Today I Give Up Trying 439-440

 Chapter 439

The voice, eerily cold!

        The words fell.

        Lin Fan couldn't help but give the youth a deep glance, as if he was looking at yet another reptile looking for death:.

        "Remember! This is the last time!"

        After saying that!

        Lin Fan directly opened the car door and stepped out of the Rolls Royce.

        And seeing this scene.

        The youth on the other end of the video simply exploded in anger:.

        "Threatening me?"

        "Fu Ming, did you fucking hear that? This young man is actually being threatened? Why the hell don't you let out a fart!"

        "You ......"

        The youth jumped like a thunderstorm and immediately wanted to take out his own butler.

        However, just as the words left his mouth.

        A scene that made him even more incredulous appeared.

        He saw the eyes of his butler in the video, completely frozen, and his figure, as if it was a clay statue, completely stiffened there.

        A line of blood, from above his neck, emerged.

        And then, amidst the youth's shocked and horrified sight, the head of the butler, Fu Ming, unexpectedly fell from his neck, slowly ...... falling down.


        Scarlet blood, spurting out from the headless neck, instantly sprayed the video screen, into a blood red.

        And the scene in this video fell in the eyes of the youth.

        "Ahhhhhhh ......"

        The youth's body trembled, and his whole body was almost pissed with raw fear as he fell on his buttocks and sat on the ground, rolling and crawling, backing hastily towards the back.


        His butler, Fu Ming, just dropped his head like this without knowing it?

        The youth hadn't even seen how Lin Fan had struck?

        This, how was it possible.

        A cold sweat raged from the youth's forehead, and a trace of fear surfaced in his heart: "No, it can't be!

        "No, it's impossible! Who the hell is this guy? How can he be a Grand Master? How could he be so ferocious?"


        Although the youth had grown up arrogant and domineering, and had even mutilated a few lives before, he had never seen such a bizarre and terrifying killing technique from Lin Fan.

        Especially the other party's cold eyes, as if killing Fu Ming was just accidentally crushing an ant.

        The coldness was breathtaking.

        Huhuhuhu ......

        The youth no longer dared to look at the scarlet video screen and hurriedly cut the video off, gasping for breath.

        After a long time.

        Only then did the youth sober up from the thick fear, followed by a boundless resentment surfacing in his heart, and shouted at the door

        "Uncle Li! Come in!"

        As the words fell from his mouth, the door to the compartment, at once, opened from the outside.

        An old man, wearing glasses and a suit, walked in.

        "Young master, you are ......" Uncle Li took a glance at his young master and was immediately startled.

        He was drenched in sweat and his face was as white as if he had seen a ghost.

        He had watched the youth grow up, but this was the first time he had seen that his domineering young master, who was not afraid of the sky or the earth, would be in such a mess.

        "Uncle Li! I want you to check out someone for me now!" The youth's eyes were filled with resentment and moroseness.

        "That person, who appeared in Jiang City, is about one meter eight, wearing a ragged casual outfit, a homely man's outfit, with a clean face ......"

        The youth said, sentence by sentence, his own impression of Lin Fan.

        And hearing these words.

        Uncle Li instantly picked up the computer on the table, and then flipped his two fingers, opened a search page, and began to search according to the youth's description.

        "In addition to that, Kong Sheng and the others seem to call him ...... Lin Zong Shi!" The youth finished saying this.

        Uncle Li immediately pressed the enter key on the computer.

        Immediately, on that computer, one video screen after another appeared.

        "Young master, we found it! According to your description, this man's name is Lin Fan, he is the husband of Bai Yi, the beautiful president of the Jiangnan Bai Group, and is a son-in-law at home!"

Chapter 440


        When he heard Uncle Li's words, the youth faintly froze.

        At that moment, he hurriedly went up to look.

        At once, he saw that it was an introduction page about the Bai Group.

        Listed on it, were the names of each of the group's senior executives.

        Among them, the president, Bai Yi.

        Chief Technical Advisor, Lin Fan.

        Upon seeing Lin Fan's introduction page, a sinister sheen burst out in the youth's eyes as he said.

        "That's right! It's this bastard that ruined my good deed!" The youth gnashed his teeth in hatred.

        Only, when he saw Bai Yi's introductory picture, he faintly froze.

        "This is the wife surnamed Lin?"

        "What a beautiful woman!"

        A dense hot and lustful sheen instantly splashed out from the youth's eyes.

        He had played with countless women, enchanting, flirtatious, innocent ......

        However, Bai Yi's sensual beauty in front of him seemed to contain an unimaginable seductive power that instantly made the youth's heart itch.

        "This woman, among the beautiful women I've seen, her looks can be ranked in the top three, and her temperament is definitely number one!"

        Said the youth.

        The youth couldn't help but lick his lips, he couldn't wait to fly to Jiang City immediately and put Bai Yi on the spot:.

        "Great, I really didn't expect that this bastard would have such a beautiful wife!"

        "Since that's the case, then not only will this youngster want his life, but his wife, too!"

        A thick evil surfaced at the corners of the youth's mouth.

        After saying that, he turned his head and looked at Uncle Li who was next to him.

        "Uncle Li, now contact the Grand Patriarch of Robo Lake - Blood Faust!"


        The youth's words fell, instantly taking Uncle Li by surprise.

        Blood Faustus!

        This was a formidable name, one of the eight mighty Grand Masters of China.

        He had appeared five years ago, when, having provoked a western hegemonic-level power, there were as many as four Patriarchs sitting in that power.

        The four Patriarchs led dozens of powerful men to snipe and kill Blood Faust in the western desert.

        At that time, almost everyone thought that this fellow, who did not know how to live or die, would definitely die.

        But the result made everyone's eyes drop in astonishment.

        Blood Faust did not flee, let alone dodge.

        As if he was a brutal beast, he actually turned his head and directly killed that hegemonic power's main camp, slaughtering all the members within it.

        Until those four Patriarchs, as well as dozens of elites returned, all they saw was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

        As well as, the ...... Blood Faust sitting there with his feet on the mountain of corpses!

        That scene, almost scared those four patriarchal figures, completely.

        However, something even more desperate happened to them.

        Blood Fudo, struck out at them.

        There was not a single clan master that was an opponent of his one move.



        In that battle, the four great masters were all killed, dozens of elite masters were killed and maimed, and the dominant force that had been shaking western China for ten years vanished into thin air in just one night.

        Only then did the world know that Blood Faust was a terrifying Grand Master.

        From then on, no one dared to mess with it again.

        And now, how could Uncle Li have imagined that his young master would have to contact that one super fierce person.

        "Young ...... young master! Blood Fudo is a Grand Master, you had offered a super heavenly price before, but you didn't even invite him."

        "The other party won't even bother with us!"

        At this moment, Uncle Li only felt that his young master was crazy.

        Just hearing these words, the youth laughed more and more gloomily:.

        "Hehehe ...... If it was before, a character like Blood Floating Tu would naturally not hitch a ride on us!"

        "But now, his disciple Blood Wolf is wasted!"

        "He, will definitely come out of the mountain without a doubt!"


        The Blood Wolf had been invalidated!

        Hearing these words, Uncle Li was almost scared out of his wits.

        Blood Wolf was a super genius who had been nurtured by Blood Fudo and was treated like a treasure by Blood Fudo.

        And if he was scrapped, wouldn't that mean that the heavens would collapse and the earth would be shattered, and Blood Faust would definitely come out again to start a bloody storm.

        The youth next to him, at the moment, had a thick, ferocious arc on the corner of his mouth.

        "Lin Fan?"

        "Just wait, soon, your life, your woman, will all be mine! Hahahaha ......"