Today I Give Up Trying 417-418

 Chapter 417

So shabbily dressed!

        Such a youthful face!

        No matter how you look at it, you cannot associate this person in front of you with the fierce and powerful Blood Wolf, a clan master level killer.


        It was only when Zhang Yi and the others' words had just fallen!

        The simple smile on the young Blood Wolf's face faintly stalled, his eyes, gradually narrowed, and then the corners of his mouth smiled with an insidious coldness: "I can understand that you guys are not the same.

        "Can I understand that you guys are laughing at me?"


        You want to understand?

        Hahahaha ......

        The contempt and ridicule in the hearts of Zhang Yi and the others grew thicker and thicker, in their eyes, this guy in front of them, and the old man who had just entered the city, were becoming more and more similar.

        At that moment!

        Zhang and the others wanted to sneer again.

        But their words had yet to come out!

        All they could see was that the young blood wolf's eyes flashed a trace of scarlet lustre, before his mouth opened and closed, and he spat lightly in front of him!


        A granular candy instantly spat out from his mouth, spitting out.




        Each pellet of candy was like a bolt of lightning that sped out, even making a popping sound in the air.

        And then, under the incredulous eyes of the butler Fu Ming, it pierced through the heads of Zhang Yi and the others.

        Poof, poof, poof!

        Scarlet blood instantly splashed out from the heads of Zhang Yi's eight bodyguards.

        The bodies of each and every one of them trembled viciously, and the sneers and ridicule on their faces froze completely.



        Drops of scarlet blood emerged from the foreheads of the eight men, and each one's eyes were filled with a dense look of bewilderment.

        As if they had not yet seen clearly what was happening, they all fell to the ground with a crash.



        When a full eight corpses, viciously planted on the ground, scarlet blood, flowed out from the hollow of each one's forehead, the butler next to him, Fu Ming, was almost pissed with fear

        "Chapter ...... chapter one! Chapter two! You guys ......"

        Butler Fu Ming stretched out a finger and placed it tremblingly in front of the noses of Zhang Yi and the others.

        Only to find that the eight bodyguards unexpectedly no longer had a single breath of life.

        Dead ......

        Eight chewing gum, eight lives!

        Butler Fu Ming shivered sharply, he only felt that a cold air ran down the soles of his feet and straight to his head.

        At this moment he once again looked at the young blood wolf in front of him as if he was looking at a devil.

        "You ...... you killed them?"

        Fu Ming's body, were trembling.

        He could see clearly that what killed Zhang Yi and the others was a pellet-shaped candy.

        Candy kills people!

        This was almost the same as picking leaves and injuring people, it was definitely a patriarchal level tactic.

        And at this moment!

        It was as if the young Blood Wolf did not even realise that he had killed eight people, it was as if he had just stepped on eight ants, and a thick simple smile surprisingly appeared on his face once more as he shrugged his shoulders and said.

        "I don't really like people taunting me!"

        "It seems that everyone who has mocked me has ...... died!"


        Those calm and indifferent words, but they contained unimaginable bloodshed, instantly causing Butler Fu Ming's scalp to explode.

        What a ferocious fellow.

        Just because of a few mocking words, without even a provocation or greeting, he directly killed eight people in a row.

        This kind of ferocity and bloodshed made the butler Fu Ming terrified to the extreme.

        "Blood ...... Mr. Blood Wolf, I'm ten thousand times sorry, I ...... didn't mean to question you just now!"

        Clattering cold sweat continued to rage down from Butler Fu Ming's forehead.

        He was scared!

        At this moment, he didn't even have the courage to even look at this Devil Blood Wolf, eye to eye.

Chapter 418

"Forget it! These eight corpses, you deal with them!"

        Blood Wolf finished indifferently and walked straight towards the Rolls-Royce, slowly walking towards it.

        Seeing this scene, butler Fu Ming hurriedly farted forward to open the door.

        It was not until Blood Wolf got into the car.

        Only then did the butler Fu Ming take a pitying look at the corpses of Zhang Yi and the other eight people on the ground, made a phone call and sent someone to deal with them, and then went straight to the car.

        When Fu Ming just got into the car.

        The slow words of Blood Wolf in the back row came straight to him.

        "This time, who are the opponents?"

        Blood Wolf's words were filled with carelessness.

        It was as if he was not inquiring about his opponents at all, but merely asking for the names of the next dead souls to die at his hands, and that was all.

        The butler, Fu Ming, glanced at Blood Wolf in the rear-view mirror in horror, before cautiously saying.

        "Mr. Blood Wolf, the target of this assassination is the eldest Miss of our Dragon City Zhang Family - Zhang Yichen!"

        "And the ones protecting her, apart from two retired special forces from Blood Blade and Wolf's Teeth! There are also the ten great national masters of Jiangnan Province, as well as the escort team sent by the Zhang family!"

        Ten great national masters?

        Hearing those words!

        Blood Wolf's eyes, instantly lit up, as if a hunter had found his prey, were filled with delight:.

        "I've heard of a fellow named Kong Sheng among those Ten Great State Masters!"

        "It's said that that old fellow has been instructed by a mysterious patriarch and his strength has skyrocketed! Tsk, perhaps I can force the whereabouts of that patriarch out of this old thing's mouth!"

        "Patriarchs, it's only fun to kill them!"


        Hearing these words, Butler Fu Ming's scalp even tingled for a moment.

        He could never imagine that Blood Wolf, who looked so young, was so crazy.

        It was as if, in his eyes, the Ten Great State Masters were mere clay chickens and dogs that could be destroyed in an instant.

        Instead, what really interested him was the mysterious patriarch hiding in Jiang City.

        "Lord Blood Wolf, so where are we going now?" Butler Fu Ming asked cautiously at that moment.

        "To kill someone!"

        Blood Wolf said slowly, while his pair of eyes were looking out the window [Pen Interest Pavilion] at the night scene of Jiang City that kept flying by.

        No longer willing to, say one more word.


        At once, butler Fu Ming drove the Rolls-Royce, towards the Hilton International Hotel where Zhang Yichen was staying, and sped off rapidly.


        And at the same time!

        I'm afraid that Ariel, Tiger, Black and others could never have dreamed that a terrible crisis was approaching.

        The Hilton Hotel, at this moment, has long been completely wrapped up by the Zhang family.

        The lobby of Noida's hotel was almost filled with members of the Zhang family's escort team.

        And in the middle of the lobby!

        Tiger and Blackie, sitting bored and chatting.

        "Che! I really didn't expect that Master had put up such a big show, not only did he send our Zhang family escort squad, but he even invited all of the ten Jiangnan National Masters!"

        Tiger could not help but shake his head, obviously extremely dissatisfied with the distrust of the old master and the others.

        Hearing these words!

        Next to him, Blackie, on the other hand, frowned and said in a grave manner.

        "We can't blame the old master for this, after all, the heir to the Dragon City Zhang family is simply too important! In particular, the old master is now terminally ill, and the rest of the young masters and young ladies are all foolish! The old master is obviously afraid that the young lady will have an accident!"

        He said!

        In Blackie's mind, Lin Fan's words resounded.

        "That's right, Tiger! You said that fellow called Lin Fan, could he really know some information? Otherwise, why would he suddenly alert our lady that someone is trying to do her harm!"

        Lin Fan?

        Tiger froze, then said with a face full of ridicule.

        "Blackie, are you stupid! That Lin Fan may have a little kung fu in his hands, but he's only a three-legged cat! He may be more than enough to deal with those princelings and youngsters, but he's not qualified to compete with people like us who are always on the edge of life and death!"