Today I Give Up Trying 391-393

 Chapter 391


        When these words were spoken, Tian Hao's entire body trembled and he was completely confused.

        How could this ...... be possible!

        Li Yidian was the champion of the amateur fighting competition, and Xia Shan was a ruthless man who had served in the US Navy Seals, a guy who had hunted and killed four hyenas with his bare hands.

        How could such a man have his legs broken by Lin Fan?

        This was simply unbelievable to him.

        Immediately afterwards!

        Tian Hao found the other members of the ultra-runners, all nodding one by one with ugly faces, and his heart thumped, finally certain that it was true.

        Li Yidian and the others had, surprisingly, really been scrapped.

        That's not all!

        [Region 8] Ta-da!

        Just as Tian Hao's heart was shocked, a footstep sounded, suddenly coming from the front.

        "Is that you, who beat up my mother?"

        Lin Fan slowly walked towards Tian Hao.

        Every step he took was like stepping on Tian Hao's heart, causing the cold sweat on his forehead to flow even more furiously.

        "What do you ...... want? Kid, I'm telling you, I'm the young master of the Tian family, if you do anything against me, be careful of our Tian family ......"

        Tian Hao was about to say something ruthless right away to shock Lin Fan.

        Only, just as his words left his mouth!


        A slap came suddenly and lightning-like, slapping him fiercely on the face.

        Stomp, stomp, stomp!

        Tian Hao's entire body was slapped and staggered five or six steps before coming to a halt.

        The whole person was dizzy for a while, and even a trace of scarlet flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

        "You ...... you actually dare to hit me?"

        A thick sense of disbelief surfaced in Tian Hao's eyes.

        He wiped the corner of his mouth, and the hint of scarlet blood, which was even so blinding, made him almost frantic.

        As the king of Jiangnan cars, the youngest of the Tian family!

        He, Tian Hao, had been the pride of the sky since he was a child, being held in the palm of his family's hand and being starred by his friends.


        He could never have dreamed that he would be beaten up in the small city of Jiang, especially when the person who beat him up was the son-in-law of a small family.

        This made him angry and drove him crazy: the

        "Little ...... boy, you're finished! You have beaten me, I, Tian Hao, swear that I will make you and your whole family ......"

        Tian Hao's sinister words just came out!


        Another slap, fiercely slapped on his face.

        Instantly, it jerked Tian Hao's entire person once again as he kept staggering backwards violently.

        "Is the young master of the Tian family terrific?"

        Lin Fan's voice was cold and piercing, and after he said this, his figure, like a shadow, flashed in front of Tian Hao.

        Before Tian Hao could react.

        Once again, he slapped his face down fiercely.

        "Is Jiangnan's King of Ches great?"


        Another slap!

        "Trying to steal my devil machine?"


        Another slap!

        "How dare you hit my mother-in-law?"



        At this moment, a scene that shocked everyone beyond words appeared.

        For every sentence Lin Fan said, he slapped Tian Hao's face fiercely.

        In the eyes of the crowd.

        Tian Hao, the titular King of the Che of Jiangnan and the leader of the Crown Prince, had a face that seemed like a rotten watermelon, being smacked from white to red, from red to green, and then from green to purple!

        Until finally!


        When Lin Fan gave the final slap down fiercely.

        Tian Hao's entire body seemed like a broken sack as he was fiercely slapped to the ground.

        Wow ......

        Just as he hit the ground, Tian Hao's throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly, with one of his teeth in it.

        His face was almost smashed raw, the skin, the flesh split open, scarlet blood, from his cheeks, dense flow down, look miserable and horrible.

Chapter 392

"Ho ...... Ho! "

        Seeing such a miserable Tian Hao, the surrounding Lin Guangyao and all the Ultra Runners members were all stunned.

        This was the first time they had seen that someone dared to deal with Tian Hao like that!

        This was simply going to smash Tian Hao's cheeks.


        Every single one of them looked at Lin Fan once again as if they were looking at a madman, filled with shock and horror.

        "Pfft ......"

        At this moment, Tian Hao viciously spat out a mouthful of bloody phlegm, as he sensed his cheek, the intense pain followed by a thickening rage and fierceness that surged through his heart:.

        "Good! What a superfluous son-in-law!"

        "If you beat me, then I will finish you and your family!"

        He finished!

        Tian Hao's gaze turned towards Lin Guangyao.

        "Lin Guangyao, which family does this bastard belong to?"


        When Lin Guangyao heard these words, a thick exuberant and quick smile burst out of his eyes.

        He could hear that Tian Hao was completely furious this time, and thought that he was going to use the power of the Tian family to deal with Lin Fan's Bai family.

        "Young Tian, this fellow is the son-in-law of the Bai Family!"

        The Bai family!

        When Tian Hao heard these two words, he faintly froze.

        For some reason, it seemed that he had heard of this Bai family somewhere, but for a moment, he couldn't recall.

        However, he didn't care too much, instead, as if he was a hungry wolf, he stared deadly at Lin Fan and said morosely.

        "Kid, just wait! In less than five minutes, I guarantee that I will make you kneel in front of this young man and kowtow to make amends!"

        After saying that!

        Tian Hao took out his mobile phone straight away and began to dial his father Tian Changfa's number.


        The phone was connected, and Tian Hao could instantly hear, a loud noise coming from inside.

        It was as if a meeting was taking place.

        "Dad, do you have time now? : Tian Hao asked cautiously.

        And hearing these words!

        On the other end of the phone, an impatient middle-aged voice came from.

        "What's wrong? If you have something to say, say it quickly, if you have a fart, say it quickly! I'm discussing something big with your Uncle Qiu and Uncle Li. I'm preparing to present a gift to Patriarch Lin!"

        Patriarch Lin!

        Hearing this name, Tian Hao shrank back in fear.

        He knew that his own father, as well as all of the wealthy and prestigious families in Jiangnan City, had gathered in Jiangcheng for a terrifying existence!

        That was the ...... Lin Zong Shi!

        Patriarch Lin, now known as the number one person in the Jiangnan martial arts world.

        That man merely gave some pointers to Master Kong Sheng, and made Kong Sheng's strength soar, defeating the other nine national martial arts masters in one fell swoop.

        Even his grandfather, Grandmaster Tian, was defeated by Kong Sheng.

        This incident completely shook the entire Jiangnan City.

        Several plutocrats, including their Tian family, had joined hands in order to get in touch with that mysterious Grandmaster Lin.

        Tian Hao knew that that kind of big shot was simply not something he was qualified to meet.

        At that moment, he just swallowed a mouthful of spittle viciously!

        Only then did he turn to the other side of the phone, his own father, Tian Changfa, and said.

        "Dad, I've been beaten up! Lao San, Li Yi Yi and the others even had both their legs broken!"


        When Tian Hao said this, the other end of the phone instantly fell silent.

        All the noises dissipated into thin air.

        After a short silence, several roars of anger came immediately.

        "Damn you! Who hurt my son Xiao San! I'll kill him!"

        "Damn, someone dares to touch even my Li family's people, looking for death?"


Chapter 393

This roar was filled with boundless anger.

        But it was none other than the roar of Li Di Di, Lao San and their father's elders.

        Hearing that these uncles and uncles of his, were actually beside each other, Tian Hao's gaze towards Lin Fan could not help but be filled with a bit of teasing, and even, made a provocative gesture of wiping his neck at Lin Fan.

        "Kid, you're done for! Li Yidian, Xia Shan and their father's elders, all of them are in Jiang City, and they already know that you broke their son's leg! You're dead!"

        Tian Hao covered the phone and smiled grimly at Lin Fan.

        And hearing those words!


        Lin Guangyao and all the members of the supercar next to him were completely exuberant.


        Since the elders of the Li family, the Xia family and other family giants knew what was going on here, what was bound to greet Lin Fan and the Bai family was their bloody and cruel revenge.

        This instant made everyone, including Lin Guangyao, look at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a dead man, filled with playfulness and ferocity.


        As the anger on the other end of the phone, it gradually subsided.

        Tian Hao only heard, his father's suppressed and eerie voice, once again coming over.

        "Little Hao! You tell me, what has happened? Who are the people on the other side? How dare they make a move against this group of you!"

        Until now!

        Tian Hao's father, Tian Changfa, was still somewhat incredulous.

        After all, they were a famous family in Jiangnan City, and there wasn't a single person in the tiny city of Jiang, who dared to provoke their family.

        Not to mention, breaking the legs of these princelings!

        This was simply unthinkable.

        Hearing the morose intent in his own father's voice, Tian Hao hurriedly added fuel to the fire by saying.

        "Dad! The other party is a little superfluous son-in-law, and not only did he break Li Yidian's legs for no reason, he even threatened to break my legs, as well!"


        This sentence made the anger of Tian Changfa in the middle of the phone, hard to contain any longer.

        "Say it! Who is he? How dare he be so bold, I want to see what kind of person is hiding in Jiang City!"

        Tian Changfa's voice, grew colder and colder.

        And this scene fell on Tian Hao's ears, causing the smile on the corner of his mouth to grow thicker and thicker:.

        "Dad! His name, is ...... Lin Fan! He is a son-in-law of the Bai family!"


        As soon as these words were spoken, Tian Hao immediately heard a sound of hands and feet on the other end of the phone, as if someone had fallen over, someone had dropped a teacup, someone had dropped a chair to the ground.

        A cacophony of sounds resounded through the mess.

        Not only that!

        What made Tian Hao even more puzzled was that after he said Lin Fan's name, the other end of the phone, after a short period of noise, fell into a boundless dead silence.


        Tian Hao's eyebrows furrowed and he couldn't help but ask in confusion.

        "Dad! What's wrong on your end? Did someone fall down?"

        Tian Hao's voice was dripping with concern.

        But there was no reply!

        It was as if the phone had been cut off, and a dead silence fell on the other side.

        Thirty seconds!

        One minute!

        Two minutes!

        The feeling that time was slowly passing by made Tian Hao's heart, for some reason, feel an indescribable sense of foreboding.

        It seemed that something terrible was about to happen.

        "Tian Hao!"

        And just as Tian Hao was thinking nonsense, his own father's voice, once again, came.

        Only the anger in this voice had all but disappeared, instead it was filled with a boundless coldness.

        "Dad, I'm here! You tell me, how are we going to take revenge on this damned little superfluous son-in-law, and how are we going to strike the tiny Bai family members!"

        Tian Hao instantly assumed that the icy coldness in his father's tone was more resentment towards Lin Fan and the Bai family.