.

        Today, he was going to fuck this woman no matter what he said.

        These words made Bai Yi's pretty face, instantly pale.

        It was just that, under her anger, the breasts that rose and fell together, even more so, that made one of Qin Shou's heart, almost jump out.

        A special beauty!

        In Qin Shou's eyes, this woman in front of him was definitely like a special creature.

        If he could have a kiss, even if it meant breaking his life, he would be willing to.

        "Hehehe ...... Beauty, come with me! As long as you accompany me once, I'll give you 100,000!"


        Qin Shou reached out with one hand and was about to grab towards Bai Yi's breasts.

        He was completely impatient and wanted to test the woman's colour.

        This scene startled Bai Yi.

        She hurriedly retreated in haste, yet Qin Shou's palm was much faster than hers.

        In almost the blink of an eye, that salty hand reached Bai Yi's body.

        With just one more point of probing forward, it would be able to grab Bai Yi's breasts, in one hand.

        This scene made Qin Shou's entire body tremble a little in excitement, and he could not wait to feel the feel of this woman's hand.

        But just at the moment he was about to grasp it!


        A large hand, however, fiercely poked out from the side and grabbed Qin Shou's palm, in one hand.


        This scene caused Qin Shou to faintly stare, and only then did he realise that a youth had, at some point, appeared beside him.

        And this youth, who he had naturally seen before, was the driver of the Mercedes-Benz.

        "Kid, let go of your hand! Damn it, you, a little driver, dare to spoil my Qin Shou's good deed, do you want to die?" Qin Shou's face instantly turned gloomy.

        How could he have not expected that a small driver dressed in rags would dare to block his good deed when he was about to get his hands on him?

        "A driver?"

        Lin Fan was almost exasperated by this spermatozoid fellow.

        His pair of eyes stared straight at Qin Shou, as if he was looking at a reptile, full of moroseness and ferocity: "She's my wife.

        "She's my wife, did you just try to mooch off my wife?"


        Qin Shou faintly froze, he turned his head to look at Bai Yi's beauty, and after looking at Lin Fan's ordinary, the whole man suddenly laughed rampantly:.

        "Hahahaha ...... So, you're a couple! I really didn't expect that a good cabbage would be vaulted by a pig like you!"

        "Kid, don't say I don't take care of you, I have my eye on your wife, let her sleep with me and I'll give you 100,000!"


        Qin Shou stretched his ten fingers, towards Lin Fan's front.

        In his eyes.

        Lin Fan was dressed so shabbily and was definitely a moneyless goods.

        This kind of man, using money was enough to break his backbone.

        Just as his words fell!


        A sound of bones shattering suddenly resounded.