Today I Give Up Trying 434-436

 Chapter 434

That was not all.

        After seeing that one piece of thorn, Kong Sheng and everyone else, all of their scalps tingled.

        "Cold Blood Thorn! Or rather, the Cold Blood Spear!"



        That's right, this was a dual-use weapon, which could become a thorn in close combat and a spear in distant combat.

        This weapon was a terrifying cold weapon that had taken ten years to create by the most famous cold weapon master in China.

        It was said that this weapon was indestructible and sharp.

        But no one had expected that this transcendent cold weapon would fall into the hands of Blood Wolf.

        In particular, after the crowd saw that Blood Wolf had put on the Millennium Xuan Tortoise Armour and picked up the Cold Blood Thorn, the crowd was chilled to the bone.

        A top-level sect master!

        For defence, he had the Thousand Year Xuan Tortoise Armour!

        For defence, he had the Thousand-Year-Old Xuan Tortoise Armour, and for attack, he had the Cold Blood Thorn!

        This was a level of terror that could almost be described as the invincibility of a sect master.

        "Sovereign Lin, be careful! That's the Thousand Year Turtle Armour, a Grandmaster can hardly break it! The one in his hand is a Cold Blood Thorn, it will surely hurt if you hit it!"

        Kong Sheng hissed a warning at Lin Fan at this moment, and within his voice, there was a strong sense of fear.

        It wasn't just him!

        The crowd next to him were even shivering in fear.

        After all, with these two items, then Blood Wolf's strength could be ranked among the top three of East Asia's top killers list.


        At this moment, under the tense sight of the crowd, Blood Wolf threw the Cold Blood Thorn in his hand with a steep flip.

        Instantly, this sharp weapon suddenly had two more sections, becoming a spear!

        A cold glint!

        It reeked of bloodlust.

        "Patriarch Lin? Hahahaha ...... I hope you can take three moves from me without dying!"

        The blood wolf's eyes were dense with fierce hostility.

        At this moment, he was definitely at his strongest state, and he was confident that he could wipe out any strong opponent of the Patriarchs.

        Only, to his surprise, even after hearing Kong Sheng's reminder, Lin Fan's face was still unperturbed.

        It was as if he was looking at a child playing with a toy, oozing with disdain.

        "Are you ready?"


        Blood Wolf was slightly stunned, Lin Fan's calm expression caused a feeling of humiliation to surface in his heart.

        "Aren't you ...... afraid?"


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled slightly, and he looked at the Blood Wolf even more as if he was looking at a mole crawler: "Afraid!

        "Afraid! I'm just afraid that in less than three moves, I'll accidentally crush you to death!"

        Wow ......

        Rampant to the extreme.

        As soon as Lin Fan's words left his mouth, Blood Wolf's expression changed, and Kong Sheng and the others couldn't believe their ears in every way.

        Afraid of less than three moves and crushing you to death?

        That's fucking ......

        Kong Sheng and the others only felt as if they had hallucinated. They simply couldn't imagine what kind of character there was in this world that could say such arrogant words in the face of the Blood Wolf at its strongest state.

        As for the Blood Wolf, his eyes instantly turned red.

        He was furious!

        At this moment, his lungs were completely exploded with anger: "Good!

        "Good! Good boy, in terms of bragging, you're definitely the first person I've ever seen!"

        "Since that's the case, I'll let you blow up your bullshit and become a fool!"

        After saying that!


        The Blood Wolf's paws stomped fiercely against the ground, and then his entire body, clad in the thousand year old Xuan Turtle Armor and holding the Cold Blood Spear, was like a raging beast, storming towards Lin Fan and killing him!

        Quickly, quickly, quickly!

        Under his fury, the blood wolf almost reached the limit of his speed.

        In almost an instant, he scurried in front of Lin Fan, and then the Cold Blood Spear in his hand let out a faint whistle, and stabbed fiercely at Lin Fan's neck.


        The entire air emitted a humming sound of breaking wind.

        Like lightning, it burst before Lin Fan's neck.

        It hit with a single thrust!

Chapter 435


        When that one, raw stabbing dull sound rang out.

        Both the Blood Wolf and the surrounding Kong Sheng and the others all froze slightly.

        It was hit?

        Everyone saw that the cold-blooded spear in Blood Wolf's hand had pierced Lin Fan's eyebrow, even thrusting it in.

        Every single person was completely dumbfounded.

        How could they have imagined that Lin Fan had just finished saying big words, but in just one glance, he was stabbed raw in the eyebrow, killing him in one blow.

        "Lin ...... Lin Zongzi!"

        "Big Brother Lin!!!"


        Zhang Yichen, Kong Sheng and the others, all of them screamed out in misery.

        Only just as their voices were uttered, a scene that made their eyes explode in shock even more appeared.


        The crowd was stunned to see that when the cold-blooded spear pierced Lin Fan's eyebrow, the gust of wind that swept over him blew by, and Lin Fan's figure, to their surprise, instantly dissipated with the wind.


        Upon seeing this scene, Zhang Yichen, Kong Sheng and the others all stared in disbelief.

        Blood Wolf, on the other hand, screamed out as if he had seen a ghost.

        "This is the ...... residual shadow!"

        Residual Shadow!

        The visual illusion that only occurs when speed reaches the extreme.

        In the Blood Wolf's perception, only a top-level master who was most adept at speed body techniques could possibly create this kind of stigmata illusion under rapid speed.

        And now, could it be that this Lin Fan in front of him, apart from his terrifying strength, was also unimaginably fast?

        A top-level sect master who excelled in strength and speed?

        How could this ...... be possible!

        "Not good!"

        Blood Wolf seemed to have thought of something at this moment, his entire face changed drastically, and he instantly dodged and wanted to dodge to the side.

        After Lin Fan's residual shadow dissipated, he felt a life and death crisis.

        At this moment, cold sweat was pouring down his forehead, and he dodged to the side at an extreme speed.


        It was still too late.

        "Your reaction is too slow!"

        An eerie voice that seemed to come from hell resounded behind the Blood Wolf.

        It was only at this moment that the crowd was stunned to discover that Lin Fan had, without knowing when, already dodged behind Blood Wolf's entire body.

        In particular, his one hand formed a fist, and then he threw a punch down at the Thousand Year Xuan Turtle Armour on the Blood Wolf's back!


        As the terrifyingly huge force ruthlessly blasted against the Blood Wolf's Thousand-Year-old Xuan Tortoise Shell.

        A deafening and dull sound resounded, as if a bell was ringing, causing the surrounding crowd's eardrums to ache!

        And that's not all!

        Click, click, click!

        What shocked Blood Wolf and everyone else was that under this punch, the thousand-year-old Xuan Gui armour on his body seemed to have been swept away by a terrifyingly huge force.

        A dense spider web of cracks emerged above a piece of the turtle shell.

        Piece after piece!

        In the blink of an eye, there was no longer a single piece of intact tortoise shell on this pair of thousand-year-old Xuan Tortoise Armour.

        The Blood Wolf's entire body, like a kite with a broken string, was blown away with a punch.

        It flew out five or six metres.


        It fell to the ground.


        Scarlet blood spurted out wildly from the Blood Wolf's mouth.

        Even with the protection of the Thousand Year Xuan Turtle Armor, he still felt that he had almost been blown apart by Lin Fan's punch, shattering his internal organs to the point of pain.

        "How can you ...... be so strong?"

        The Blood Wolf's entire body was dumbfounded.

        One hand crushed the wolf claw!

        One fist shattered the turtle shell!

        Lin Fan's strength was simply greater than he could have imagined.

        It wasn't just him!

        Everyone next to him, including Kong Sheng, looked completely dumbfounded.


        Each and every one of them swallowed a mouthful of spittle as hard as they could, looking at Lin Fan's figure as if they were looking at a devil.

        "Blasting away a top sect master with one punch? And a top-level cleric wearing a thousand-year-old Xuan Turtle Armour and holding a cold-blooded spear?"

        "How is this ...... possible!"

Chapter 436

Kong Sheng and the other ten National Masters of the Arts simply had their hearts set off in astonishment.

        In their eyes.

        The Blood Wolf, who wore the Thousand Year Xuan Turtle Armour and wielded the Cold Blood Spear, was almost at the level of a Patriarch invincible.

        But now, he was unable to defeat the power of Lin Fan's fist, and was even shattered by Lin Fan's fist, shattering the Thousand Year Xuan Turtle Armour, which was too unbelievable.

        The eyes of Hei Zi and Hu Zi, who were next to him, almost fell out.

        As they looked at the blood stains on the corners of Blood Wolf's mouth, and already the shattered Thousand Year Xuan Turtle Armour on his body, the two of them couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of spittle fiercely, and a thick bitterness surfaced in their hearts.

        "Where's the need for a single move! We're afraid that we can hardly even resist one of Mr. Lin's stances!"

        The two looked at each other, their hearts mixed with a variety of flavours.

        Only then did they truly understand just how big the gap between themselves and Lin Fan was, as if it was a gulf, leaving the two without the courage to even compare themselves.

        "I don't believe it!"

        "I don't believe it!!!"

        Right at that moment!

        Blood Wolf's eyes instantly turned red like blood, and a hint of madness surfaced on his face.

        "I am the youngest super killer in East Asia, I don't believe it, you are invincible in strength and speed, all of them!"

        "I ...... will kill you!"

        The words fell!

        Blood Wolf's entire person sprang up from the ground, and with a swing of his cold blood spear in his hand, he burst towards Lin Fan once more with a buzzing sound.


        This speed was like lightning, almost instantaneously, he scurried several metres away.

        Especially when paired with the sharp and unparalleled cold-blooded spear, it seemed like a shocking lightning bolt, bursting at Lin Fan's neck.

        Ten metres!

        Five metres!

        Three metres!

        In the blink of an eye, the Blood Wolf's cold-blooded spear had already exploded in front of Lin Fan's face.

        Only a scene that was difficult for the crowd to comprehend appeared.

        Under this Blood Wolf's killing stance, Lin Fan was actually unresponsive, as if his entire being was stunned.

        This time, there was no dodging, and likewise no resisting.

        He just watched, dumbfounded, as the sharp, terrifying spear came at his neck, stabbing and killing him.


        A flash of exuberance surfaced on the Blood Wolf's face [Smoky Red Dust Novel], and with a twist of his wrist, the speed of the cold blood spear in his hand surprisingly skyrocketed by a point.

        Five inches!

        Three inches!


        The sharp edge of the Cold Blood Spear seemed to be on the verge of cutting through Lin Fan's skin and piercing him through the throat with a single spear.

        This scene caused everyone, including Zhang Yichen and Kong Sheng, to have their scalps tingle.

        It was just the moment when their hearts, which were beating wildly, reached their breaking point.

        Ding ......

        A crisp and pleasant sound of gold and iron unexpectedly resounded out.

        And then everyone saw that just as the cold-blooded spear was about to pierce an inch into Lin Fan's neck, it came to an abrupt halt, no longer able to advance the slightest bit.


        The sharp blade of the spear was caught by two fingers!


        That's right!

        After seeing that the thing that made it difficult for the cold-blooded spear to advance an inch was only Lin Fan's two fingers, the Blood Wolf's eyes almost burst open in shock.

        "No...... how could this happen!"

        He desperately poured all the strength in his body towards his arm.

        But even with all his strength, he was surprisingly already unable to break through Lin Fan's two fingers and thrust the spear blade into his opponent's throat.


        This, how is this possible!

        Kong Sheng and the rest of the crowd were also completely stunned.

        This was the Patriarch Invincible Blood Wolf, the strength of his strength needed no further explanation, and now, he was unable to resist Lin Fan's two fingers, this was like a dream to the crowd.

        Only, the shock had just begun.

        "That's it?"

        At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a hint of thick disdain surfaced.

        He looked at the Blood Wolf as if he was just looking at a mole crawler, only that it was just a slightly larger crawler, that was all.


        With his two fingers, he steeply lashed out!


        A scene that left people stunned and horrified appeared.