Today I Give Up Trying 409-410

 Chapter 409

"That man is Tian Hao! The leader of the Jiangnan Prince Party, oh my god, his leg ...... is actually broken!"

        "And the middle-aged man holding Tian Hao is none other than Tian Changfa, the patriarch of the Jiangnan Tian Clan!"

        "Qiu Jie! Qiu Jie's leg, it's actually broken, could it be that it was also Lin Fan's doing?"


        At this moment, after seeing the youths who were limping and sucking in cold air in pain with every step they took.

        All the Bai family members were appalled.

        Five of them!



        Holy shit ......

        After seeing that all the youths who had come down from the limousine had all had their legs broken, Elder Bai and the others had their scalps tingling for a while.

        They couldn't help but think of Lin Fan's words.

        I just, let them break their own legs!

        What a madman!

        In the minds of Old Master Bai and the others, Lin Fan was simply a madman who had caused the legs of all these members of the Crown Prince Party to be broken, which was definitely causing a monstrous disaster.

        Thinking of this!

        Old Master Bai turned his head and gave a pitying glance at the Bai Shan family as he coldly snorted and said.

        "Old Third, did you see that? Your family's retribution, it's coming!"

        Finished speaking!

        Old Master Bai was no longer willing to give the Bai Shan family one more glance, and hurriedly led Eldest Master Bai Hai and the others, farting towards Tian Changfa and the others to greet them.

        "Patriarch Tian, I've heard so much about you! I am Bai Zhengxiong of the Bai family!"

        Old Master Bai's face was piled up with a thick ingratiating smile as if he was turning a trick, before he said nervously.

        "I have just learned that that wasteful son-in-law of the Old Third Family has offended your young masters!"

        "Here, I would like to make our Bai family's attitude clear to all the clan leaders and young masters!"

        Said the man!

        Old Master Bai pointed at the Bai Shan family, before he said with a serious face [Tik-Tok Novel].

        "From today onwards, Bai Shan, Shen Yumei, Lin Fan and Bai Yi have been completely removed from our Bai clan! Broken off, the old dead will never see each other!"

        "Therefore, if you all come to seek revenge, I hope that it will not affect our Bai clan!"


        Old Master Bai had pushed his relationship with Bai Yi's family to the bottom of the barrel.

        This scene also caused Tian Changfa and the others, who were just about to salute Old Master Bai, to move with a start.

        They looked at, one by one, the Bai family who were gloating, and then looked at, the Bai Yi and Bai Shan father and daughter who were like enemies, and instantly understood what was going on.

        At once, a thick, odd look appeared on the faces of all of them, including Tian Changfa.

        "Fine! In that case, I promise you! This matter, has nothing to do with the Bai family!"

        As if he was looking at an idiot, Tian Changfa took a deep look at Old Master Bai.

        And then, not bothering to say a word more at all, he hooted and hollered, leading a group of Zaibatsu towards the White Family within.


        For Tian Changfa's attitude, the Bai family's crowd didn't care at all, all they cared about was, what Tian Changfa said that had nothing to do with their Bai family, nothing at all.

        Instantly, both Old Master Bai and Bai Hai and the others all breathed a long sigh of relief in their hearts.

        And then these people once again looked at Bai Yi's family with pity and ridicule.

        "Hahahaha...... really is retribution! Just talking about starting a new Bai Clan, and in the blink of an eye, a big disaster is coming!"

        "Che! The New White Clan? Is he Lin Fan worthy of it?"


        There was an endless stream of sneering words from the many Bai family members.

        It was just that they hadn't noticed.

        After Tian Changfa and the others, upon hearing the three words 'New Bai Clan', their hearts instantly surged, as if they had seen some perfect opportunity, causing every Zaibatsu big shot's eyes to light up with exuberance.

Chapter 410


        When they saw, this group of Jiangnan bigwigs, in looking at the painful broken-legged youngsters who were being supported by their bodyguards.

        Both Bai Shan and Bai Yi were as pale as could be.

        It was over!

        A thick bitterness emerged from the corners of the father and daughter's mouths.

        They couldn't have imagined that a punch to the face would come so quickly!

        Lin Fan had just bragged about setting up the New Bai Clan, and in the blink of an eye, their family had met their doom.

        Especially watching these bigwigs, getting closer and closer!

        Tick tock!

        Tick tock!

        Dense beads of sweat flowed down from the foreheads of Bai Shan's father and daughter.

        Even Shen Yumei's heart was raised to her throat.

        She knew that Lin Fan had a relationship with Xu Tianlong and the others.

        But right now!

        These people were the bigwigs of Jiangnan City, and were simply not Xu Tianlong, who could be compared to them.

        Especially, Lin Fan had broken the legs of these princelings, this was definitely a deadly feud that would not die.

        "Excuse me, who is Ms. Shen Yumei?"

        Just as the family was tense to the extreme, Tian Changfa's words rang out.

        Hearing these words!

        Shen Yumei's body, trembled slightly, before standing out with a face full of excitement, blocking Lin Fan's body and saying.

        "I am Shen Yumei!"

        "This matter, was caused by me, and has nothing to do with my daughter and son-in-law! If you want to take revenge, this old life of mine ...... will be given to you!"

        Old life!

        Shen Yumei had, obviously, already planned to save Lin Fan and Bai Yi even at the risk of her own life.

        It was just that she didn't know.

        After hearing these words.



        Tian Hao and the others only felt like they were almost scared to pee, and surprisingly, one by one, they all fell to their knees in fear.

        You're the king of cars!

        You are the mother-in-law of KING, the global car king, or maybe even the mother-in-law of the chairman of Universal Group?

        Your old life?

        Even if they exterminated all the Jiangnan plutocrats, no one would dare to take it!

        Thinking of this.

        Under everyone's incredulous eyes, they only saw Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and all the other members of the Prince's Party fall to their knees and kowtow to Shen Yumei continuously.

        "Madam Shen, it was me, Tian Hao, who was blind and offended you before, please forgive me!"

        "By the way, I deserved to die for my crime of being rude to you before, I will slap myself and make amends to you now!"

        As he said in a panic, Tian Hao instantly waved his palm and smacked his face down viciously!

        Slap, slap, slap!

        A loud slap resounded continuously within the entire courtyard.


        Tian Hao used almost all of his strength with each slap.

        Instantly, it caused his bruised and swollen face to be saved, blood dripping down and flesh splitting open.


        This scene, see that kneeling all over the ground, dense broken leg big young, and then look at full of panic, constantly slapping himself Tian Hao.

        Whether it was Shen Yumei's family, or a group of Old Master Bai, all of them were dumbfounded.

        How could this ...... be?

        Wasn't he the one who came to take revenge?

        How come he directly gave his knees?

        What the hell, what had happened!


        Every one of them was dreaming at this moment.

        But that was not all.

        Under the dumbfounded gaze of the crowd, they saw Tian Changfa, Qiu Feng and a group of other Jiangnan wealthy lords, all bowing deeply to Shen Yumei, before humbly saying.

        "Madam Shen, it is my fault for not teaching my sons properly, thus offending Madam, and now each of them has broken a leg, I hope Madam will be generous and forgive them!"

        "In addition, we have prepared a small compensation for each of them, as a kind of compensation to your Ladyship!"

        Said the man!

        The crowd was appalled to see.

        Tian Changfa and all the others, all pulled out a cheque from their arms, and then handed it over to Shen Yumei.

        One after another.

        Some sharp-eyed Bai family members, in particular, nearly lost their eyes after seeing the series of zeros on that cheque.

        "One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, a million, a hundred thousand, a million, a million ...... hiss, billion!!!"