Today I Give Up Trying 427-428

 Chapter 427

Clang, clang, clang!

        A sound of weapons clashing resounded continuously.

        Sparks flew in all directions.

        Blood Wolf and Tiger and the other ten people instantly fought together.

        However, just after the exchange of blows, a scene that made Tiger and the other ten men appear in disbelief.

        "The first one!"


        As if he was like a ghost, Blood Wolf's entire body suddenly disappeared, and when he reappeared, a chilling voice resounded in Master Qiu's ears.

        "How could it be so fast?"

        Master Qiu was completely dumbfounded, and as his blow fell short, he felt a chill run down his back, so he didn't have time to think about it, and he wanted to pull back.

        However, just as he raised his paw, a splash of blood came out from his chest.

        A wolf's claw had pierced through his chest, piercing through his forehead.

        "Master Qiu!!!"

        This scene made Tiger and the others' eyes bleary with fear.

        However, before they could come to their rescue, Blood Wolf smiled fiercely and kicked Master Qiu away before lunging at the other man once again.

        "Be careful, he ...... he's a top [八一中文网]Zongzi!"

        Master Qiu, who was heavily injured on the ground, almost let out a harsh wail.

        Top-level Zong Shi!

        These four words made Tiger and the others almost piss themselves in fear.

        A Zong Master, who could already pick leaves and injure people, and a Top Level Zong Master, was even more relaxed and comfortable.

        Everyone could hardly imagine how Blood Wolf, who was so young, could possibly have advanced to Top Zongzi.

        And if the Top Patriarch was placed on the East Asian Assassin List, it would already be a terrifying existence ranked in the top five.

        "Haha ...... you guys only know now, but unfortunately it's too late!"

        Blood Wolf's words forgave me!

        His wolf claw, once again, broke through a master's defence before plunging a claw viciously into his opponent's chest.

        Immediately after!

        A scene that sent everyone's souls spiralling appeared!

        Poof, poof, poof!

        Under the crushing strength of the Blood Wolf's top-level Grandmaster, Tiger and everyone else, as if they were dirt pigs and dogs, barely had a single opponent.

        Seriously wounded!

        Seriously wounded!

        Still seriously wounded!

        The sight was desperate, the bloodshed was gut-wrenching.

        And that's not all.

        When this bloody scene was seen by Fu Ming inside the Rolls-Royce, his whole body almost jumped up in excitement.

        "A win! Young master, this Mr. Blood Wolf that you found is simply too awesome! He ...... he's actually a top clan master!"

        "Hahahaha ...... Those Jiangnan masters, retired special forces soldiers, in his hands are all simply unbeatable!"

        Fu Ming's face was red with exuberance.

        The admiration for Blood Wolf had simply reached the extreme.

        And hearing these words.

        The youth within the phone, shocked hard, before gasping for breath, responded by saying.

        "Hey! That's natural, by inviting Blood Wolf, I am already aware of his strength as a top-level cleric!"

        "With him around, not to mention a mere Jiangnan Grandmaster, even if they are at the Patriarch level, there is only one way to die at his hands!"

        The youth's confidence in Blood Wolf was at its peak.

        And just as he finished his words!


        With two trails of scarlet blood splashing out from the chests of Tiger and Blackie, the battle was completely over!

        "Oh my god, 50 seconds!"

        Fu Ming glanced at his watch, and then said in an exuberant voice.

        "Mr. Blood Wolf, he's a god, it only took him 50 seconds to finish off Tiger, Blackie and the eight Jiangnan Masters!"


        This was a terrifying and desperate number.

        The front door of the hotel was completely stained with blood.

        On the ground, one figure after another, fell to the ground with serious injuries.

        Their bodies were drenched in blood, their wounds bloody and fleshy and unbearable.

        Tiger, Blackie, Master Qiu and the others were all seriously injured, none of them spared.

Chapter 428

"How ...... how could this happen! You, how could you possibly be a top-level sect master ......"

        An unspeakable glow of shock emanated from Master Qiu's eyes.

        Such a young Top-level Grandmaster, this had reached the level of a demonic figure even if it was placed in the entire China.

        Looking at Master Qiu's terrified and incredulous look.

        A simple smile appeared on Blood Wolf's face, and then picked up the snakeskin bag from the ground and resisted it on his shoulder before saying with a smile.

        "Your news, is too backward! It's been half a month since I broke through the top clan master!"

        "Also to tell you a secret, my master, is a ...... Grand Master!"


        Grand Master!

        These three words fell on the ears of Master Qiu and the others, causing their eyes to widen instantly, and a thick sheen of shock flickered in each and every one of their eyes.

        A Grand Master was a terrifying realm above that of a Patriarch.

        A Grandmaster overcoming a Grandmaster was like an adult crushing a toddler.

        A Grand Patriarch, against a Patriarch, is similarly so!

        Such characters were considered to be at the top of the hierarchy in China.

        "No wonder ......"

        A thick, bitter smile surfaced at the corners of Master Qiu's and the others' mouths.

        And hearing these words.

        The tiger on the ground, could not help but wildly spurt out a mouthful of scarlet blood, and then rallied all his body strength, and within the hotel, hissed madly.

        "Little ...... Miss, run! Quickly ...... run!!!"

        Tiger was scared!

        Master Qiu and the others were scared too!

        There were ten of them, and they were defeated in 50 seconds, so even if Kong Sheng and Master Xu were more powerful, they were simply no match for the Blood Wolf.

        Facing such a terrifying enemy, fleeing, was definitely the only way to live!

        Just hearing this!

        Blood Wolf laughed as he looked at Tiger and the others on the ground with a sneer on his face, before saying playfully.

        "Alas ...... your reminder is already too late!"

        "Because your lady, it seems, is not a cowardly person who runs away alone!"


        This sentence caused Tiger and the others' faces to change drastically, as if they thought of something, they all looked as ugly as if they were dead ashes.

        This was not all.

        The blood wolf's wolf claw, with a swing, suddenly appeared at the place of Tiger's neck.

        With just a flick of his wolf claws, he could definitely tear the tiger's entire neck apart completely.

        And then, the blood wolf's pair of eyes, playfully looking within the hotel, said with a faint smile.

        "Pretty Miss Zhang Yichen, if you don't show up again, then the head of your bodyguard will have to fly up slightly!"

        Blood Wolf's voice was full of flirtation.

        And hearing these words!

        "Stop it!"

        A delicate rebuke came from within the hotel, and then Tiger and the others saw in despair that Zhang Yichen had walked out of the hotel under the escort of the two masters of Kong Sheng.

        Her pretty face, as white as paper, especially looking at the corpses of the twelve guards, Tiger and the others who had already fallen to the ground and were seriously injured, a trace of misery surfaced on her face.

        "Miss! Why didn't you run away? Why ......"

        Blackie was so anxious at this moment that he almost cried out.

        He wanted to struggle hard to get up.

        But as soon as he moved, Blood Wolf flew up with a kick and sent his entire body flying.

        It was as if, kicking a bag of rubbish, with ease and ease.

        Hearing these words!

        Zhang Yichen was silent.

        She didn't run away, because she knew from the start that Lin Fan's reminder to herself was true.

        And to be able to make a character like Lin Fan, alert herself, it could only mean that the person who had come to assassinate her was definitely a terrifying existence.

        Once she left, then Tiger, Blackie, Master Qiu and everyone else would only have a way to die.

        "Let them go! My life, you take it!"

        Zhang Yichen looked at Blood Wolf indifferently, her voice calm and waveless.