Today I Give Up Trying 404-406

 Chapter 404

Liyuan Mansion.

        When Lin Fan returned to Bai Yi's home, he immediately saw that a luxury car was already parked in front of the door.

        This scene caused Lin Fan to frown slightly as he stepped out of the car and walked into the room.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        A line of eyes looked towards Lin Fan in unison.

        It was then that Lin Fan realised that within the room, apart from Bai Yi's family, even Old Master Bai, Grand Master Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others, had all arrived.

        In particular, the people were chattering and noisy, as if they were arguing about something.

        When they saw Lin Fan enter, Old Master Bai and the others, instantly gathered around them.

        "Lin Fan, did you really go to those princelings of Tian Hao's party?" Old Master Bai's face was serious and gloomy.

        The rest of the Grand Master, Bai Hai and the others, also looked at Lin Fan with a scrutinizing and questioning hue.

        Seeing this scene!

        Lin Fan nodded indifferently.

        "That's right!"


        Once these words were spoken, the entire room was in an uproar.

        A thick anger instantly surfaced on Old Master Bai's face as he turned his head towards the three members of Bai Yi's family and fiercely reprimanded them, saying.

        "Old Third, look! Look at what this idiot son-in-law of yours has done!"

        "He actually went to Tian Hao's group of Jiangnan princelings for a broken phone and for a slap on the wrist, he's trying to get our Bai family killed!"

        Old Master Bai's words were filled with anger and horror.

        This afternoon!

        They then got the news that Shen Yumei had provoked Tian Hao and the others because of a mobile phone, which immediately scared the family almost to the point of pissing themselves.

        That was the princely party of Jiangnan!

        Behind every member of the people, there was a terrifying plutocratic power.

        Messing with that group of second generation people would be almost a disaster for the Bai family.

        Neither Old Master Bai nor the rest of the senior members of the Bai family could sit back and watch as the Bai Group, which had just tried to rise to prominence, was ruined because of Lin Fan's stupidity.

        This was why all of them had come to ask for punishment.

        And hearing the old master's angry rebuke.

        The faces of Bai Yi's family were instantly pale.

        "Little ...... Xiaofan, is the phone coming back?" Shen Yumei, on the other hand, was staring at Lin Fan with a face full of nervousness as she asked.

        Among the people here.

        Only Shen Yumei, knew exactly what had happened.

        She had seen with her own eyes that bigwigs such as Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong addressed Lin Fan as BOSS, and she had also seen with her own eyes that Master Tiger, Master Blade, and even No. 1 Zhang Guohao were following Lin Fan's lead.

        Only she, who had confidence in Lin Fan, was even fearless of the Prince's Party.

        Hearing these words, the crowd once again looked at Lin Fan.

        Especially, after they saw that Lin Fan nodded his head and took out an elderly version of Nokia from his pocket.


        The crowd completely exploded.

        Old Master Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others looked at Lin Fan with a gaze filled with shock and anger:.

        "Lin Fan! Have you gone fucking crazy? You ...... actually snatched back this step of a broken phone from the hands of those princelings?"

        "It's over! This time you've definitely offended the princelings, those second generation, they definitely won't be willing to give up!"


        The words of the many senior members of the Bai family were filled with a wave of trepidation.

        It was as if the end had come!

        It made every single senior member of the Bai Family, all of them, filled with faces as white as paper.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Shan and Bai Yi had their scalps tingling for a while.

        "Little ...... Fan! What exactly have you done? How could those princelings, willingly, return the phone to you?" Bai Shan's gaze towards his son-in-law at this moment was filled with a strong sense of incredulity.

        After all, he had just heard his wife talk about the arrogance and rampant nature of those princelings.

        Those second generation, would definitely not, for no reason, hand back the phone, something must have happened in it that they didn't dare to imagine.


        Lin Fan's words immediately afterwards were like a bolt from the blue, causing everyone to be completely confused.

        "I just told them to, break their own legs!"

Chapter 405

Just let them, break their own legs!

        When these words of Lin Fan rang out!


        In the entire room, all sounds, all disappeared.

        The angry, resentful expressions on the faces of the surrounding Old Master Bai and the others all froze.

        One by one, the senior members of the Bai family, their eyes staring deadly at Lin Fan, their jaws almost falling off in shock.

        What had they heard?

        Lin Fan had actually said that he had allowed that group of princelings to break his ...... leg?


        A sound of swallowing spit came from Bai Yifan, who rubbed his ears before staring at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost and asked.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, what were you talking about? You, who did you let break your leg?"



        Almost everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

        In particular, in the midst of their nervous gazes, a faint curve appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        "I mean, let those princelings, break their own legs! Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, and all of them ......!"


        Upon confirming, once again, what Lin Fan had said, within the entire hall, it instantly exploded.

        From Old Master Bai, to any of the core of the Bai family below, this time as many as possible felt their scalps explode.

        Oh my god!

        Lin Fan had broken the legs of Tian Hao and the others?

        This ...... if this was true, then it absolutely stabbed the sky.

        The Jiangnan Tian family, the Jiangnan enemy family, and so on behind those princelings, one terrifying family, would definitely descend a thousand thunderous flames, and all of them, would be affected.


        A core member of the Bai family, completely paralyzed with fear, howled as if he had seen the end of the Bai family: "It's over!

        "It's over! Our Bai family is finished! I've just made a little bit of money, our Bai family was just about to rise! Now everything, it's all over!"

        The words of this core of the Bai family were naturally the thoughts of everyone around them.

        It's over!

        In the eyes of every Bai family member, Lin Fan was bringing a great calamity to the Bai family, to the heavens.

        "No! No way!"

        Old Master Bai's eyes were completely red at this moment.

        He looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that could not wait to eat him:.

        "Lin Fan, this is your own doing, you absolutely cannot drag our Bai family into this!"

        Having said that!

        Old Master Bai's gaze turned and stared deadly at Bai Yi, his face stern as he bellowed.

        "Bai Yi, I want you to divorce Lin Fan! Throw this trash out of the Bai family and break it off once and for all!"


        This single sentence instantly reminded all the surrounding Bai family members.

        That's right, this calamity was caused by Lin Fan, so naturally, Lin Fan should be the one to bear the fury of those Jiangnan plutocrats.

        Thinking of this, Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others, turned to Bai Yi and also spoke in a variety of ways to persuade him.

        "Bai Yi, your grandfather is right! Lin Fan is a calamity, he has angered the Jiangnan Zaibatsu, only if we cut ties with him, then our Bai Clan will be able to hold on!"

        "Bai Yi, listen to your grandfather! Tomorrow ...... no, now you sign the divorce agreement with Lin Fan! Throw him out of the Bai family!"


        The words of the crowd completely branded Lin Fan as a 'calamity'.

        Almost every one of them meant that they wanted Bai Yi and Lin Fan, to be cut off once and for all.

        And listening to these words.

        Bai Yi's pretty face turned miserably white minute by minute.

        She only felt that her heart had been shattered into pieces amidst these words.


        Divorce again!

        Bai Yi couldn't understand why, in the eyes of her own people, her marriage seemed like a child's play.

        And then there was Lin Fan.

        Bai Yi's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with a strong sense of disappointment.

        She couldn't imagine how Lin Fan could be so impulsive and reckless and bring about such a shocking trouble for himself and the Bai family.

Chapter 406

"Wife!" Lin Fan looked at Bai Yi.

        He didn't persuade, he just waited for a choice.

        If Bai Yi, was really afraid that he would drag them and the Bai family down with him and divorce him, then Lin Fan wouldn't have any bit of attachment, any bit of debt!

        He would wave his sleeves and henceforth have nothing to do with Bai Yi and the Bai family.

        But if!

        Bai Yi still had feelings and affection for him, then no matter how much ridicule he endured, he would still silently watch over him until forever.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        Gaze after gaze, fell on Bai Yi's body. , , and

        Everyone was waiting for Bai Yi's choice.


        Tick tock!

        A tear, from Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, slipped down.

        She looked at Lin Fan, and her eyes were filled with bitterness and disappointment:.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... have let me down too much!"


        Bai Yi's voice was filled with sadness, and within her words, there was disappointment.

        And these words made Elder Bai and the others, their hearts flutter with joy.

        They instantly thought that Bai Yi was clearly disappointed to the extreme with Lin Fan and had made a choice.


        "Lin Fan, you shouldn't be alone, going forward to find those princelings! What if something happens to you? What if you die in those people's hands?"

        "You're a madman, you liar, you fool!"

        The more Bai Yi spoke, the more agitated she became, until finally, her entire being completely collapsed.

        She walked up to Lin Fan and swung her pink fist up, dropping punch after punch to Lin Fan's chest.



        All the emotions, almost all of them, suppressed almost every nerve in Bai Yi's body, causing her to almost collapse.

        Until finally, she violently flung herself into Lin Fan's arms, holding him firmly in her arms, having long since sobbed uncontrollably.

        "Fool! Fool! Stupid!"

        "Do you know, you scared me to death! I'm your wife, why didn't you take me with you? Why did you go and risk yourself alone! If you die, what will I do? What will I do? Ooooooooooo ......"

        Bai Yi's sobbing, tearing her heart out, contained a strong sorrowful resentment.

        Just when hearing these words!

        Lin Fan's heart trembled fiercely.

        Only then did he realize that Bai Yi's disappointment in himself was not because he had brought calamity to the Bai family, but because she was afraid that she was alone and would be in danger.

        A slight stream of warmth flowed through Lin Fan's heart.

        Especially, after feeling his chest clothes, wet with Bai Yi's tears, he was even more heartbroken, and wrapped Bai Yi fiercely in his arms, with a thick compassionate smile appearing at the corners of his mouth.

        "Honey, I was wrong! I will never let you worry or frighten you again!"

        Lin Fan said, lowering his head and placing a deep kiss on Bai Yi's forehead.


        And this scene caused the smiles on everyone's faces, including Old Master Bai's, to freeze.


        Only then did they understand that Bai Yi's disappointment in Lin Fan wasn't because of what he had done at all.

        Rather, it was because, by disregarding his own safety, he had caused Bai Yi's heart to burn and his worries to be etched in stone!

        This ......

        "Bai Yi, have you been drugged by him! It is the group of wealthy and prestigious families in Jiangnan that he has angered!"

        "I'm asking you for the last time, are you divorcing him or not?"

        Old Master Bai was furious, staring at Bai Yi with a deadly stare as he asked in a stern voice.

        Hearing these words!

        Bai Yi's crying finally slowly stopped.

        Her pretty face, wet with tears, slowly lifted up from Lin Fan's arms, before looking at Elder Bai and all the Bai family members, her pretty face shining with an incomparable determination: "Lin Fan is doing this for my mother.

        "Lin Fan is only risking his life for my mother!"

        "He is a husband, he was before, he is now, and he will be forever and ever ...... after!"

        "I would rather die than leave!"