Today I Give Up Trying 399-400

 Chapter 399

Lin Fan was gone!

        He drove away in the battered, bullet-hole riddled Santana, taking Zhang Yichen with him.

        Also leaving were Tiger, Blackie, as well as Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian.

        When all of them had left.

        The wind howled and seemed to become colder and colder on the entire Gyro Mountain.

        And at the same time!

        For Qiu Jie and Lin Guangyao, it was almost ice-cold to the core.

        "Brother Hao, that brat is gone, so you can tell me now, for what?"

        Qiu Jie's eyes were filled with a thick sense of disbelief.

        Tian Hao!

        This leader of the Crown Prince Party, the leader of them all, had broken his leg and meekly offered up the Devil's Machine for the sake of such a small doorstep son-in-law as Lin Fan.

        This simply turned Qiu Jie's perception upside down, and at this moment, even he felt that Tian Hao was so strange.

        It wasn't just him!

        Lin Guangyao, who was next to him, was also full of anger as he said.

        "Young Tian, that fellow is just a small door-to-door son-in-law, not to mention him, even the Bai family behind him is not even worth mentioning in front of you!"

        "You must have been fooled by him, he's completely a soft-earned punk!"

        Hearing the words of both Lin Guangyao and Qiu Jie.

        Tian Hao, as well as all the surrounding members of the Prince's Party, did not say anything.

        This was because they were the only ones, who knew Lin Fan's true identity.


        In the midst of this oppressive atmosphere.


        A roaring sound of an engine came rushing from the foot of Mount Douluo.

        One luxury car after another, gradually approaching.

        When these cars, stopped in front of the crowd, they saw the doors of that one luxury car open, and then a middle-aged man in a suit, with a gloomy face, walked down.

        "Dad ......"

        Qiu Jie saw his father, Qiu Feng, in the middle of the crowd.

        It wasn't just him!

        All around him, Tian Hao's father Tian Changfa, as well as the Li family, the Zhou family and one other father, arrived.


        They had just gotten out of the car and walked towards one of the members of the Prince's Party.

        After Qiu Jie saw his father, it was as if he had seen his main backbone and hurriedly said.

        "Dad, you've come just in time, you have to do it for me! Brother Hao he was actually compelled to break one of my legs!"

        "You help me take revenge, and also help our entire Jiangnan Prince Party take revenge, otherwise, won't we become the joke of the entire Jiangnan Province!"

        Amongst Qiu Jie, his voice was filled with indignation and resentment.


        His words had just left his mouth!


        A loud slap was fiercely slapped on his face.

        Not only him!

        A scene that shocked Qiu Jie and Lin Guangyao happened.

        Only to see that Tian Hao's father, Tian Changfa, and the fathers of each and every one of the Prince's Party around him raised their palms in unison, before slapping each and every one of the Prince's Party's cheeks, fiercely!

        Crackling and slapping!

        At this moment, a crisp slap sound resounded throughout the entire Gyro Mountain.

        Dumbfounded ......

        At this moment, not only was Qiu Jie dumbfounded, Lin Guangyao could hardly believe his eyes.

        For ...... why?

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

        This was unbelievable.

        Looking at the puzzled expressions of Qiu Jie and the others, Tian Changfa, the head of the Tian family, waved his hand at the few bodyguards behind him.

        "You guys first take this one called Lin Guangyao and send him back!"

        "As ordered!"

        At once, two bodyguards walked up quickly and set Lin Guangyao up while shoving him into the car.

        Lin Guangyao was full of confusion, but he didn't dare to struggle at all.

        Only, just as his entire body was stuffed into the car, he heard Tian Changfa's angry and irascible roar to all the members of the Prince's Party.

        "You bunch of trash!"



        Lin Guangyao was stunned, he instantly thought that Tian Changfa was angry at Tian Hao and the others, making amends to Lin Fan for his indignation.

        Thinking of this, a cold smile instantly surfaced at the corner of Lin Guangyao's mouth as he said.

        "Humph! It's true that Tian Hao was bluffed!"

        "Those Tian Changfa people, how could they possibly get Tian Hao to really apologise to this punk Lin Fan!"

Chapter 400

Speaking of which!

        All the fear and panic that Lin Guangyao's heart had generated towards Lin Fan completely disappeared without a trace: "Lin Fan, wait!

        "Lin Fan, just you wait! Tian Hao and the others are a bunch of trash and were bluffed by you, but I, Lin Guangyao, have known you for three years and will definitely not be intimidated by you! I will take revenge, I will definitely take revenge!"

        Lin Guangyao gritted his teeth and hurled a tirade at Lin Fan's heart before he got into the car and descended from Mount Tuoluo, escorted by two Tian family bodyguards.


        Lin Guangyao did not know that just after he had left.

        Tian Hao then turned to Tian Changfa and the others and asked in a trembling voice.

        "Dad, what you said to me on the phone, is it all true?"

        "That Lin Fan, is he really the Lin Patriarch?"


        At these words, Qiu Jie's face beside him changed greatly.

        Lin ...... Lin Zong Shi?

        Qiu Jie's eyes almost fell off in shock, and in an instant, he finally understood the purpose of Tian Hao breaking his leg.

        It was just that the identity of Lin Fan being the Lin Patriarch made him, no matter what, somewhat incredulous.

        "No ...... it can't be!" Qiu Jie had a look of having seen a ghost as he asked Tian Changfa.

        "Uncle Tian, have you made a mistake! That Lin Fan, he looks to be in his early twenties, about the same age as us, how could he be our number one martial artist in Jiangnan, Patriarch Lin! That, is absolutely impossible!"

        Qiu Jie was unbelievable.

        Tian Hao and the others, were equally unbelievable.

        The gazes of all the members of the Prince's Party looked towards Tian Changfa in unison.

        Only, Tian Changfa's next words, on the other hand, struck all the members of the Crown Prince Party like a thunderbolt.

        "I can tell you all unequivocally!"

        "Lin Fan, not only is he the Patriarch Lin, he is also the Divine Doctor Lin! More so, he is the dictator behind the scenes of Jiang City, the boss behind the Northern City Blade Master and Southern City Tiger Master, as well as the BOSS behind the Tian Long Group and the Sheng Shi Club!"


        When these words from Tian Changfa fell, both Qiu Jie and all the rest of the Prince's Party were completely dumbfounded.

        Patriarch Lin!

        Divine Doctor Lin!

        The underground dictator!

        The BOSS of Heavenly Dragon and Sheng Shi!

        With all these identities, Qiu Jie and the others only felt as if they were dreaming, they simply could not believe their ears.

        Only, this was just the beginning.

        "Who is the idol that you all worship the most?" Tian Changfa glanced at Tian Hao and the others with a complicated face, before surprisingly asking a question without a head.


        Hearing these words, both Tian Hao and Qiu Jie were all stunned.

        They did not understand how Tian Changfa had suddenly brought up his idol.

        "Of course it's the global car king KING!"

        Qiu Jie subconsciously typed [笔趣阁] back.

        They, the Prince's Party, were all supercar enthusiasts, and in the global racing world, if there was a deity, it was KING, the global car king!

        No one had ever seen KING's true face, and he had never participated in any abnormal professional racing.

        His legend, however, is a myth that has spread throughout the global racing community.


        On the streets of Thailand, he chased down the number one descender in Thailand with a corner kill, eventually leaving that old monster, bloodied on the streets.

        Green Avenue in Milan, he even used the 100-metre flying car technique to send Roger, the underground emperor of Milan, to the West.

        In Rome, Italy, he even chased out ten blocks and used his death-defying car skills to cut off the devil Pope Kolle at the Vatican gates.


        One legendary event after another.

        The world's racing community is a fanatic and a god.

        In the eyes of all professional racers, KING is the end of speedway.

        He is known as the strongest death racer on the planet!

        At this moment, hearing Qiu Jie's words of worship.

        Tian Hao, who was next to him, and all the members of the Prince's Party, nodded their heads as much as they could.

        KING was their absolute idol!

        There was no doubt about it.

        Just hearing those words, the corner of Tian Changfa's mouth, twitched slightly before he said with a bitter smile.

        "I also have to tell you guys about Mr. Lin's other identity!"


        Looking at Tian Changfa's expression, and after listening to his words, an incredible thought surfaced in everyone's mind.

        Sure enough!

        "Mr. Lin, is KING!"