Today I Give Up Trying 401-403

 Chapter 401

Mr. Lam, that's KING!


        These words were like a thunderbolt, causing Qiu Jie, Tian Hao, and all the rest of the members of the Prince's Party, all of their bodies to tremble viciously, hardly believing their ears.

        This, how could it be.

        The idol they worshipped, the deity they believed in, KING, appeared alive right in front of them, and even staged a joyful killing with the crowd?


        Above each and every one of their faces, there was a dense flicker of shock and doubt.

        "Dad, how do you know that Mr. Lin is KING?He's so young, and he's still a door-to-door son-in-law from a small third-tier city, this ...... is impossible!"

        Tian Hao was confused.

        KING was his idol, and he had always thought that that man was the coolest and most dazzling man in the world.

        But now, when he learned that his idol was, in fact, only a son-in-law from a doorstep, how could he believe it and it was even harder for him to accept it.


        Tian Changfa did not explain, instead he waved his hand at the bodyguards behind him.

        At once, another bodyguard came up with a tablet computer.

        When he clicked on one of the videos.

        A scene that was familiar to Tian Hao to the core instantly appeared.

        Thai Bend Kill!

        This scene was sealed as the most awesome classic masterpiece in the racing world, and Tian Hao had seen this video countless times.

        At this moment, under the eyes of the crowd, above the video, two cars were speeding along the congested road in Thailand.

        A Bugatti Veyron, emitting a buzzing sound, was weaving through the traffic.

        And in the back, a ramshackle Jeep, speeding through one vegetable market after another and around one bend after another with one incredible speed and skill after another.


        This jeep was going at a speed that didn't stop for a single second.

        Even the most difficult corners were still unable to match its speed.

        It was like a gale that swept through the streets of Thailand.

        One street!

        Five streets!

        Ten blocks!

        Everyone saw the jeep in the video, chasing that limited edition Bugatti up and down the street.

        Until the Bugatti, in a smooth drift, was about to turn the eleventh street.


        As if a godsend, the Jeep sped out from within a small alleyway and rammed hard into the Bugatti's body.

        The precision was impeccable.


        The Bugatti's body, in the midst of its drift, instantly shattered and tumbled to the ground.

        The No.1 Thai headhunter inside was in a terrible state of disarray, with his head bleeding.

        And just as the No.1 headhunter was struggling to escape from the battered body of the Bugatti, the door of the Jeep opened.

        The door of the Jeep opened.

        KING, wearing a ghost-faced mask, stepped out.

        "KING's figure seems to be ...... Lin Fan?"

        At this moment, after seeing KING's figure in the video, both Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and the others, all of them breathed in disbelief, unable to believe their eyes.

        As if!

        Only then did they realise that Lin Fan's figure, his walking posture, was almost identical to KING's.

        "Could they really be one and the same?"

        If it was before they saw Lin Fan, Tian Hao and the others would not have been able to connect him, with the world sensation, KING, the King of Cars.

        And now ......

        The crowd only felt that their hearts, were trembling more than a little.

        Because this figure, this posture, was too similar.


        The video showed KING using a dagger to cut off the head of Thailand's No. 1 head-subduing master, and everyone was still unable to react from the shock.

        And that's not all.

        The video panned out.

        It was a scene from a dimly lit road camera.

        A jeep car, slowly at the entrance of an alley, stops, and then KING walks down with a wrapped human head in his hand.

        As he removes the ghostly mask from his face, he slowly removes it.

        The side of that face, after revealing itself to the crowd.


        Both Tian Hao and Qiu Jie and the others all stared in disbelief.

        "He ...... he is Lin Fan!"

Chapter 402

That's right!

        Although it was just a side face, the KING in the video was, surprisingly, exactly the same as Lin Fan's side face.

        Coupled with that same body shape and that same walking posture, almost everyone could be sure that Lin Fan was the global car king, KING!


        At this moment, cold sweat dripped from Qiu Jie's forehead, his eyelids fluttered wildly and he swallowed hard before he said in a trembling voice.

        "So that's how it is! No wonder he bends and kills, no wonder he dares to race me with a Santana!"

        "So, he's KING!"

        Qiu Jie understood why Lin Fan could do curve kills that were impossible for racers around the world, but he could do them one after another, so skillfully.

        It turned out that he was the real master of the bend kill - KING!

        When he thought that he had actually had a race with KING, and had lost beyond recognition, all the resentment in Qiu Jie's heart dissipated, and was replaced by only a strong bitterness.

        "No wonder he owns the Devil Machine! God, how dare we rob KING's stuff!"

        "Yeah, he just let us scrap our own legs, that's obviously a huge boon! If it was in the past, those people like the No. 1 head descender in Thailand and the Roman Devil Pope would have been our downfall."


        One by one, the members of the Prince's Party around them, their scalps were tingling at this moment, and their hearts were simply thankful to the extreme.

        Only, it still did not stop.

        "In addition!" Tian Changfa looked at the crowd and said in complicated words.

        "Do you guys know who the last call from the Devil Machine was from?"


        Hearing these words, the crowd all froze.

        The reason why they had located the Devil Machine was because of that last call.

        And now ......

        "Dad! Study ...... who actually made the last call to KING?"

        Tian Hao looked at his father's stony face, and for some reason, he just felt his heart thumping wildly, almost to his throat.

        As if, he was about to hear a shocking hidden secret.

        "Kaiser Lorraine!"

        When Tian Changfa said this name with a complicated face.

        Wow ......

        Tian Hao and everyone else in this place, all of them were so frightened that they almost fell to the ground.

        Cather Rowling?

        The founder of the Universal Group, the most awesome business queen on the planet?

        How could this be possible?

        Everyone knew that there were only a handful of people on Earth who could get Catherine Rowling to make a personal call.

        Even the heads of many countries were not qualified to talk to Lorraine.

        And now!

        "Dad! Why would Cather Rowling suddenly call Lin Fan? Could it be that Lin Fan has something to do with the Universal Group?"

        Tian Hao's face, completely changed.

        The Universal Group, that was definitely the most terrifying super plutocrat on the planet.

        Their Tian family, in front of them, could not even be considered as a mole or a crawling insect, at most they could be called dust.

        If Lin Fan really had a relationship with this behemoth, wouldn't that mean that if Lin Fan said one word, their Tian family, or even all the powerful families in Jiangnan, would be wiped out in an instant?

        Thinking of this horrific consequence, Tian Hao and the others almost pissed themselves in fear.

        However, what made them even more frightened was just beginning.

        On Tian Changfa's face, a look of incredible horror surfaced: "I'm afraid you have forgotten!

        "I'm afraid you guys have forgotten! Some time ago, there was a change in the chairman of the Universal Group!"

        "The current Universal Group's surname is Lin!"


        With just one word, almost everyone associated it with Lin Fan, and it was this one guess.



        One by one, the princelings, unable to bear the heavy pressure on their hearts any longer, were all paralyzed with fear, their faces filled with death.

Chapter 403


        In front of the Hilton Hotel in River City.

        A battered Santana, pulled up.

        "Is this where you've been staying lately?" Lin Fan looked at the Hilton Hotel outside and frowned slightly.

        Although this hotel was one of the most luxurious ones in Jiang City, it was much worse when it came to security.

        "Yes! I should be leaving Jiang City in the next few days, and my family is already pushing for it!"

        Zhang Yichen stepped out of the Santana, and then couldn't help but glance deeply at Lin Fan as he smiled bitterly back.

        Hearing these words!

        Lin Fan glanced deeply at Tiger and Hei Zi beside him, before he said with a serious face.

        "I have received news that you will be in danger recently!"



        Tiger and Blackie faintly stared, before the two of them said to Lin Fan.

        "Little brother, don't worry! I'm from the Blood Blade, with me around, our lady will definitely not be in trouble!"

        "That's right! I am also from the Wolf's Teeth, and have been protecting Miss for three years! I've never made a single mistake!"

        Tiger and Blackie were full of confidence.

        For a top-level special forces soldier like them, even international mercenaries were no match for them, not to mention some petty people in Jiang City.

        That was not all.

        Tiger continued with a big mouth and said.

        "Besides, the family is trying to recall Miss this time! A team of bodyguards will be sent today! Each and every one of them is an elite force carefully trained by the family! There are as many as twelve of them, so, little brother, you don't have to worry!"

        The duo's faces were filled with confidence.

        Upon seeing this scene, a hint of an even worse premonition surfaced in Lin Fan's heart.

        After all, it was Cather Rowling who had called in the warning this time!

        From what Lin Fan knew about Luo Lin, if it was just a small assassin or mercenary, she would definitely not be alarmed.

        In other words, the person who had come to assassinate Zhang Yichen this time was definitely not ordinary.

        Thinking of this, Lin Fan immediately took out a soybean-sized object from his pocket and handed it to Zhang Yichen: "This is an alarm!

        "This is a warning device! If you are in danger, remember to press this, and I will come to your rescue!"


        Lin Fan's words caused Tiger and Hei Zi's faces to look slightly ugly.

        In the duo's eyes, this move from Lin Fan was clearly a sign that he didn't believe in his own protective abilities.


        After the duo saw that Zhang Yichen had obediently obeyed Lin Fan's words and pocketed that alarm, their faces became increasingly ugly.

        "Little brother, our lady said that the two of us combined would not be able to support three moves under you at all!"

        "When we have the chance, we brothers will definitely ask you for a lesson!"

        Tiger and Blackie's eyes gleamed as they stared at Lin Fan, filled with a provocative meaning.

        And hearing these words!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled faintly and said with deep meaning.

        "Don't worry! I guess tonight, we will have a match!"

        After saying that!

        Lin Fan was too lazy to fight with the two of them and immediately waved his hand at Zhang Yichen, before driving his battered Santana and heading towards Liyuan Mansion.

        Watching Lin Fan leave.

        Tiger and Hei Zi couldn't help but smile and say to Zhang Yichen.

        "Miss, I don't feel that you need to be intimidated by this brat's words! We are from an elite army, if we can't protect you, who is he to say that he can save you!"

        "Yes, my lady! Tonight, the elite of the family will arrive, and with us brothers, you will be safe!"

        Listening to the duo's words!

        The corners of Zhang Yichen's mouth twitched slightly as she said with a bitter smile.

        "I hope so!"

        After saying that!

        Her beautiful eyes, glanced deeply at the direction Lin Fan had left, and that one jade hand, gripping the alarm in her pocket, tightened a little more.