Today I Give Up Trying 447-448

 Chapter 447

Patriarch Lin could not possibly be Lin Fan!

        After hearing Bai Yifan's categorical words, the group of senior officials such as Old Master Bai and Bai Hai next to him all breathed a long sigh of relief.

        After all, this matter was too significant.

        If Lin Fan was really a terrifying Grand Master, this was definitely a super great figure that countless top wealthy families in China would chase after and invite.

        And the Bai family and Lin Fan, their grudge was already deep.

        With just one word from Lin Fan, there would be countless forces that would wipe out the Bai family.

        And now ......

        "Humph! Yifan was outside Bai Yi's house last night, keeping watch all night! Since he said that Lin Fan wasn't, then he definitely wasn't!"

        Grand Master Bai Hai naturally believed in his son, especially when he thought of, how wasteful Lin Fan had looked for the past three years, a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

        "Dad! And all of you! Don't let that little brute Lin Fan scare you all! His guy's talk of setting up a new Bai Clan is nothing more than bragging!"

        "Does he think that it's really that easy to set up a plutocratic group?"

        Grand Master Bai Hai's words caused the many Bai family members around him to nod their heads as much as they could.

        "That's right! I agree with what Grand Master said, that Lin Fan is just a punk who loves to brag!"

        "Humph! What bullshit New Bai Clan, just wait, once he's established, a little bit of fiddling from our Bai Clan will make their family completely bankrupt!"


        The crowd was chattering, none of them, at all, put Lin Fan in their eyes.

        And seeing this scene.

        Old Master Bai also couldn't help but nod, obviously, he equally didn't believe that Lin Fan could be a hermit high ranking person.

        "Recently, I've heard that Bai Yi is inquiring about the Blue Sea Mansion from all sides! Perhaps Bai Yi intends, to place the new Bai Group, on the Blue Sea Mansion!"

        Blue Sea Mansion!

        It was a landmark building in Jiang City.

        The building is 33 storeys high and cost a billion dollars to build!

        If Bai Yi really put the new Bai Group on the Blue Sea Building, then the influence would be absolutely extraordinary.

        It would definitely have an impact on the Bai Group.

        Hearing these words.

        A hint of viciousness flashed in the eyes of Grand Master Bai Hai:.

        "Dad! The owner of Blue Sea Mansion, named Cai Guofu, is from Yunhai City next door! If Bai Yi wants to take the Blue Sea Mansion, he must go to Yunhai City and negotiate with Cai Guofu!"

        "It just so happens that I have some friendships with Cai Guofu, I will make Bai Yi's basket go down in flames!"

        This sentence made everyone, including Old Master Bai, brighten up.

        This was more than that!

        Bai Yifan, who was next to him, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly said.

        "Dad! If Bai Yi goes to Yunhai City, then Lin Fan will definitely go with him too! In Jiang City, it's not good for our Bai family to lay a hand on this punk Lin Fan, but in Yunhai City, we can get Cai Guofu to help us and teach this bastard a lesson!"

        Teach Lin Fan a lesson?

        At these words, the eyes of almost all the Bai family members snapped open.

        That's right!

        They, the Bai family, simply hated Lin Fan to the point of gnashing their teeth, and in Jiang City, due to reputation considerations, this was why they didn't make a move against Lin Fan.

        And if in Yunhai City, they asked Cai Guofu to make a move and teach Lin Fan a lesson, then they would also feel a lot more pain in their hearts.

        "Young master Yifan is right, that trash is too hateful, causing our Bai family, to lose orders from the Jiangnan City plutocrats, we absolutely can't spare him!"

        "That's right, it's long overdue to teach this guy a lesson and let him know what happens when he goes against our Bai family!"


        Numerous cores of the Bai Family, one after another, echoed the words.

        And hearing these words!

        Grand Master Bai Hai couldn't help but turn his eyes and look towards Old Master Bai.

        After seeing Old Master Bai gently nod his head, Grand Master Bai Hai was immediately overwhelmed with wild joy and hurriedly said.

        "Good! It's a deal! I'll contact Cai Guofu immediately, and if Lin Fan heads to Yunhai, I'll make sure he's taught a lesson!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth!

        A thick smile of pleasure surfaced on the faces of almost all of the Bai family members.

        It was feared that they could never have imagined that the person they were discussing dealing with would be some kind of terrifying super existence.

Chapter 448

In a flash, another three days passed quietly.

        During these three days, Bai Yi had completely chosen the Blue Ocean Building as the address for the new Bai Group.

        This would become the starting point of the new Bai Group.

        On the highway to Yunhai City.

        A Mercedes-Benz was speeding along.

        And in the car, were Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        "Lin Fan, do you think it would be too high-profile for us to choose the Blue Sea Mansion?" Bai Yi was slightly worried.

        According to her idea, the new Bai Group had just been established, so it could be chosen on a small office building.

        However, Lin Fan held an opposing view.

        According to Lin Fan, the orders given to the New Bai's by the Jiangnan Zaibatsu alone were already as high as one billion, especially since the payment had already reached the company's account.

        There was absolutely no need for the small company to grow obscenely.

        And now, they were heading to Yunhai City to negotiate with Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Sea Mansion, about the Blue Sea sale.

        "Wife, a good office environment will not only give confidence to the staff, it will likewise give a kind of confidence to the partners!"

        "Don't worry, once the new Bai is officially established, in just three years, I can make him the most powerful conglomerate plutocrat in China!"

        Lin Fan's words were filled with an unspeakable confidence.

        Just hearing these words.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, had a bitter smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        Three years to become the strongest in China?

        Are you kidding?

        Bai Yi instantly thought that Lin Fan was joking with himself and did not take it to heart. Instead, he looked at the Yunhai toll station not far ahead and said with a complicated face.

        "Lin Fan, my sister-in-law's family is in Yunhai City, let's go and visit her this time! After all, in the Shen family, only sister-in-law has been the best to our family!"

        Little Aunt Shen Yuzhi!

        It was Shen Yumei's own sister, who had married in Yunhai City more than twenty years ago.

        When Bai Yi was young, the family had been expelled from the Bai family and were living in dire straits, and the Shen family had never paid any attention to them, making life extremely difficult for the family.

        At that time, only their sister-in-law, Shen Yuzhi, often took care of their family.

        And this time when they came to Yunhai.

        Naturally, Bai Yi would not forget to visit his sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi.

        Lin Fan had long heard of his sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi, but had never met her, so he would naturally not object at this moment: "Yes!

        "Good! Then let's go buy some gifts first!"

        After saying that!

        Lin Fan then passed through the Yunhai toll station and sped off in the direction of Yunhai city.

        Yunhai City!

        Also belonging to a third-tier city, the economy was stronger, even than Jiang City.

        The entire urban area, established in a clean and tidy manner.

        Just like Jiang City, Yunhai City also had a giant plutocrat, the Fei family!

        It was also the family of Old Master Fei, who had been saved by Lin Fan before.

        Second on the list was the Qi family.

        It was the family of the eldest young man, Qi Zhiyuan, who had been severely taught a lesson by Lin Fan before.

        However, Bai Yi could never have dreamed that just as they were heading towards downtown Yunhai.

        A piece of news, on the other hand, had rocked the top powers of the two major cities of Jiang City and Yunhai.

        Grand Master Lin, heading to Yunhai!

        All of a sudden!

        The Fei family was in an uproar!

        The Qi family was a sensation!

        Even the Shengshi Group, a subsidiary of the Universal Group, began to send its top brass to the Yunhai City branch to prepare for BOSS Lin Fan.

        And that's not all!

        The underground forces in Yunhai were even more exploding.

        The number one expert in Yunhai, Vajra, and several of his disciples, were in great anticipation as they prepared to greet the benefactor who had saved their master, Kong Sheng ...... Lin Fan!