Today I Give Up Trying 441-443

 Chapter 441

The entrance to the Hilton Hotel.

        Lin Fan was gone.

        The entire front of the Hilton, scarlet blood, and fallen figures, covered the ground, giving the place a thick aura of blood.

        Looking at the direction Lin Fan was leaving, a strong sense of attachment and gratitude surfaced in Zhang Yichen's beautiful eyes.

        "Thank you, big brother Lin ......"

        For the second time.

        She had never imagined that a man had actually given her life twice.

        This rebirth grace, she would remember in her heart forever and ever.

        And at this moment, after a short rest, Tiger, Blackie, and Kong Sheng and the other masters of Chinese arts had recovered slightly from their injuries, and one by one, they stood up from the ground.

        Looking at the direction Lin Fan had left, both Tiger and Hei Zi, as well as Kong Sheng and the others, were all filled with awe and admiration.

        Grand Master!

        Who could have imagined that there was such a young Grand Master hiding in Jiang City?

        This was, I'm afraid, the most supremely gifted demon in the history of China.

        "No wonder Mr. Lin's instruction to me completely changed my life, so he is actually a Grand Master!" Kong Sheng's face was flooded with thick excitement and exuberance.

        After all, to have some friendship with a Grand Master was definitely a supreme honour for him and their Kong family.

        It was not only him.

        Next to him, Elder Tian, Elder Qiu and the others were also excited inexplicably.

        "Fortunately, this time we came to Jiangnan and were lucky enough to see a Grand Master's strike!"

        "Yes! When I go back, I'll make sure to warn those little brats in our clan that if anyone is not open-minded and messes with Mr. Lin, I'll definitely skin him!"

        "That's right, I'll also go back and warn those juniors that respecting Mr. Lin is like respecting our ancestors!"

        The ten great national magicians were excited and exuberant.

        Almost every one of them decided that they would do whatever it took to tie their clans, at all costs, firmly to the super giant wheel that was Lin Fan.

        And it was at this moment.

        Hei Zi, who was next to him, walked up to Zhang Yichen's side and said straight away.

        "Miss, in that Rolls Royce next to us, is Young Master Zhang Lei's butler, Fu Ming, and he has already been taken care of by Mr. Lin! Apparently the mastermind behind this attack by the Blood Wolves was Young Master Zhang Lei, and Fu Ming was the guide for this operation!"

        Young master Zhang Lei!

        Butler Fu Ming!

        Hearing these two names, Zhang Yichen's face turned even paler.

        The Zhang family had raised her, although since she was young, all of the people in that family, except for the old grandfather, thought she was a wild child.

        But now, being attacked and killed by one of her own clan members, it was still hard for her to accept.

        "Old Tai Gong is not well right now, this matter, don't let him know!" Zhang Yichen said to Blackie with a complicated face.

        Hearing these words, Blackie nodded.

        "Good! We understand!"

        "Miss, then Tiger and I, we will first dispose of these corpses, and in addition Blood Wolf ......"

        Blackie and Tiger's faces were all a bit hesitant.

        The Blood Wolf was already ruined and was no threat to them at all.

        However, if this person was put to death, then the consequences, still unimaginable, after all, among the rumors, Blood Wolf also hid a terrifying Grand Master behind him.

        "Let it go!" It seemed that Zhang Yichen did not want to pursue the matter any further, and when he finished speaking, he turned around and went back to the hotel.


        And at the same time!

        In the middle of a dense grass next to the Hilton Hotel.

        The two doggies were too excited to hold themselves at this moment.

        "Did you get the shot?" The middle-aged paparazzo asked excitedly to his men next to him.

        This time, the Blood Wolf had appeared, the Ten National Masters had been seriously injured, and at the most critical moment, a Grand Master had unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere.

        If this was reported out, it would definitely be super news that would shake Jiangnan, and even China.

Chapter 442


        The most important thing about this incident, on the other hand, was that one Grand Master, and as long as that person's face was photographed, they would be the exclusive news and their newspaper's popularity would definitely skyrocket.

        And hearing that!

        That young paparazzo, too, was exuberant to the extreme and said with a face full of excitement.

        "I got it, I just recorded all the footage of their fight, that Grand Master, he must be in there too!"

        Said he!

        The young dog boy instantly clicked on the video footage and began to watch it.

        I have to say!

        Even if it was secretly filmed, the young dog boy's filming skills were still extraordinary.

        Whether it was the Blood Wolf or the Jiangnan Top Ten National Artists, every single move of their battle was recorded.

        The sharp and incomparable attacks.

        The ruthless and ferocious killing moves.

        One look and one's blood boils.

        However, when the young paparazzo saw the video footage of Lin Fan, the smile on his face froze instantly.


        This scene also fell on the middle-aged paparazzo's eyes, causing his heart to thud: "What's going on?

        "What's going on? Did you not film it?"

        In the middle-aged paparazzo's eyes, a strong sense of nervousness and apprehension surfaced.

        After all, the main character tonight was entirely that Grand Master.

        That was a god-like figure who would dominate this battle.

        If this person was not captured on film, then even though this video and news was sensational, it would still not achieve the effect of a shocking explosion.

        Hearing his boss's questioning, the young doggy couldn't help but smile bitterly and say.

        "Old ...... boss, that person was filmed by me!"

        Caught on camera?

        Phew ......

        The middle-aged doggy couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief, followed by a disgruntled curse, saying.

        "Since it was filmed, what's that look on your face? I'm scared to death!"

        "It's just that ......"

        The bitter smile on the young doggy's face grew thicker and thicker as he handed the video in his hand, to his boss, and said in a complicated voice.

        "Got a shot of his figure, but couldn't get a good shot of his face!"


        This statement from the young doggy was like a bolt from the blue to the middle-aged doggy.

        How could it be?

        This was a camera, not a photo.

        Earlier, when Lin Fan was driving the Santana and dropping off Zhang Yichen back at the hotel, it was perhaps excusable that they didn't have a clear photo, but the face on the video screen, not being filmed, wasn't this bullshit?

        The middle-aged paparazzi was so impatient that he hurriedly took the video camera over and then clicked on the video to look at it in detail.

        The more he watched, the more cold sweat rushed down his forehead.

        In the video.

        From the moment Lin Fan appeared and crushed the wolf's claw, there wasn't a single front-facing image at all.

        What there was, were all side faces.

        All the front faces were as blurry as possible, and no real facial features could be seen.

        "Impossible! This, how is this possible!"

        The middle-aged dog boy was completely anxious.

        As if he had gone crazy, he kept fast-forwarding or backing up, content to find even one image of Lin Fan's front face.

        But ......

        One minute!

        Five minutes!

        Ten minutes!

        A full half hour had passed, and the middle-aged dog boy had gone back and forth a dozen times, until finally.


        He dropped to the ground on his butt and scratched his hair vigorously:.

        "How could this happen! There's no shot of that guy's face, why can't we get a shot?"

        Looking at his boss, he almost collapsed.

        The young doggy next to him, couldn't help but ask with a trembling heart.

        "Old ...... boss, so are we still going to post the video of this person, tomorrow?"

        "Post it!!!"

        The middle-aged paparazzo raised his head, his eyes, all red:.

        "Even if it's just his side face, it must be released, I don't believe that no one in the entire Jiang City knows, who such a great master is?"

        In his mind, the middle-aged doggy couldn't wait to see the horrified looks of all the netizens, readers and others tomorrow.

Chapter 443

Early the next morning.

        As Lin Fan was sitting in the kitchen with his breakfast, all of a sudden, from within the bedroom, a scream came.

        It was Bai Yi's voice.

        Lin Fan didn't have time to think about it and quickly rushed towards the bedroom, and when he pushed open the bedroom door, he instantly saw that Bai Yi was sitting on the bed with a ghastly white face.

        It was as if she had been frightened, and above her forehead, there was cold sweat.

        "Wife, what's wrong with you?" Lin Fan frowned and couldn't help but ask in confusion.

        And only when she heard this did Bai Yi wake up from her muddled state, and she let out a long breath before patting her chest and saying.

        "I ...... just had a dream that the phone call you received yesterday was real and that someone really wanted to assassinate Zhang Yichen!"


        Bai Yi wiped the sweat on his forehead forehead, which then said with a bitter smile.

        "Fortunately, it was a dream, it really scared me to death!"

        Just hearing these words.

        Bai Yi, however, did not see that the corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched slightly.


        Naturally, it was true.

        Unfortunately, it had long since been silently and completely dissolved by him.

        However, just as Lin Fan was about to tell Bai Yi to get up for dinner, within the living room, the startled voices of his father-in-law, Bai Shan, and his mother-in-law, Shen Yumei, came out.

        "Bai Yi! Come and see, something has happened to Zhang Yichen!"


        The moment these words were spoken, Bai Yi's pretty face instantly changed, and she hurriedly got up from the bed, before rushing towards the living room with quick steps.

        When Bai Yi and Lin Fan arrived in the living room, they immediately saw Shen Yumei and Bai Shan, holding a computer, their eyes staring at the screen of the computer as if they had seen a ghost.

        "Dad! Mum! What on earth has happened to Zhang Yichen?" Bai Yi was taken aback by this scene.

        At that moment, she hurried up to watch it and immediately saw that, above the computer the two said they were looking at, was a news item.

        "Terrorist killer, now in Jiangcheng! Zhang Yichen suffers assassination!


        When this headline caught Bai Yi's eyes, it immediately caused her to shiver and her pretty face went snow white all of a sudden.

        "It's actually ...... surprisingly true, Zhang Yichen was actually assassinated!"


        Bai Yi hurriedly went forward, scratched the mouse and began to browse up this piece of news.

        The content of this piece of news was explained in extreme detail.

        Starting from the time Ariel Zhang chartered the entire Hilton Hotel.

        To the appearance of a Rolls Royce, walking down a youth who seemed like a country boy, and to everyone's shock, the identity of this youth was actually Blood Wolf, one of the top ten assassins in East Asia.

        "Blood ...... Blood Wolf! Oh my God, I know this man, this man was classified as a AAA class murderer by Interpol back then, and the bounty was a full ten million dollars! The number of people who died under him was a hundred! I didn't think it would be him who would assassinate Zhang Yichen!"

        Bai Shan often browsed through international news events, especially for Blood Wolf's name, which was not unfamiliar at all.

        And hearing his words, Bai Yi and Shen Yumei beside him only felt a tingling in their scalps.

        An international AAA grade murderer!

        This kind of character was definitely a vicious person.

        If the other party came to assassinate Zhang Yichen, then Zhang Yichen's life was definitely in danger ......

        The first time I thought about it.

        The cold sweat on Bai Yi's forehead was flowing out, and he continued to browse through the news.

        The more you look at it, the more alarming it is.

        The more I read, the more shocking it became.

        The top ten national masters of Jiangnan, all of them seriously injured.


        This scene, which fell in Bai Yi's eyes, instantly made her heart, almost to her throat.

        She was afraid of seeing the bad news of her idol.

        Only, when she continued to see.

        ''When Zhang Yichen was about to die under the blood wolf's claws, a mysterious and superior person appeared, and that person was Patriarch Lin!''