Today I Give Up Trying 387-388

 Chapter 387

Blind spots!

        That's right!

        Almost every intersection and track in the entire Gyroshan Mountain is covered by cameras, allowing the spectators to control the racing at all times.

        However, there is only one place that has a broken camera.

        That is the only blind spot in the entire Gyroscope Raceway.

        "What do you mean! Hiro got a call from Jay, which is why he deliberately parked his sports car in the blind spot!"

        "For ...... to do away with that asshole?"

        That's a guess, just exit!

        The loss and reluctance on the faces of all the ultra-running members were swept away, and a strong sense of excitement and shock appeared on each of their faces.

        "Right! Don't you forget? The one racing with Ho, but the third! He once won first place in our shooting competition in Jiangnan Province! Guns can't be fired without bullets!"

        "Exactly! I get it, that bastard is finished, hahaha ...... Jay's revenge can be avenged!"


        The comments of the many ultra-running members were filled with madness and ferocity.

        And after hearing this!

        The two bodyguards, Blackie and Tiger, were very pale.

        Because their lady, Zhang Aichen was still in Lin Fan's car.

        And now!

        If Tian Hao wants to do away with Lin Fan, wouldn't that mean that his own lady, too, is in danger of dying.

        "Damn! Go save our lady!"


        The two bodyguards, at once, came before Ariel's sports car, and then quickly got into the car.


        When Ariel Zhang's supercar emitted a roaring sound, it sped off towards the direction of Gyro Mountain.

        This scene made Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, who were also physically shaken.

        "Go! Go protect Mr. Lin!"

        The two of them got into their sports car right away.

        Although their sports car had just lost to Qiu Jie, it had not yet been delivered, and the keys were still in their hands.

        When another supercar, with a buzzing sound, rushed toward Gyroshan.


        The entire foot of the mountain was completely boiling!

        "Go! Go see how that kid dies!"

        "Hahahaha ...... By the time these people arrived, that Lin Fan had already become a dead man under Lao San's gun!"


        Many members of the supercar said as they all got into their sports cars.

        The buzzing sound, incessantly, one after another, the supercar, towards the direction of the gyroscope, rushed away.

        Just for all that!

        Lin Fan and Ariel had no idea.

        The atmosphere in the car at this moment was charming to the extreme.

        Ariel's pretty face was so red that it was almost dripping with blood, and her eyes were full of spring intent, with a thrilling charm and seduction.

        She was completely lost, and her whole body was like an octopus, lying dead on Lin Fan's body.



        When another sharp turn was made, it just crossed the line.

        The Santana brought inertia friction, but also let Zhang Ariel's delicate body, almost and Lin Fan fused into one place.

        Ariel shuddered and almost squealed.

        But at that moment.

        Lin Fan's eyes stared ahead, and a trace of eerie light flickered.

        After he saw, in front of the dim road light, there was a youth, standing in the middle of the road, palms up, a black hole muzzle, aimed at their sedan, Lin Fan's face changed instantly.

        "Watch out!"

        As his words trailed off, Lin Fan's big hand grabbed Ariel's back, and then pushed her down on his crotch.

        He himself, on the other hand, tilted his head slightly to the side.

Chapter 388

"Brother Lin ...... Lin ......"

        Ariel's pretty face, which was almost attached to Lin Fan's crotch, was filled with intense shyness and consternation.

        However, just as her shy words had just left her mouth.


        The sound of a gunshot exploded.

        Then Ariel heard the sound of a bullet piercing through the window of the car.

        Gun ...... gunshots?

        Ariel's entire body was confused, and her pretty face was instantly white.

        She realized that Lin Fan had once again saved her life, otherwise, she would have been shot in the head.


        In front of the road, under the black shadow of the street lamp, Lao San's brow furrowed slightly.

        The shot he just took was aimed at the heads of the two people in the car.

        But he could never have imagined that the other party would react so quickly, and first pressed down on the woman's head, after which the head flashed away.


        Now Lao San once again adjusted the angle and aimed at the window of the Santana.

        And then ruthlessly pulled the trigger.


        When the gunshot sounded, a ferocious curve appeared on the corner of Lao San's mouth.

        He was certain that this shot would blow the kid's head off with a single shot.


        As soon as his smile appeared, it instantly froze.

        The moment he pulled the trigger, Lin Fan, who was inside the Santana, turned his hands to the steering wheel.

        Creak ......

        The Santana, at an incredible angle, the whole body, slightly tilted.

        And then, ding dong.

        The bullet instantly shot above the body, bursting into a shower of sparks.

        "This ...... is impossible!"

        Lao San's eyes almost dropped out at this moment.

        If under the first shot, Lin Fan was completely lucky, but this shot was 100% sure to hit the target.

        However, now ......

        "Can this asshole even dodge a bullet? This, how is this possible!"

        Lao San's heart literally set off a wave of horror.



        When the roaring sound of the engine came closer and closer, Lao-san's face changed dramatically when he saw the Santana speeding toward him.

        "I don't believe it! You really can dodge bullets!"

        A trace of fierceness and cruelty emerged from the bottom of Lao San's eyes, and now he tried to calm his mind, and then raised his hand and raised his gun, aiming at the target and pulling the trigger again and again!

        Boom boom boom!

        The sound of gunfire, like thunder, continued to explode.

        A bullet, through the air, towards the speeding Santana, exploded in succession.

        Only, the scene that made Lao San more and more unbelievable, appeared.



        The approaching Santana was suddenly twisting in an irregular curve, and with each twist, a bullet burst through the body.

        With each twist, a bullet ricocheted off the body of the car.

        From the body of the Santana, a trail of sparks continued to flash out.

        But none of the bullets hit Lin Fan.



        Lao San was completely confused at this moment.

        As a champion of a shooting competition, he had never seen anyone who could dodge bullets.

        Even more so, he had never heard of anyone driving a car that could dodge bullets.

        It was a fantasy.

        And the scene right now had completely overturned his perception.

        "Not good ......"

        Seeing the approaching Santana, Lao San's heart was instantly raised to his throat, dense cold sweat, from his forehead continuously raging down.

        "This bastard is going to hit me, I'll kill you! I'm going to kill you!"

        With that, Lao San pulled the trigger on Santana once again.