Today I Give Up Trying 394-396

 Chapter 394


        There was no answer!

        Instead, Tian Hao's father changed the subject, and then asked.

        "What is that little superfluous man called Lin Fan going to do with you?"


        Tian Hao hadn't thought about how his father didn't talk about how to retaliate, but instead said what Lin Fan was going to do with himself and the others?

        However, he didn't think much about it, instead he continued to add fuel to the fire and said.

        "This arrogant little superfluous son-in-law has said that he's going to break his son's legs, and he's going to break the legs of our ultra-runner members as well!"

        Tian Hao thought!

        After he had added oil and vinegar and described Lin Fan's rampage even more, his own father would become even angrier and his revenge against Lin Fan and the Bai family would become even more ferocious.

        However, the voice in the phone was still so calm.


        Tian Hao's father, Tian Changfa, sighed deeply, and his tone was filled with a strong sense of powerlessness and complexity:.

        "You guys just do what he said!"


        As these words fell, both Tian Hao, Lin Guangyao around him, and all the rich second generation supercars, all of them looked stunned.

        They wondered if they had heard it wrong?

        "Dad, what do you mean by that? I ...... don't seem to understand?"

        Tian Hao rubbed his ears at this moment, before he incredulously continued to ask.

        "Are you saying that we should do what this little superfluous son-in-law says? Break your own legs?"

        "Or, for us to break this little flunky's legs?"

        The first reaction of Tian Hao and everyone around him was that Tian Hao's father had said the wrong sequence of words.

        He must have wanted them to break Lin Fan's legs!


        The next startling roaring voice struck everyone like a thunderstorm.

        "Damn it! You retard, how did old me give birth to such a trash as you!"

        "I'm telling you to do as Mr. Lin says! Break your own legs!"

        "Not only you, but all of you super-runners, break your own legs and make amends to Mr. Lin! Otherwise, when a few of us old guys get there, it won't be a matter of a leg, it will be your lives!"


        Once these words were spoken, both Tian Hao and everyone around them all just felt a tingle in their skulls.

        Oh my god!

        This ...... was actually asking them to really break their own legs?

        This, how is it possible!

        What was even more unacceptable to the crowd was that Tian Hao's father, had actually said that he was making amends to Lin Fan?

        This was even more unbelievable!


        Tian Hao only felt like his world had been completely turned upside down.

        The father who loved him the most was now asking him to break one of his legs to make amends to a small superfluous son-in-law from Jiang City, this was like a nightmare from heaven, making him incredulous.

        "Dad, why? He ...... is just a little superfluous son-in-law, why should we break one of our own legs to make amends to him!"

        Tian Hao's words were filled with a strong sense of resentment.

        It wasn't just him!

        Even each and every member of the super runners around them were all as white as paper and could hardly believe it.

        And hearing these words!

        Tian Changfa continued.

        "Because he is the purpose of our visit to Jiang City! Now, do you understand?"

        The purpose?

        Tian Hao and all the other young men around him were dumbfounded.

        They were all still full of disbelief and dismay.

        Wasn't the reason why their own fathers had come to Jiang City this time, to pay homage to that mysterious and terrifying Lin Zongzi?

        And right now, Lin Fan and Patriarch Lin ......


        When Tian Hao and all the other youngsters connected the names Lin Fan and Patriarch Lin, every one of them shivered as if they had seen a ghost.

        Their eyes, unbelievably, looked at Lin Fan with a dense look of horror.

Chapter 395

"Could it be that Lin Fan is the Lin Patriarch? :.

        "He, is the terrifying existence that his own elders have come to curry favor with!"


        Tian Hao was dumbfounded, and all the rest of the Ultra Runner members were all dumbfounded.

        One by one, they looked at Lin Fan, dumbfounded.

        Among them, Lin Guangyao was confused, he simply couldn't understand what Tian Hao's father actually meant?

        The purpose?

        What did this purpose have to do with Lin Fan?

        Lin Guangyao thought of this, and then a strong sense of urgency appeared on his face, and he wanted to go to Tian Hao's ears and continue to persuade him.

        However, before his words could leave his mouth!

        He was stunned to see that Tian Hao's entire person was as if all his energy had been drained away, and his entire head, drooped down.

        He turned to his father inside the phone and said in a trembling voice.

        "Dad ...... me, I know what to do!"

        After saying that!

        Tian Hao then hung up the phone, and then turned his head, looking at one member of the ultra-runners after another, a thick trace of bitterness surfaced on his face:.

        "Does everyone understand now?"

        Hearing those words!

        Not only Tian Hao, but all the rest of the ultra-runner members had complex expressions on their faces to the extreme.

        They were not idiots!

        From Tian Hao's father's words, they naturally understood everything.

        Lin Fan, the Lin Patriarch, was the one terrifying existence that each of their family elders had come for, and to curry favour with.

        Even, for this man!

        Tian Hao's father had even sent out vicious words that if they didn't listen, then he would take the lives of himself and the others.

        In an instant, the faces of the crowd were filled with complexity and fear as they nodded their heads.

        "Good! Now that we all understand, let's copy the weapons!"


        As Tian Hao's words fell, he walked straight towards his supercar, and then took out a baseball bat from the car.

        It wasn't just him!

        Each and every one of the supercar members, either reluctantly or terrified, similarly clattered over to their sports cars and took out one baseball bat after another.

        In the blink of an eye, there were dozens of big boys, each with a baseball bat in their hands, looking formidable and the scene was extremely spectacular.

        Seeing this scene!

        Lin Guangyao couldn't help but have his spirits lifted, he instantly thought that Tian Hao was going to lead the men and take action himself.


        After Lin Guangyao saw that Tian Hao was holding a baseball bat and leading one of the members of the super runners to surround Lin Fan, his entire body almost jumped up in excitement.

        "Young Tian Hao is mighty! Kill this little flunky, go for it!" Lin Guangyao cheered excitedly.

        After all, there were dozens of people right now, against Lin Fan alone.

        Moreover, Tian Hao and the others were also armed with baseball bats, so even a single blow from one of them would be enough to seriously injure Lin Fan.

        Just think about it!

        Lin Guangyao was even more excited and couldn't keep his mouth shut.

        And on the other side.

        After seeing dozens of big youngsters, armed with sticks and bats, coming in an aggressive manner, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian only felt a pang of numbness in their skulls:.

        "Mr. Lin, you ...... you go quickly! These are all the young men of Jiangnan City, behind all of them there is a party power, you can not beat them all, you can only find the opportunity later!"

        "Yes, Mr. Lin, a good man does not want to lose in front of him! Let's go, the two of us will help you stop them! They won't dare to do anything to us!"

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, their faces as white as paper, urged Lin Fan urgently.


        To their consternation, Lin Fan actually stood still, but instead, he wrapped his arms around them as if he was watching a show.

        This ......

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were completely dumbfounded.

        They simply did not understand what Lin Fan was up to.

        Only, the scene that immediately followed made Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, their eyes almost fall out.

Chapter 396

"Mr. Lin! I make amends to you!"

        Tian Hao's voice filled with resignation and shock rang out.

        And then, amidst Xu Ziheng and the others' shouts of shock, he raised the baseball bat in his hand, gritted his teeth fiercely, and then smashed it viciously against his right leg's knee!


        This bat used up almost all of Tian Hao's strength, and his knee instantly snapped under this bat.

        It caused his entire body to fall to the ground with a poof.

        Wow ......

        Seeing this scene, the exuberant smile on Lin Guangyao's face completely froze.

        His eyes, staring deadly at Tian Hao's fallen figure on the ground, looking at his completely broken right leg, a trace of horror and shock surfaced in the bottom of his eyes.

        "How ...... could this happen? Make amends? How could Tian Shao make amends to this punk?"

        Lin Guangyao was completely dumbfounded.

        It wasn't just him!

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, who were previously in a state of panic, both of their eyes almost fell out after seeing this scene.

        This, how could this be!

        The two had already planned to protect Lin Fan even with their own lives.

        But they could never have dreamed that things would take such a turn for the worse.

        Not only did Tian Hao not make a move against Lin Fan, but instead he personally broke one of his own legs to make amends to Lin Fan.

        It was an impossible thing to happen, but now, it was really happening in front of them.


        The shock had just begun.

        After seeing Tian Hao break his own right leg, the faces of the individual members of the supercar behind them turned as red as if they were pig livers.

        Terror, awe, and even a hint of madness was faintly evident.

        "Mr. Lin, I make amends to you!"


        The sound of a baseball bat smashing down and a broken calf resounded once more.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry!"


        Another shattering sound came.

        Under the appalled gazes of Lin Guangyao, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, one after another of the supercar members raised the baseball bats in their hands and smashed down on their calves and knee areas, one after another.

        And with each smash, an apology and a fall to the ground resounded densely.

        It was only a short moment.

        All the members of the ultra-runners, one by one, dropped to one knee.

        Scarlet blood flowed down from their legs, each and every one of them had lost one of their legs.

        At this moment, a hint of blood and oppression emanated from the atmosphere of this place.

        Lin Guangyao, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian only felt as if their hearts were almost in their throats, ready to pop out of their throats at any moment.

        A boundless shock swept through their nerves.

        It made their scalps almost explode.

        "Tian ...... young Tian, why? Why did you ...... you have to break your own leg?"

        Lin Guangyao ran in front of Tian Hao at this moment, asking with a face full of panic and shock.

        Only what answered him was ...... a baseball bat!

        At Lin Guangyao's words, just as they fell!


        Tian Hao fiercely grabbed the blood-stained baseball bat in his hand and smashed it down viciously against one of Lin Guangyao's legs.


        Lin Guangyao only felt a pain in his knee, and then his entire weight, instantly sinking, fell to the ground with a poof.

        His entire body was completely dumbfounded.

        In particular, when he saw that his right leg was completely deformed, and even a bone spur had penetrated his skin to reveal itself, a tidal wave of excruciating pain swept through his nerves, causing him to scream out.

        "Ahhhhh! My leg! Tian ...... Young Tian, why, why did you break my leg?"

        Lin Guangyao couldn't believe it.

        What was Tian Hao's madness?

        Not only did he break his leg without any warning, he didn't even spare his own leg, either.