Today I Give Up Trying 411-413

 Chapter 411


        When a sharp-eyed member of the Bai family, after counting the one cheque that Tian Changfa handed to Shen Yumei, his eyes almost fell out.

        "Oh my ...... God! That's a 100 million cheque, this, how is it possible!"


        Hearing this man's words, the next to him, Old Master Bai and the others, all of them had their bodies tremble in fear.

        A cheque for 100 million?

        This was simply an astronomical figure, even for their Bai family, it was a huge sum of money.

        And now, Tian Changfa was actually giving it to Shen Yumei as compensation?

        This, simply made people unable to believe their eyes.


        After Old Master Bai's eyes, swept past each and every Zaibatsu family head who bowed to Shen Yumei, and looked at the cheques that were respectfully presented, Old Master Bai instantly felt his breath catch, as if he was about to have a heart attack, making him almost dizzy.

        It wasn't just him!

        Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the rest of the crowd beside him were all dumbfounded as well.

        "My goodness, hundreds of millions from just one cheque from the Tian patriarch! Then with so many Zaibatsu family heads and such a large amount of cheques, doesn't that mean that it's more than a billion?"


        Over a billion!

        After thinking of this terrifying amount, all of the Bai family members felt their scalps tingle for a moment.

        "How could this be! Lin Fan clearly broke Tian Hao's leg and the others, what's wrong with these Tian Changfa people, to even send a cheque to Shen Yumei?"

        Bai Yifan's eyelids were beating wildly, he was like seeing a ghost and could hardly believe his eyes.

        Only, it wasn't just them!

        Shen Yumei, Bai Yi and Bai Shan, were all dumbfounded too.

        This, what had happened here?

        The three of them had long been prepared for the calamity to befall them, but never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that the situation would take such a drastic turn.

        Instead of being retaliated against, the other side kowtowed and apologised, offering a cheque, which gave them the illusion that they were dreaming.

        "Mum! This is from the Tian patriarch and the others, a token of respect for you, so just accept it!"

        Only Lin Fan, smiling from the side, said.

        And hearing these words!

        Tian Changfa and the others, instantly got excited.

        By agreeing to let Shen Yumei accept the cheque, Lin Fan had forgiven them and accepted the gesture of goodwill from himself and the others, so how could they not be pleased.


        Tian Changfa and one of the wealthy patriarchs, hurriedly put the cheque in their hands and stuffed it into Shen Yumei's.

        "Madam Shen, this is a small token of appreciation, no respect at all!"

        "Madam Shen, I apologize to you on behalf of my dog son, I am truly sorry!"


        What was shocking was this.

        These bigwigs of Jiangnan City not only stuffed the cheques, as if they were snowflakes, into Shen Yumei's hand one by one, but each one of them was even filled with excitement and exuberance.

        It was as if it was an honour for them to give money to Shen Yumei.

        This scene, in the eyes of Old Master Bai and the others, even more so, made their three outlooks shatter to the ground.

        "Dad! Does Lao San's daughter-in-law have some kind of background that we don't know about? Otherwise, how could those people from Tian Changfa be so subservient to her?" A dense panic surfaced in the eyes of the eldest, Bai Hai.

        It wasn't just him!

        The rest of the Bai family members were all apprehensive to the core.

        They were frightened!

        The Jiangnan Zaibatsu patriarch's enthusiasm and ingratiation towards Shen Yumei had disturbed their hearts to the extreme.

        "No ...... it can't be! The old third daughter-in-law, she's just an unpopular daughter of the Shen family! There is absolutely no terrifying background!" Old Master Bai finished.

        His gaze, involuntarily, looked towards Lin Fan, his eyebrows instantly knitted into a frown:.

        "Moreover, why do I get the feeling that the reason why Tian Changfa and the others are currying favour with the old third daughter-in-law is because of ...... Lin Fan!"


        Hearing those words!

        Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others were all dumbfounded.

        Because of Lin Fan?

        This, how could this be.

        Lin Fan was just a small door-to-door son-in-law with no connections and no background, not to mention, he had broken the legs of so many members of the Prince's Party, this was already an undying grudge, how could these bigwigs still curry favour with this guy.

        This, by no means, was possible.

Chapter 412

"Maybe I'm feeling wrong!"

        Even Old Master Bai shook his head with a face full of incredulity.

        But just at that moment.

        They continued to hear Tian Changfa and the others say.

        "Madam Shen, when we came in just now, we heard that you were going to set up the new Bai Group? If possible, I hope that in the future, all of our Tian family's cooperation in Jiang City will be given to your New Bai Group!"


        These words caused the faces of Old Master Bai and the others to go completely white.

        After all, they knew that the Tian Group's business in Jiang City was also worth hundreds of millions of dollars, a big piece of fat meat.

        In particular, before, Tian Changfa had found Bai Yi and prepared to give this business to the Bai Group.

        And now!

        Just think of it!

        Old Master Bai was instantly anxious as he hurriedly ran up shakily and said to Tian Changfa.

        "Tian ...... Patriarch Tian, you can't do this, some time ago, didn't you go to our Bai Group and reach a cooperation with Bai Yi? How can you just say change it? Moreover, how can they be trusted when this new Bai is not even registered as a company?"


        How could Elder Bai not have imagined that just the name 'New Bai's' would make a character like Tian Changfa, ready to hand over his business, to Shen Yumei's family.

        This was like child's play.

        And behind the Old Master, Bai Hai and the others, also hurriedly said.

        "Patriarch Tian, our Bai Group is the big business in Jiang City! Their New Bai's, is just an empty shell! Don't be fooled, you guys!"

        "Yes, our two families have already agreed to cooperate, we can't just say change!"


        Every single core of the Bai family was completely anxious.

        After all, this concerned the vital interests of each and every one of them.

        Just looking at the looks of these people!

        Tian Changfa almost laughed in exasperation.

        He had seen idiots, but he had never seen, this bunch of idiots who were pushing their god of wealth, outwards.

        A hundred million orders?

        They might never know that in Mr. Lin's eyes, 100 million orders were just a drop in the bucket.

        Thinking of this, Tian Changfa smiled coldly.

        "Humph! Have you guys forgotten? Before, the reason why our Tian Clan approached you for cooperation was entirely because of President Bai Yi's face!"

        "Otherwise, what qualifications would your little Bai family have to talk to us about cooperation! You guys, are you worthy?"


        A single sentence, as if an explosive thunderbolt, caused Elder Bai and the others, to be completely dumbfounded.

        Bai Yi's face?

        They originally thought that the reason Bai Yi had received orders from the Jiangnan Tian Family, the Qiu Family, the Red Maple Group, and the Qi Family of Yunhai and other powers was entirely because of the name of his own Bai Group.

        Yet, they never dreamed that they were actually after Bai Yi's face.


        How could a small Bai Yi, be able to alarm so many bigwigs of the forces to personally come to his home and negotiate cooperation?

        This was, simply unbelievable.

        Not only were the many Bai family members incredulous, even Bai Yi was dumbfounded.

        She had never dreamed that her face would be so big.

        Only, this was just the beginning.

        In the midst of the many Bai family members, their faces looked as if they were dead ashes.

        Qiu Feng, the head of the Qiu family, took a step forward and said to Shen Yumei.

        "My Qiu family, likewise, has decided to hand over all of its business in Jiang City to the new Bai family!"

        "My Li family, also the same!"

        "My Zhou family, also the same!"


        One after another, the patriarchs of Jiangnan's wealthy families stepped forward, one with a sky-high order, to the New Bai Clan!

Chapter 413

One order!

        Five orders!

        Ten orders!


        Under the dumbfounded eyes of all the Bai family members, that one Jiangnan big shot promised to give the Jiang City industries under his family to the New Bai Group to take care of.

        Within these few minutes, the New Bai's had harvested a super order worth several billion dollars just by virtue of one name.

        The strength of this money-sucking ability caused every member of the Bai family's scalp to tingle for a moment.

        A great enemy!

        At this moment, all the Bai family members treated Bai Yi's family's New Bai Clan as an unprecedented and terrifying enemy.

        At this moment, the person who was most shocked belonged to Shen Yumei.

        Her hands were densely packed, stuffed with cheques.

        In particular, the series of zeros on each cheque made her dizzy.

        Not to mention, there was also a super order promised by these Jiangnan plutocrats.

        This was definitely a pie falling from the sky.

        Just think of it!

        Shen Yumei's gaze couldn't help but turn and look towards Lin Fan, a hint of complexity and disbelief surfacing in her eyes.

        Only she knew that all of this was probably because of Lin Fan.

        If it wasn't for that one devil machine.

        Perhaps, this mother-in-law of hers would never have known that this waste of a son-in-law, whom she had mocked every day and dealt a blow to every day, was hiding such a ghastly and mysteriously huge amount of energy.


        As Shen Yumei thought of the Devil's Machine, she faintly froze, before turning to Lin Fan and asking in a puzzled manner.

        "Little Fan, this afternoon, that Aunt Luo Lin of yours had called you and said that Zhang Yichen would be in danger, is that true?"

        Shen Yumei remembered.

        In the afternoon, a woman named Luo Lin had called Lin Fan's phone to warn that Zhang Yichen was in danger.

        This matter, originally, was a joke in her eyes.

        But now, she had a vague feeling that this matter was not as simple as she had imagined, which meant that Zhang Yichen, the Asian Little Diva, might really be in danger.


        After hearing Shen Yumei's words.

        Whether it was Bai Yi, Bai Shan, or Old Master Bai and the rest of the Bai family beside her, all of them faintly froze.

        "Ma! What are you babbling about? It's not like Lin Fan knows Zhang Yichen, how would he know, if Zhang Yichen is in danger?"

        Bai Yi frowned and said to her mother.


        Since she had returned in the afternoon, she had noticed that her mother, was a bit strange.

        And beside her, Bai Shan was also smiling at Shen Yumei and said.

        "Wife, you're confused, aren't you? Didn't we say that this afternoon? That phone call, it's a scam call!"

        Liar phone call!

        Hearing the words of this father and daughter, the corners of Shen Yumei's mouth, fiercely twitched.

        Now, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn't believe this bastard brat Lin Fan's bullshit anymore!

        What $300 ground floor phone!

        I pooh-pooh your face!

        This brat, obviously, had many, many things that he was hiding from his family.

        Looking at Shen Yumei's expression, Lin Fan couldn't help but give a bitter laugh before shrugging his shoulders and saying.

        "Mom! Don't worry, with me around, even if Zhang Yichen is really in danger, he can still be unharmed!"


        Lin Fan's words fell on the ears of Bai Yi and the others, as well as Old Master Bai and the others, causing them to be confused once again.

        It was fine if Shen Yumei was talking nonsense.

        They hadn't expected that Lin Fan would actually take this opportunity to brag about it.

        "Hahahaha ...... This punk, he really thinks he's an onion! Does he know Zhang Yichen?"

        "Yes, there's still him around, Zhang Yichen can be unharmed even if she's in danger, this is simply bragging!"


        Bai Hai, Bai Yifan, and the others looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a fool.

        Only, their smiles had just surfaced.

        Yet, they were shocked to see.

        Both Tian Changfa, Qiu Feng and the other bigwigs actually nodded at Shen Yumei in all seriousness and comforted him in a serious manner, saying.

        "Madam Shen, don't worry! Mr. Lin will definitely be able to handle it all!"

        "That's right! With Mr. Lin around, nothing is impossible!"