Today I Give Up Trying 437-438

 Chapter 437


        It was the same sound of shattering, but upon hearing this sound, Blood Wolf's entire body was struck by lightning.

        He looked at the cracks on top of his spear blade, and a trace of panic instantly surfaced in his heart.

        It had cracked!

        His cold-blooded spear had unexpectedly been caught between two of Lin Fan's fingers and broken off raw.

        This scene caused a dense fear to surface in the Blood Wolf's heart.

        "Grand ...... Grand Master, you, you're actually a Grand Master?"

        Blood Wolf's eyes almost fell out.

        In his perception, in this world, only a terrifying figure like a Grand Patriarch could achieve such a level as Lin Fan's.


        The Blood Wolf only felt, like never before, fear.

        At that moment, he barely dared to think more, and his entire body wanted to retreat violently.

        But at that very moment!


        He saw the blade of his cold blood spear burst apart instantly under Lin Fan's two fingers.

        And then Lin Fan's palm, like a terrifying dragon, poked out, grabbed his spear shaft, and then jerked it fiercely!


        The Blood Wolf only felt that a strong force swept from the Cold Blood Spear Shaft, causing his palm to fiercely ache.

        The Cold Blood Spear Shaft was instantly snatched away by Lin Fan.

        The spear was snatched!

        The tortoise armour broke!

        This scene caused the Blood Wolf's entire being to plunge into the ice.


        At that moment, he didn't have time to think about it, so he drew himself up and fled into the distance.

        "Kid, you ...... wait! My master is also a Grand Master, today's revenge, I, Blood Wolf, will take revenge!!!"

        Blood Wolf's whole body flew away, as if a ghost, in the darkness, flickering and jumping, in the blink of an eye, he was going to disappear into the night, disappearing without a trace.

        Just ......


        "I'll wait!"

        Lin Fan's morose words fell, and then his palm, steeply waving at the night in front of him, viciously waved.


        The cold-blooded spear shaft in that hand seemed like a black night lightning bolt, flying out with a sharp whistling sound.

        "Not good ......"

        The Blood Wolf, who was fleeing in front of him, immediately heard the sound of wind behind him.

        A hint of death enveloped him.

        "No ......"

        A harsh and terrified scream came from the blood wolf, and he instantly wanted to dodge to the side.

        However, his speed was fast, but the speed of that cold blood spear shaft was even faster than imaginable.

        In almost an instant, it stabbed him hard in the back.

        And then it penetrated his waist!


        Blood Wolf only felt a pain in his waist as a spear shaft with a trace of blood actually pierced out from within the dantian of his abdomen.

        In particular, the terrifyingly huge force brought his entire life flying out ten meters away.

        It was like a javelin.

        A parabolic line was drawn!


        The cold blood spear shaft nailed Blood Wolf's entire person, to the ground.

        "Ahhhhh ......"

        A harsh, miserable scream issued from the Blood Wolf's mouth.

        A clatter of blood, from his abdominal dantian, continuously flowed out.

        "My dantian! No...... you, you actually ruined my dantian!"

        The blood wolf's voice was filled with horror and despair.

        Dantian, this was the unique sign of a strong Zong Master.

        The reason why a sect master was able to fly leaves to injure people was that from within the dantian, the force was run and gathered in the object in his hand, which was the only way to make the leaves as sharp as blades to pierce out.

        But now!

        The Blood Wolf only felt a sharp pain in his dantian, and a trace of qi dao was escaping from the hole in his dantian.

        His entire body, as if a deflated ball, unexpectedly began to become without a trace of strength to speak of anymore.

        It was over!

        Blood Wolf knew that the loss of his dantian meant that he was completely wasted and would no longer be the terrifying East Asian super killer.

Chapter 438

At this moment!

        The blood wolf's miserable scream resounded in the night sky, reaching the eardrums of everyone here.

        It caused everyone's scalp to tingle for a moment.

        Three strokes!

        One move to break the tortoise armour!

        One move to shatter the spear!

        One move to nail the flesh!

        Everyone, at this moment, couldn't help but think of Lin Fan's words from before in full force.

        ''I'm afraid that three careless moves will crush you to death!''

        Sure enough ......

        Lin Fan's words were fulfilled, and now it was just a simple three moves, and the Blood Wolf was completely ruined even if he didn't die.

        A thick horror surfaced in every one's heart, and the crowd once again looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a god.

        And at the same time!

        On that Rolls Royce.

        At the sight of the Blood Wolf being run through to the ground by a spear with no spear blade, the atmosphere inside the entire Rolls-Royce was depressing to the extreme.



        A bean-sized sweat trickled down from Butler Fu Ming's forehead as his entire person looked outside as if he was a clay statue.

        It seemed that until now, he couldn't believe what was happening in front of him.

        Not only him!


        The youth on the other end of the video call, at this moment, seemed to have had all his strength drained out of him, and his entire body fell onto the sofa in a heap.

        He tried to smoke, but the palm of his hand, which was reaching for the cigarette, was trembling like sieve chaff.

        In particular, when he struggled to take a cigarette out of the box, he held it in his mouth.

        But his fingers were so trembling that he couldn't even light the lighter.


        The youth was so angry that he waved his hand and slammed the lighter in his hand onto the ground.

        It seemed that he was still unwilling to do so.

        He turned his head to look at the butler Fu Ming in the video and shouted furiously and violently to.

        "Who is that kid? Find out! Even if we have to dig into the ground, we have to find out his identity!"

        "Damn it! I won't let him go if he ruins my good deed by scrapping Blood Wolf! Never ......"

        The youth's face was hideous and gruesome.

        Only, when he finished those words.

        But he found that the atmosphere was slightly wrong, especially the butler Fu Ming in the video screen, with a frightened face looking towards the passenger seat, his face as white as paper, as if he had seen a ghost.


        This scene made the youth's eyelids, slightly jump.

        At that moment, he hurriedly cursed and said.

        "Fu Ming, I'm talking to you? What the hell are you looking at the passenger side for?"

        The youth's eyebrows almost knitted together.

        But just as the words fell from his lips.

        But to his dismay, he discovered that a clean face had appeared in the video screen.

        It was none other than ...... Lin Fan.

        "Is ...... that you?"

        The youth was completely stunned, he hadn't heard the slightest movement of Lin Fan getting into the car, nor had he seen how this guy had gotten into the car from the video screen at all.


        The Rolls-Royce was still some distance away from the hotel, and within this short period of time, this guy had actually spotted them and even came as if he was a ghost and got into the car.

        This was, simply, too unbelievable.

        Clattering cold sweat ran down the youth's back, and he took a deep breath to suppress the shock and panic in his heart, before he grimaced and coldly asked.

        "Kid, who the hell are you? Do you know that the one you just annulled was the Blood Wolf!"

        The youth's words were dripping with warning.

        However, it was as if Lin Fan had not heard his words at all, instead he asked with a playful face.

        "You, are the mastermind behind this assassination of the little girl, right?"


        Little girl!

        The youth froze and instantly reacted, Lin Fan was referring to Zhang Yichen.

        "It's me, so what!"

        "She's not even a member of our Zhang family, yet she wants to inherit my Zhang family's estate, then she deserves to die!" The youth's gaze was cold.

        Only when Lin Fan heard this, he shook his head with a faint smile.

        "I don't care what grudges you have! All I can tell you is that her life, is mine!"

        "If Blood Wolf wants to kill her, Blood Wolf deserves to die! You want to kill her, you ...... deserve to die too!"