Today I Give Up Trying 389-390

 Chapter 389

One shot!

        Another shot!


        However, under his constant bursts of fire, Santana's distance, however, was getting closer and closer.

        Two hundred meters!

        One hundred meters!

        Fifty meters!


        Click-click ......

        After Lao San had finished shooting all the bullets in his gun, Santana was like a wild beast, rampaging in front of him.

        "No ......"

        As soon as the scream was uttered, Lao San didn't even have time to dodge, he was hit by the Santana, and his legs were rammed into the car.


        Under the huge impact, his whole leg snapped off in an instant, like a kite with a broken string, and he was ruthlessly knocked out of the sky.

        And at the same time!

        On top of the sports car not far ahead, Tian Hao sat quietly in the driver's seat, smoking a cigarette.

        He didn't even look back for a second time.

        When the gunshot sounded, the smile at the corner of Tian Hao's mouth grew thicker and thicker.

        He seemed to be extremely confident in his third child, and as long as the gunshot sounded, it meant that the little superfluous son-in-law was finished.

        But just before he finished a cigarette, he hadn't finished it.

        The sound of a gunshot, like rain, was heard continuously.

        And then with a loud crash sounded.


        Tian Hao only saw a figure, from the side of the sports car in the air, fell hard and smashed the ground.


        This scene caused Tian Hao to be slightly shocked, and he quickly looked out of the car window.

        When he saw the figure that was knocked off the car and fell to the ground, a trace of fear and disbelief surfaced on his face.

        "Old ...... Lao San?"

        "This, how is this possible!"

        Tian Hao was confused, he was extremely confident in Lao San's marksmanship, and in his eyes, Lao San could blow up that little superfluous son-in-law's head with a single shot.

        In his dreams, he couldn't imagine that Lao San, who was so accurate in shooting, would be knocked off his feet and fall to the side of his supercar.


        At that moment, Tian Hao's face changed dramatically, and he quickly opened the car door and walked off.

        Only then did he discover that one of Lao San's legs had already been blurred with blood and flesh.

        Only then did he discover that one of Lao San's legs had already been blurred with flesh and blood, and that the white broken bones were piercing through his skin, revealing themselves.

        Scarlet blood, the clothes of Lao San were almost completely soaked, making him look like a bloody man.

        It was incomparably miserable.

        "Ahhhh ...... my leg! Ho, that bastard broke my leg! Not ......"

        Lao San was now looking at his legs and screaming miserably at the mouth.


        He looked forward as if he had seen a ghost, filled with boundless fear and panic.


        At this moment, a sharp sound of brakes sounded.

        Only then did Tian Hao see a Santana, parked not far behind.

        The Santana's car was densely packed with bullet holes, but the man and woman walking down from it were unharmed.

        "Is that ...... Ariel Zhang?"

        After seeing Ariel Zhang, Tian Hao's body stiffened, almost unable to believe his own eyes.

        Even the third man, the sound of screams, also slightly, even more completely stunned.

        "Zhang ...... Ariel was in that car? The woman I just tried to kill with my first shot is a national goddess? I ......"

        Lao San was confused.

        He couldn't even imagine that the target of his first shot would be the little Asian diva, the goddess of everyone's heart, and he couldn't believe his own eyes.

        Just quickly!

        The sight of the two men fell entirely on Lin Fan.



Chapter 390

When Tian Hao and Lao San looked at Lin Fan, they could not wait to eat him.

        However, before they could drink or curse, they heard a buzzing sound once again resounding from the road.


        In the sight of Tian Hao and Lin Fan, from the end of the road, a supercar came speeding by.

        In the blink of an eye, a dozen or more supercars stopped in front of Lin Fan and the others, filling the entire road to the brim.

        And then!

        One by one, the members of the super runner got off the car.

        But when they saw Lin Fan, who was intact, and Lao San, who was on the ground with his legs broken, all the members were shocked.

        "San ...... San! What happened to your leg!"

        "Damn! Instead of shooting the kid, didn't Sanbro shoot him and break his leg? This, how is this possible!"

        "No, Sango's gun fell on the ground, and the Santana, with so many bullet holes, means Sango shot, but didn't hit this guy at all!"

        Wow ......

        The crowd guessed what had just happened in an instant when they saw the Santana, riddled with bullet holes, and an empty gun without bullets that had fallen to the ground.

        The third shot, but none of them hit.

        This, how could this be?

        All the members of the Ultramarathon gathered around Tian Hao and Lao San's body, one by one, looking at Lao San's legs, flesh and blood blurred in a miserable state, only to feel cold air coming out of their bodies.

        On the other side.


        The two bodyguards, Tiger and Blackie, quickly rushed to Ariel Zhang's side, and only after seeing that their lady was safe and sound, did they all breathe a sigh of relief.

        "Mr. Lin, are you okay?" Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, who had gathered around Lin Fan's body, asked with concern.

        Lin Fan nodded to the two of them, and then his eyes turned and looked straight at Tian Hao, his gaze was eerily cold.

        "Are you Tian Hao?"


        Hearing this, everyone's eyes focused on Lin Fan's body.

        As for Tian Hao, his face became as ugly as death.

        Boundless anger flashed and jumped in his eyes.

        "Exactly! Kid, do you know who you ran over? His name is Lao San, and he is a member of my Jiangnan Prince Party!"

        "If you break his leg, you will have a deadly vendetta against my prince's party!"

        Finish that sentence!

        With an intense ferocity that flickered in Tian Hao's eyes, he raised his palm and waved it at the back of the crowd of ultra-runners.

        "One day Lee! Natsuyama! You two go ahead and cripple this little beast!"


        Tian Hao's voice was full of confidence.

        The third one was good at gunplay, while Li and Xia Shan were the ruthless ones in the fighting world.

        These two, Lin Fan will definitely be crippled.

        However, the next scene made him furrow his brow.

        Because after his words, neither Li Dayan, nor Xia Shan came out.

        Even the atmosphere in the crowd of the supercar was weird to the extreme.

        "What's going on? Lee Day? What about Summerhill?"

        Tian Hao now turned his eyes to look into the crowd.

        What made him more and more puzzled was that he didn't even see the figure of those two people among the members of the Ultramarathon.

        Not only them, but also the other two members who could fight, were not here.

        This further caused a strong sense of foreboding to appear in Tian Hao's heart.

        As expected!

        Seeing Tian Hao's puzzled gaze, Lin Guangyao said, "I'm not sure how much I can do.

        "Tian Shao, Li Yanyan and the four of them have already had their legs broken by Lin Fan ......!"