Today I Give Up Trying 421-423

 Chapter 421

Little by little, time passes.

        Before the Hilton Hotel, there was silence.

        There was only a line of black-clad bodyguards, walking back and forth from the entrance of the hotel, watching for any disturbance.

        The bodyguards, each with a strong and sturdy body, especially the eyes, were so sharp that they seemed to be able to penetrate the darkness and see all dangers clearly.

        In the hidden grass.

        After seeing these bodyguards, the middle-aged doggy said to the young doggy next to him.

        "Did you see that? These are the bodyguards of the Zhang family in Dragon City! It is said that every one of them was once a formidable black boxer, an existence that could take on ten with one!"

        "These twelve members of the Zhang family's bodyguard team, I'm afraid that even a squad of a hundred people would not be able to defeat them at all!"

        The middle-aged dog boy was full of emotion, this was worthy of the heritage of the Zhang Family, a powerful family in Dragon City, just these ten guards were enough to walk around.

        Hearing these words!

        The young dog boy next to him was also full of admiration.

        Only, just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard, a car's buzzing sound.

        "Huh? Boss, look, there's a car driving towards here!"


        The middle-aged dog boy was slightly stunned, and at once hurriedly picked up his night-vision binoculars and looked towards a road next to the hotel.

        He instantly saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom, surprisingly, slowly stopping on the road next to the Hilton Hotel.

        "It's a Rolls-Royce! I guess it's another one of those rich boys, coming to chase after the stars!"

        The middle-aged paparazzo instantly thought it was a rich young man from Jiang City or Jiangnan who had come to request to meet Zhang Yichen.


        When he saw that a young man wearing a white T-shirt, canvas shoes and carrying a snake skin bag, as if he was a country boy, stepped down from the Rolls Royce.

        The middle-aged doggie faintly stared at.

        "Hmm? That's not right, this young man is dressed so shabbily and looks like a part-time worker, how is he qualified to ride in a Rolls Royce?"

        The middle-aged paparazzo had a vague feeling that something was fishy.

        But just as the young man, walking slowly in the direction of the hotel.


        A cold, gusty wind blew by, instantly causing the middle-aged paparazzo to shiver.

        "Boss, why do I have a feeling of hair all over my body! Have you noticed? It seems that the temperature has suddenly dropped a lot?"

        The young dogboy, shrinking his neck, asked the middle-aged dogboy in confusion.

        The middle-aged dogboy obviously also noticed this.

        Only, he had a vague feeling that it was not a problem with the weather at all.

        Because, as the youth, who was in rags, got closer and closer to the hotel, the temperature near the hotel, surprisingly, became colder and colder.

        "No! There's something wrong with this youth!"

        The middle-aged paparazzo shuddered, as if he had discovered big news, and hurriedly turned his camera around to shoot towards the youth.

        And right in the middle of his filming.

        The youth, carrying a snakeskin bag, was walking slowly while bending down and plucking one tender green leaf after another from the green belt next to him.

        One after another!

        After each leaf was plucked, it was wedged between the youth's fingers.

        In the blink of an eye, he had as many as ten leaves between his ten fingers.


        Step by step, the youth moved closer to Hilton.

        Five hundred metres!

        Three hundred metres!

        Two hundred metres!


        When the youth, just approached two hundred metres, the Zhang family's escort team at the entrance of the hotel, instantly spotted the other party.

        At once, two sturdy escort bodyguards, then stepped out quickly.

        "Who is it? The Hilton is chartered tonight, outsiders are not allowed to be received!"

        The two bodyguards' eyes stared deadly at this one young man carrying a snakeskin bag, their faces serious and cold.

        However, the youth ignored their words and continued to walk towards the front step by step.

Chapter 422

This scene caused the two bodyguards to pale.

        "No, something's wrong with this man! Stop him!"

        As soon as the words were spoken, the two of them immediately wanted to scurry forward and stop the youth.

        But at that very moment!


        The youth's two fingers waved, and instantly two leaves, as if they were lightning, burst out.

        Poof ......

        With a neat and muffled sound, the two bodyguards who had just scurried forward instantly stiffened their bodies viciously.

        They could only feel their necks, a coldness.

        The two men reached out their hands and felt towards their necks.

        Instantly, they saw that the sticky, scarlet blood was already stained on their palms.

        "Ho ho ho ......"

        The duo's eyes glazed over, they looked at the youth as if they had seen the devil, their entire bodies completely lost their strength, as if they were two iron towers, and they had fallen backwards with a bang!


        When the bodies of the two bodyguards, fell to the ground viciously, their bodies twitched slightly and were instantly silent again.


        The two doggies within the grass were given a complete shock.

        "Dead ...... dead?"

        The young paparazzo swallowed hard and could hardly believe his eyes.

        Just now, he was in charge of filming.

        He had clearly seen that the young man carrying the snakeskin bag had only waved out two leaves, and just those two leaves, as if they were sharp and matchless bullets, instantly pierced the necks of the two majestic bodyguards.

        Leaves piercing through the neck?

        This ...... how is this possible!

        "Zong Shi!"

        Just then, the middle-aged dog boy next to him, as if he had seen a ghost, screamed in a low voice.

        Only a figure at the level of a clan master was able to pick leaves and injure people.

        It was just that he simply could not understand how this young man in front of him, who looked so young, could reach the realm of Zong Shi, it was simply unbelievable.


        At this moment, after those two bodyguards were completely kil led, it instantly startled the people in the hotel.

        A Zhang family bodyguard, like lightning, darted out from within the hotel.

        "Enemy attack!"

        "Enemy attack!"


        A voice of shock and anger hissed out continuously from the mouths of the many bodyguards.

        Especially, after they found out that their companions were completely killed, a hiss of grief and anger resounded.

        "Xiao Wu and Lao Jiu are dead! Ki ll him, ki ll this ba sta rd and avenge your brothers!"

        These bodyguards did not even see how their companions were kil led.

        They only saw that the necks of their two companions, were cut off raw.

        Instantly, they thought that the other party was just a sneak attack.

        All at once!

        Hulla, hulla!

        A full ten fierce bodyguards, like ten tigers out of their cages, flashed their daggers in their hands, and then flew towards the young man carrying the snakeskin bag, kil ling him.

        And just as these bodyguards scurried on, Blackie and Tiger, two retired special forces soldiers in the hotel lobby, were also completely alarmed.


        When the duo saw, the face of the youth carrying the snakeskin bag.


        The duo were struck by lightning and hissed at the guards who had rushed up one by one and roared

        "Blood Wolf! That guy is the Butcher Blood Wolf! Come back! Come back!"

        The two of them, Tiger and Blackie, could hardly believe their eyes at this moment.

        They were naturally concerned about East Asia's kil ler list, but they never dreamed that the super ruthless guy who was tenth on the kil ler list, the Butcher Blood Wolf, would appear in front of them alive.


        The duo's hiss had just come out when a bloody scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives, appeared.

Chapter 423

"Ki ll, ki ll, ki ll!"

        Those ten guards of the Zhang family were completely overwhelmed by hatred at this moment.

        One by one, they let out a hiss of grief and anger as they charged madly towards the Blood Wolf to ki ll it.


        A stream of daggers, like streams of light, burst down in front of them.

        With a full ten of them joining forces, even if it was any of Tiger or Blackie, they were afraid that they would only have a way to dodge.

        It was just that they were stunned.


        Just after they had stabbed down, they were shocked to find that the Blood Wolf just ahead of them had suddenly disappeared.

        At the same time!

        Tiger and Blackie's hissing roar came through and landed in the ears of every single Zhang Family guard.

        "Blood Wolf! He's the Blood Wolf!"


        After hearing this name, the bodies of the ten guards trembled viciously, and a human figure instantly emerged in their minds, after the face of that figure, and the youth who had just disappeared, slowly reunited.


        The ten men's faces changed dramatically:.


        Without the slightest hesitation, they dodged and tried to retreat towards the back.

        But at that moment, an icy cold wind instantly swept through the area.

        Accompanying it was a cold, bone chilling, eerie voice.

        "You want to retreat? It's too late!"

        As these words fell.

        Poof, poof, poof!

        In mid-air, a steel wolf claw appeared out of nowhere, the structure of this wolf claw was extremely peculiar, with a variety of insidious runes carved on it.

        After it appeared, it tore into the body of one of the bodyguards.

        In an instant, scarlet blood was splattered in mid-air.

        Before any of the bodyguards could retreat, their necks were torn open by the sharp wolf claws.



        A figure fell to the ground amidst a mist of blood.

        Three of them!



        When the last bodyguard, with intense fear and bewilderment, fell headlong to the ground, scarlet blood gurgled out from the ten bodies, causing a bloody and gruesome atmosphere to emanate from the entire front of the Hilton.


        At this moment, it was as if the whole world had fallen into dead silence.

        Tiger and Blackie, their bodies trembling slightly, looked at the corpses of their guards, and a strong sense of powerlessness and grief swept over them.

        And on the other side!

        In the middle of that grass, that bloody scene was completely filmed by that young dog boy.

        The young paparazzo only felt himself, the coldness all over his body, looking at the bloody wolf figure within the camera as if he was looking at a butcher, a madman.

        "How can he ...... be so strong?"

        The young paparazzo only felt his scalp tingling, if not for the professionalism of a professional journalist, he just wanted to turn his head and run away, never to see this monster again.

        And on the other side.

        Tick tock!


        Cold sweat was pouring down from the forehead of the middle-aged dog boy next to him, who was also almost dumb with fear.

        "Twelve Zhang family bodyguards, they were all wiped out in an instant!"

        "Blood Wolf! So, he is the Blood Wolf, who is known as the youngest and most terrifying kil ler in East Asia, and is ranked in the top ten of the East Asian top kil lers list! How horrible!"

        The two doggies looked at each other, and could see the fear in each other's eyes as much as they could.

        And that's not all!

        What was happening at the entrance of the hotel likewise fell within a room on the 20th floor.

        "Dead ...... dead!"

        Zhang Yichen's pretty face, white as paper, a trace of fear and sorrow, surfaced in the bottom of her eyes.