Today I Give Up Trying 424-426

 Chapter 424

That's a living, breathing life.

        And now!

        All of them died for her!

        This made Zhang Yichen hate the Blood Wolf and the person behind the curtain to the extreme.

        Thinking of this, Zhang Yichen closed her beautiful eyes, her jade hand grabbed that one alarm, and then pressed it fiercely: "Big Brother Lin, I'm going to...

        "Brother Lin, I ...... need you!"


        At the same time!

        The moment Zhang Yichen pressed the alarm, within the Liyuan Mansion ten miles away.


        Lin Fan's devil machine instantly emitted a slight electronic tone.


        The sound was subtle, but the moment it rang out, Lin Fan opened his eyes.

        He swept a glance at the faintly flickering Devil Machine, and a hint of a chilly sheen began to flicker in Lin Fan's eyes:.

        "Has it finally come?"

        Said he!

        A hint of excitement surfaced in his eyes.

        After three years of silence, he had never met an expert before.

        And now, the person who could make Auntie Cather Loring personally call for a warning naturally aroused Lin Fan's keen interest.

        At that moment, he slowly climbed up from the floor and put on his clothes. After seeing Bai Yi still sleeping soundly, he kissed Bai Yi deeply on the forehead and walked out of the room.

        Around the courtyard of Bai Yi's house.

        In every corner, there was a figure hidden.

        Bai Yi Fan, on the other hand, was constantly making his rounds, occasionally turning to the Bai family's bodyguards and constantly reprimanding them.

        "Be mental, keep a close eye on me, if that kid appears, make sure you follow him!"

        "And the monitors, give me a closer look! That bastard, if he really has any secrets, he must be acting at night!"

        In the afternoon!

        After Old Master Bai explained, Bai Yifan moved quickly.

        He quietly installed one camera after another around the courtyard wall of Bai Yi's house.

        Not to mention a large living person, even if a fly flew out from inside, he would definitely be able to find it.

        After reprimanding those bodyguards.

        Bai Yifan's gaze couldn't help but take a deep look at Bai Yi's home, and a strong sense of complexity and resentment flashed in his eyes.

        "Lin Fan, are you really as grandfather and my father said, hiding in my Bai family for three years, yet having an unimaginable identity?"

        "I don't believe it! I only believe that you are a waste, a bastard who eats soft food!"

        Bai Yifan finished with hatred.

        But at that very moment!


        He only felt as if a cold wind was diffusing from Bai Yi's home, instantly causing the temperature of the surrounding air to plummet.

        That was not all.

        "Young master, look, our cameras, why are they all spent?"


        Upon hearing a bodyguard's alarmed cry, Bai Yifan hurriedly ran to the middle of a nearby corner.

        There, a bodyguard was holding a computer and was exclaiming out in shock.

        In that computer, there were originally supposed to be six screens, each corresponding to an invisible camera that would take a clear picture of every corner around Bai Yi's house and every road in the vicinity.

        But now!

        All six video screens, surprisingly, were flooded with snow, and it was impossible to see a single thing at all.

        "Mal! Who bought this invisible camera, it's a bunch of crap!"

        "Fix it! If that bastard, takes the opportunity to escape, I'll make sure you guys are punished!"

        Bai Yifan was instantly furious.

        But he didn't even notice that a ghost-like figure flashed past the courtyard wall of Bai Yi's house and suddenly disappeared into the vast night.

Chapter 425

On a road next to the Hilton Hotel.

        Fu Ming, the butler in the Rolls Royce, after seeing that Blood Wolf had actually killed all twelve of the Zhang family's guards, in an instant, his entire body burst out in excited cheers.

        "My goodness, it's really worthy of being the youngest super killer in East Asia, this kind of tactics, it's unbelievable!"

        "This time, Zhang Yichen can't escape, the future Zhang family will definitely belong to the young master!"

        Thinking of this.

        Fu Ming hurriedly took out his own mobile phone, and after finding the 'Young Master's' communication number, he dialed it straight away.


        The phone was answered, and a deafening sound of music and a woman's chanting came from inside.

        Without thinking, Fu Ming knew that his young master was spending his time again, venting on women.

        "Fu Ming, how's it going?"

        A slightly gruff young man's voice rang out from within the phone.

        His voice, gasping for breath, seemed to be on the phone while conquering the woman beneath him.

        Hearing these words.

        Fu Ming hurriedly said in an exuberant manner.

        "Young master, Mr. Blood Wolf is already in action, he killed the twelve guards sent by the family in almost two glances!"

        "Simply too strong!"

        In response to Fu Ming's reply, the young man inside the phone, as if unsurprised, continued to move with vigour:.

        "That's natural, he's a Blood Wolf, my young master spent hundreds of millions to painstakingly invite him here!"

        "With those stupid guards from the family, how could they be his match!"

        Speaking of which!

        Another ragged gasp came from the youth, accompanied by a woman's painful shenanigans.

        "Fu Ming, don't hang up the phone, you continue to give me live coverage!"

        "Hey, hey! This young man is going to mess with this slutty hoof today while listening to the good news!"

        The youth's voice was dripping with a thick evilness.

        And Fu Ming was obviously aware of his young master's wickedness, so he hurriedly nodded his head and agreed.

        He turned his eyes towards the outside.

        Continuing, he said.

        "Young master, now that those guards, are all dead, the next thing that Mr. Blood Wolf will have to face is Zhang Yichen's two personal bodyguards - Tiger and Blackie!"

        Just as Fu Ming continued to give his young master live commentary.

        The entrance to the hotel!


        Blood Wolf, who was carrying a snakeskin bag, took a fierce step forward.

        His paws, stepping on the corpse of one of the guards, took a step towards the entrance.

        Scarlet red, spilling over the ground, made the atmosphere here, oppressive and dreary to the extreme.



        Beads of bean-sized sweat continued to drip down from Tiger and Blackie's foreheads.

        A great enemy!

        Although the two of them came from the top special forces in China, they still did not have half a chance of winning against Blood Wolf who had already reached the Patriarch level.

        "Wrap him up! Old Mr Kong Sheng and the others must be arranging for Miss to evacuate, we have to buy them time!"

        Blackie's face was full of gloom to the point of gloom.

        And hearing these words, Tiger, who was next to him, was also pumped up.

        Only, just as the two were poised and ready to fight to the death!


        They were stunned to see that the Blood Wolf, which was moving forward, had suddenly stopped in its tracks.


        This scene caused Tiger and Blackie to freeze as they looked at the Blood Wolf with a hint of confusion.

        "Hehehe ...... wait for a moment until all your people arrive!"

        The corners of Blood Wolf's mouth curled as playful words came out.


        This sentence made Tiger and Blackie all but dumbfounded, and just at that moment, they were fiercely hearing a rush of footsteps coming from within the hotel behind them.

        The two of them hurriedly turned around and saw that eight Jiangnan masters of the Chinese martial arts were coming towards this place with quick steps.

Chapter 426

"Master Qiu! Master Tian! What brings you here? Where's Miss?"

        After seeing these eight masters of national arts, Tiger and Blackie were startled.

        These ten people should be guarding their lady, so how did they come here.

        Hearing this.

        Master Qiu's gaze, could not help but glance intently at Blood Wolf before he said.

        "Miss Yi Chen is worried about the two of you meeting with misfortune, so she specially asked the eight of us to come and help!"

        "Don't worry! Grandmaster Kong and Grandmaster Xu have already taken Miss Yichen and left through the back door!"


        This sentence made Tiger and Blackie's hearts, which had been raised, slightly relaxed.

        Grandmaster Kong was the strongest among the crowd, and his strength was already infinitely close to the threshold of a quasi-Zong Shi.

        With him and Grandmaster Xu escorting Zhang Yichen to evacuate, then they, together with Grandmaster Qiu and the others, only needed to buy enough time to keep Zhang Yichen unharmed.

        "Good! Since that's the case, then I'll trouble you Masters to join the two of us and leave this villain, here!"

        A thick exuberance surfaced on Tiger's face.

        Ten against one!

        Especially, among these ten people, they were two of the top special retired soldiers in China, plus eight top masters of the national arts, they didn't believe that this Blood Wolf could still defy the odds.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        In an instant, the ten of them, Tiger, Blackie, and Master Qiu, instantly separated their figures, as if they were a lightning bolt, flashing around and encircling Blood Wolf.

        The ten of them, all of them were furious, and their eyes contained a strong sense of confidence.

        Obviously, the ten of them joining forces had boosted their confidence, and they simply did not believe that the Blood Wolf could break through the heavy siege in a short period of time.

        "That's it?"

        However, to the surprise of the ten men, instead of having the slightest worry on Blood Wolf's face, it was dripping with a strong sneer.

        "Just a minute then!"


        This single sentence caused Tiger and the others' faces to change.

        What did it mean?

        What did Blood Wolf mean, could it be that he wanted to break through the blockade of his ten men in one minute?

        Only, how could this be possible!

        Whether it was Tiger, Blackie, or Master Qiu, a strong look of indignation surfaced on their faces, in their eyes, this statement from Blood Wolf was simply a humiliation to them.


        "I mean, one minute, to defeat all of you!"


        With a single sentence, Tiger and the others, all of them could not believe their ears. , ,

        One minute, defeating them ......?

        How arrogant!

        The anger in almost every one's heart was instantly stirred up by Blood Wolf's rampant arrogance.

        Ten of them joined together, not to mention Blood Wolf was so young, even if they were top veteran clan figures, they simply could not defeat them in one minute, this was simply the greatest contempt for them.

        "Good! Since that's the case, then we'll see what you're capable of!"

        Tiger and the others glanced at each other before their battle spirit was high, as if ten, fierce tigers were instantly charging towards the Blood Wolf and killing it.

        Kill kill kill!

        The ten men were almost all grandmaster level experts, and under every punch and kick, they all contained boundless and terrifying force.

        In a moment, the sound of breaking air and explosions were heard in front of the entire hotel, like a stone hungry wolf pouncing on a fierce tiger, a shocking scene.


        In the face of this killing situation, the exuberant smile on the corner of Blood Wolf's mouth grew thicker and thicker as he threw the snakeskin bag on his shoulder!

        With a shake of his hands, two wolf claws suddenly emerged, and then he charged at the ten men.

        At this moment!

        A scene that shocked everyone appeared!