Today I Give Up Trying 397-398

 Chapter 397


        Tian Hao didn't even care about Lin Guangyao's miserable scream, his gaze, cold, looked at Lin Guangyao as if he was just looking at a pug, filled with indifference and moroseness: "Hmph!

        "Humph! Didn't you hear that? All of us broke our own legs to make amends to Mr. Lin, so what are you, a little Lin Guangyao,!"

        Wow ......

        With these words, it made Lin Guangyao's entire body almost faint to death.

        Make amends?

        Again, making amends!

        He simply couldn't understand, were each and every one of these broad young masters idiots?

        What sins were they making to Lin Fan, the son-in-law of a punk?

        Lin Guangyao's heart was appalled and incredulous, his eyes looked deadly at Lin Fan, he couldn't understand how he could not understand, was this guy a devil?

        How come every time he could turn a danger into a bargain, and every time he could come back from the dead.


        And at the same time!

        On this mountain road, there was likewise a ragged Lamborghini that was traveling as if it was a snail.

        It was none other than Qiu Jie!

        "Young Jie, do you think the few gunshots just now were fired by Third Brother?" The hot girl next to him asked with a face full of excitement at this moment.

        Hearing these words.

        At the corner of Qiu Jie's mouth, the smile was grim and hideous:.

        "That's right! Hearing that sound, it obviously came from the blind spot of the camera in front! It must be Brother Hao and Lao San who did it!"

        "Lao San is the champion of the Jiangnan Shooting Competition, his bullets are flawless, that bastard will definitely die!"

        Qiu Jie's heart raced to the core as he thought of this.

        He couldn't wait and wanted to go forward to see Lin Fan's miserable state.


        The Lamborghini slowly moved forward, a wisp of black smoke, constantly filling out from the front of the supercar, afraid that it wouldn't last long before it was completely scrapped.

        But Qiu Jie didn't care.

        To him, as long as that little bastard was dead, even if he lost a supercar, what was it worth.

        "After the sharp turn ahead, there's the camera blind spot! Tsk ...... is really something to look forward to!"

        Qiu Jie looked at the sharp turn in front of him, the smile on the corner of his mouth, getting thicker and thicker.

        At that moment, driving the soon to be scrapped supercar, he slowly drove past the sharp turn and entered the camera blind zone.


        When Qiu Jie and the hot girl, after seeing the scene on the road in the camera blind zone in front of them, the smile on their faces completely froze.

        Only to see that on the road in front of them.

        A supercar, densely packed, blocked the entire road, blocked the entire road.

        And before the supercars, one after another figure was kneeling on the ground.

        And in front of these people was ...... Lin Fan!

        "No ...... it can't be! How could that guy not be dead? What did Lao San do, after firing so many shots, why didn't he kill him?"

        Qiu Jie's entire face was as horrified and unbelievable as if he had seen a ghost.

        Yet this was not all!

        The hot girl next to him, as if she had seen something unbelievable, a pretty face, as white as paper:.

        "Jie ...... Jie Shao! Those kneeling on the ground are all our men, and among them is ...... Brother Hao!"


        This statement made Qiu Jie almost unable to believe his ears.

        He hurriedly turned his eyes and looked towards the dim street light.

        Only then did he see that every one of those kneeling on the ground were members of the Prince's Party.

        They were each holding a baseball bat on the ground, and each one of their legs had been completely deformed, and some of them were even drenched in blood.

        And what made Qiu Jie's eyes explode in shock even more.

        It was a young man kneeling at the front.

        It was the leader of the Prince's Party - Tian Hao!

Chapter 398

"How ...... how did this happen! Hao's leg is also broken, could it be that little bastard did it?"

        Thinking of this, Qiu Jie's whole person seemed to have stepped on his tail and hurriedly stopped the car.

        And then from the Lamborghini, he quickly ran down and ran towards Tian Hao.

        "Brother Hao! What ...... happened to your leg? Did this little bastard do it?"

        "Crazy, he's simply crazy, how dare he break your leg, break the legs of all our Prince Party members! I'm going to report this to our clan, I'm going to get this little beast killed!"

        Qiu Jie ran to Tian Hao and the others, shouting as if he had gone mad, in a frenzy.

        It was just that these roars of his caused the faces of Tian Hao and all the members of the Prince's Party to brush even whiter.

        Beads of bean-sized sweat continued to trickle down from the foreheads of Tian Hao and the others.

        "Qiu Jie!"

        At this moment, Tian Hao's words were cold as he shouted at Qiu Jie.

        Hearing these words!

        Qiu Jie hurriedly ran over, bent down and tried to help Tian Hao up, but just at this moment, Tian Hao continued to say.

        "No need to help me up! Give me my baseball bat!"

        Tian Hao pointed to the baseball bat, which was not far away.


        This sentence made Qiu Jie slightly froze, he didn't know what was wrong with Tian Hao, but something didn't feel right in his heart.

        However, Qiu Jie didn't think much about it and immediately handed the baseball bat, which was stained with blood, to Tian Hao's hand.

        "Qiu Jie, I'm sorry! This is the decision of your Qiu family, our Tian family, and all the families that came to Jiang City, together!"

        Tian Hao looked at Qiu Jie and a touch of apology surfaced on his face.

        Only, his words, on the other hand, left Qiu Jie even more bewildered.

        He had not yet waited for Qiu Jie to ask.

        Instead, he was stunned to find that Tian Hao had raised the baseball bat in his hand and then swung it down at himself!


        The baseball bat, with a huge force, hit Qiu Jie's calf, and a clear sound of cracking bones rang out.

        Qiu Jie fell to the ground with a loud bang, when the majestic pain, swept through him, causing him to scream out in disbelief.

        "Hao ...... Hao! You, why did you hit me? My leg, ah ah ah ...... my leg is broken!"

        Qiu Jie was confused.

        The hot girl was also confused

        In the eyes of the duo, Tian Hao was simply crazy, he had even inflicted a hot hand on his own brother, which was unbelievable to them.

        Only, Tian Hao paid no heed to Qiu Jie's questioning, he turned his head to look at Lin Fan, a strong look of pleading surfaced in his expression.

        "Lin ...... Mr. Lin, according to you, all of us have our legs, all of us are broken!"

        "I still hope that you will be magnanimous and forgive us!"


        Tian Hao seemed to think of something and hurriedly pulled out the devil machine, from his pocket, before holding it in both hands and respectfully handing it to Lin Fan: "This is your devil machine!

        "This is your devil machine, please keep it! Some other day, we will definitely come to the door again to ask for forgiveness!"

        After saying that!

        Tian Hao turned to Lin Fan, and then lowered his lofty head.

        It wasn't just him!

        The members of the supercar with broken legs behind them also followed Tian Hao and bowed their heads to Lin Fan as a sign of humility!


        This scene, which landed in Qiu Jie's eyes, made him even more so as if he had seen a ghost.

        How could this happen ......

        Tian Hao had actually broken his leg in order to ask for Lin Fan's forgiveness?

        This, how could this be!

        In particular, not only Tian Hao, but also those other members of the ultra-runners, who had even acquiesced to this kind of behaviour, surprisingly all bowed their noble heads to Lin Fan.

        This was like a bolt from the blue, causing Qiu Jie to be petrified on the spot.

        Only, for Qiu Jie's shock, Lin Fan did not care.

        He had already avenged Shen Yumei's slap on the face, so the matter could naturally end here.

        "Remember, if there is another time, not only you, but also your clan, will suffer extinction!"

        Lin Fan coldly swept over everyone present.

        His gaze was like a sharp cold knife, whenever it landed on a person, it caused that person to feel a bone chilling coldness, and each one was silenced and trembled.